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My Story.

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Bibliographic Details Title: My Story. About this title Synopsis: Fascinating tales from war torn London "About this title" may belong to another edition of this title. Store Description Greener Books is an enterprise with a particular passion for supporting the environment and sustainability! Nah, it's something we've always loved. We never found ourselves wandering around into walls with an identity crisis. It's not about mailing things in or wondering what we were.

It's about conforming what we are. Former Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner plays on this album.

Social Distortion - Story of My Life LIVE @ Surf City Blitz 10/28/18

Was he a fan before he joined? He comes from Albany in upstate New York and he would show up at every Overkill show in Albany with two fucking sticks in his back pocket. I never knew the kid's name - I used to call him Sticks. And I said to him one day, you're waiting for Tim Mallare [Overkill drummer from ] to drop dead onstage so you can throw in. We're the last cowboys here. We came from a different era. The world is crazy is because our information is instantaneous. Back in the 80s and 90s, there was time between the act and when it got to you, and in the interim the truth was found.

The song Batshit Crazy is about that — where did all the common sense go? I was a suburban kid, like most metal kids are in the US. Me and DD both had professional fathers. My grandparents were immigrants, so were DD's. New Jersey has always been second to New York. The point being is that we built their bridges and their towers, we picked up their garbage.

There's a hell of a work ethic in that. More like a fucking chip on your shoulder! But the people in Jersey had a great work ethic and a hell of an attitude. It's the most attitude-fuelled place I've ever seen in my life, and I'm used to it. Frank Sinatra for fuck's sake.

My Story: Blitz

It sure produces honest representation in music. The first voice I remember hearing was my mother's - she was a soprano. Still is for that matter. She had 12 brothers and sisters. Our family Sundays were them singing harmonies around the fireplace, so it was a natural thing for me. When it came to metal, I always thought the benchmark was and still is Mr Halford. It was just the most unique presentation to vocals, and it's something that has stayed with me for all these years.

It was sitting on the beach in a bathing suit and I dropped a cigarette on my lap! I just started trying it at rehearsals. I was originally trying to mimic Rob Halford. The benchmark for a singer back in the early 80s was, could you do Priest's Green Manalishi, and I could do it. It become kind of my trademark, and it's never left me - it became something I could use for effect here and there throughout my career. You started in , a couple years before thrash arrived.

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How did that change things for you? We obviously noticed the energy. We were Misfits fans, we were Dead Boys fans, we were Ramones fans. But you start doing some Priest covers with that and you start creating a third entity. The beauty of it was there was no template. It was being created in San Francisco, and in Essen, Germany and in the UK and in New Jersey - we didn't have that instant information, so it was kind of hard to steal it from each other. It was said at the time that 'if you hear the screaming of the bomb, then that one isn't meant for you'.

Dad and I were standing in the doorway of number 19, looking out to the street. Guns were firing, searchlights were probing the sky and it was nearly as bright as daytime. He rolled himself a cigarette and also one for me. I forget the exact words he said, but the cigarette was to give me some form of courage for what we were witnessing; the street had just been hit by some fire-bombs.

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The fire-bombs had all been extinguished by the people who lived in the houses. We had been lucky, they had missed our house, but we all still had to be watchful. From the doorway we could see along the street, and the first sign of a glow in a window was a warning that a fire was starting. Everyone was looking out for their neighbours, the friendship and camaraderie during the Blitz was wonderful to behold.

Adversity brings out the best in people. Londoners filling sandbags in preparation for a raid. The bombing of London caused widespread damage, but it wasn't enough to achieve Goering's goal of destroying British morale, or bringing England to her knees. Residents of London adapted to a new style of life, sleeping every night in a damp air raid shelter underground. For myself and my mates it was a time of great adventure.

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Lots of children who had come back to London during the Phoney War were being evacuated again, with some of the richer families sending their children to Canada. On the 17 th of September, a ship carrying 90 evacuees to Canada was sunk by the Germans in the Atlantic. Very few survived. At the end of September, , I left the paper shop in Nunhead and started a morning paper round with a newsagent nearer home. The woman who owned the shop was either a widow or her husband was in the forces, for I never saw him.

She didn't have an Anderson shelter, and said that if a raid started when I was on my rounds I was to shelter in her hallway. On the morning of the 15 th of October the siren sounded, so I finished deliveries in the street I was in and made my way back to the shop. On the way I could see German aircraft in the sky and see the bombs falling from the planes. It was fascinating. I cycled towards the shop, and the next thing I remember was being put into an ambulance and being taken to St.

Giles Hospital.

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Denis' record at St. Giles after being injured during a bombing raid. A bomb had hit a house as I was cycling past. I had cuts on my head, as well as cuts and injuries to my wrist and arm.

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