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One of my favorite companies, blue Q , developed magnet sets, coasters, matches and gum featuring my designs. These kits were sold in the UK and throughout Europe. I created three designs that Urban Outfitters turned into needlepoint pillows in There are probably more things I'm forgetting Here is some of the press Subversive Cross Stitch has received.

She's designed a plethora of patterns, published a book and has something of a cult following.

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This last part is what offers a true artistic element to the book, and presents a method for re-interpreting the pre-packaged, mass-produced craft supplies among us. I knew I wanted to do something with textiles.

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My friend had a collection of cross stitch samples from school girls in the s. Cross stitch can be very kitschy with teddy bears and things. But I was gravitating to more simple designs that had a more elegant feel, which were mostly found in France. So I started buying these designs mostly from France. They were all in French and I was trying to figure all of that out. So I thought maybe I could start designing my own patterns. I started playing around with that and created these simple designs that you can incorporate into any type of decor.

My designs are meant to be grouped together and you can put them in any room.

A lot of these cross stitch kind of things have these myriad of colors. But the French designs are simple. Swedish and Scandinavian designs are similar.

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  • They just want to do some zen stitching. My inspiration comes from a lot of places.

    Sew French: Pink Ombre Hearts Freebie & Tutorial

    I also love rose gardens. I look everywhere for inspiration. In high school, I took a career aptitude test that said I should be an interior decorator. My mom was very heavily into interior design. She did pastels so it kind of runs in my family. Will this end up at a yard sale? Or will people want to keep this and pass it down?

    Designer Q&A: Jill Nammar of Sew French Cross Stitch

    Will it work in a traditional home? Will it work in a modern home with eclectic design? Any advice to newbies who want to download your patterns and try out cross stitching? But cross stitching is easier than embroidery. Hoop art is all the rage, where you have to transfer a pattern onto a piece of fabric or iron it on.