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A Thousand Lies

The only way out of oppression for Lucky seems to be to disappear from her family altogether as her sister, Vidya, for some undisclosed reason chose to do. You could be a ghost. I could be an empty chair. Ambiguity makes fighting for or against anything much more difficult. It eludes focus. Nisha can only see the consequences, were she to step out of the family circle. Gender is a complex thing. Sindu illustrates this complexity with the tale of the goddess for whom Lucky was named, Lakshmi, and her husband, the god Vishnu.

But then she gets to what she really wants to express:.

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But sometimes Vishnu incarnates as a woman, usually in order to seduce men. And then what does Lakshmi do?

Sit up in heaven and try not to watch? Or maybe she does, maybe she finds herself drawn to his new soft curves. If only people were as imaginative with their own narratives or those of their children as the ancients were when they invented these original tales. If this book were a sheet set, its thread count would be high.

Girls must be soft and sweet, boys must never cry or be caught idle. We push single friends to get married like us, or have children like us, like a cult recruiting new members. Lucky, by being queer, has seen under and through the rules for women, and for immigrants, and for the entire scaffolding of society.


She knows the rules make women, and men, things. Bodies to be subdued, trapped in closets that never end.

Machine Head - "A Thousand Lies"

She can see the consequences that create the closet. But Sindu, through her book, also shows that queerness might let us see the contours of the closet, and a way to blow it wide open. She creates a character who feels forced to be an actress, and shows what a thousand lies does to a body numbness to emotion and to a mind no long-term thinking allowed. Eventually, though, the body and mind cry out for truth.

And it pushes us toward one of those perfectly inevitable, yet surprising, endings, giving readers a satisfying finale that sticks with us. I did listen to a bit of it on NPR on my way to the gym and to Publix and the library. I always have NPR on in my car. Come back George Strait — all is forgiven.

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The man can turn on a dime and give you nine cents change. If free-style lying were an Olympic event, our Michael would retire the gold.

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His entire life has prepared him for this moment. Neither decency nor truth abide in the man. So I paid little attention to the serial lies tumbling out of this poisonous piece of goods, unimpeded by plausibility or coherence. After enduring just a small sample of the oily testimony that went on all day, I was left wishing I had the contract for carpet cleaning in that hearing room.

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