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Name Name. Good employees can help grow your business, foster amazing culture, and become leaders. Bad employees can hurt your brand, waste time, and create a negative atmosphere. Finding and investing in employees is an important measure for ensuring the long-term success of your organization. However, before you can hire and benefit from great employees, you need a streamlined recruiting and hiring system. Recruiting stellar workers is multifaceted and comes with several challenges, and is an art as much as it is a science, and must be treated as such. Done inefficiently, finding the right people, getting them in the door, and on-boarding them can be an exhausting, resource-intensive experience.

Fortunately, by embracing these ten strategies you can optimize your ability to recruit top talent with minimal hassle. One of the best ways to recruit candidates is to incentive them to come to you. Building a brand that attracts, interests, or intrigues a candidate will send people running your way.

Promoting your brand begins with establishing your brand. Creating a brand that turns heads, draws interests, and gains viewers organically is one that has the potential to succeed long term. Having a strong, recognizable logo and mission statement that resonate with desirable candidates is one of the first things to do.

Make your brand bold and specific to the value that your company provides. Make sure that you are advertising your brand across social media, using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to grow an audience. Candidates exist across multiple platforms, and so your recruiting campaigns should have multiple channels. Along with promoting your brand, it is crucial to know how to sell your brand when speaking with a candidate. Being an expert on your company and being able to effectively articulate its selling points is key.

When all is said and done, a candidate chooses an employer based on the people as much as the company itself.

The Tried and True Approach

Thus, to sell the candidate on the company it is important to sell him on the people of the company. To do this, establishing a personal connection is critical. Jocelyn Cohen, a recruiter at Zesty in San Francisco, mentioned "It's important to have a personable approach with candidates. The more comfortable the candidate is, the better you get to know their background and skill set. Having a plethora of candidates isn't always a good thing. All of this is much easier when you have a mail-merge tool.

But you can also use something like Yesware with your Gmail I love Yesware for its open and click tracking features. If you can't swing that, a Google Doc with your templates and straight up Gmail get the job done too. Be sure to notify your staff when you start sending out emails. This enables them to send some sort of outreach themselves if they want to they shouldn't have to, but if your employees want to pitch in, that's a bonus.

Also, they might hear from their contacts saying, "Hey, your colleague Pete reached out. What's the deal over there? When they're prepared, they can help sell the position.

10 Techniques for Recruiting the Best Employees

Always give them a heads up. Now, go send those messages. Put on some fast music and rip through all of them in one go. Flag them in your CRM or on your spreadsheet as "attempting to contact" so you can monitor status as replies start to roll in. That's how you keep great people from falling through the cracks. At this point, you've done some honest to goodness headhunting.

If your message was solid, and the social proof was influential, you'll get a lot of interested replies. Deal with those first. They're the "closest to the money," as one might say. Use your template to push them into the written screening part of the process. For all the negative responses, flip them the ask to share with their networks.

Don't underestimate the importance of responding to rejection. One of our recent hires at TalentBin came from me sending my template to someone who said, "Thanks, no thanks," who then passed it to a professor at Stanford who runs a startup job list. He pinged it out to a bunch of folks and we ended up with a number of interested candidates and a hire.

It really does move the needle to send uninterested folks the "Gee thanks, can you pass this along? We're killing it, and people really like our product" note.

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If they make good on your ask, you'll see a second wave of inbound interest. Regardless, you're on your way to getting butts in seats.

Language selection

This is all well and good, but there are still going to be those prospects who don't respond to you at all. If you're using something like Yesware, you'll still be able to see who opened and clicked on links but didn't reply. For these folks, use your "follow up" template. It might take some furious copy-pasting, but you'll be done in no time. It gives you the chance to prove all kinds of things:. You're not just a drive-by emailer. You're serious about them as a candidate. You have persistence and gumption, which says a lot not just about you, but your company and its leadership.

You make it clear that you are really interested in them, so your behavior supports your messaging. You're not just all talk. The more you can cement your story through action, the better. Make sure the person who referred the candidate knows you are sending the follow-up too, so they can validate that your company isn't just spamming, they are special.

That always gets some good laughs and responses if you do it right. You can have someone else do all of this work for you. In fact, if you're in the midst of scaling your sales team or engineering team and have a contract recruiter in-house, running this system should be their number one priority. They can sit down with each person, they can do the lead generation, and, most importantly, they can execute the outreach as you.

Most recruiting CRMs let you delegate communication so that recruiters can send emails that look like they're coming from your VP of engineering or the CEO. Those always get a higher response rate.

How to hire amazing employees (and stop hiring duds)

The process outlined above is not a one-time thing. Think about it. For every new hire that you get out of this system, they bring about new contacts to the table that you can mine and recruit from too. It's the gift that keeps giving. This shouldn't be a one-time thing for your existing staff either. I recommend revisiting the talent mining process on a quarterly basis, or twice a year.

Compare the best HR software.

Your team is constantly out there meeting new, awesome people and conveniently connecting to them on Facebook and LinkedIn. Make sure to scoop up those deltas on an ongoing basis.

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  • Yes, it would be great to instill a mindset of "always be recruiting," so that whenever an employee meets someone great they come running right to you. But this doesn't happen in real life. They have their own jobs, and you want them to be focused on that. None of what I suggest above is terribly complicated, but I find that it's helpful to have it written down and plotted out. Catching the best candidates in your network is a grind. You have to sit down, prioritize, and methodically work through a less-than-pleasant task from beginning to end.

    Again and again. But you'll be happy you did. I've used this approach to staff seven extremely high-quality market development reps and have another half dozen in the pipeline that will probably end up getting hired. All of them were drawn from the network of our existing staff.

    The takeaway: Once you have access to your team's extended network, do your damnedest to leverage it as the top-value asset it is. First Round Review. Tweet Share Post Save.