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At a certain point it got old and boring and I caught myself skipping lines. Near the end of the story I felt like I was watching a porn movie. Simply Sexual is not for the faint of heart! The book title fits perfectly though. Val and Sara lusted after one another, but I couldn't feel their chemistry let alone their love.

The sensuality was lacking as well, and the story had no depth at all. Val is so utterly single-minded…And he had certainly found his sexual equal in his own wife - they just deserved each other. Thank goodness! I got it that Val had a bad childhood and he was traumatized by certain horrible 'events' that happened to him, and I feel sorry for him. However, it's just not only a bad childhood that defines us. It certainly influences us, but we are responsible to define ourselves, and we grow along the way. Avoiding proper communication and not talking about important issues is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.

Again, it was just too convenient for the author to use such dumb behavior to cause needless conflicts. I'm sorry to say it but I can't relate to Val's demeanor - he acted immature and childish. Why didn't he talk to Sara? He realized that he hurt her, however he did nothing to rectify his fault. If anything, it was Sara who took all the blame. Gosh, I was so annoyed. I don't appreciate it when the heroine thinks she has to make up for something that wasn't basically her fault.

Val even had the gall to be angry at Sara! Jeez, will I ever live this down? In the beginning of the story I liked Val. In the end I didn't even like him anymore. What I truly enjoyed about Simply Sexual was my thread during my status updates. That was so much fun! Thank you Jill and Taryn for our enlightening 'discussion'. I appreciate it. Jill, thank you for the recommendation and so many funny comments we could share while I was posting my updates. I won't hold it against you! Besides, while reading this book, I just knew that you didn't like it either.

LOL I'm not into gratuitous sex, therefore it seems to be a wise decision to not continue reading this series. Read this book for the erotic sex and not for the plot though. View all 33 comments.

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This is no historical romance like I've ever read before. This series is not for the faint of heart. It is hawt! Siv, after surviving 7 years in a Turkish brothel as a sex slave is back home in London and marries an innocent. The scars and obsessions of his past as well as his fellow slave Peter battle these past demons throughout the book Author has a fantastic way of taking scenes that many would find appalling and making them erotic as all get out.

On to book 2 in series Simply Sexual - WOW was this book hot! It's really rare to find a good historical erotic read, but this is one of the best I've read! Highly erotic and sensually stimulating with a intriguing cast of characters and a storyline that will keep your interest throughout the book. I am already in love with Peter, who stars in book 2 of this series, Something Sinful.

I am truly looking forward to seeing where his story goes! View 1 comment. Sep 05, Marulett rated it really liked it Shelves: adult , buddy-read , hero-heroine-pov , kick-ass-heroines , super-yummy-alpha-male , epic-firsts , firsts , hea , historical , kick-ass-male-lead. Buddy Read with Aly Our Valentine and Sara, after… you have to read and imagine for yourselves Aly: Dear ladies and gentlemen, we've gathered here today to discuss Simply Sexual, the 1st novel in the "House of Pleasure" series, by Kate Pearce. Now Maru, what did you think of it? Maru: OMG, it was the most intense book Ive read in a while!!

I couldnt stop reading!! What about you? Aly: The same! Besides that I love that the author didn't use the insta-love thing; It drives me insane reading books li Buddy Read with Aly Our Valentine and Sara, after… you have to read and imagine for yourselves Aly: Dear ladies and gentlemen, we've gathered here today to discuss Simply Sexual, the 1st novel in the "House of Pleasure" series, by Kate Pearce.

Besides that I love that the author didn't use the insta-love thing; It drives me insane reading books like that : Especially HRs or contemps, in PNR and, maybe, Romantic Suspense it can be more acceptable, but the others… Maru: Yes!! I loved that!! The epilogue ; Maru: Agreed!! Aly: What did you think of Valentin and Peter's past? Aly: I didn't, either! I loved how the heroine took it though: no hysterics and "oh, what will the people thiiink??

Maru: Yes!!

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In her actions was reflected how deep her love for Val was. Aly: Yeah, she tried to solve her problems and didn't wait for divine intervention. Aly: My favorite part: what did you think of the inventive sex? I'll never look at pearls the same way EVER again! Maru: I loved that about the book!! I was reading that part and I was like And all the talking Aly: : I know what you mean, I have no idea where the author researched it, bud am I glad?!

Maru: Hahaha, yeah me too!! I hope it'll get better, since both of them made mistakes. Maru: yeah me too!! All in all we really liked it, no? I really wanted it to be longer though. Maru: Yeah, it was a very promising start!! Since book 2 is about Pete, they may make an appearance Aly: I second that! Your rating? Maru: 4. Shelves: genre-smut-galore-smuttiest , a-series , read-in , zz-reviewed , genre-smut-historical-romance. This is historical smut at it's best! I haven't read many historical romances because they tend to bore me a little with all the ins and outs of the ton After hearing rave reviews from a few friends, I pulled it off the shelf-blew the dust off and dove into one hot little story.

If you plan to read this, you should prepare yourself for loads of sex--with a little kink, but nothing too extreme. The end of the story flopped a little for me, bu This is historical smut at it's best!

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The end of the story flopped a little for me, but overall it was an entertaining read. Check us out! Jun 17, Sara rated it it was ok Shelves: did-not-finish , 2-stars. Everything in this book was irking me, basically. It's a shame, really, because the writer is good when it comes to smut, but her actual plot? It's basically some details between ALL sex.

I don't know about you, but I like my stories with plot, I like that they have lives besides fucking, and I didn't feel that there was anything in this one. Also, again, why I avoid historical fiction is that I'm a history major. Therefore, the way they talk 2 stars This was a complete Did not finish. Therefore, the way they talked, the way Valentin acted, seem unreal to me. I'm not saying there couldn't have been a man like him in this historical age, but it seems Don't go to history kids, you'll never be able to read "historical" fiction again.

Thinking again. I asked for historical erotica with some kink, well…I got it! Ten years after being sold to a Turkish brothel as a sex slave, Lord Valentin Sokorvsky was rescued and returned to his family. Now Valentin is a successful trader and agrees to pay off the debt of the man who freed him by agreeing to marry one of his daughters. He has needs that no wife could ever fulfill alone and looks to marrying a complacent woman I asked for historical erotica with some kink, well…I got it!

He has needs that no wife could ever fulfill alone and looks to marrying a complacent woman who will allow his his freedoms. This book was sexy and erotic and kinky and I loved every moment of it. She was smart and bold and refused to follow the expectations that society put on her. I was really worried that I would hate him; I never believed he would actually stay faithful to Sara and their marriage, so he really surprised me there. What an insanely sexy idea: to write your fantasies out and share them with your lover.

I found myself excitedly anticipating each new entry. Someone is stealing from and trying to blackmail Valentin and Peter. This just happened to be one of those occasions. Valentin and his best friend Peter have a complicated relationship. They were all each other had in those ten years they were held as slaves and both have used sex to manage their demons…until Sara makes it her mission to understand and decides its time for them to start healing. So I will definitely have to get around to reading Simply Sinful to find out. View 2 comments. May 10, Holly rated it it was ok Recommends it for: readers who like a lot of sex, but aren't worried about pesky plot elements.

Shelves: dark-and-twisted , This was Lord Valentin Sokorvsky is a wealthy bachelor preparing to marry the timid daughter of the man who rescued him from a 7 year existence as a sex slave in a Turkish brothel. That is until he meets the sister of the girl he is due to marry, and decides he has to have her instead. First off, this book has a lot of sex. Not that I am complaining, since I do love my kinky erotica after all. And I mean, what can you expect reading a book called Simply Sexual. But, towards t This was But, towards the end of this story I was a little bit worn out by it all.

Not just the sex scenes which Pearce does for the most part handle well , but by all the rampaging angst among the three main characters. Because yes, there is another player in this kink-fest. His name is Peter and he was also being held at the brothel and has been in love with Valentin for years. Far from it. It just seemed as though this one was a bit forced.

Valentin spends much of the story trying to convince Sara that Peter's love is unrequited, and Sara spends a lot of time trying not to be jealous. Which is part of the reason that the resolution I seem to be in the minority feeling this way, though. So, this was enjoyable as far as a quick, sex-filled romp goes. But, not so much when you try and make sense of certain aspects of the plot.


View all 5 comments. Oct 12, Nisha rated it it was amazing Shelves: rake-player-heroes , historicalromance , erotica , bluestocking-independent-spinster. There are only few people who are talented enough to write historical erotica that are well-formed and stimulating as in, the diction is not repulsive. I count Kate Pearce as one of those few. Sara thought she was destined to be a spinster, but after witnessing Lord Valentin take his pleasure, a desire for the sensual grows in her. They end up getting married very early in the book, and Sara is immersed into the sensual arts.

But, there's a shameful part of Valentin's past that has made him lit There are only few people who are talented enough to write historical erotica that are well-formed and stimulating as in, the diction is not repulsive. But, there's a shameful part of Valentin's past that has made him literally crave more sex than normal. So basically, he feels like his bride is too innocent for that type of debauchery and should not know his sordid past as a sex slave at at Turkish brothel.

Sara convinces him otherwise, after some pain and angst, and definitely more sex. Sara is an intriguing character. With a generous nature and a high sex drive, she is the perfect foil for the damaged hero. Valentin is not perfect and tries to protect himself by pushing real relationships away, but Sara's attraction keeps making him come back for more. His pride has a way of adding some angst into the mix and it is a nice touch. I loved the language in this book. It was not distracting with weird historical phrases or euphemisms.

Everything was named as they would be in our century, with the perks of the s. Overall, a very sensual read, worthy to be recommended to anyone interested in historical erotica. Apr 01, Daisiemae rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Um Recommended to Daisiemae by: I generally like this author. Shelves: books-read-in , erotica , historical. I have had this book in my TBR Mountain for a long time. I have put off reading it because I was looking forward to getting lost in a great storyline, and well I was waiting for the right moment to read it.

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I am so disappointed in this book. I wanted to love it It started off interesting. I liked the chemistry that Valentin and Sara had. He was determined to have her, and won her over with his flirationous ways and charisma. Valentin has some deep skeletons in his closet. Being a slave in a Turkish Brothel, he has become addicted to sex But he is unable to get past his demons and Sara must change to help him with his addictions. I really can't pinpoint why I didn't like this book.

Maybe it was just too many partners and not enough between my hero and heroine. Maybe it was because I felt they were cheated in some way because there was too much sexuality and not enough emotional development between them. In my opinion. I have seen that other people have really loved this book, but this one just wasn't for me. I generally like this author, so this won't stop me from reading her other works Maybe you will like it better. View all 8 comments.

I've read a lot of books since I first read this start to the series and it stands up over time. Really well-written smutty historical. View all 7 comments. Sep 28, Jane Stewart rated it really liked it Shelves: erotic-regency-romance. Excellent dialogue, lots of erotic sex, but average plot development in the last half of the book. The last half of the book felt more like 3 stars, so I used an average of 4.

This writing has spark! Many times during the first half of the book, I was surprised and delighted. Val did things I didn't expect. Val and Sara said things I didn't expect. This was not typical, predictable, ordinary, churning-out-ano Excellent dialogue, lots of erotic sex, but average plot development in the last half of the book.

This was not typical, predictable, ordinary, churning-out-another-book dialogue. This was good. I didn't care for the events that developed the plot in the last half of the book, but that part was ok. There are a lot of erotic sex scenes with some creativity there as well. There are rear door activities, sex toys and body piercings. Sara's dad bought their freedom. For the next twelve years Val and Peter became wealthy as partners in a shipping company. The story begins with Sara's dad needing money and offering one of his daughters to Val in marriage.

Val chooses Sara. Val still suffers from the slavery abuse but finds some relief through frequent sex. Sara turns out to be a willing partner and student. Someone has been stealing money from the shipping company and threatens to ruin the business by publicizing the sex slavery past. Before he met Sara, Val had sex with Sara's maid Daisy. Sara saw them together, was intrigued, and then ran off when Val turned his head and saw her watching. Val followed her and introduced himself.

Val and Sara later got married. Sara is a virgin. Page On their wedding night, Sara didn't want Daisy around and sent her home. Val said "Did you fear Daisy might offer you some unwanted advice? Sara's dad paid for their freedom and brought them back to England. Val tells Sara "He saved our lives. I will always be grateful to him. Would he have preferred to be left to die?

It makes me proud to be his daughter. Page Sara is in her room getting dressed. Val enters so Sara dismisses her maid. He smiled into her eyes. Silk flowed around her body with the soft whisper of a shower of rose petals. She sucked in a breath as Valentin tied the laces at the back.

DATA: Story length: pages. Number of sex scenes: Length of sex scenes: 7 short scenes 1 page or less 7 medium scenes 1. Total number of sex scene pages: Setting: Southampton and London, England. Copyright: Genre: erotic regency romance. Simply Series: 4 stars. Simply Sexual. Copyrt Review Date Simply Sinful. Simply Shameless. Simply Wicked. Other: 4 stars. Where have all the Cowboys Gone? Planet Mail. Pleasurable Bargains. View all 10 comments. This was a very hot book from the start. Valentin was held for ten years as a sex slave he was rescued along with his friend.

Valentin has insatiable sex drive. He married the daughter of the man that rescued him. Sara is just as insatiable as he is Valentin is unsure if she will be able to handle his drive until she proves him wrong. The sex scenes in this book was hot as hell. The book did has some suspense although I did feel it could have went into Valentin relationship with his father.

This This was a very hot book from the start. This was a good read. Sep 05, Aly is so frigging bored rated it really liked it Shelves: erotic-romance , historical. Aly: Yhea, she tried to solve her problems and didn't wait for divine intervention. The chemistry between the three radiates heat from every page and the frequent sex scenes are hot and steamy… a stimulating and entertaining read. In the end, I did want to spend more time with this menage. I recommend this one to anyone looking for good, straightforward erotica. Yes, cold-shower hot! The scenes were original, the description was amazing… a well crafted erotica read, that gave a romantic soul like myself a special present, by giving me a good HEA at the end.

I would recommend this book to menage readers and to those that love to get a bit of a kinky ride. All kink scenes are well described and exciting. It is easy for the reader to picture every nuance based upon the descriptions by the author. Stately Pleasures is light, playful and has a nice HEA that would give anyone a happy feeling once the book is through. It is a great book for a day at the beach or something to read before bedtime.

The sex scenes are hot… oh my goodness, ereader on fire time! I enjoyed this book very much… it clearly tapped into some cosmic collective unconscious that knew my buttons and how to push them. Well worth the read especially if you like menage with hunky men in a beautiful mansion. I genuinely liked the characters and enjoyed their interactions with each other. It should come with a warning — it is seriously hot! Overall an enjoyable and fun read, and a great diversion on a rainy afternoon.

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