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People who turned to meth to cope. People misdiagnosed as schizophrenic. People whose jobs were threatened or lost. Stigma is a real thing. It affects the people we love the most. Next, Harvey plans to re-launch the Intrusive Thoughts website in the summer with new professional guidance, and set up an advocacy non-profit to tackle broader issues surrounding mental health.

How do I stop thinking about all the dark thoughts and become happier?

They need to seek help. If you are experiencing mental health issues, get educated. Education is empowerment.

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"Do My Dark Thoughts Mean I'm Bad?" - No! Here's What You Need To Know -

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If you wish to talk about it more with someone, feel free to send me a message. Did you find this post helpful? Anonymous February 19th, am. Positivity is a life-long exercise, and it's an active effort. You really have to make the active decision to think happier thoughts, and toss out the bad. Don't expect things to change over night, but keep working at it.

With time, you can learn to stop thinking about all the "dark thoughts," and find happiness and peace in your life. One of the best ways to start feeling happier is to keep a gratitude journal. Every day, write down three things in your life you're thankful for, even if they're simple things, like "I love how comfortable my pajamas are.

Anonymous December 29th, pm. Get all the dark thoughts out there so they don't seem so big and scary in the light of day. Keep taking my antidepressants, keep working with my therapist, keep on developing the skill to make my ability to think positive thoughts as plentiful as my habit of thinking negative thoughts. I've already had so many years to practice thinking negative thoughts.

It's time to practice thinking positive thoughts. Dark thoughts can be scary and overwhelming but it's all about how we look at them. I consider willpower and choice to be our 1 skills, we can decide what to focus on and how to feel and it is that way if we can convince outselves of it. I'd try to focus away from the thoughts, work at pushing away all the bad thoughts one by one and try to see a sort of sunshine or happiness inside you.

Fight against the dark thought and stand tall on a pillar or life per say. How you want to feel can be how you feel, you just have to decide to fight the dark thoughts.

By allowing yourself to accept those dark thoughts and twist them into something that you will not fear. I was 16 when i had major depression and all i could think was how much of a disappointment i was to my family and how much of a loser i was. Even though i had suicidal thoughts and my parents did find out they weren't yet ready to accept that i was depressed because maybe a part of them knew that they were the reason. And i don't know if they did this to actually help me but it did. They enrolled me into a boarding school and i think that was the best thing that happened to me.

I confined my problems to my friends and they didn't judge me and were ready to help me get through it.

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What helped me stop my dark thoughts and become happier was a change of environment and surrounding myself with people who had positive vibes and those who will not judge you. Anonymous June 14th, pm. I know it is really hard to do that. For me, i usually try to distract my thoughts to something happier.

I will try to remember the reason i live,,and things like that.. I have been through a lot with him , and i glad i spent every moment, breathing , trying my beat to make him proud. What make you happy? What activities do you do that you enjoy? With these thoughts in mind that you enjoy and make you happy.

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Focus on those. I don't believe there's any correct way to live this life. I believe we have to be true to our heart, be nice to people and spread as much love and happiness as we can as people want to feel happy. I'll leave this in closing with a motto of mine, "Live life in the moment and view each moment simply as a moment a point in time. In this moment we have a choice on what we're going to be and how we're going to react accordingly and be the person we want to truly be.

Anonymous April 18th, am. It can be very challenging to stop thinking about the dark thoughts you're having, and I applaud you for wanting to take steps to becoming happier. You can try and come up with a list of pleasant activities that you can try when you're ruminating and having all those dark thoughts. Apart from that, another way to go about this is to confront these thoughts. Try writing down all the dark thoughts you're having on a sheet of paper. Rate how much you believe in them on a point scale, then evaluate each of them.

Write down the evidence for and against those beliefs, and then rate it again, on the same scale you used earlier. All the best! I remember the small things that make me happy. Like the smell of an old book, or walking barefoot through grass in the early morning. Soon the small things seem like my world and slowly feel better. A smile slowly lifts and I am able to think more clearly. Do what makes you feel happy. When every time I feel bad, I go to the gym to work on my muscle.

This will make me focus on gaining muscles more than thinking about bad things. Everyone experiences the dark thoughts in life. It seems difficult t overcome them. However, it isn't impossible. You just need to have faith in yourself. Find reasons to be happy like your family, friends, work and things you are passionate about. Focusing on positive fades away the negative in you. Anonymous May 22nd, am. I force myself to think and say positive things.