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A New Perspective: Zarin Khan from Unraveling Threads

Cogan's previous novels, the clash of the Anglo and Native American cultures casts a different light on the issues facing many American families. The story of a career woman, caught in the sandwich generation, taking care of both her parent and her children, is one that will resonate with many readers, as will the story of a family overwhelmed with medical problems.

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It is the kind of page-turning novel which will tug on the reader's heart. Reviews from Goodreads. FictionDB Reviews:.

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The Unraveling Thread

The worst thing you can do in those times, is to pile upon your already burdened shoulders guilt for the mere fact that the wavering exists. Great post as always. I see it was dated back in September It was encouraging to see you responding to each comment, but then you stopped after a while. I imagine it must be very time-consuming and difficult to keep up with all the comments, but it is so good to know that someone out there cares enough, even just to give a like to a comment.

I love that at my church they welcome doubts and questions.

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Even the most seasoned Saints have doubts and through the years have gained perspectives that they share if you ask. Categories: Contemporary Fiction. The Unraveling Thread.

Description The Unraveling Thread tells the story of a family exploding in crisis. Harriet McWhinnie, a divorced but successful career woman, arrives home to discover that yet another Agency person has fled, leaving behind Harriets sweet but demented mother, her adolescent twin girls, one psychotic with an undiagnosed genetic disorder, the other rebellious and resentful of her disabled sibling, a little five year old boy yearning for the return of his father, and an hyperactive dog who drives everyone crazy.

Desperate, Harriet hires a middle-aged, Native American woman, Agatha, with no references, no address, and a past steeped in mystery.

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Stern but loving, Agatha forces each family member to work through their issues with honesty and dignity while hiding from her own grief. In the end, the storys memorable characters each learn how to pick up the threads of both love and self respect that will pull them out into the harsh world and then lead them back home. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions