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Time well spent. I want in! Crochet Coach is a professional space where you can get your questions answered and make requests for the crochet skills you want to learn. Definitely not! I think we can all agree these things have inter-generational appeal. Just like crocheting. Definitely BFFS. You can just crochet or you can just knit but magic really happens when you can do both. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message.

How to Increase in Crochet

Start Now! Learn How To Crochet Step-by-step lessons, patterns and resources for beginner to advanced to what-the-heck is a crochet hook! Crochet Coach. Curated patterns Stylish crochet patterns for all levels. Helpful community Ask questions, share your work and connect.

Resource library A growing library of techniques and tricks. When I first started crocheting, I ran into a few difficulties. Finding it cumbersome to learn from poor quality online tutorials Buying patterns then having to Google all the instructions Mastering granny squares and not knowing what to try next There were lots of crocheting blogs but many of them were defunct or posted very sporadically. Are You Crochet Curious? Already Handy With a Hook? New pattern every month! Join The Community Now.

Learn How to Crochet for Beginners from These 25 Fabulous Tutorials

Every lesson is jam-packed. Step-by-step Videos Well-paced, clear instructions for every stitch. Yarn over the hook and insert the hook into the work third chain from the hook on the starting chain. Yarn over the hook again and draw through all three loops on the hook -- one half double crochet made. Yarn over hook and insert hook into work fourth chain from hook on starting chain. Updated: November 16, Save Pin.

Crochet is easy once you learn the different stitches! See step-by-step diagrams with accompanying videos for making some of the most common crochet stitches, and get started on your first crochet project today. Image zoom. Step 1 Make a loop; then hook another loop through it. That is my favorite way to hold my yarn. Frogging is taking out stitches that were done already for various reasons.

That term is also used in cross stitching and embroidery as well. Rib it out and start over!! I agree with Rose….. Been knitting for over 50 years and crocheting for the past couple of years.

8 Game Changing Crochet Tips and Techniques

Happy Hooking. One possible cure is re-winding the skein to make a center-pull ball of yarn!

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I happen to be a 20 year old person with avery small boy who is hoping to figure out if there is optimism for mein regards to gaining a better education and repairing both ouaody-td-ray lives. That absolutely makes me crazy, too. I end up having pulled out a huge amount; then I have to untangle as I go.

I finally, in self-defense, bought a yarn winder. These things are miracles! Now whenever I go to dr. They already have a hole in the top with a lid that snaps shut. You would be surprised how many places you can find something like this and they are just throwing them away!!

Step 2: Crochet: Slip Knot, Chain Stitch, Terms & Abbreviations

I also keep plastic canisters with screw-on lids that snack mixes come in. Just put a hole in the top, pop in your skein of yarn and run the yarn thru the hole in the lid.

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Ready to stitch up a storm. Or is this a problem? Pick up the yarn color you want to use, bring the color to carry up and over the yarn color you will use and let it fall to the back of the work. It is held in place as you work across and back.

Part 2: Variables to crochet in the round and how to deal with them

When you get back to that end of the row, again pick up the yarn to carry and cross it over the color in use. This leaves a bit of both colors on the edge which you can hide in a seam or single crochet an edging over to hide. Another fun thing I like is to use circular needles and you can have a different yarn attached to each end of your rows.

Improving Your Crochet Tension

I read the comments earlier about frogging. Hi, I live in Australia and our crochet stitches differ so its very hard to follow a pattern when your a beginner, any tips or sites I can visit? Hi Barb I am in Oz too. Just take every stitch back one grade. Slip stitch is the only one the same. If a pattern says sc single crochet you will know it is not Aussie or UK. I hope that helps. I use wine bottle gift boxes. I pull it through the hole that the string that holds the top comes through. I wracked my brain for a DIY solution and passed on baby powder gums up when washed? And other ideas not quite right..

I finally settled on using corn starch one day after making a recipe for Sesame Chicken,since I noticed it dissolved well away in water and washed off my hands so well. Works great with crochet cottons for doilies and filet too,cuts down on that unnerving friction! Also I use those huge cardboard oatmeal containers to hold my yarn with a hole melted in to center of the plastic top with a large nail.. Be sure to sand off roughness that may stay around the hole..