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In some areas it's also clear that they significantly affected the ideas themselves. Hobbes's contempt for scholastic philosophy is boundless. Leviathan and other works are littered with references to the "frequency of insignificant speech" in the speculations of the scholastics, with their combinations of Christian theology and Aristotelian metaphysics. Hobbes's reaction, apart from much savage and sparkling sarcasm, is twofold. In the first place, he makes very strong claims about the proper relation between religion and politics.

He was not as many have charged an atheist, but he was deadly serious in insisting that theological disputes should be kept out of politics. He also adopts a strongly materialist metaphysics, that - as his critics were quick to charge - makes it difficult to account for God's existence as a spiritual entity. For Hobbes, the sovereign should determine the proper forms of religious worship, and citizens never have duties to God that override their duty to obey political authority.

Second, this reaction against scholasticism shapes the presentation of Hobbes's own ideas. He insists that terms be clearly defined and relate to actual concrete experiences - part of his empiricism. Many early sections of Leviathan read rather like a dictionary. Commentators debate how seriously to take Hobbes's stress on the importance of definition, and whether it embodies a definite philosophical doctrine.

What is certain, and more important from the point of view of his moral and political thought, is that he tries extremely hard to avoid any metaphysical categories that don't relate to physical realities especially the mechanical realities of matter and motion. Hobbes's determination to avoid the "insignificant" that is, meaningless speech of the scholastics also overlaps with his admiration for the emerging physical sciences and for geometry.

It looks rather like a dead-end on the way to the modern idea of science based on patient observation, theory-building and experiment. Once more, it can be disputed whether this method is significant in shaping those ideas, or merely provides Hobbes with a distinctive way of presenting them. Hobbes's moral thought is difficult to disentangle from his politics.

On his view, what we ought to do depends greatly on the situation in which we find ourselves. Where political authority exists, our duty seems to be quite straightforward: to obey those in power. But we can usefully separate the ethics from the politics if we follow Hobbes's own division. For him ethics is concerned with human nature, while political philosophy deals with what happens when human beings interact.

What, then, is Hobbes's view of human nature? He ends by saying that the truth of his ideas can be gauged only by self-examination, by looking into our selves to adjudge our characteristic thoughts and passions, which form the basis of all human action. But what is the relationship between these two very different claims? For obviously when we look into our selves we do not see mechanical pushes and pulls.

This mystery is hardly answered by Hobbes's method in the opening chapters, where he persists in talking about all manner of psychological phenomena - from emotions to thoughts to whole trains of reasoning — as products of mechanical interactions. As to what he will say about successful political organization, the resemblance between the commonwealth and a functioning human being is slim indeed. Hobbes's only real point seems to be that there should be a "head" that decides most of the important things that the "body" does.

Most commentators now agree with an argument made in the 's by the political philosopher Leo Strauss. Science provides him with a distinctive method and some memorable metaphors and similes. Those ideas may have come, as Hobbes also claims, from self-examination. In all likelihood, they actually derived from his reflection on contemporary events and his reading of classics of political history such as Thucydides. This is not to say that we should ignore Hobbes's ideas on human nature - far from it.

But it does mean we should not be misled by scientific imagery that stems from an in fact non-existent science and also, to some extent, from an unproven and uncertain metaphysics. Some have suggested that Hobbes's mechanical world-view leaves no room for the influence of moral ideas, that he thinks the only effective influence on our behavior will be incentives of pleasure and pain. But while it is true that Hobbes sometimes says things like this, we should be clear that the ideas fit together only in a metaphorical way.

Likewise, there's no reason why pursuing pleasure and pain should work in our self-interest. What self-interest is depends on the time-scale we adopt, and how effectively we might achieve this goal also depends on our insight into what harms and benefits us. If we want to know what drives human beings, on Hobbes's view, we must read carefully all he says about this, as well as what he needs to assume if the rest of his thought is to make sense.

There are two major aspects to Hobbes's picture of human nature. The other aspect concerns human powers of judgment and reasoning, about which Hobbes tends to be extremely skeptical. Like many philosophers before him, Hobbes wants to present a more solid and certain account of human morality than is contained in everyday beliefs. Plato had contrasted knowledge with opinion.

Hobbes has several reasons for thinking that human judgment is unreliable, and needs to be guided by science. Our judgments tend to be distorted by self-interest or by the pleasures and pains of the moment. We may share the same basic passions, but the various things of the world affect us all very differently; and we are inclined to use our feelings as measures for others. It becomes dogmatic through vanity and morality, as with "men vehemently in love with their own new opinions…and obstinately bent to maintain them, [who give] their opinions also that reverenced name of conscience" Leviathan , vii.

When we use words which lack any real objects of reference, or are unclear about the meaning of the words we use, the danger is not only that our thoughts will be meaningless, but also that we will fall into violent dispute. Hobbes has scholastic philosophy in mind, but he also makes related points about the dangerous effects of faulty political ideas and ideologies. We form beliefs about supernatural entities, fairies and spirits and so on, and fear follows where belief has gone, further distorting our judgment.

Judgment can be swayed this way and that by rhetoric, that is, by the persuasive and "colored" speech of others, who can deliberately deceive us and may well have purposes that go against the common good or indeed our own good. For Hobbes, it is only science, "the knowledge of consequences" Leviathan , v. Unfortunately, his picture of science, based on crudely mechanistic premises and developed through deductive demonstrations, is not even plausible in the physical sciences. When it comes to the complexities of human behavior, Hobbes's model of science is even less satisfactory.

He is certainly an acute and wise commentator of political affairs; we can praise him for his hard-headedness about the realities of human conduct, and for his determination to create solid chains of logical reasoning. Nonetheless, this does not mean that Hobbes was able to reach a level of "scientific" certainty in his judgments that had been lacking in all previous reflection on morals and politics.

The most consequential aspect of Hobbes's account of human nature centers on his ideas about human motivation, and this topic is therefore at the heart of many debates about how to understand Hobbes's philosophy. Many interpreters have presented the Hobbesian agent as a self-interested, rationally calculating actor those ideas have been important in modern political philosophy and economic thought, especially in terms of rational choice theories. It is true that some of the problems that face people like this - rational egoists, as philosophers call them - are similar to the problems Hobbes wants to solve in his political philosophy.

And it is also very common for first-time readers of Hobbes to get the impression that he believes we're all basically selfish. There are good reasons why earlier interpreters and new readers tend to think the Hobbesian agent is ultimately self-interested. Hobbes likes to make bold and even shocking claims to get his point across. What could be clearer? There are two problems with thinking that this is Hobbes's considered view, however. First, quite simply, it represents a false view of human nature.

People do all sorts of altruistic things that go against their interests. They also do all sorts of needlessly cruel things that go against self-interest think of the self-defeating lengths that revenge can run to. So it would be uncharitable to interpret Hobbes this way, if we can find a more plausible account in his work. Second, in any case Hobbes often relies on a more sophisticated view of human nature.

He describes or even relies on motives that go beyond or against self-interest, such as pity, a sense of honor or courage, and so on. And he frequently emphasizes that we find it difficult to judge or appreciate just what our interests are anyhow. The upshot is that Hobbes does not think that we are basically or reliably selfish; and he does not think we are fundamentally or reliably rational in our ideas about what is in our interests. He is rarely surprised to find human beings doing things that go against self-interest: we will cut off our noses to spite our faces, we will torture others for their eternal salvation, we will charge to our deaths for love of country.

Too often, he thinks, we are too much concerned with what others think of us, or inflamed by religious doctrine, or carried away by others' inflammatory words. But we shall see that this would over-simplify the conclusions that Hobbes draws from his account of human nature. This is Hobbes's picture of human nature. We are needy and vulnerable. We are easily led astray in our attempts to know the world around us. Our capacity to reason is as fragile as our capacity to know; it relies upon language and is prone to error and undue influence.

When we act, we may do so selfishly or impulsively or in ignorance, on the basis of faulty reasoning or bad theology or others' emotive speech. Unsurprisingly, Hobbes thinks little happiness can be expected of our lives together. The best we can hope for is peaceful life under an authoritarian-sounding sovereign. The worst, on Hobbes's account, is what he calls the "natural condition of mankind," a state of violence, insecurity and constant threat. In outline, Hobbes's argument is that the alternative to government is a situation no one could reasonably wish for, and that any attempt to make government accountable to the people must undermine it, so threatening the situation of non-government that we must all wish to avoid.

Our only reasonable option, therefore, is a "sovereign" authority that is totally unaccountable to its subjects. Let us deal with the "natural condition" of non-government, also called the "state of nature," first of all. The state of nature is "natural" in one specific sense only. What is Hobbes's reasoning here?

He claims that the only authority that naturally exists among human beings is that of a mother over her child, because the child is so very much weaker than the mother and indebted to her for its survival. Among adult human beings this is invariably not the case. Hobbes concedes an obvious objection, admitting that some of us are much stronger than others.

And although he's very sarcastic about the idea that some are wiser than others, he doesn't have much difficulty with the idea that some are fools and others are dangerously cunning. Even the strongest must sleep; even the weakest might persuade others to help him kill another. Leviathan , xiii. He is strongly opposing arguments that established monarchs have a natural or God-given right to rule over us. Thus, as long as human beings have not successfully arranged some form of government, they live in Hobbes's state of nature.

But the real point for Hobbes is that a state of nature could just as well occur in seventeenth century England, should the King's authority be successfully undermined. It could occur tomorrow in every modern society, for example, if the police and army suddenly refused to do their jobs on behalf of government. Unless some effective authority stepped into the King's place or the place of army and police and government , Hobbes argues the result is doomed to be deeply awful, nothing less than a state of war.

Why should peaceful cooperation be impossible without an overarching authority? Hobbes provides a series of powerful arguments that suggest it is extremely unlikely that human beings will live in security and peaceful cooperation without government. Anarchism , the thesis that we should live without government, of course disputes these arguments. His most basic argument is threefold. This is a more difficult argument than it might seem.

Two points, though.

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Moreover, many of these people will be prepared to use violence to attain their ends - especially if there's no government or police to stop them. In this Hobbes is surely correct. If our lives seem to be at stake, after all, we're unlikely to have many scruples about stealing a loaf of bread; if we perceive someone as a deadly threat, we may well want to attack first, while his guard is down; if we think that there are lots of potential attackers out there, it's going to make perfect sense to get a reputation as someone who shouldn't be messed with.

Underlying this most basic argument is an important consideration about insecurity. As we shall see Hobbes places great weight on contracts thus some interpreters see Hobbes as heralding a market society dominated by contractual exchanges. In particular, he often speaks of "covenants," by which he means a contract where one party performs his part of the bargain later than the other.

In the state of nature such agreements aren't going to work. Only the weakest will have good reason to perform the second part of a covenant, and then only if the stronger party is standing over them. Yet a huge amount of human cooperation relies on trust, that others will return their part of the bargain over time. A similar point can be made about property, most of which we can't carry about with us and watch over. This means we must rely on others respecting our possessions over extended periods of time. If we can't do this, then many of the achievements of human society that involve putting hard work into land farming, building or material objects the crafts, or modern industrial production, still unknown in Hobbes's time will be near impossible.

One can reasonably object to such points: Surely there are basic duties to reciprocate fairly and to behave in a trustworthy manner? Even if there's no government providing a framework of law, judgment and punishment, don't most people have a reasonable sense of what is right and wrong, which will prevent the sort of contract-breaking and generalized insecurity that Hobbes is concerned with? Indeed, shouldn't our basic sense of morality prevent much of the greed, pre-emptive attack and reputation-seeking that Hobbes stressed in the first place?

This is the crunch point of Hobbes's argument, and it is here if anywhere that one can accuse Hobbes of "pessimism. The first concerns our duties in the state of nature that is, the so-called "right of nature". The second follows from this, and is less often noticed: it concerns the danger posed by our different and variable judgments of what is right and wrong.

On Hobbes's view the right of nature is quite simple to define. Naturally speaking - that is, outside of civil society — we have a right to do whatever we think will ensure our self-preservation. The worst that can happen to us is violent death at the hands of others. If we have any rights at all, if as we might put it nature has given us any rights whatsoever, then the first is surely this: the right to prevent violent death befalling us. But Hobbes says more than this, and it is this point that makes his argument so powerful.

And this is where Hobbes's picture of humankind becomes important. Hobbes has given us good reasons to think that human beings rarely judge wisely. Yet in the state of nature no one is in a position to successfully define what is good judgment. Others might judge the matter differently, of course. Almost certainly you'll have quite a different view of things perhaps you were just stretching your arms, not raising a musket to shoot me. Because we're all insecure, because trust is more-or-less absent, there's little chance of our sorting out misunderstandings peacefully, nor can we rely on some trusted third party to decide whose judgment is right.

We all have to be judges in our own causes, and the stakes are very high indeed: life or death. For this reason Hobbes makes very bold claims that sound totally amoral. The notions of right and wrong, justice and injustice have no place [in the state of nature]. Hobbes is dramatizing his point, but the core is defensible. New readers of Hobbes often suppose that the state of nature would be a much nicer place, if only he were to picture human beings with some basic moral ideas. There are different ways of interpreting Hobbes's view of the absence of moral constraints in the state of nature.

Some think that Hobbes is imagining human beings who have no idea of social interaction and therefore no ideas about right and wrong. Others suppose that Hobbes has a much more complex picture of human motivation, so that there is no reason to think moral ideas are absent in the state of nature. In particular, it's historically reasonable to think that Hobbes invariably has civil war in mind, when he describes our "natural condition. The problem here isn't a lack of moral ideas - far from it — rather that moral ideas and judgments differ enormously.

This means for example that two people who are fighting tooth and nail over a cow or a gun can both think they're perfectly entitled to the object and both think they're perfectly right to kill the other - a point Hobbes makes explicitly and often. But what sort of "ought" is this? There are two basic ways of interpreting Hobbes here. It might be a counsel of prudence: avoid the state of nature, if you're concerned to avoid violent death.

In this case Hobbes's advice only applies to us i if we agree that violent death is what we should fear most and should therefore avoid; and ii if we agree with Hobbes that only an unaccountable sovereign stands between human beings and the state of nature. This line of thought fits well with an egoistic reading of Hobbes, but we'll see that it faces serious problems. The other way of interpreting Hobbes is not without problems either.

This takes Hobbes to be saying that we ought, morally speaking, to avoid the state of nature. We have a duty to do what we can to avoid this situation arising, and a duty to end it, if at all possible. Hobbes often makes his view clear, that we have such moral obligations. Like them, he thinks that human reason can discern some eternal principles to govern our conduct. These principles are independent of though also complementary to whatever moral instruction we might get from God or religion. In other words, they are laws given by nature rather than revealed by God. But Hobbes makes radical changes to the content of these so-called laws of nature.

He thus disagrees with those Protestants who thought that religious conscience might sanction disobedience of "immoral" laws, and with Catholics who thought that the commandments of the Pope have primacy over those of national political authorities. Although he sets out nineteen laws of nature, it is the first two that are politically crucial. A third, that stresses the important of keeping to contracts we have entered into, is important in Hobbes's moral justifications of obedience to the sovereign.

The remaining sixteen can be quite simply encapsulated in the formula, "do as you would be done by. Every man ought to endeavor peace, as far as he has hope of obtaining it, and when he cannot obtain it, that he may seek and use all helps and advantages of war. Leviathan , xiv. This repeats the points we have already seen about our "right of nature," so long as peace does not appear to be a realistic prospect. The second law of nature is more complicated:. That a man be willing, when others are so too, as far-forth as for peace and defense of himself he shall think it necessary, to lay down this right to all things, and be contented with so much liberty against other men, as he would allow other men against himself.

What Hobbes tries to tackle here is the transition from the state of nature to civil society. But how he does this is misleading and has generated much confusion and disagreement. The way that Hobbes describes this second law of nature makes it look as if we should all put down our weapons, give up much of our "right of nature," and jointly authorize a sovereign who will tell us what is permitted and punish us if we don't obey.

But the problem is obvious. If the state of nature is anything like as bad as Hobbes has argued, then there's just no way people could ever make an agreement like this or put it into practice. That is: governments have invariably been foisted upon people by force and fraud, not by collective agreement.

But Hobbes means to defend every existing government that is powerful enough to secure peace among its subjects - not just a mythical government that's been created by a peaceful contract out of a state of nature. His basic claim is that we should behave as if we had voluntarily entered into such a contract with everyone else in our society - everyone else, that is, except the sovereign authority. In Hobbes's myth of the social contract, everyone except the person or group who will wield sovereign power lays down their "right to all things.

How limited this right of nature becomes in civil society has caused much dispute, because deciding what is an immediate threat is a question of judgment. It certainly permits us to fight back if the sovereign tries to kill us. In such cases this behavior becomes vitally important to achieve required results. A wonderful training program which definitely changed my way of thinking to quite an extent.

The most effective one was where first if a child didn't submit his work on time. I used to consider the excuse for not doing the work on time as a false excuse. But now I do reconsider that there must be a problem and hence the child has not completed his work. I agree I teach the higher class and hence completion of work is mandatory but I give a thought and then take a decision. I am still unable to say no..

Even if it tolls on my health. Here I am not able to say a no or be firm. Give in very easily to higher authorities colleagues or even students. Like I have been very organised from the beginning. But now I try to also teach people in and around me someway or the other to get organised or help them in some manner rather than getting annoyed.

I always had a problem planning long term. All my plans would get lost as the time progressed. The time management matrix was really good. Every day I come to work, spend the day and life goes on. Its only after a few months of that, I realize that the year is almost over. I have become one year older without achieving much. Thanks to the trainer who asked me to write my own, personal, mission statement. This would be my second takeaway, although in a sense it is similar to the first one.

The third take away would be the cause-effect paradigm. It made me conscious that though we might not have control on every situation, we can always shift the paradigm and react in a better way. Good that it applies to all set of habits, and better still, is guided by a principle. I can now formulate my own See-Do-Get paradigm for my unique situation, apply a principle, and move on. I did try this 2 times, though my training completed just 4 days ago.

I am planning to do something for physical exercise but haven't been able to turn it into practicality so just waiting for things to strike. We have received a great feedback for the session and the overall event. Request your feedback too to incorporate in our upcoming events. I am confident that this community will continue to grow and we will need your support in making it happen :.

Apart from that, I wish to practice Habit no. Please accept this note as a token of appreciation for your outstanding support to cater our requests. All requests shared with Franklin Covey team were duly accepted and delivered on the requested dates without any fails, the team always made sure that the required training gadgetry is reached at venue well in advance and with a pool of Brilliant Trainers all the workshops were delivered with the expected feedback. I have been trying to practice the 7 habits in my daily routine, with good success.

Started thinking it in daily life. I sensed, he is a sincere guy, told him that health is a top priority for all of us. At the onset I would first like to thank you for the wonderful session that you had conducted for us. Keeping the past history in mind and given the context I think I had a very good feedback on the workshop, in the way you aligned engaged people in the workshop.

They found the session enlightening and feel they can apply some of them in both professional and personal life. What results is almost miraculous. We create new alternative , something that was not before that. Different persons have different skills, expertise, knowledge and strength, so by the synergy we can get the advantage of all this things, we can produce miraculous results. In life different persons have different need so by this habit we can understand the others need and same way others can understand our need and we both can utilize our knowledge, skill and expertise to fulfill both need and can arrive at win-win situation.

Thanks for the wonderful training we had. My top 3 takeaways which I am focusing to implement in my day-to-day activities is as follows:. It was highly insightful and you made it more impactful with your command on the subject and beyond. We all are not only inspired with your sessions but also resolved to work on the improvements.

At first I would like to thanks FranklinCovey team for their outstanding performance and successfully completion of leadership and managerial training in Bangladesh. Its was an immense pleasure for me to be the part of team to be trained for 7 habits of highly effective people. And more above that the trainer , who had lighten us with all examples to dealt with. Each and every aspect of 7 habits were the best. And the takeaways were each and every moment of the session. Even though to conclude with. Be Proactive : Which has cleared the COI , due to which I have started concentrating on Influence, which actual is the driving element on both front Professional and Personal.

I am planning in advance what my team has to do and what is the resource they might require. It tell us our actual cause of existence here. Using Q2 my priority and important list has strength my vision. I will be using this tool for my people to help them out to be more productive.

Habit 2 : Has cleared what should be your outcome, which helps to channelize what efforts are required to get it. So even when I assign any task to people , I tell them what is required for our betterment. These are few but best take aways. At last I am really thankful to be a part of these learnings. Actually when I heard about it , I wondered what it be all about.

Moreover, when I saw those questions in pre assessment , I thought I am good at everything. Why would I need such training? But, reality came out to be totally opposite, as you said in the program that all are very happy with themselves. You made me realize that I should re-think about my habits. How could I tell my students to respond and not react when I was doing the same. Also I am trying to inculcate next two habits in me , so that I can understand these first and then set an example for my students.

The time matrix is helping me to prioritize my things , I often ask myself whether I am in quadrant 2 or not. Yes , I synergize with my colleagues as by collaborative efforts the output achieved is better. These habits have made me more organized and focused. I am happy and thankful to you for making me realize the need of these 7 habits. This was a highly useful workshop and learning experience as it made me aware how I could make my life more meaningful and organized and also become effective in whatever I do.

I learnt that we are ultimately responsible for our life and no one else is. I learnt how paradigms are so important because when we change the way we see things then automatically there will be a quantum change in the way we do things in our life. Our thinking and values need to be aligned with our principles. It is important to act and not react to any situation. We need to take ownership of our life. Proactive people focus on their circle of influence and not circle of concern. I also learnt that in order to be more effective I need to begin with an end in mind.

When I am clear about the goal I want to achieve then I will physically work to achieve it. Also, I have to focus on my highest priorities by removing all the unimportant things my time is wasted on. If I seek solutions that give benefit to others too then achieving win-win is easy. Empathetic listening is good and helps to gain trust of others.

So first I need to understand others and then be understood. It was an amazing video. It was one of the great experience to change the paradigm and to turn the ineffective habit into effective habit. As earlier I used to think that I have never taught small children in my life but after changing the paradigm it was changed into an effective one and now i take it in a different way like to teach small children will be a new experience and I will learn different things.

I will surf internet and learn from my colleagues and from kids too. As a result my teaching will be effective and I will enjoy. Moreover, I have learnt to choose the work at top priority and start doing it and not to blame anyone for the result I get. Habit 2 helped me to develop a personal mission statement and to begin with the end in mind in everything I do. My personal Mission Statement includes the following points.

It has equipped me with a self monitoring tool, whether it has be with the end in mind, with using empathetic listening with my daughter, or sharpening the saw. Though all the habits require constant monitoring to make them a part of me, the ones I have mentioned here, are the ones I need to improve in myself, and sometimes falter. I would like to thank my Principal for taking this initiative to equip all of us. It has become possible, only because this wonderful program got conceptualized!

It is indeed a great pleasure to participate in the leadership program. The trainer as given us in depth insight on the topic. At the same time it will also be easy to look at complex matters in simple manner. Everything went smooth. We are your fan. I am happy we took decision of going ahead with Franklin covey as partner. In coming days we will require Franklin covey team help in transforming our learning into reality. Have a good day. It was a great training for me and extremely well.

If I am to be a bit more specific on the topics covered, my likings were: 1. The Mission Statement — quite simple but difficult when you ponder for words to put it on a piece of paper. The Emotional Bank Account — when I was putting down names in a paper, I realized who are the people I really care for and some of them I ignore or take for granted.

There are many trainings which have got lost in the training rooms and I do not intend to do the same for this training and I am sure with your support in the initial weeks I will be able to put things to practice. Once again — thanks! Once again thanks to my organization for given to attend programme.

Thanks for the great opportunity! It was a very nice program. I have learned a lot, but since you asked for top three learnings, I feel that 1. Weekly planning. Emotional Bank account EBA. Time Matrix are three top learnings. Besides, I would like to add one more learning i. Six paradigms of Human interactions. All these four learnings are very useful and would like to implement in my daily activities,both personally and officially. I will implement this learning with my team. I am beginning to feel the positive difference by applying habits of highly effective teachers as was presented in your workshop.

The importance of synergy is integral to bringing about a radical enhancement of academic quality. When a group of teachers put their heads together to formulate a common strategy, the students are bound to be benefited. Within my department I discuss teaching strategy regularly with my teachers to bring about synergy.

Difference of opinion is always welcomed in such discussions to arrive at a common approach which we then apply while teaching and dealing with students. Such synergy discussions always throw up best solutions. While the contents of said workshop were exceptionally organized and systematic with respect to understanding the core of a whole person paradigm and alignment of strategies, I would like to mention rather applaud an equally exceptional delivery and presentation of the contents by trainers.

I will utilize the formats and systematic approach that has been imparted during the workshop to make best use for the organizational and personal goal achievements of team. Thanks for being an effective partner in this journey to Greatness. It was an enlightening workshop. Although the concepts discussed in the session is obvious and I knew about it, the tough part is following it in day to day life.

In the helm of daily affairs, I end up being ineffective. Now that I have gone through this session, this is what I choose to do going forward, each day, every time. Maintaining and living in my own inner atmosphere without getting influenced from external stimuli. Being proactive rather being reactive pause and think,then react.

Managing time with respect to time matrix learnt i. Thanks for your email. I must say this was one of the most enlighten session on leadership. I always had a problem in defining my leadership style and this session has helped me to articulate a few things better on my goals and objectives in life personal as well as professional. Thank you for such a wonderful program. I am now confident to face any situation in better way than the previous way it was being handled.

Emphatic listening practice shall ensure mutual respect and trust among peers and coworkers. This way, I would like to be known and remembered as effective person on professional as well as personal front. I deeply appreciate your time and effort that you put in last two days to inculcate effective thoughts and practices in us. I am highly grateful and thankful for your effort and intend to carry on the association in the future.

At the outset, let me take this opportunity to commend the amazing facilitation at the two day workshop. He exuded so much confidence and knowledge. The take back from the two day session was immense and immeasurable, but what really stood out for me was. This is the best Program organized thus far at HCL - speaks of the learning we have had and the feedback we have given him. I found "The 7 habits of highly effective educators" very motivating , informative and useful. May be I was aware of few things previously, but was not aware of correct order and how to use them in life. The workshop helped me to really think through and create my own personal mission.

It emphasizes and shows how to build a sustainable and strong foundation of our long-term success, on the things that truly matter in life and less time fretting about the things we can't control. I found the workshop was very useful and effective. Below are the three most useful takeaways for me. Before the workshop I used these seven habits in my life but after attending the workshop I realized the importance and I got a clear view of how to build a relationship between a teacher and a student.

A relationship which is special. A relationship which brings you closer to your loved ones. A tension free lifestyle. After this workshop I became a person who takes along the views of people and gives each person the same equal value. After the workshop, I've tried developing a team which is always free from low self esteem and a team which is not scared of obstacles that comes in it's way.

And a power to transfer your qualities and leave your legacy which remains effective even if you're not there and which makes people remind of you. I found the training to be really helpful for me. I had the following key takeaways and have tried to implement them in my daily routine. I have been constantly trying to work upon and share my learning from the workshop. I am sure we will continue to remain in touch if I face any concerns.

Thank you for contacting, I really like the way you guys are following up after the training. Once again, I thank you for a great session and I will sure keep you guys posted on improvements and implementation. It was a wonderful experience of attending the leadership training. A lot of new things have been learned by me during those 3 days.

The video of 80 th birth day was really inspiring. It forces me to think that what I have done for others to make them remember me. How people will remember me after my life span. I believe that I am a value based person due to the influence of my father. The concept of Begin with End in mind is really a great motivation.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to Franklin Covey for taking me along the journey of 7 habits of successful people. The take way has been quite a few amongst which some definitely had a major influence on my daily work style. Videos were also very thoughtful and of high quality. My sincere thanks to Franklin Cover Institute and my school for nominating me for this program. As I was focusing on the Habit 4 I was thing how I could deliver this habit into my students as when we are preparing for team game this is very important to have a positive attitude among our teams as we cooperate each other during match performance the result is positive, so I started thing positive with my co-teachers teacher that my class will come on time I will get enough time to coach on the field where as I can leave them on time and they will reach in class on time for their next session, slowing I am getting positive result but it will take time I know.

I realized that at times we become too possessive about our views and modus operandi , and want to do the things exactly how we want to do. The concept of synergism is probably the most important aspect of any relationship whether at home or at work place. This was an interesting experience.

Four Keys to Spot the Talent Others Miss - Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

I began introspecting a lot. Now I understand the importance of taking on responsibilities and not blaming circumstances or others. It makes you a better person if you accept responsibility. Planning ahead with the end in mind is something I always did till a point. Sometimes, there are situations which are beyond control. But one must learn to make the most of it. Thinking ahead makes one charge ahead. Co-operating and coexisting is the new mantra. There is a constant need to renew and reinvigorate self.

The workshop was excellent in every aspect. Actually, it has been difficult for me to name only three take away, I can sincerely tell of so many. Loved the trainer as well. I was really fortunate enough to attend the session as it has given me new strength to achieve, what I wanted to. When I sit and think, these habits propel me to move forward and push me to analyze critically my actions and decision taken by me.

I hope practicing these habits would enable us to sustain better. Thank you very much for your follow-up regarding the learning of Seven Habits and practicing the same regularly.

Book Summary: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, Stephen Covey

Basically the whole workshop was fantastic and I learn a lot from the workshop. I must follow every instructions with proper planning. I can not explain all habits separately. But one thing I would like to mention that I have changed myself. So many things were there which were negative but now I am feeling so much positive energy and thinking in my self. Helpful but now I am helpful but first I complete my work after that I give my hand and mind for help to others.

One more thing I would like to mention here that before this workshop also some things I was thinking like what we learnt in workshop and after the workshop i always try to manage every thing in better way. I am replying fairly late to this email, but I would like to say that it was a great workshop full of learning. I have taken away specific action points from the study of each imperative and over a period of time I intend to make small but significant changes to my behavior as a leader.

Additionally, I have defined action points from the LQ as well as an internal feedback tool and I intend to understand where I need to change. Although it has been 2 months since I attended the workshop, I have not taken any action yet. It is only now that I will begin to implement my learnings over the next few months. Appreciate your help and support. It's quite beneficial for me to lead an effective, organized life. It is a life changing experience to me.

This is worthwhile for to be organized, planned, to be proactive. I feel the core stone for all the habits is Be Proactive. If I will be able to achieve this habit in my life, my life will be a success and people will know me for my proactive language and proactive behavior in the end. I want to create a masterpiece of my life. The journey so far with 7 habits is commendable I have started achieving my private victory. It is definitely so over empowering that I have started believing that every one's life is revolving around these habits.

It's helping me to achieve ineffectiveness to effectiveness and will guide me as a guiding light in the very dark movements of my life to achieve the utmost priorities. Thanks for the lovely workshop conducted. It was really a reinforcement for me on how I am neglecting few very important things in my life. After completing my activity for the First habit, things were clearer to me. Thus I started sharing with her the first Habit , i. She is now very open to ideas and has started thinking about her concerns.

Listening carefully and emphatically , I feel is one of the most difficult tasks. You really have to make an effort to start with. It is difficult but not impossible. I was away on a holiday last week and that seemed to be the best time to listen, listen emphatically to your loved ones. I enjoyed the experience and got much more from my vacation. Thank you so much. After the workshop I decided to just ask once in the morning and then cook what i felt was the best.

Result- I was told what i had to cook before even asking, and could plan better and i now get more time for myself. I am implementing these in my day to day life by starting to plan the week with important things first. I am doing and managing them. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a powerful sermon in these times of complex and ever changing world.

270 Martin Luther King Jr Quotes That Will Move Your Soul

Covey through his book provides the foundations for a strong character. The strong character leads to Effective Habits. The tools suggested in the 7 Habits courses are effective and if practiced can be life changing. The Habits are not new to us, but put in the perspective and in a logical manner the habits force us to question ourselves, the way we have been managing our lives. One of the task that was agreed by my team member was not completed as per the timeline. Hence there was an escalation. When I received the escalation email and I was not aware of the commitment that was made by my team member.

I lost all controls, First conversation with the team member was completely in a lose-lose conversation where both trying to justify the answers at our end. I went back read through the material that was given in the training session. Again had other conversation in a listening , listened patiently all the answers and questioned the team member in a different way it was more on an empathetic listening and conversation.

Finally we planned the activity with other team members we involved the team members who are best in executing that particular task. Informed back the stakeholder the revised timeline with an apology. Together we were able to complete the task well before the timeline. I think Synergize helped us.

While practicing the below habit I really understood, how important it to Begin with the end in mind. I will try to explain how it helped me during my Block leave. I went on my block leave i. Eventually as part of training schedule we need to practice the 2 nd habit during that week. During my block leave as part of planning on the first day I listed down all the personal work that I want to complete during this 10 days of leave.

It took almost two to three hour to decide all that I wanted to do. All together I decide 8 things which I wanted to complete. As I wanted to leave and experience the learning, I kept motivating myself to accomplish all that I planned to do. When I pushed myself to complete 3 task, I saw a complete different approach in me for rest of the planned work, I was self motivated, full of eagerness and energy to complete all the task. Towards end of my block leave when I was reassign that how I utilized my time, I realized that I have completed few personal work which was pending for more than a year.

I enjoyed the session and though everything shared in the session was a take away, still below are the three critical things that I would like to absorb from the session. Just wanted to drop this short note to update you that our 4DX journey at Rockwell Automation India has formally taken off this week.

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This was followed by the Manager certification workshop. I am expecting this initiative to make a huge impact on our ability to drive better performance — and I look forward to staying connected with you. It seems that the application of these seven habits in life is a real transformation towards achieving a happy life.

We cannot change the circumstances but our reactions to various situations determine our happiness in life and the realization of our goals. I feel that after learning these seven habits, I am making conscious efforts to realize my goals. I have stopped bothering about unimportant things that do not assist in the realization of my goals.

Some of these habits have become part of my life whereas some still require my special attention. This week I will focus on it and would see its implications towards the achievement of my goals. I really feel very fortunate to attend this program as all the seven habits had been a complete eye-opener for me. It was great and awakening experience of this workshop. So many things are learnt by me from this workshop.

There is always a choice. My selection is only the factor which gives us happiness or sadness. My happiness depends upon others happiness. So always I should give joy to others. At the end it will ultimately come to me. The content was apt and thought provoking at times including one of the most inspiring videos of great men.

I will also like to take this opportunity to say thanks for the effort and commitment of your to push us to live this habit to be a better and effective person. Honestly this is the first time I have attended a good quality work shop which is useful to both personal and professional life 1. By this I could able to view other side and we called the vendor for a one to one discussion and could able to close the contract with the minimum changes.

This really helps to understand others perspective. Sharpen the saw: I could able to understand the learning has got no age limitation and it gave me a great opportunity to take care of my health. By this I have started doing walking exercise atleast 40 minutes per day and minimum 6 days in a week. I have chosen my wife as partner to monitor the consistency. Thanks for the training session. One of the best training session I attended in whole of my career. Proactive language instead of reactive language. That will definitely lead me to the win-win situations.

Overall it was very enriching and eye opening session to me personally. More interested to get in to detail. Clarify purpose: This is to be done by focusing on customer needs. Unleash talent: Focus on people development to bring in overall independency in operation. Most important was leadership is all about People. Going beyond yourself and reaching people ,empowering them, nurturing them and making them good Human Beings. In this process our approach towards Team members should be considering them as whole person. Body,Heart,Mind and Soul together. Character and competency are two important aspects while unleashing talent but character is one step up and more important when question of choosing among equals.

I would like to implement the learning step by step starting from Building Trust among Team to the highest level ,which is foundation of further steps. Key is in listening. I need to know my own strengths better, to ensure that I start with a personal vision statement and begin with the end in mind. I took up the Strengths finder test and found the top 5 strengths I had. I will now try to revise my vision statement based on these.

A win — win need not be of equal magnitude. Having a ready reply or a solution is not the point of listening to someone. First time I heard about this program sometime in year , and since then, I was frequently looking for opportunities to grab the material on this topic… here and there, on net, through books I am glad to say that, attending the program has helped me with a great impact to start with this change I was looking for. Coveys for whatever they have built for the man-kind through this program. My organization …for nominating me to this program. As explained proactivity is the best tool to shape our future as practicing this habit would automatically sequence all other habits.

In our day to day life we come across with situations where we need to pause and then act accordingly. For instance. There I need to be proactive, to exercise my freedom of choice to act diligently. Probably the child in not in right frame of mind while taking exam or nervous or scared. In this particular instance my effort should be to make the child comfortable in spite of losing my temper.

An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

At times I come across with the situation where a particular child is a regular defaulter and I with no intent of listening to the child may react or over react. There again I can use my circle of influence rather than circle of concern to motivate the child to be regular. My one effective habit which helps me in my professional as well as in my personal life is of making a 'Weekly Planner.

By doing this I feel relaxed and am able to focus more on work in hand. My one ineffective habit which perturbs me at times is that I am unable to understand someone else's viewpoint. I feel irritated that why he can't think on the same lines on which I think. Also, it makes me think that I am right and he should be doing it my way not according to his perception.

After attending the two days workshop I am trying to change my paradigm and maybe gradually I'll get successful in doing so. But actually the workshop helped me to think differently and to learn to value other people's opinion. It was an overwhelming experience to attend the workshop.

I feel it was a kind of introspection for all of us. Being educators it is important to brush up our knowledge every moment. When I gave the pre-assessment, to my surprise I had scored above the benchmark nearly in all but the one I need to work upon is Habit 6. I was facing great difficulty in tackling issues with my teenage son , but when I tried the method to listen to a teenager through the video shown in the workshop, I actually found that it works. I felt motivated to settle up personal issues in family.

And once your personal affairs are taken care of, you excel at work. I found that Habit 7 needs to be given a thought. Yes upgrading ourselves is very important. Thank you for actually changing our paradigms towards life. It was a great pleasure to attend the workshop that has great relevance to gain control of our lives. My three take away from this workshop are :.

Circumstances cannot be changed but I can change my reaction to it. I can chose the most appropriate action under all circumstances. I can make life more meaningful by doing important tasks. This workshop has proved to be a turning point in my life,where I have learnt to maintain balance in my life by prioritizing things according to their importance in my life. It is really very essential to understand others to get a win - win stage in a particular situation.

If we make an effort to understand others we will automatically be understood. To put down my realization through this workshop has been a colossal task as there was plenteous to gain through it but the gist of the workshop that I carried with me at the end of two days can be aptly summed as -. I find myself deliberately work on the circle of influence rather than focusing on the circle of concern and also make conscious efforts to shift from quadrant IV to quadrant II in The Time Matrix.

The workshop not only made me introspect and analyze myself as a person but also nudged me to view my life in retrospect. It set me thinking what am I aiming in life and what efforts are being put in by me towards my goals. To me, it is particularly fun to be part of the engagement in proxy. In all probability, my responses would vary depending upon the state of mind am currently in — thereby giving a deeper insight into my psyche and a larger development potential for growth mindset. One effective habit I possess is empathy towards others. When I understand and accept the logic bubble cum situation of people associated with me, the reactions I give to what they do or do not do are sensible and constructive.

It makes them more receptive to my suggestions. One ineffective habit would be inability to delegate work to others. Even though interacting with people on work-related matters comes easy to me, I find it more comfortable to tackle a job on my own than seek help. Resultant, it takes me longer to complete the job so my urgent-important slot is mostly full. I seem to be always running — albeit happily so — against time! Intrapersonal strength translates into interpersonal associations and leads to holistic success. Implementing my learning is a tricky task which needs more though.

Martin Luther King Jr Quotes That Will Move Your Soul

However, the weekly planning is definitely something that can be implemented immediately and the learning shared with the team so that each of us gains from this and works together better. Much appreciated and look forward to future collaborations as well. Please keep us updated on all your available programs. It was a great learning session for me when I attended your 7 Habits training on 22 nd August, As I said, in my Cognizant career, I have more take-aways from this training that any other training I have attended.

Thanks, it has been wonderful program; the best I ever had in my life. Below are key three take away:. To be effective — means in every p[art of life being personal or professional. Our thoughts decides our destiny — concept of Paradigm. I would like to congratulate Franklin Covey group for having such a good program. With a very simplistic way the program conveyed the message of Mr.

Stephen Covey to us and we had a very pleasurable and interactive session. At the end of the session, we wished that we could have another day. Thank you for a great Training program shared with us. In fact, this training program is a concentrated pill with all nutrients in it to become an effective and powerful Leader. To lead others, we should first lead ourselves effectively.

My first and foremost attention will be on ME…i. This is actually helping me to be more Proactive than being Reactive [being the 1 st Habit]. This is leading to exceptional results. I have also purchased all the e-books 6 books that you mentioned during the training and currently reading them. Started with the 7 Habits just to refresh. Well I have already form a team with 3 members, all of them are colleagues. We started our discussion session 1. Now we are at the end of practicing habit 1. We sit daily to discuss the habit, share our thoughts and experience, follow the habit and observe the partner for the same.

We are at the end of the 1st habit. First of all, let me take this opportunity to thank you as because this workshop gave me whole new outlook to look at my life. The presentation was very well received and you have left all participants with few simple yet very strong messages, which I am sure people will ponder over in times to come. I will take my time to react rather than giving a knee jerk reaction.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood:. I will try to be a good listener within our team. I will implement this in my personal life also. I think this is most important quality if anybody wants to sustain and keep efficient work. Responses based on personal reviews are important. The 7 habits program was incredibly interesting.

The basics of life was so very well explained. I intend to immediately work on the first three habits and share the learning with my team and near-dear ones. Also, the discussion between circle of concern and circle of concern was very helpful. Overall it has been an excellent learning experience. I would definitely recommend this training to all the individuals at all levels of the organization.

First of all let me tell you the work which you all are doing with such expertise of people is commendable. First of all I would like to say thanks for the effective training and then followups. It will definitely polish my skills as a manager further. In response to the following email, my first three take aways from the training are:.

Build trust by making deposits into the emotional bank account, your success is my success. I had experienced the process of 7 Habits and started implementing one by one consciously in my work and personal platform. The main take away for me from the workshop are;. Apart from the above I had also built my personal mission statement, which I am refining. Will Keep updated, Thanks! It is first step in the path of practising Great leadership traits.

The three top take aways : 1. Change leadership from control to release. Inspire Trust 3. It is first step in the path of practicing Great leadership traits. Actually there are many takeaways from the Program but I will try to prioritize the top three —. I have planned a department meeting in this week to share my experience and will also share a video or two so that each team member will also start thinking in same direction.

I have installed a new app "Living with 7 habits". Very good app and it now guides me to build my mission statement along with training material. I prefer to share it with before this weekend. I realized habit 2 playing important role in 7 habits and i prefer to take much more time in it. This is the first time i am drafting my mission statement. I tried it in draft for more than three times and it really thrilled me and raised me a lot of questions.

Great exploration to myself to an extend. Thanks for your followup and guidenance to improve my effectiveness in a wonderful journey. First of all, I would like to thank and commend your team on organizing such an outstanding training. Indeed it was very revealing and helpful in all its aspects. You asked for three top take aways from this workshop; honestly it is very difficult to rank them as each and every bit of this training was full of excitement, involvement and in the end learning.

It has given me an opportunity to identify and then accept my weaknesses to become a highly effective manager. I was earlier with a doing perfect mindset but now I have realized number of things to improve; hope your support and guidance will remain with me for the next 16 weeks. Thank you for your email. It was a wonderful experience going through this leadership transformation course. I am very excited to work on how to become a highly effective manager. This very challenge if overlooked can deplete the EBA and personal relationships.

I feel the maturity continuum can be better realized for each individual if everyone shares the same vision. Thank you for providing such an enriching perspective. Words are undoubtedly the most inexhaustible source of magic. Excellent presentation. Team success always relies on accepting the defeat without loosing heart, if one wants to go to heights.

Thanks for all the help. Change in paradigm is what I think I see as the big effect. The thought itself made me curious to listen and understand more. Helps to reduce the disturbance and stress. Focus on the big rocks is another thing. The below provided items are sliced out from the day's schedule and make it a point to execute it. Spending an hour to learn 2. Time to exercise.

First of all let me thank for the mail. It was a good three day interaction and found the program very useful. Understanding of 13 behaviors of high — trust leaders. As a leader, my challenge is to influence my peers and boss on various counts. This work shop has helped me to understand the action plan to overcome this. Many thanks for the learning opportunity. It was very well packaged and well delivered by FC.

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I will give you a live example of how I have put the last point to practice in my personal life. I saw that my daughter was in need of a new bicycle though she wasn't expressive about it. I told her that if she learnt 5 new songs, completed reading 1 book by early June, I'll get her a new cycle.

Thinking about it, I realised that by June her holidays would have got over and the joy of having and riding a cycle would be better during the holidays. It also occurred to me that I was putting pre-conditions on her which signalled lack of trust. So, I took her out to cycle store and got her a gleaming pink cycle completely unannounced. I later told her, she still needs to deliver on the music and book reading commitment, and that, I trust her to do it anyways. There are no words to describe the joy I saw on her face and I know she will not fail me.

Thank you FranklinCovey!! Thank you again for contacting and alerting us on what we need to be.. It was such a great way of having our. The learning about how we can change ourselves to be on the knowledge worker age. Treating people as. Also the learning on 4 imperatives was a very strong message. Having to clarify the purpose of a task assigned.

Started Planning by putting big rocks for important dates For Professional and also Personal. Started Network with people outside workgroup, also taking the responsibilities of outside group people for the Growth of the Organization. As I want to improve my leadership Ability by taking a step ahead and also I strive a lot to improve the Performance of our group. Time management - concentrate on II quadrant. Thank you very much for having such a close follow up, which helps me be sincere to my attempts on practicing the Habits suggested to me through the work shop on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

The way I see the world around me , what is my level of understanding was the questions I stared asking my self. I started looking at things differently, when I started questioning myself. First level, I'm practicing more with the Effective Habits to have clear understanding on my Paradigms. For example, my effective Habit was Sending Good Morning messages on daily basis to my friends My Paradigm on this Habit - Maintaining Relationship will help me in accessing timely information from them ; Enhancing their Love and Regards towards me.

This Habit gives my lot of Satisfaction and Happiness. This way I started looking at my Ineffective Habits, which are quite a few and started working on the same, which is giving me satisfied improvements, helping me first in Work place effectiveness. I have always been a very reactive person but after this training, i have learned to pause before responding both at home and at work.

I have never been a person to plan for the future and neither have I planned for the week ahead for any work. Taking care of small things such as health and social relations has never been my cup of tea. The learning take away is enormous, but to be practical and precise, I have started practicing the habit — seek to understand and then to be understood. It so happened that the day after the training I was so excited that I wanted to consciously practice the habit as much as possible but it so seemed that everything around me was pulling me away…I must say a real testing time.

I would like to highlight top three take away from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People program :. Interdependent- 7 th habit for total victory and continually improve. Also, I was doing things as per habits, but now after taking the training session on the same I am pro-actively started things and that with positivity of the things and most importantly I am trying to change the paradigm of my outlooks.

I once again thanks my management in giving me this opportunity of having being trained on 7 habits and thanks to trainer on explaining the things with such a clarity and using right concepts in understanding the things efficiently. This is the best training program where I have learnt a lot in planning things and executing them and continuing to do the better. The Top 3 take away for me from this workshop are.

By practicing the above 3 at first level , I aim to have control on my life. Looking forward your communications to enhance further my skills. I am writing this email to thank for this wonderful workshop on "The 7 Habits of Highly effective people training program" on 13th and 14th March at Bangalore. Though most of the workshop was covered through audio visuals lectures given by Stephen Covey, the trainer explained the concepts with good contextual examples along with Indian narratives and stories which helped us digest the concepts and also relate them to our regular life.

Through out the session, the trainer made us understand the importance of practicing the habits and not just attend the session and forget them and that's exactly what I am doing now. To begin, the thing i found most useful was to be proactive. First let me tell you this is the 1st training program which has been able to change my way of thinking or approaching the things differently and also it has really given me the opportunity to be a better human being rather than being a top CEO of some company.

Three most important takeaways are given below:- 1. To care about my body and be physically fit.