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How to catch Mag-pyes or Crows. How to catch Eels. To make sport with an Egg. To fetch a Shilling out of a Handkerchief. To cause the Beer you drink seem to be rung out the handle of a Knife. To deceive one with three seeming pieces of Tobacco pipe. To win a Wager at Running. To know what is Cross or Pile by the ringing.

To wrap a wag on the knuckles.

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To make one laugh till the tears stand in his eyes. To fox Fish. A Philosophical Experiment. To cure the Tooth-ach. To bring two pieces together. To win a Wager at Feeling. An easie way to take Cunnies in abundance.

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To take wild Ducks in abundance. To make sport with a Maid-Servant. To make liquor boil out of a Pot. To keep an Host from froathing his Pots.

Where Athletes in the Premier League, the N.B.A. and Other Sports Leagues Come From, in 15 Charts

To hatch Chickens without a Hen. To cause it to freeze by the Fire side. To win a Wager of a Wag.

Sisters Dress as 'Hocus Pocus' Witches in Annual Trio-Themed Costume

Another to take a string off a Pipe. To make sport in Company. To seem to strike three choaks through a Table. To convey a two Pence away. To play the wag with a dairy Maid. To make sport with Bells. To cause Worms or Maggots seem on Meat. To cut the Blowing Book. To ingrave or write any thing upon the Blade of a Knife.

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To destroy a trophy was considered a sacrilege.