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Customer Relations. Digital Tools. Social Media Strategy. Building Your Team. Company Culture. Planning for Growth. Growth Opportunities. Find a Solution. June 05, How to Sell For People Who Hate Sales These three tips will help you master the art of getting customers to say yes, even if you're not a born salesperson. It starts with three simple steps: 1. Understand Features vs.

5 tips to help you sell even if you hate selling - The Business Journals

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service If you want increased sales without heavy lifting, the simplest and surest way to get there is by delivering the best possible customer service on the planet. Photos from top: Thinkstock, iStockphoto. But sometimes a cold email can be the only way to start a conversation with a new lead. The trick is to put some research and personality into your cold email to customize it for your recipient, to warm things up, shall we say.

He knows how to sell. We worked together for a number of years in the agency world, and we were a great sales team.

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It is part of the ecosystem of sales - some deals are going to die, but they may just give life to the next one. I wrote another blog post recently about what to do when a client says no that will help take the sting out of sales rejection and maintain your dignity. Not to sound too harsh but really, sales is part of the grown-up world of business. If you want money, you need to know how to sell your product or service. If you want to convince your boss of a great new idea, you need to be able to sell that idea.

Done with integrity, sales is a natural process and one that everyone expects. I need you to sell me stuff. My business needs marketing services, my car needs new tires, my finances need an accountant. And I expect to pay for those services. From creation to close and every deal-making moment in between, discover better ways to create killer proposals that close faster.

A simple attitude adjustment is all it takes to go from cold call coward to confident closer.