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Apr 02, Mia Amhal rated it it was ok. Usher loved to sing and dance, he had participated and won many school talent shows.

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One talent show title, which meant a lot to him, was when he was in middle school and had won a high school talent show. As one can see Usher had a long hard road but survived it and has made it to the top. The three questions that I decided on were: Name people who inspired this person? How do you know this book is a biography?

Usher Biography: Life and Career

Tell why this person became famous? First, His mother, J-Pat was into music as well so Usher was always surrounded by music. J-Pat being a choir director saw the talent in her son. Another person who had also influenced Usher in the early on was Puff Daddy, Puff was an artist as well, he had helped Usher through his career even if they argued from time to time Puff was like a big brother to Usher. Third, Usher had become famous thanks to his talent and all the talent shows he had participated in and won.

As one can see Usher was an interesting person to read about.

Inspired to Sing at Young Age, Groomed for Stardom, Forged Film Career

I would like to recommend this book to any middle or high school students who may like rap and hip-hop songs or who would like to be a artiste one day. As one can see reading biographies about peoples life and about them could encourage you to do things that you want to do! View 2 comments. May 28, Ibrahim rated it it was amazing.

In his childhood Usher loved to sing and dance. At the age of nine, he was entering talent contests, and by the time he was eleven he had won a contest.

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Music has inspired him since by the time he was six, his other had been singing in the church choir. Usher even won high school talent shows when he was in middle school. In , when Usher was 14 years old, he auditioned for LaFace Records. The record executives like what they heard, and when he signed a contract with them, his career started. He started an album and its producer was Puff Daddy.

One day, Usher faced challenges.

Usher Biography

To conclude this biography talks about many of Ushers talent and his early life. I like his person since Usher had a long hard road, but survived it and has made it to the top. I also like him since his way of singing is not just about the money, but to bring him to the attection of the musical world.

Many people inspired Usher. I would recommend this biography to middle schoolers and teachers who may like rap and hiphop artist who succeeded in their life and have a lot of fame. Reading about a book of a famous and a superb artist can help a person you win confidence and not to be afraid of anyone and anyting. Usher soon won over TV viewers with his offbeat coaching style.

But Usher and Shakira will return to their judges' chairs for the sixth season. Other Projects Usher also stays busy with his charity, New Look Foundation, which was founded in and works to provide funding for children in foster care and service programs; holds conferences and camps for at-risk youth; and, ultimately, works to promote leadership skills for kids in impoverished communities.

Additionally, Usher has invested in several entrepreneurial endeavors. He owns the record label US Records and a men's cologne line, and is a co-owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team. In , he married Tameka Foster. The couple divorced in In July , Foster's year-old son from a previous relationship Usher's stepson , Kyle Glover, suffered a severe brain injury in a water accident.

According to several media reports, Glover had been riding on an inflatable tube on Lake Lanier in Atlanta, Georgia, when a jet ski struck him in the head and knocked him unconscious. After being rushed to a local hospital, Glover was declared brain dead by doctors. Tragedy struck Usher's family again the following August. His son Usher Raymond V got caught in a pool drain at the singer's Atlanta home.

​Usher Underrated

Usher's aunt was watching the child when the incident happened and had tried to free the boy. The child was taken to a nearby hospital and survived his injuries. After this accident, Usher's ex-wife Tameka Foster launched a legal battle to regain custody of the couple's two children.

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