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Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. Summary: A group of friends find out how much they really have in common, the closer they get to temptation. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. The reason of my writings to you is [that] many years ago, I received a Word of the Lord in my mind, which is remarkably accurate with your vision of books.

They are not shallow reads. Your books do not only entertain but they also make you reflect on what is really important in one's life. She blabbered something safe and acceptable so they could get on with things. She'd always had a high sex drive but she'd taken great pains to wait for the right person to be sexually active with much to the dismay of several people who'd been dying to date her or bed her--probably both, she'd always correctly assumed. But William--William was different. He was hot but charming, fun but nice.

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Isaac Dubois. The Anomalies. Joey Goebel. I wasted the first half of my life: 14 years as an IT monkey. It suggests refraining from all acts or thoughts that are not in accordance with the Church's teaching about the use of one's reproductive powers. It particularly stresses restraint and an avoidance of anything that might defile or make unclean the soul because the body has not been controlled in the exercise of its most imperious passion. Latin castus , morally pure, unstained. Catholic Dictionary. Back in , with American Catholics numbering 55 million, there were , Catholic marriages.

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By , when the Catholic population had jumped to Of course many factors contribute to the marriage decline. Reducing it all to contraception and the contraceptive mentality would overstate the case. But alongside factors like these, the campaign against chastity has had a crucial role in the undermining of marriage. Some people avoid marriage because of the restrictions it imposes on sexual activity, while others, having married, find those restrictions distasteful and, claiming an unconditional right to sexual fulfillment, abandon spouses and often children and divorce. Chastity is the realistic antidote to all this.

But the virtue of chastity preserves that openness to the other in self-giving love that stands at the heart of healthy relationships, above all marriage. The chaste man or woman possesses the necessary freedom to make the gift of self that is part of, but by no means limited to, the loving sexual encounter of husband and wife. Grace is indispensable, and God will give the grace of chastity to those who truly want it. But that really wanting it is essential. Prayer and mortification — saying an occasional no to some small thing like a dessert or a merely self-indulgent nap — are both required.

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Prayer keeps us in touch with God. Mortification is practice in the self-discipline required to resist temptations to instant gratification. Frequent and regular use of the sacrament of Penance also is an obvious necessity. And for those who suffer from sexual addiction or something like it, professional help from a counselor who understands the importance of chastity may be required. These days, too, people who are serious about this virtue may have to separate themselves in whole or part from the popular culture, either sharply limiting their intake or, if necessary, eliminating exposure to it almost entirely from their lives.

Face it, a man who routinely settles down in the evening to some beer and watch whatever turns up on TV is inviting trouble for himself.