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Extreme values problem of uncertain heat equation. An efficient algorithm for non-convex sparse optimization. Double projection algorithms for solving the split feasibility problems. An accelerated augmented Lagrangian method for multi-criteria optimization problem. Fairness preference based decision-making model for concession period in PPP projects. Continuity of solutions mappings of parametric set optimization problems. A new class of global fractional-order projective dynamical system with an application.

Necessary optimality condition for trilevel optimization problem. Asset liability management for an ordinary insurance system with proportional reinsurance in a CIR stochastic interest rate and Heston stochastic volatility framework. Improved Cuckoo Search algorithm for numerical function optimization. Interdependent demand in the two-period newsvendor problem. Application of preservation technology for lifetime dependent products in an integrated production system.

Optimization of fourth order Sturm-Liouville type differential inclusions with initial point constraints. Elimhan N. Application of the preventive maintenance scheduling to increase the equipment reliability: Case study- bag filters in cement factory. Robust optimal consumption-investment strategy with non-exponential discounting.

Single machine and flowshop scheduling problems with sum-of-processing time based learning phenomenon. Xingong Zhang. Min Li. Mechanism design in a supply chain with ambiguity in private information.

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Pricing and modularity decisions under competition. On the M-eigenvalue estimation of fourth-order partially symmetric tensors. Optimal investment and dividend for an insurer under a Markov regime switching market with high gain tax. A simple and efficient technique to accelerate the computation of a nonlocal dielectric model for electrostatics of biomolecule. Analysis of strategic customer behavior in fuzzy queueing systems. Option pricing formulas for generalized fuzzy stock model. A hybrid chaos firefly algorithm for three-dimensional irregular packing problem.

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A fast algorithm for the semi-definite relaxation of the state estimation problem in power grids. Group decision making approach based on possibility degree measure under linguistic interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy set environment. Some characterizations of robust solution sets for uncertain convex optimization problems with locally Lipschitz inequality constraints. An efficient heuristic algorithm for two-dimensional rectangular packing problem with central rectangle.

Strong vector equilibrium problems with LSC approximate solution mappings. Continuous-time mean-variance portfolio selection with no-shorting constraints and regime-switching. A two-warehouse probabilistic model with price discount on backorders under two levels of trade-credit policy. Identification and robustness analysis of nonlinear hybrid dynamical system of genetic regulation in continuous culture.

Evaluation strategy and mass balance for making decision about the amount of aluminum fluoride addition based on superheat degree. Optimality conditions for multiobjective fractional programming, via convexificators. A new method for ranking decision making units using common set of weights: A developed criterion. Designing a hub location and pricing network in a competitive environment.

Shipper collaboration in forward and reverse logistics. Vector-valued separation functions and constrained vector optimization problems: optimality and saddle points. Optimal pricing and inventory strategies for introducing a new product based on demand substitution effects. Risk-balanced territory design optimization for a Micro finance institution. Multi-objective robust cross-market mixed portfolio optimization under hierarchical risk integration. A real-time pricing scheme considering load uncertainty and price competition in smart grid market. An executive model for network-level pavement maintenance and rehabilitation planning based on linear integer programming.

Continuous-time mean-variance asset-liability management with stochastic interest rates and inflation risks. Generalized ADMM with optimal indefinite proximal term for linearly constrained convex optimization.

An iterated greedy algorithm with variable neighborhood descent for the planning of specialized diagnostic services in a segmented healthcare system. Financing strategies for a capital-constrained supplier under yield uncertainty. Extension of generalized solidarity values to interval-valued cooperative games.

A new class of positive semi-definite tensors. Convergence analysis of a new iterative algorithm for solving split variational inclusion problems. Yan Tang. An optimal maintenance strategy for multi-state systems based on a system linear integral equation and dynamic programming. A symmetric Gauss-Seidel based method for a class of multi-period mean-variance portfolio selection problems. Ning Zhang. A primal-dual interior-point method capable of rapidly detecting infeasibility for nonlinear programs.

Empirical analysis and optimization of capital structure adjustment. The functional law of the iterated logarithm of the sojourn time for a multiclass queue. Priority queueing analysis of transaction-confirmation time for Bitcoin. Utility maximization for bandwidth allocation in peer-to-peer file-sharing networks.

Performance analysis and optimization for cognitive radio networks with a finite primary user buffer and a probability returning scheme. Performance evaluation and analysis of a discrete queue system with multiple working vacations and non-preemptive priority. An imperfect sensing-based channel reservation strategy in CRNs and its performance evaluation. A smoothing SAA algorithm for a portfolio choice model based on second-order stochastic dominance measures. Optimal ordering policy for inventory mechanism with a stochastic short-term price discount.

An integrated bi-objective optimization model and improved genetic algorithm for vehicle routing problems with temporal and spatial constraints. Stability analysis for generalized semi-infinite optimization problems under functional perturbations. An integrated approach based on Fuzzy Inference System for scheduling and process planning through multiple objectives. Error bounds of regularized gap functions for nonmonotone Ky Fan inequalities.

Delayed payment policy in multi-product single-machine economic production quantity model with repair failure and partial backordering. Multicriteria investment problem with Savage's risk criteria: Theoretical aspects of stability and case study. Multidimensional balanced credibility model with time effect and two level random common effects. A survey of due-date related single-machine with two-agent scheduling problem. Pricing options on investment project contraction and ownership transfer using a finite volume scheme and an interior penalty method.

Effect of information on the strategic behavior of customers in a discrete-time bulk service queue. Optimal production, pricing and government subsidy policies for a closed loop supply chain with uncertain returns. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Laddas ned direkt. The papers collected in this volume are contributions to T. The conference was organized by Tokyo Institute of Technology T. October Quarterly of Applied Mathematics. How Economics Became a Mathematical Science. Duke University Press. Description and preview. Intermediate Microeconomics and Its Applications 10th ed.

In Backhaus, Juergen G. Hans eds.

Handbook of Mathematical Economics, Volume 4

From Walras to Pareto. American Economic Review. Von Neumann's irreducibility condition was called the "whales and wranglers " hypothesis by David Champernowne, who provided a verbal and economic commentary on the English translation of von Neumann's article. Von Neumann's hypothesis implied that every economic process used a positive amount of every economic good.

Thompson in the s and then by Stephen M. The theory of linear economic models. McGraw-Hill, New York, Mathematical theory of expanding and contracting economies. Lexington Books. Lexington, Massachusetts: D. Heath and Company. Tyrrell Monotone processes of convex and concave type.

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Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society. Providence, R. In Josef Loz; Maria Loz eds. Mathematical models in economics Proc. Convex analysis. Thompson , and Nicholas Kaldor. John Von Neumann and modern economics. Interior point algorithms: Theory and analysis. An Outline of the History of Economic Thought. Optimization in Economic Theory , 2nd ed. Description and contents preview. Feldman Whinston, and Jerry R. Green , Microeconomic Theory , Chapter Description Archived at the Wayback Machine and contents. Samuelson, and Robert M.

Solow Linear Programming and Economic Analysis. Chapter-preview links. Proceedings of 2nd Berkeley Symposium. Berkeley: University of California Press. Nonlinear Programming Second ed. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Optimization theory for large systems. Macmillan series in operations research.

New York: The Macmillan Company. Optimization theory for large systems reprint of the Macmillan ed. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. The Mathematical Theory of Optimal Processes. New York: Wiley. Preview link. Description link. Essays on the Theory of Optimal Economic Growth. Lucas with Edward Prescott Desecription and chapter-preview links.

Abstract Archived at the Wayback Machine. New York: Springer. Scroll to chapter-preview links. Durlauf and L. Blume, ed. V In Lev J. Leifman ed. Kantorovich, —, pp. Mathematical Programming. Retrieved 12 Dec Existence and optimality of competitive equilibria. Berlin: Springer—Verlag. Conjugate duality and optimization. Telser and Robert L. The Theory of general economic equilibrium: A differentiable approach. Econometric Society monographs. Weintraub, ed. Abstract per sect.


Smith, ed. Handbook of Experimental Economics Results , v. Aumann and S. Hart, ed. Games and Information , 4th ed. Description and chapter-preview links. Handbook of Game Theory with Economic Applications v. Description and chapter-preview links, pp.

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Sandholm, Tuomas. Description Archived at the Wayback Machine. Miller Brian , Micromotives and Macrobehavior , Norton. Description , preview. Bounded Rationality in Macroeconomics , Oxford. Description and chapter-preview 1st-page links. Pre-pub PDF. Links to description and chapter previews. Abstract and pre-pub PDF.

Arthur, S. Durlauf, and D. Lane, eds. Description , contents , and preview. Description Archived at the Wayback Machine and chapter-preview links. Description and abstract. Lesser Judd, ed. Handbook of Computational Economics , v. Equity Derivatives and Market Risk Models. Risk Books. Economic Inquiry. The Journal of Political Economy. Journal articles which at any point used geometric representation or mathematical notation were noted as using that level of mathematics as its "highest level of mathematical technique".

The authors refer to "verbal techniques" as those which conveyed the subject of the piece without notation from geometry , algebra or calculus. April Review of Economic Studies. Oxford Economic Papers. A History of Econometrics. Contributions to Economic Analysis. Journal of Law and Economics. February 27, Edward N. Zalta ed. Models in Science. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Arrow and Michael D. Challenge Magazine. Jarvie; K. Milford; D. Miller eds. Karl Popper:A Centenary Assessment. London: Ashgate Publishing. Essays in Positive Economics. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Cambridge: Macmillan. Samuelson Bushaw and R.

Clower Introduction to Mathematical Economics , p. Four volumes. New York: Stockton Press. New York Times. Areas of mathematics. Category theory Information theory Mathematical logic Philosophy of mathematics Set theory. Abstract Elementary Linear Multilinear. Calculus Real analysis Complex analysis Differential equations Functional analysis.

Combinatorics Graph theory Order theory Game theory. Arithmetic Algebraic number theory Analytic number theory Diophantine geometry. Algebraic Differential Geometric. Control theory Mathematical economics Mathematical finance Mathematical physics Mathematical statistics Probability Statistics.