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Matthew Riedlinger, priest at St. JACKSON — A Catholic priest who once ministered to a congregation in Jackson has taken a leave of absence following a sexting scandal with a man he reportedly thought was a year-old boy. Father Matthew Riedlinger preached at St. Aloysius Church in Jackson until August of , when he entered counseling following complaints of inappropriate cell phone text conversations with other adults, according to church leadership. While in out-patient treatment, Riedlinger continued having sexual conversations, prompting the Diocese of Trenton to remove him from St.

Aloysius Church. Timothy Schmalz, 23, of Washington D. To expose Riedlinger, Schmalz pretended online to be a year-old boy and recorded text message conversations between himself and Riedlinger, and later forwarded them onto the Diocese, according to the newspaper. Schmalz declined an interview with the Asbury Park Press. According to information obtained by Spiegel, about 25, Catholics have left since he took office in through the end of last year. The number of church resignations in was more than twice as high as in when Tebartz van Elst was not in office. Insgesamt haben seit seinem Amtsantritt zum Jahresbeginn bis Ende vergangenen Jahres rund It rises from a little russet-stone Catholic church in the village in southern France where Ray Mouton, former Louisiana lawyer-turned-expatriate-American author, now lives.

Mouton no longer attends church services. Not since the case of Father Gilbert Gauthe, whose horrific crimes against children in the Diocese of Lafayette set off a wave of scandal in that reached from southern Louisiana throughout the nation. Not since that wave rolled across the ocean to Europe, all the way to the Vatican. Posted on September 29, AM. Illarraz is accused of more than 50 instances of sexual abuse. La primera denuncia fue casual. After a power play orchestrated by the Roman Curia, the Honduran cardinal's top collaborator at Caritas Internationalis — the charity confederation's secretary-general, Lesley Anne Knight — had been denied a second term by the Vatican, for reasons that the Caritas board wouldn't disclose, but greeted with stated "incomprehension.

Yet now, as only a transition of Popes can bring about, it's suddenly a new world: Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Salesian confrere with whom Rodriguez shared little else in common, is 17 days from retiring Indeed, unburdened with the minutiae of running a dicastery as he cris-crosses the globe, perhaps it isn't even too much to cast the first of the "Super-Cardinals" as Francis' "Vice-Pope" September 28, It turns out he didn't have to wait years, but rather days, to see the the first South American pontiff. His fellow cardinals elected Pope Francis in five rounds of voting.

From the onset it was clear what Cardinal Pell expected from the next Pope, and it seems, so far, he's getting what he wanted. The Archbishop of Sydney will also have an important role in getting the Curia to lift their game. He was one of eight cardinals from around the world Pope Francis appointed to advise him on reform to the Church and Curia. Priest Julio Cesar Grassi, 58, has had to adapt.

His first days have included a series of interviews with psychologists and psychiatrists to map out a profile and define a strategy. He was visited the first four days by two of his four brothers and spoke with the chaplain. According to sources, the priest is housed in Unit 41 which currently has about prisoners along with 30 other detainees. Many have been charged with sex crimes. One of his peers is priest Jose Antonio Mercau, sentenced to 14 years in prison for abusing four minors.

Mercau, 57, belongs to the San Isidro diocese. Por estas horas, Grassi ocupa parte de su tiempo en cuestiones de rutina. Father Curtis Wehmeyer. Father Robert Poandl. Father William Paulish. Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski. Father Wojciech Gil. Father Julio Cesar Grassi. Bishop Gabino Miranda. Father Louis Grandpre. Father Robert Brennan. The Christian mission field is a 'magnet' for sexual abusers, Boz Tchividjian, a Liberty University law professor who investigates abuse said Thursday Sept.

While comparing evangelicals to Catholics on abuse response, 'I think we are worse,' he said at the Religion Newswriters Association conference, saying too many evangelicals had 'sacrificed the souls' of young victims Click here to read the full article. Impacto profundo. As he leaves Yakima behind, Robert Fontana, who headed the local chapter of Voice of the Faithful, remains at odds with the Catholic Diocese of Yakima over the naming of clergy accused of sexual abuse.

Fontana argues that the diocese should publish the names of all diocesan clergy on its website who have faced credible allegations of sexual abuse, where they served and when. Of the dioceses in the United States, only 34 publish names of accused clerics on their websites.

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In Washington, just the Spokane Diocese does so. Yakima and Seattle do not. According to the U. While Fontana believes that victims would find it less intimidating to come forward if they thought that a clergy member may have abused others, Monsignor Robert Siler, diocese chief of staff, takes a different view. Robert Fontana, who has been a leading advocate for major reforms in the Catholic Church, recently moved away from Yakima. Fontana and his wife, Lori, are relocating to Seattle, where he will train as a marriage and family therapist at Seattle University, and she will substitute teach.

Riedlinger, at the time an assistant pastor at St. Aloysius Church in Jackson and a sex-education teacher at the parish school, was the target of an elaborate sting by a Catholic University of America graduate who says the priest sexually harassed him for years. Posted on September 28, PM. According to a news article, the foundation cared for 6, children in 17 homes nationwide from to It included an interview with a young man, his face obscured, who said that Grassi performed oral sex on him in , when he was Within days, Grassi was arrested and charged with 17 counts of abuse of three boys, who were 9, 13, and 17 when the alleged incidents occurred.

Grassi denied all the allegations. He has until October 13 to sign the bill, veto it or let it pass into law without signing. The governor, a former Jesuit seminarian, is under pressure to veto the bill from Catholic dioceses and other Church officials, as well as from organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America and USA Swimming—all entities that could face lawsuits if the bill is passed into law.

The Child Victims Act would expand the statute of limitations for victims of sexual abuse to seek monetary damages in civil courts. If the bill becomes law, victims would be able to sue institutions that failed to adequately protect them from sexual predators. Catholic Church faces more claims Catholic Church faces more claims of abuse at former home which was visited by Jimmy Savile. He, who we have agreed not to name for legal reasons, was a resident of St Francis Boys Home, Shefford, in the s. He states that former priest Father Hammond groomed boys for sexual purposes.

He also remembers the brutality of Father Ryan pictured who was twice arrested by Bedfordshire Police but never charged. The police are still looking for the paperwork of those arrests, as it has gone missing. He also states that the boys were sexually abused by the nuns and that one nun, Mother Xavier, punished boys by making them put their hands in scalding water.

See article here. What does matter is protecting children from predators in general and specifically those who hide behind God. The Catholic Church, whether better or worse than others, has a responsibility to be a leader in the solution. Yet, I suspect the Catholic Church outspends other faiths in blocking legislation that would protect all children — regardless of faith. The comment was made as a response from bishops regarding allegations of child sexual abuse made against Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski and priest Wojciech Gil in the Dominican Republic.

The meeting was a precedent since reporters have found it difficult to get comments from the Polish church. Takie spotkanie to precedens. Andrzeja ze Szczecina wykorzystywani seksualnie. The decision to close the trial to the public, including journalists, is because the abuse involved minors. According to the indictment the president abused six children between ages 13 and Five of the students were boarding at the seminary where the alleged crimes were committed.

Transcripts and archival material relating to the Laundries, will be made available through UCD archives. Posted on September 28, AM. Transcripts and archival material relating to the Laundries will be made available through UCD archives. An international group of Catholic reformers has written to the Pope pressing for a decision-making voice for laity in the Church.

In their open letter the group, which represents church organisations, backed by over four million Catholics worldwide, seek an audience with the Pope to discuss church governance. The cardinals who comprise the special commission to advise the Pope, the G-8, begin arriving in Rome today for preparatory meetings. Next Tuesday, they begin meeting with Pope Francis for three days of discussions, followed by a visit to Assisi. There has been a great deal of analysis about what we should expect, much of it very good, much of it published here at NCR.

I believe the most important reform to come from the G-8 meeting will be simple and far-reaching: They are going to re-arrange the furniture. My colleague Fr. Tom Reese, S. There is talk about merging several Pontifical Councils into a large dicastry, perhaps even putting a layperson at its head.

That would be great. Already, the G-8 will serve as a kind of check on the curia, a sounding board for the pope to see if the work of the curia is more of a burden or a blessing for local churches. Some people advocate a wholesale change of doctrine, and I suspect they will be disappointed. Doctrine does not change, it develops. The teaching on usury is especially instructive. In a pre-modern economy, the charging of interest under any circumstances would exploit the poor.

As a commercial economy developed, the need for credit emerged and the prohibition on all usury was likely to exploit the poor. The teaching on usury, then, changed in order that the fundamental, evangelical value, not exploiting the poor, could remain the same. The doctrine did not change. The ambient circumstances changed, so the doctrine needed to develop in order to stay true to its deepest meaning. The chair of the committee of cardinals charged with reforming the Vatican curia said that the current system is over, and it is time for something different.

As a result, the reform will not come quickly but will require "long discussion and long discernment. The cardinals will meet in Rome for the first time October You cannot have millions of Catholics in the world suggesting the same unless the Holy Spirit is inspiring. Criticism from victim advocates about the way the latest case of alleged sex abuse by a Philadelphia-area priest. I am now of the strong view as an international lawyer that Pope Francis has little time left to reform the Catholic Church. If he fails, likely he also will be compelled to resign like his predecessor, ex-Pope Benedict, ignominousily had to.

Francis seemed to have used this spin approach to some extent in Argentina and to have continued doing this mostly in his first six months as pope. He is almost out of time to be proactive, before he will likely be forced by civil and criminal laws to be reactive. Already he has been touted as the frontman for the church in Scotland, with his counterpart in the Glasgow Archdiocese, Philip Tartaglia, keeping a much lower than expected profile following his appointment last year.

He said he left the church after reporting irregularities and seeing that nothing was done with priests living a life contrary to the dogmas of the church. He believes that a "mafia" exists within the church. He complained along with other seminarians to the Vatican of instances of homosexuality, pedophilia and theft at the seminary. He then received death threats and attempts were made to intimidate him. The allegations are contained in several affidavits and depositions, he said.

Collazo Rivera reported that priests at the seminary had made sexual advances to seminarians and homosexual relationships were established. He added that nuncio Joseph Wesolowski and Inaki Mallona knew of the situation and covered-up. When leaving seminary in , he met with Monsignor Mallona and told him the reasons he was leaving.

He asked the seminarian to keep quiet. At the end of that year and early , Collazo Rivera and six seminarians wrote to the Vatican detailing the irregularities they had witnessed in the Arecibo diocese and the Vatican responded by sending three researchers. The ex-seminarian said that frustration and disappointment he experienced in the Diocese of Arecibo caused her to leave the Catholic Church. The most shocking case was that of priest Jose Colon Otero, who allegedly was caught seducing a choirboy. It is alleged that Colon Otero was a friend of Wesolowski and the nuncio stayed with the priest every time he came to Puerto Rico.

He said it seems unfair that after 11 years of service that he would be subjected to vicious attacks. He said Bishop Daniel Fernandez of Arecibo has handled the issue properly and with agreement of the Vatican. His press conference follows a report in El Nuevo Dia stating that the Arecibo diocese is focus of a church investigation because of sex scandals involving priests and seminarians. The newspaper said some of those involved were dismissed or suspended.. He noted that every bishop in Puerto Rico has had to deal with such situations. He asked Catholics to pray for the Arecibo diocese. He acknowledged, however, that mistakes were made in dealing with pedophilia allegations.

He spoke out at a press conference because the Arecibo diocese is immersed in a scandal after it become known that priest Jose Colon is being investigated for pedophilia. Gonzalez said in recent years 32 priests have been expelled from the church for misconduct or sexual situations. He urged victims of sexual abuse to contact civil authorities. The situation in the Arecibo diocese has ramifications with removal of Josef Wesolowski, apostolic nuncio to the Dominican Republic, who allegedly abused minors in the Dominican Republic.

Wesolowski often visited Puerto Rico and stayed overnight in the Arecibo diocese, according to parishioners of St. Martin de Porres. Gonzalez said Daniel Fernandez, bishop of Arecibo, properly handled the issue and has advised the Vatican of the situation. The Arecibo diocese is being investigated by the church because of allegations of sexual activities involving priests and seminarians. The abuse of the year-old boy is said to have occurred in the confessional. He called for investigation of Miranda, who has been accused of abusing a minor in the confessional.

La condena fue por haber abusado de Gabriel, uno de los tres menores denunciantes, entre noviembre y diciembre de Pero deciden no encarcelarlo hasta que la condena quede firme. While his defense is trying to get him free from prison, lawyers for alleged victims "Luis" and "Eziekiel" are trying to get his year sentence increased to The maximum penalty in church action would be expulsion from the priesthood.

A canonical penal process would be independent of the civil process. Billy Graham's grandson claims Evangelicals are 'worse' than the Catholic Church on responding to sex abuse claims. Speaking at a conference hosted by the Religion Newswriter Association on Thursday, Professor Boz Tchividjian, the third-eldest grandchild of Reverend Billy Graham, also said that Christian missions overseas are a 'magnet' for sex abusers. In an uncompromising address, Tchividjian added that too many Evangelicals had 'sacrificed the souls' of young victims.

Tchividjian is a law professor at Liberty University, a Christian college in Virgina founded by Jerry Falwell, the Southern Baptist pastor who died in Judge Randall Skanchy sentenced Michael Driggs, 62, to serve three years to life in prison for attempted aggravated sexual abuse of a child, a first-degree felony.

Police say Driggs abused the boy in and when the victim was 12 and Driggs helped the boy set up an email account, which he used to send him pornographic movies and photos, according to the charges. Prosecutors said he sexually abused the boy when he came to the Kearns house where Driggs lived at the time.

Last week, reports surfaced that the former auxiliary bishop of the diocese of Ayacucho, year-old Gabino Miranda, had been defrocked as a result of sexually abusing a minor in his role as a priest. Now, however, more details about the case have come to light. Caretas writes that the incident in question may date back to June According to reports, the victim was a year-old altar boy who was touched inappropriately by then-Bishop Miranda during confession. If I had received [a complaint], I would have investigated it, of course. Posted on September 27, PM. Louis Post-Dispatch. Louis priest on trial in Colorado was sentenced this week to four years probation for being a bad influence on a teenager who'd come to him for guidance about the Catholic faith.

Charles Manning was convicted in July on two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor; he was acquitted of an additional charge of sexual assault of a minor. Court testimony and evidence convinced the jury that Manning was guilty of giving alcohol and marijuana to the year-old boy and a friend, according to a report in The Gazette, a daily newspaper in Colorado Springs. The judge in the case reportedly considered jail time for Manning but thought he'd spend all of it in a hospital wing.

Louis, removed Manning as pastor of St. Gabriel the Archangel parish after the accusations against him were found to be credible.

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Statement by David Clohessy of St. The crimes and misconduct reportedly happened in while Fr. Robert Charles Manning was pastor of St. Manning worked in the St. Louis archdiocese for a decade before following Bishop Michael Sheridan to the Colorado Springs diocese in Former Colo. Manning was acquitted of sexually assaulting a year-old altar boy. The year-old former pastor at St.

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Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church in Colorado Springs also was acquitted of child pornography counts. In a press conference Polish Catholic Church official Wojciech Polak said forgiveness is the least owed the victims and affirmed that the Church works on prevention. Prosecutors in the Dominican Republic have asked Interpol to arrest fugitive Polish priest Wojciech Gil, 36, who allegedly abused several young boys while serving on the Caribbean island. A Vatican probe is already under way into allegations of child sex abuse against Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, a year-old Pole who served as papal envoy in Santo Domingo for around five years.

Senior Polish church officials said they were unaware of the whereabouts of both men on Friday as prosecutors in Warsaw also launched criminal investigations against them. We are sorry. This is the least we can do," Bishop Wojciech Polak, a senior official with the Polish episcopate, told reporters on Friday. The founder of a group that investigates sexual abuse says evangelicals often discourage the reporting of abuse by telling whistle-blowers to keep quiet in order to protect the reputation of the church.

Evangelicals often frown upon transparency and accountability, he said, as many Protestants rely on Scripture more than religious leaders, compared to Catholics. Abusers discourage whistle-blowing by condemning gossip to try to keep people from reporting abuse, he said. Victims are also told to protect the reputation of Jesus. It has a privileged position in the United Nations, immense political influence in many countries, and vast financial resources.

It is currently using that significant power all over the world to deprive women and LGBTQ individuals of equality, self-determination, and health care to an extent few U. A Catholic living comfortably in a liberal democracy is free to embrace the good things the church does and teaches while rejecting the bad—if he is unlikely to be affected by the bad. Philadelphia, Pa. Father Robert L. Brennan, who is currently undergoing the canonical process of laicization and was removed from ministry in , has been charged with several sexual offenses against a boy who served at Resurrection of Our Lord Parish in northeast Philadelphia.

That victim's father spoke exclusively to News 3 about the crime, which he claims started with a connection to the group Worldwide Marriage Encounter. The father says Poandl asked to take their son alone with him on a trip from Cincinnati to West Virginia so he could help him "stay awake".

That one on one encounter ended with the boy molested and Poandl eventually facing charges. I don't know how else you can describe someone who would betray the trust of people who thought they knew and deeply cared for him. A Philadelphia priest, previously accused of sexually abusing 20 boys, was arraigned today on charges that he sexually assaulted an altar boy over a three-year period. A judge set Rev. Robert L. Brennan was arrested Wednesday afternoon in Perryville, Md. Sean Drummond, 65, of Broadford Drive, Ballinteer, Dublin 16, pleaded guilty to two sample counts of indecent assault against a year-old pupil at the primary school during the year The victim, who went on to work as a teacher himself, described in an impact statement how his relationships had suffered and how he had tried to take his own life at the age of 21 as a result of sexual abuse he suffered while at Sexton Street.

Louis bishop who was also sent there. Louis priest with close ties to a former St. Robert Charles Manning, a St. Louis native, worked in the St. In July, Fr. Manning was acquitted of sexually assaulting the boy, but convicted on other charges before Judge Robin Chittum. Manning spent most of his clerical career in St. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Fr. Louis at the Regina Cleri Home for retired priests.

People were wrong to be outraged by the priest abuse scandal if the reason for their outrage was the notion that there was something singularly sick and weird about priests that made them and them alone commit crimes against children, or if they believed there was something unique to bishops in possessing an institutional instinct to cover up the crimes, circle the wagons, and perpetuate the victimization by attacking the victims as boat rockers, etc.

As our school system keeps demonstrating, there is nothing uniquely Catholic about this. All institutions behave this way. And it ain't because teachers are celibate or teaching is a male-only institution. On the other hand, people were absolutely right to be outraged by the priest abuse scandal because the Church's response to priestly abuse was not unique but average, like the average response of all human organizations to such crimes. Why single the Church out when the average response of schools or the military, or corporate cultures is also to let the same things go on and commit similar coverups?

Because, blast it! Those to whom much is given, much will be required. Accused serial predator Fr. Joseph Shannon of Camden has passed away in a Missouri church facility that houses child molesting clerics. We are grateful that he will never again be able to hurt any more kids. We hope every Camden Catholic employee — from the bishop to the bookkeeper — will reach out to others who may have seen, suspected or suffered Fr.

And we hope that everyone with information or suspicions about those crimes will call law enforcement. Though Fr. Shannon cannot be prosecuted, we suspect and hope that at least one of the Catholic staffers who ignored, concealed and enabled his crimes might still be brought to justice.

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Shannon had lived for 20 years at the Vianney Renewal Center, one of several St. Louis area Catholic facilities that house child molesting clerics from across the US and Canada. We worry about these centers at which child molesting clerics are "overseen" by other clerics. Catholic officials should send these dangerous men to independent, professionally run facilities far away from families and make their whereabouts and histories publicly known. Read the Bishop's letter here. Read the Herald stories that started it all here.

Police Chief Mariusz Sokolowski said Dominican authorities can count on cooperation from Polish police. Diplomats; atheists; Newark, N. ROME A pope plays many roles, one being the premier ambassador for Catholicism and religion generally on the global stage. In a sense, it requires the art of diplomacy: reaching across divides, finding ways to communicate with people who don't speak your language, and emphasizing common ground rather than drawing lines in the sand.

Francis has shown himself to be awfully good at that part of the job, which may help explain why he seems increasingly inclined to turn to churchmen with a strong diplomatic background to fill his administration's key slots. Indeed, one surprising twist to his papacy is that it seems to be shaping up as a golden age for Vatican diplomats.

Not long ago, conventional wisdom had it that the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio was bad news for the Secretariat of State, the Vatican's ultra-powerful coordinating department, which is typically led by veterans of the diplomatic corps. Frustration with perceived dysfunction in the Secretariat of State, symbolized by the Vatican leaks scandal, was a large part of the reason why the cardinals elected a Latin American outsider in the first place.

Posted on September 27, AM. For Newark, Enter Bernie The mottoes are instructive, too: the incumbent chose for himself the refined, maybe even esoteric "Mysterium ecclesiae luceat" "Let the mystery of the church shine forth" , a reference to the Vatican II constitution Lumen Gentium. His coadjutor's is straightforward and in English — two words: "Only Jesus.

Shot into the stratosphere as shepherd-in-waiting of the nation's ninth-largest diocese, Bernie Hebda's ascent to North Jersey has been described as "the first truly Francis appointment" on these shores: a distinctly pastoral, nonideological figure with a penchant for sharp ideas, hard work, close ties and creating oceans of goodwill across all sorts of divides. The reason given by the federal government for appointing six commissioners to the Royal Commission was that the enormous volume of work would require multiple hearings being conducted simultaneously.

So far, only a single hearing has been held with all six commissioners present. This means that there will be a few days of hearings, then a month or so of no hearings, for the foreseeable future. It does seem strange that all six commissioners, at the first hearing, sat there in a row like stuffed chooks, with little or no involvement in the proceedings. A high official of Poland's Catholic Church apologized on Friday to the victims of pedophile priests while prosecutors said they will probe allegations that two Polish priests, including a Vatican envoy, sexually abused boys in the Dominican Republic.

Secretary of the Episcopate Bishop Wojciech Polak told a news conference that "sorry" was the least that was owed to the victims, and that the church was seeking to make amends and work on prevention. But he said that any legal responsibility and financial compensation rested with the convicted wrongdoer, not with the church. He was addressing reporters in relation to both the allegations in the Dominican Republic and those in Poland, where some 27 priests have been convicted since Mateusz Matyniuk, spokesman for the prosecutor general, said that Poland has obtained sufficient information from Dominican investigators to open a probe into pedophilia allegations against two Poles, one of whom has diplomatic status.

He gave no names, but Dominican prosecutors have identified them as papal nuncio Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski and the Rev. Wojciech Gil, a parish priest. Prosecutors in the Dominican Republic said they have asked Interpol to issue an arrest order for an alleged pedophile priest alleged to have abused several young boys. A court in the city of Santiago, some kilometers northwest of Santo Domingo, has declared him a fugitive from justice, and Interpol has been asked to help track him down. A priest is facing censure by the Vatican for failing to perform a baptism correctly by allowing the parents and godparents to pour water over the child's head during the ceremony.

Cardinal Brady deemed the baptism unlawful and reported the matter to Rome. Fr O'Donovan, an Augustinian, has left his parish to begin a one-year sabbatical in Limerick. He and his order have denied that he has already been censured by Rome. Some 1, people attended his final Mass. Following the complaint, the parents of the child were asked by a local priest in Drogheda, acting on behalf of the Cardinal, to have their son re-baptised.

The victim, a boy, lived in his parish house and was the son of the housekeeper. He called the priest Dad. The court said the abuse was significant sexual assault and went way beyond boundary issues. Doch das hat ein katholischer Priester schamlos ausgenutzt. Der Geistliche hatte die Taten aus den er Jahren vor Gericht gestanden. Der Ordensmann hatte die Taten aus den er im Prozess gestanden. Father Gil, who led a parish in the highland town of Juncalito for close to a decade, had taken children on holiday to Poland earlier this year.

However, when allegations emerged of crimes against minors in recent years, he chose not to return to his post on the Caribbean island. It is understood that Father Gil is currently residing in his family village south of Krakow. The death of Joseph Shannon, 87, was disclosed in a court filing in a lawsuit brought by Mark Bryson, a North Carolina man who claims he was molested by Shannon in a Camden church more than 40 years ago.

Shannon, removed from the ministry in , was the subject of four sex-abuse complaints, according to a brief filed Monday by the diocese. Under New York State law, child victims of sexual abuse have until their 23rd birthday to file a civil lawsuit. Kevin Mulhearn, who represents the plaintiffs in this case, argues that the statute of limitations does not apply, because Y. The former students are suing Y. In his Argentina, between and , Jorge Mario Bergoglio lived through the 'years of lead' of the military dictatorship.

Kidnappings, torture, massacres, 30, disappeared, mothers killed after giving birth in prison to children who were taken away from them. What the young provincial of the Argentine Jesuits at the time did during those years long remained a mystery. The Argentine magistracy itself had exonerated Bergoglio of all accusations, after having subjected him to questioning in a proceeding between and CDT, September 27, A request by a Glenview church to suspend its priest until the conclusion of a criminal investigation that involves him has prompted a sharp rebuke from the leader of the Greek Orthodox Church in Chicago, who then ordered the removal of the parish council president who made the request.

James Gottreich, council president at Sts. James Dokos, be placed on leave until the out-of-state criminal probe has wrapped up. Dokos oversaw the trust fund as pastor at Annunciation before being transferred to Sts. Peter and Paul last year. Myers visited the Bergen County Courthouse on Thursday, months after a local priest was arrested on seven counts accusing him of violating a lifetime ban on ministering to children, charges that were referred to a grand jury.

The priest, the Rev. Michael Fugee, a former assistant pastor of a Wyckoff parish, was found guilty in of groping a teenage boy, but the conviction was overturned three years later because of a judicial error. He was returned to the ministry in Prosecutors in May charged Fugee with seven felony counts of contempt of a judicial order, claiming he violated the agreement by hearing confessions from minors seven times from April to December at various churches, a retreat center and a private home.

A grand jury typically decides in private whether felony charges are credible enough to indict. Fugee has not been indicted. The archbishop said he was informed of the action against Miranda on July 5 through verbal communication from the apostolic nunciature and said the action against Miranda taken by Pope Francis which included laicization.

He was asked the reasons for the extreme measure by the Holy Father and the archbishop replied it was a "pontifical secret. He believes Pope Francis must have had sufficient reason to impose the penalty. The archbishop said he never received a complaint regarding alleged abuse by MIranda. At a press conference, the archbishop said he will provide the attorney general with all documents that they requested.

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