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Air inevitably passes from one area to another in and around cold storage chambers as a consequence of reception, movement, storage and other processes carried out inside. The entry of air from outside can cause the formation of ice and frost. FISAIR dehumidifiers can significantly reduce the formation of ice and the cyclical need for defrosting, thereby ensuring smooth and high-speed running all year round.

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Dehumidifiers eliminate humidity before it can accumulate as ice in the equipment. FISAIR supplies a desiccant rotor drying system able to eliminate air humidity at extremely low temperatures. Exterior energy is then employed to move the water vapour out of the chamber.

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The units can be installed in antechambers with air locks to reduce the infiltration of humidity, and in the chambers themselves to dry these small infiltrations. They greatly improve the quality of the space, make major reductions in energy consumption, and have a significant impact on reducing breakdowns in the machinery.

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The basic approach to their correct sizing involves the quantification of the infiltration of humidity and the determination of the suitable dew point required. Over the years we've learned a few things about keeping customers satisfied. Des Moines Ice and Fuel employees collect blocks of ice. This is still the original operation at 8th and New York right on the east bank of the Des Moines River.

We offer basic cold storage - the careful warehousing of your products in coolers and freezers. But we also become an integral part of your business when you need special services. We can assemble a skilled labor force to meet almost any processing, packaging, and distribution requirement.

We have the experience to manage and maintain specialized equipment. We will dedicate cooler, freezer, and blast freezer capability to meet your requirements, then add on just those services you really need. Flexibility is important to your operations, and that's what we provide.

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From the office to the dock, our expert staff is ready to react quickly when you need service. Above all, we take pride in moving and handling your products safely and efficiently. Perishable food especially fresh fruits and vegetables start to deteriorate as soon as they are harvested because they are cut off from their source of water and nutrition.

They lose weight, texture, flavor, nutritional value and appeal.

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Cooling significantly slows down the rate of deterioration, thereby increasing the storage life of the produce. The Solution.

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