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Maybe not this afternoon, but you can do it. Maybe you prefer someone else paid for everything up front and you paid later? And do you really need an image consultant anyway? Otherwise, do it yourself. There are problems.

1. Make sure you have a way to make a living (day job)

DIY promotion can be, and should be, a lot of fun. Would a part of you die without your being able to make your music? If so, just keep doing it, the rest will follow. Want to step up your game as an indie musician? Name required.

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E-mail required, but will not display. By Christopher Knab Step 1 Realize that no one is waiting for your music.

What is it like, being a Recording Artist?

Step 2 Avoid telling people in the music business that your music is "good". Step 3 Use the Internet and all its tools to your advantage. Step 4 Thank people who help you. Step 5 Play gigs outside of the usual clubs that cater to your genre of music.

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  8. Step 6 Listen to other kinds of music beyond your own particular genre. Step 7 Remember that the record labels don't know what they are looking for, but with any luck, they will recognize it when they hear it. Step 8 Create great graphics. Step 9 Stop making the same foolish mistakes over and over. Step 10 Don't ever stop making music. Solar Entertainment Good post. Thank you kindly!

    15 Essential Things You Need to Know to Start Your Music Career

    Leonce congrats c. Phillip Chindia I want to become a gospel artist though I'm 14 years old. Brittany All I want is to help, heal, and inspire people through my music. Brittany Thanks : I really don't want to do anything the media wants me to do. I'd rather learn to go independent. I want people to hear my music the way I want to display it.

    Also the main message of media today really defiles many people. I want my music to help people and know they're not alone. To be honest, that's all I really want from my music. I want to be recognized for my music, have people truly relate to it, and help others learn from my music. Padme Hum Good advice, thought it looks as though this is telling people how to be independent until they are scouted by a label, as if that's the goal.

    While setting up a personal website requires certain expertise, I would strongly advise to let someone build it for you. Take Bandcamp for example. What I find most important about a personal website is that you control everything yourself. Every professional recording artist has healthy growing social channels. Now, this is the time to use it!

    All the information that needs to be on your Social Channels. There might be other platforms useful as well. Of course, you can add those to the list too. Whatever works for you! Network and contacts are important if you want your music to be heard by the world.

    2. Use Social Media the RIGHT Way

    And when they do.. Also, luckily for you, I already took the courtesy of setting up a list of contacts for both of them. With a little searching around on the web, you should be able to find a few contact emails from music supervisors.

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    These are people where you can submit songs to and they might pick your song to get played in TV-Shows, movies or advertisements. Your music has to be on a certain level before you decide to submit it. Saving these contacts to your list is important, but does not necessarily mean you have to exhaust all your resources right away.

    You might scare them away. I already told you. If you are creating original music right now, there are several ways to make money from it.

    7 Best Platforms for Independent Music Promotion | Jimdo blog

    Without going into detail about this myself, I want you to check out the following links and read what they are all about. There are a few more performing rights organisations in the U.

    How To Start A Music Career With No Support - Family, Friends, & Coworkers

    I can tell you right away. Compared to Social Media, emails are far more personal. Several studies have shown that conversion from emails is at least 6 times higher compared to social media posts.