Guide Travail social et pratiques de la relations daide (Savoir et formation) (French Edition)

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They include both modern languages, physical education and sports, and moral and civic education. Specialty courses account for most of the students' time in school. They are focused specifically around the chosen series of the student to specialize in - examples include: law and major issues of the contemporary world literature series , computer science and digital sciences science series , or social and political sciences economic and social science series. The goal of the technological route of upper secondary school is to prepare students for advanced technological studies in the science and technology fields.

Courses students take while in upper secondary school can be further extended through a bachelor's or professional degree at the university level, or lead directly into integration in the professional field. Similar to the general bac route, there are several series within the technological route that students can choose to follow such as:.

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Students are also given the choice of two optional courses of art or physical education and sports, to be taken alongside their technological classes if they so choose. In Terminale, teachers play a larger role in students' chosen projects.

They work with students 9 or 10 hours a week compared to 5 to 6 hours in the first year and cross-curricular teaching is reduced to allow for more specific instruction which encourages each student to deepen their studies in the domain of their choosing. Some areas include:.

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There is a third route which allows pupils to gain vocational skills as well as general knowledge specific to a given field. This track was reformed in to help raise the qualifications of young people, improve their transition from school to a professional environment, and facilitate further study in higher education when relevant.

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  • Part of this course occurs in the work place where students gain hands-on experience and skills, which are defined by the framework of each diploma and assessed through exams. At the end of upper secondary, pupils sit for the vocational baccalaureate exam, similar to general and technological, which gives level IV end of secondary school certification see French Classification inset.

    A level V intermediary qualification CAP or BEP is taken at some point during the course of the three year period of study to ensure that each young person gains some qualifications. Young people can also work towards their vocational diploma through an apprenticeship at a Centre de Formation d'Apprentis CFA Apprentice Training Centres and day release to an employer. New Zealand : English. Philippines : English. Qatar : English. Singapore : English.

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    Taiwan : Chinese. Thailand : Thai English. Vietnam : English. Argentina : Spanish. Brazil : Portuguese. Chile : Spanish. Colombia : Spanish. Mexico : Spanish. Panama : Spanish. Venezuela : Spanish. Austria : German. Belgium : Dutch French. Bulgaria : Bulgarian.

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    Czech Republic : Czech. Denmark : Danish. Finland : Finnish. France : French. Germany : German. Hungary : Hungarian. Moreover, regarding the individual effects of practices, our results suggest that organizations should first target non-monetary recognition practices, followed by power sharing practices consultation, autonomy, initiative and knowledge development practices.

    Lastly, our results confirm that the competitive advantage of successful firms mainly arises from their capacity to increase the added value of their human resources Becker and Huselid, To attain organizational success, they must innovate in HRM notably by applying practices that favor the adoption of positive attitudes and behaviors toward the organization.

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    • Companies should thus encourage managers to act in compliance with equity, impartiality and respect to stimulate the affective commitment of their employees and maximize the investment required by the introduction of HRM practices. Ces pratiques constituent donc des leviers qui apportent un avantage distinctif aux entreprises Pfeffer et Veiga, Il importe de noter que le statut de directeur financier est quelque peu trompeur. Summary This study clarifies the role of organizational justice in the relationship between human resources management practices and commitment.

      Ratner et Marylin Crawford. Nursing Research , 46 1 , 52—