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Hexing is the first book in Magic and Alchemy series by Ciara Graves. Like all other series authored by Miss Graves, Magic and Alchemy series features priests, familiars, druids, necromancers, secret councils, magic and alchemy, forbidden alliances, and military experiments.

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On her first days in the school she comes across two guys, Brogan and Chas, one is brooding and mysterious, and the other one is sweet and handsome. And the big question is- what does her missing dad have to do with all these?

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The Story Struggle: Magic Systems in Fantasy Fiction

Morrison has rediscovered an urgent, poetic voice that enables her to move back and forth with immediacy and ease between the worlds of history and myth, between ordinary daily life and the realm of fable. All the central characters in this story are orphans, cast off by their parents or swept away from their families by acts of God or nature or human cruelty — literal or figurative exiles susceptible to the centrifugal forces of history.

Jacob is often away from home doing business, and Rebekka and Lina, the American Indian slave who helped Jacob get the farm started, find the daily hardships of frontier life bringing them together in an alliance of survival that slowly turns into friendship. Both are wary of the first waif Jacob brings home: a strange, daft girl named Sorrow, who was found half-drowned in a river.

Some how, some way, the child assuaged the tiny yet eternal yearning for the home Lina once knew, where everyone had anything, and no one had everything. When his work is done, however, the blacksmith leaves without even troubling to say goodbye, and like so many earlier Morrison characters, Florens learns the perils of caring too much — and the legacy of loss and leaving bequeathed to her by her mother.