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To that end, I would like to hear your thoughts on a clear call to this kind of action. The conference is still a month away. Re: The Mortification of Courtly Love: In addition to being a back-from-the-dead courtly love, it strikes me that these celibate gay relationships are a mutant version of the way-too-long Romantic Relationships that are far from unusual in the contemporary church. The breakups even amount to almost-divorces. As long as everyone keeps their shorts on until the wedding night, nobody seems to have a problem.

Jimmy and Harry are now asking to do indefinitely what Billy and Suzie were doing without much criticism for the three or four years before they got married. I say all of the above to add a little bit of support to your premise: the unmortified lizards of yesteryear have come back to us as dragons. Big, glittery dragons.

Now, I try to mortify that desire and seek my best not to act on it, but this is my genuine, unchangeable orientation, and the inclination itself should be celebrated. It was a gamble, but look at where we are now. Hillary would have been disastrous for American babies.

As long as he is playing some good notes, and he is some, we can all happily sing along when he does. Sometimes we do need to never mind the condition of the instrument. That, and some other things, will continue to temper whatever enthusiasm we might have reason to feel. The hysteria and unreasonableness of the NeverTrump right ended up driving me in this direction because I saw that they interpreted everything he did in the worst possible light.

And I started to believe he was saying exactly what he believed. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, has pointed out that Trump has been saying many of the same things he said as a candidate and president for decades. And I thank God for him. I am thankful that God uses you to engage in politics. The majority of pastors who engage in politics handle it like they handle Scripture: they trumpet agendas at the expense of truth. I am just expressing my thankfulness and encouragement for you.

But Trump is not a faithful man, not faithful to God at least. The point is well taken, however, that careful men are not useful in desperate times. Indeed, Trump is not a careful man. As you say, he is a wrecking ball. Yes, God is granting us a wrecking ball. Only our desperate time makes this appealing. Let us not forget that Kennedy was a Reagan appointee, yet invented Obergefell and a number of other outrageous atrocities that are with us.

He also made a very simplistic case while ruling against state sodomy laws in Lawrence v. Could it not be said of Roe or some other ruling we may enjoy, say Heller or McDonald, so easily, yea even by a man who was appointed by someone bearing the scarlet R? The wrecking ball is certainly having his day. What will society have after his day is done? Civility seems to be in great decline.

The rule of law is certainly a victim of these desperate times. The evangelical fields may be more fertile and more hostile than ever in our national history. Liberty may be a great casualty. Given the climate and history of MTV, it is a mild statement to claim that the serrated edge Pratt used that night was far sharper than anything most Christian preachers will ever yield on Sunday morning sadly.

To be clear, this is a sharpness from relative contrast, not absolute truth. But that was not my first reaction. Pratt is not a perfect prophet—but neither was Jonah. At the very least, he seems to be trying harder than Jonah ever did. Back to politics—Is this not the situation with Trump? God has given us Cyrus instead of David, but this Cyrus is doing much good.

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Yet, instead of seeing the good God has sovereignly wrought through Cyrus, we find excuses to resist those very unwarranted blessings Cf. We sheep need some help navigating the political maze of our democracy. Had we a monarchy, the Cyrus story would be easy to apply; wait for a decree. But its —what are we to do now that God has given us the power to choose between a Cyrus and a Jezebel?

What now, given that He ordains the Cyrus of our day through our votes? Do we vote for Jezebel because her policies are progressive Clinton? Do we do nothing to include voting for a third party—a course of action that God has sovereignly relegated as a non-course of action in our two-party system because doing something would tarnish our witness? If I consistently apply the evangelical voting rationale leading up to the election i. These are not easy questions, but just the kind I think you have been uniquely gifted to answer.

Thank you for your ministry and courage,. An explanation for American exceptionalism—you may already being feeling uneasy, but let me speak for a couple of minutes on said topic. It may sound jingoistic, but America has always been unique, or exceptional. England has had the three out those four pillars but not real Protestantism. Anglicanism is basically Roman Catholicism without the pope. Germanic peoples had practiced common law up until Napoleon. Many Asian countries today practice property rights and free markets, but do not have much Christianity and Common Law.

America has had all four of these pillars from her very inception. Comment or critique, if you like. David, I have no problem acknowledging that America has been uniquely blessed. Up to this point in history, we have been given much. But the language of exceptionalism is, for me, far too eschatological. Seventeen nations coming after us might be blessed even more. Do you now consider Thabiti as part of the soft Evangelical left? Do you consider his advocacy of racial Marxism to be worse than advocacy for Trump? Of course the more Reformed you are the more likely you will pass negative judgment, but at least let your critique be of what he meant, and not something he was not saying.

Just earlier in the day, I had vocalized to my wife a thought that had been fermenting in my mind for a few days. That thought? If, as the sexual deviants and their cheerleaders on the left keep telling us, people cannot help their sexual preferences and it is hateful to suggest there is anything wrong with them living out their perversions, then how long will it be until pedophiles are the newest darlings of the Democrats? If they mature enough to make that decision, then the decision to have sex with men in trench coats can hardly be a big deal. LGBTP anyone?

And, even more disturbing, how long before apostate Christianity follows suite? But FB has become the talebearer for the nation, in addition to being the Ingsoc enforcement arm. It bears reflection, yes? Thank you. As the son of a father who is spending time in prison for what are administrative state infractions, I would like to hear a good explication of Romans 13 applied to the overbearing administrative state we live in. If we resist the governing authority of the administrative state, are we resisting God?

Do we get a pass since the modern administrative state is unconstitutional? What about when what they are doing is not allowed by the constitution?

2016 in American television

Anyway you can expound upon that idea a bit? TF, I would start by reading this book. Regarding not taunting the cows: Is it taunting a pig to keep it standing on a metal slat floor in a gestational crate for most of its life? Or is it taunting a chicken to keep it in a battery cage where it has to have its beak clipped to keep it from mutilating itself? Man regarding his beast and all of that. Demosthenes, I take your point. A righteous man has regard for the life of his beast Prov. It is possible to mistreat animals, even animals that are destined for your table. At the same time, we have to be careful not to be too fastidious.

This statement from Proverbs would not appear to prohibit the kind of practices you mention. For example, there is the fatted calf in the famous parable Luke , and there is the stalled ox in the book of Proverbs Prov. Restricting the movement of animals to make them better on the table would appear to have been standard operating procedure for a very long time. Doug, Thanks for the reply WRT animal confinement. Unfortunately, I think you are comparing apples to oranges, or two things that are less similar, chickens to cattle.

Pigs and chickens are active omnivores and display all sorts of neuroticism, aggression, and self-harm when confined. They are really very different creatures. If it can be accepted that crated sows and battery hens suffer and I believe they do , then I think C S Lewis made some salient points in his essay on vivisection that can be applied here. But there are such things as necessary evils. Some acts which would be bad, simply in themselves, may be excusable and even laudable when they are a necessary means to a greater good. There are very delicious tofu bacon products.

No, let me try that again. There are moderately tolerable tofu bacon products. No, actually they are horrible but they contain no nitrites and have very little salt.

How stupid do you think I am? I know what bacon tastes like. Justin, that is very funny! To me that sounds like dog food. Tastes like it too.

Admiral McRaven addresses the University of Texas at Austin Class of 2014

The thing I always wonder is, if someone is opposed to eating critters for ethical reasons, why would they feel good about eating a fake rendition of the same? John, my daughter is vegetarian for ethical reasons, and I go along because I am not willing to cook separate meals. As well, once you stop eating meat for any length of time, your body reacts badlywhen you try it again. I think the deal with the fake food is that you have to eat a lot of tofu to get protein, and tofu on its own is disgusting. So they turn it into ersatz chicken and hamburgers. But I know what you mean.

Trouble Comes to Texas (Rannygazoo Book 1) by Chula Stone

My dear mother in law gave me a mink coat. Good post, Indi. Many of the things we do to make Ag products cheaper are potentially damaging or morally problematic. I do not have strong concerns about consumption. But thought you may have an opinion on the pros and cons. Not a full essay, just a list of potential issues if you are so inclined.

Robert Norman Keyfitz

I am not very concerned with consumption, I think it very likely that the GMOs currently in the market and those that use GRAS organisms and technology will not harm the humans who consume them. There are currently a massive number of heirloom, landrace, and other small scale variety going extinct. The difference between traditional varieties and GMO is one of kind. It is difficult to turn down a new corn variety that synthesizes its own pesticide and is immune to a glyphosphate. John… If I may… Someone recently asked me what I thought of Andy Stanley… after I shared my general sense of disapproval, he asked if it was because of his rejection of the Old Testament.

CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports. The Guardian. Just how much legal trouble is Donald Trump in for the Stormy Daniels hush money payment? Donald Trump says Rudy Giuliani is new to his legal team and 'will get his facts straight' The president said the former New York City mayor is a 'great guy'. The Inquisitr News. Giuliani's statement -- to Fox News' Sean Hannity -- contradicted Trump, who previously denied knowledge of the payment, which has since spurred a lawsuit against the President.

Later, Giuliani told The Washington Post he had spoken to the President far in advance about publicly discussing the reimbursement, and said he doesn't expect to be fired. He said his remarks on Hannity were approved by Trump. In an interview with Or was Trump hoping the payment would smooth out his personal life? That's still the fundamental question regarding Stormy Daniels' alleged encounter with Trump.

But after a few volleys of contradictory accounts on TV and Twitter, the details are becoming clearer. Federal election law covers transactions "for the purpose of influencing" federal elections. Trump tweeted Thursday morning, "Money from the campaign, or campaign con Daniels aka Stephanie Clifford has made some truly epic comebacks to her haters in the past, but she may have topped herself Friday morning during an exchange with Roseanne Barr — with some help from Patricia Arquette. The revelation threatened to engulf Trump in one of the most tawdry and legally damaging scandals of his presidency, and on Thursday provoked astonished reactions from ethics experts.

Stormy Daniels

When Stormy Daniels brought on Michael Avenatti, she unleashed a force of nature who has been steadily besting Trump at his own game. A lot crossed my desk. Above, she is pictured April 16, in New York. The spat erupted when Barr claimed Daniels was known for doing a certain type of X-rated film. Warning: It's pretty vulgar. Of course, you have I don't jog anywhere. So I'll just sit here, sipping my coffee and talking shit. One user accused Daniels, 39, of being trashy.

Trump said the facts around t Michael Cohen, according to someone who spoke to Cohen directly, says not to believe it. In so many ways, her attorney, Michael Avenatti — who loves to go on television, and has yet to make a mistake on it — has a dream client. Stormy is smart and self-awa GOOD Lite. AP: Carolyn Kaster Trump admits to reimbursing Stormy Daniels money, but 'not from campaign' US President Donald Trump has said reimbursement to his personal lawyer for hush money paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels was done through a monthly retainer and "had nothing to do with the campaign".

ABC News. And justice must be served. The Daily Beast. Giuliani was going to blow up the Stormy Daniels situation Wednesday night, and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed Thursday this included her. What was most notable was how Sanders basically blamed Trump for her own contradictory statements about Daniels. Back in March, Sanders denied Trump knew about the payment and said it was based upon her own conversation with Trump.

President Trump reshuffled his legal team in recent weeks as he has sought a more aggressive posture in dealing with the investigations into him and his associates. The president acknowledged the reimbursement on Thursday while defending the initial payment made by his personal lawyer Michael Cohen to the woman, Stormy Daniels.

Trump and his attorney, Rudy Giuliani, asserted that the payments were legal and had nothing to do with the campaign. Their declarations were the latest in a torrent of conflicting statements from Cohen, Giuliani and the president himself. But in the Washington Post interview, Giuliani provided more evidence to the contrary.

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Giuliani told a muddled story about the payment to Daniels. The president admitted that Cohen received a "monthly retainer," but said that it had "nothing to do with the campaign" in a series of tweets on Thursday. Trump has previously denied knowing anything about the payment.

BuzzFeed News. Trump's attorney Rudolph W. Sanders fielded reporters' questions about alleged hush payments to an adult film star by the president's lawyer, hostages in North Korea and the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. But he did know the general arrangement, that Michael would take care of things like this, like I take care of things like this wit Adult film actress Stormy Daniels is rushed into an adult venue, Blush, by a bodyguard as she arrives to perform in her show in downtown Pittsburgh on Wednesday, May 2, Trump never really denied paying Stormy Daniels.

Now we know why. Former New York mayor Rudolph W.

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