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So much for secrecy in government. This case took place long before the days of CSI Crime Scene Investigation as seen on television and in related movies. Oh if it was just so cool and just so easy! Marine biology was once the hot topic on many the college campus. Then there was my time, the Silence of the Lambs era.

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Now every young person wanted to either fly jets off a Navy carrier and shoot down MIGs or hunt down serial killers while rescuing kidnap victims. In the real world detectives or investigators carry out actual law enforcement investigations, supported as needed by CSI officers working behind the scenes.

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The problem today is that citizen jurors expect to be dazzled when selected and seated for jury duty, waiting to be overwhelmed and over-impressed when the prosecution produces tons of forensic evidence and related scientific whiz-bang devices. Case in point.

CSI Las Vegas vs. CSI In Real Life

In a recent assault case a jury acquitted a man for the brutal stabbing of his girlfriend. The victim had survived the assault and testified against her assailant. She had been found in her own bed, the sheets of which were soaked in blood, but the defendant was found not guilty as the jury felt that the blood-soaked sheets should also have been tested for DNA like they do on TV, and not merely examined and found to simply have the same blood type as the victim.

The assailant did go to jail for another crime, but when he was later released, he returned and this time he finished the job, stabbing the same woman to death. Juries, usually composed of a dozen citizens like you and me, may have unreasonable expectations regarding the amount and kind of physical evidence that must be introduced at trial to support a conviction, and unrealistic beliefs concerning the capabilities of a local crime lab to conduct such sophisticated investigations and analyses.

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It now becomes your job, your civic duty, to view the trial with an open mind, to use your good common sense, and to know that if a certain type of evidence was present and identifiable, that the authorities would have shown it to you. Society trusts you to separate the guilty from the truly innocent, and to send the guilty away to where they belong.

He was subsequently identified, although not prosecuted, as a former amusement park employee who harbored a grudge against the park. Teesside News Former 'tank rat' seeking old workmates to help trace source of asbestos that's killing him Gary Peckover, who was a social club steward at venues across Teesside, believes he was exposed to absestos while working at shipyards and ICI.

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Middlesbrough FC Promising signs and fluid formation as Middlesbrough lose their first friendly against Grazer in Austria New boss Jonathan Woodgate will have seen some promising signs in his first outing as new Boro boss. Top Stories. Teesside News Xercise4Less to close Teesside gym after reduction in performance and memberships The company has been forced to close the branch citing several factors.

Teesside News Former 'tank rat' seeking old workmates to help trace source of asbestos that's killing him. Cleveland Police 39 kerb crawlers including campervan driver snared by police tackling street prostitution on Teesside Most of the men were local to Teesside, but one had even travelled in a motorhome from Tyneside.

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  8. Central Middlesbrough Body found after emergency services called to Middlesbrough street The body was discovered in the early hours of Friday after police and ambulance crews attended the street. But like so much that comes out of Hollywood, the day-to-day working conditions of crime scene investigators have been dramatized in order keep the viewer watching.

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    But how much of what you see on TV is true to the working conditions that CSI agents really face, and how much is just made up? While television shows often depict CSI agents going from finding a bodily fluid — such as blood, to testing it, to locating a suspect in a database in just a matter of seemingly hours, in real life the process if much slower.