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Durante l' esame obiettivo , il medico visita il paziente, ricercando eventuali segni clinici esterni ematomi , gonfiore ecc , e lo interroga sui sintomi:. Domande di questo genere permettono di capire, a grandi linee, il problema di base e che cosa l'ha provocato. Gli esami strumentali sono fondamentali, in quanto le informazioni che forniscono permettono il raggiungimento di una diagnosi finale corretta e sicura. Tra le procedure prescritte, possono rientrare:.

La terapia che i medici adottano in caso di costola fratturata prevede riposo , applicazione di ghiaccio sulla zona dolente e assunzione di farmaci antidolorifici. La pianificazione di una cura farmacologica che riduca il dolore ha un'importanza terapeutica fondamentale. Per prevenire l'insorgenza di polmoniti, i medici consigliano di tossire o compiere un respiro profondo una o due volte ogni ora. In altre parole, agivano quasi come in presenza di una frattura a un arto. Quando si accorsero che questo tipo di trattamento, limitando la respirazione profonda, predisponeva alla polmonite, lo abbandonarono virando sul metodo di cura attuale.

Si consiglia, in ogni caso, di assume degli integratori di vitamina C, E e lisina o i cibi che ne contengono. Un ottimo equilibrio tra i due e, in particolare, una buona fonte di Lisina contrasta la replicazione dell'herpes virus. Sono uno sportivo, vista la grande mole di allenamenti quotidiani, devo prendere qualche integratore aminoacidi di arginina, ornitina, lisina , Dieta Vegetariana e Vegana: consigli utili su come comporre un menu. Si tratta di lisina , treonina, valina e triptofano. I cereali, invece, contengono buone dosi di aminoacidi solforati, che sono scarsi nei legumi: per Provate anche l'avena, da utilizzare come ingrediente per il muesli e i biscotti, che grazie alla lisina aiuta la sintesi proteica.

Se a pranzo Timo generoso di sali minerali, Vitamine e aminoacidi quali leucina, isoleucina, lisina , treonona, valina e triptofano. L'origano invece possiede Lisina [online]. The Commission will wait for the outcome of the inquiry being carried out by the Spanish authorities. The Commission considers that the steps identified by the Task Force Mediterranean in the aftermath of the Lampedusa tragedies will allow Member States to better manage irregular migration at their borders. Work on the implementation of these actions is in progress. Det danske program ligner til forveksling det svenske og finske program.

Since , Denmark has had a coherent Salmonella programme which ensures full traceability of more types of Salmonella than are required under the regulation. The Danish programme is virtually indistinguishable from the Swedish and Finnish programmes. In and , there were no cases of human Salmonella infection from broiler meat produced in Denmark.

Danish broiler meat is now totally Salmonella-free, and that ought therefore to be reflected in Denmark's status. Back in , Denmark applied to the Commission for special status in respect of Salmonella in both broiler meat and table eggs, since the country met all the criteria in the Commission's guidelines on granting special status. In , Denmark was granted special status for table eggs; but the Commission has not yet submitted a proposal on special status for broiler meat.

That is unfathomable, given that Denmark does comply with all provisions.

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The Commission is obliged to act on such applications, as is made abundantly clear by the Court of Justice judgment, in connection with failure to act, in the case concerning genetically modified maize When does the Commission envisage submitting a proposal on special status for Denmark in respect of Salmonella in broiler meat, given that all conditions for obtaining it have been met? The Commission acknowledges the considerable progress made by Denmark on the reduction of Salmonella in poultry. The Danish programmes for flocks of laying hens and broilers have indeed been considered equivalent to the ones in Finland and Sweden, who have obtained special guarantees regarding Salmonella as provided for in Art.

However Member States were not in favour of extending such guarantees to broiler meat, which was the conclusion of several discussions held in the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health. The Danish industry has in addition been criticised by trading partners for dispatching Salmonella infected flocks to slaughter outside the country. The Commission does not intend to proceed with presenting a proposal as long as there is such an expressed scepticism of other Member States and no qualified majority can be obtained in a vote.

The violent storms and abnormally high tides which hit Brittany this winter not only destroyed part of the coastline, but also prevented fishermen from working for more than two months, leaving them facing a substantial loss of income. What urgent measures has the Commission taken to help fishing companies and fishermen in financial difficulty?

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  • Alimentazione e nutrizione: 640mila euro all’Università di Parma dal Programma europeo “PRIMA”.
  • Residue Reviews / Rückstands-Berichte: Residues of Pesticides and other Foreign Chemicals in Foods and Feeds / Rückstände von Pesticiden und anderen Fremdstoffen ... Environmental Contamination and Toxicology);

The fund will apparently be used to pay compensation to fishermen to cover losses suffered as a result of bad weather conditions. On the basis of what criteria will fishermen be awarded compensation and how long will they have to wait to receive it? Will the Commission take long-term measures to support fishermen hit by adverse weather conditions? The recently agreed European Maritime and Fisheries Fund EMFF may in the future co-finance mutual funds for fishermen, to allow them to finance special insurance schemes to compensate income losses in cases of adverse climatic conditions.

As to gear lost due to adverse climactic conditions e. Par quel moyen? Farmers in Wadi Fukin have again come under attack from Israeli settlers and the Israeli army. The inhabitants of Wadi Fukin, a Palestinian farming village near Bethlehem, have courageously resisted Israeli attacks designed to deprive them of a livelihood and seize the land for Israeli settlers. The land seized by the Israeli authorities is often used to extend settlements or create new ones.

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The opinion was ratified by the United Nations. How much longer will Israel be permitted to violate international law with impunity? While we have a clear position on settlements, endorsed by all Member States and the European Parliament that Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory are illegal and constitute an obstacle to peace, we are not contemplating the use of sanctions in the context of bilateral EU-Israel relations, since sanctions should only be considered when there is no other instrument at reach, which is not the case on bilateral EU-IL relations.

Oggetto: Alimenti a lunghissima conservazione per i militari. Ritiene che questo genere di alimenti possa essere in qualche modo nocivo per la salute umana? This food product remains edible up to three years without refrigeration or freezing. The project arose from the need for substitutes for the conventional tinned foods used by US soldiers on foreign assignments. The scientists undertook to develop a method of preventing mould growth. This prevents the pasta dough from absorbing the moisture in the tomato sauce or cheese, which feeds the growth of bacteria or mould which inevitably causes the pizza to rot.

Their solution uses humectants such as sugar, salt and various types of syrup as ingredients which bind to water and keep it from getting to the dough.

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Does it believe that this type of nutrition can have side-effects on military operational capability? The Commission is not aware of the experiment on very long-life foods for military consumption. The Commission does not have information to judge on the harmfulness of the food in question. Oggetto: Inquinamento atmosferico e complicanze prenatali e neonatali. Il confronto dei dati ha mostrato che una pesante esposizione a monossido di carbonio, biossido di zolfo e anidride solforosa ha portato a un significativo aumento del rischio di sviluppare il disturbo caratterizzato da alta pressione sanguigna durante la gravidanza.

L'esame fa inoltre riferimento a studi recenti che dimostrano l'esistenza di interrelazioni tra vari inquinanti atmosferici e altri effetti, compresi il basso peso alla nascita e la nascita prematura. According to a recent American study, fumes from atmospheric pollution can have even more harmful effects on pregnant women than cigarette smoke. They exacerbate potentially fatal complications such as pre-eclampsia.

The data comparison revealed that severe exposure to carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide significantly increased the risk of developing high blood pressure as a disorder during pregnancy. As foetal growth is highly sensitive to ambient factors, hypertension in the mother influences rates of foetal morbidity and mortality. The WHO review established that there is a causal relationship between particulate matter exposure and increased risk for lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases mortality and morbidity.

It also identified recent studies which have shown links between various air pollutants and other effects, including low birth weight and preterm birth as well as with pre-eclampsia. Nei giorni scorsi l'Ucraina ha registrato un forte inasprimento delle violenze di strada. I media italiani riportano la notizia della morte di un giornalista, che era in taxi quando lo hanno fermato, gli hanno lanciato contro una molotov e lo hanno trascinato fuori e crivellato di colpi, poco lontano da Piazza Maidan.

A ucciderlo sarebbe stato un commando di uomini mascherati. Il giornale per cui la vittima lavorava accoglie spesso posizioni filo-governative, ma secondo alcuni testimoni l'uomo sarebbe stato vittima di una formazione militare filo-governativa che da tempo combatte sulla piazza protetta dalle forze di polizia. La Commissione ha avviato programmi o intrapreso azioni volte a garantire il rispetto dei diritti fondamentali in Ucraina, a norma di quanto stabilito dall'articolo 21, paragrafo 1, del TUE?

L'UE condanna tutte le forme di violenza, indipendentemente dagli autori, ed esprime profonda simpatia per le vittime delle recenti violenze in Ucraina. L'UE ritiene di fondamentale importanza che si indaghi con la debita efficacia su tutti i casi di decessi, intimidazioni, torture, sparizioni e trattamenti inumani o degradanti, compresi quelli riguardanti giornalisti.

L'Unione ha reagito immediatamente agli eventi straordinari verificatisi in Ucraina, anche individuando e introducendo misure restrittive contro le persone responsabili di violazioni dei diritti umani o di appropriazione indebita di fondi dello Stato nel paese. The past few days have seen a severe escalation of violence on the streets of Ukraine.

The Italian media have released news reports concerning the death of a journalist, who was in a taxi when the vehicle was stopped and a petrol bomb thrown at it. The journalist was dragged out of the vehicle and beaten to death, not far from Independence Square. He was apparently killed by a group of masked men. The EU condemns all forms of violence perpetrated by any party and expresses deep sympathy for victims of recent violence in Ukraine. The EU attaches the utmost importance to the proper investigation of all cases involving death, intimidation, torture, disappearances, and inhumane or degrading treatment of any individual, including journalists.

In this regard, ensuring that law-enforcement bodies and the judicial system are efficient and transparent, and respect human rights, are top priorities. Reform of judiciary is a main feature of EU assistance to Ukraine. The EU responded immediately to extraordinary circumstances in Ukraine, including by pointing to and introducing restrictive measures against persons identified as responsible for human rights violations or misappropriation of State funds in Ukraine. The EU urges all sides to de-escalate the situation, including in Crimea, and allow the media to report freely in accordance with international commitments.

The experts reached these figures by analysing the mortality rate in several areas close to the power station in question. The rate in areas most affected by pollutants, after excluding other factors such as road traffic, other companies in the area or fumes from ships in port, was markedly higher than in the least affected areas.

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The company, which is owned by a well-known Italian industrial group, has sought to dismiss the connection by challenging the assessment method used. Whether it is aware of similar situations to the one described here in other EU Member States? The Commission has no specific figures on the health impact of individual coal-fired power plants.

It is the responsibility of the competent authorities in the Member States to ensure that the plants are permitted and operated in line with the requirements set out in those Directives. Un'azienda di telecomunicazioni tedesca da circa quattro anni ha vietato l'invio di e-mail e messaggi di lavoro fuori dagli orari d'ufficio. In seguito anche altre imprese hanno adottato questa politica, anche in altri settori industriali.

Un'altra azienda ha stabilito che tutta la posta elettronica che arrivi dopo che qualcuno ha attivato la risposta automatica in cui informa della sua assenza temporanea dalla scrivania, venga cancellata. Un ministro tedesco ha addirittura ammesso di essere a favore di una norma che vietasse messaggi di lavoro nel tempo libero, pur senza proporre mai alcun testo.

Sono disponibili dati che confermino che lo stress da lavoro possa essere provocato da richieste fuori orario? Sono disponibili dati relativi alla diffusione dello stress da lavoro tra i cittadini europei? La Commissione non dispone di cifre relative agli effetti del lavoro fuori orario. I rispettivi dati dell'IFS saranno disponibili alla fine del For about four years now, a German telecommunications company has banned the sending of work messages and emails outside office hours.

Other companies, including in other industries, have since adopted this policy. Another company has arranged for the deletion of any electronic mail that arrives after someone has activated the automatic response saying that they are temporarily away from their desk. A German minister has even said that he is in favour of a regulation banning work messages during free time, though without actually proposing a text.

Are any figures available on the incidence of work-related stress among European citizens? Are any figures available on the connection between suicides and work-related stress in Europe? Implementation Reports show that the Agreement has contributed to raising awareness, promoting principles and rules and building consensus on the structural nature of work-related stress and the need for concerted responses. The Commission has no figures on the effect of out-of-hours demands. Similar data from the LFS should be available end Una nuova droga sintetica in polvere ha ucciso 15 persone in Europa: si tratta dell'oppioide AH Dispone di dati aggiornati sui casi di decesso o rischio di decesso causati dal citato prodotto?

Intende adottare misure volte a ridurne la distribuzione sul mercato europeo? Al consumo di questa sostanza sono associati sei casi d'intossicazione non mortali e 15 decessi in tre paesi. Il comitato scientifico dell'Osservatorio sta conducendo una valutazione dei rischi legati all'AH nel relativo rapporto saranno disponibili informazioni su caratteristiche, effetti e conseguenze dell'uso di questa sostanza, come anche dati aggiornati sul numero di decessi e di intossicazioni. The deaths caused by this product have been reported by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction and the product has been seized in the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Can the Commission state which Member States have classed this product as an illegal narcotic substance so far? Does it have up-to-date information on the number of fatal or life-threatening cases caused by this product? Does it plan to adopt measures to curb its distribution on the European market? Its consumption has been associated with six non-fatal intoxications and 15 deaths in three countries. Ebooks and Manuals

The proposals are currently being negotiated by the European Parliament and the Council. Negli Stati Uniti sono disponibili sul mercato test genetici a prezzi facilmente accessibili. Questi sono in genere effettuati da coloro che vogliono scoprire se sono a rischio di determinate patologie ereditarie, scandagliando il proprio patrimonio genetico.

Non guardare a tutte le varianti in gioco significa, infatti, avere solo una visione parziale. Tra le modifiche figura inoltre la proposta che i dispositivi per test genetici possano essere forniti soltanto su prescrizione medica. Genetic tests are available on the market in the United States at readily affordable prices. They are generally done by people who want to find out if they are at risk of certain hereditary diseases by probing their own genetic make-up.

Such tests are not yet always reliable, and sometimes similar tests may even give opposite results. There are in fact many different tests, some requiring a medical prescription and aimed at identifying the likelihood of developing certain diseases deriving from mutations in a specific gene, while others aimed at consumers analyse numerous genes and provide less definite results. Not looking at all the variables involved results in only having a partial view. Can the Commission say whether these kinds of tests are also being carried out in the European Union?

How many European citizens are taking these kinds of tests? Is the number growing? The Commission has no information on which genetic tests are carried out in individual Member States, and under which conditions. The Commission proposal also aims at ensuring the proper regulation of devices offered by means of information society services, as well as devices that are not placed on the market, but are used in the context of a commercial activity for the provision of a diagnostic or therapeutic service offered by means of information society services, or by other means of communication, to a natural or legal person established in the Union.

The amendments also propose that devices for genetic testing may only be supplied on medical prescription. Oggetto: Nuove tecniche e farmaci per la cura della depressione. Per trattare la depressione vengono generalmente utilizzati psicofarmaci come quelli che agiscono sull'inibizione dei neurotrasmettitori, ma non sempre i risultati di questo genere di trattamenti sono soddisfacenti. Gli scienziati hanno infatti osservato che in condizioni di stress cronico sono le cellule nervose dell'ippocampo a soffrirne, iniziando ad atrofizzarsi.

Queste cifre riguardano la depressione autovalutata, non necessariamente quella diagnosticata da operatori sanitari. L'indagine IES viene effettuata ogni 5 anni. Depression is usually treated with psychotropic drugs, such as those that act on neurotransmitter inhibition, but the results of this kind of treatment are not always satisfactory.

A study carried out by a university in Ohio, United States, suggests that there are other drugs and other techniques for treating depression. The most common alternatives appear to be electrical and magnetic brain stimulation, long-term cognitive-behavioural therapy for stress management, or even a new generation of drugs that do not target neurotransmitters. The reason why neurotransmitter-targeting drugs were developed was that for many years depression was thought to be caused by a lack of these chemical messengers.

In contrast, the new theories about depression are focusing on differences in neuron density in various regions of the brain, the effects of stress on the birth and death of brain cells, alterations in brain feedback pathways and the role of brain inflammation caused by the response to stress. It is thought that chronic stress itself may be intimately involved in the development of depression, since over the long term stress damages cells in both the body and the brain.

Scientists have in fact observed that nerve cells in the hippocampus suffer under chronic stress conditions and begin to atrophy.

The prevalence levels varied significantly, from 0. These figures are on self-reported depression, not necessarily diagnosed by a health professional. The next wave is foreseen for Oggetto: Nuove pillole contro i dolori da artrite. Questa scoperta potrebbe portare alla creazione di nuovi farmaci contro questo genere di dolori. I ricercatori hanno rilevato che il rimedio riduce in modo significativo i dolori, anche forti, nel 90 per cento dei casi e in particolare i dolori alle mani.

L'osteoartrite, infatti, colpisce proprio le articolazioni rendendo spesso difficile compiere le normali azioni quotidiane come aprire un barattolo, tenere le posate in mano o allacciarsi le scarpe. I test hanno poi dimostrato che l'estratto ha un effetto a lungo termine. A Danish research team has been examining the therapeutic properties of rose hips for arthritic pain. This discovery could lead to the development of new drugs to treat this kind of pain. The study was conducted on 30 osteoarthritis patients with problems in either their upper or their lower limbs.

Another component of interest is lycopene, an antioxidant that helps to reduce LDL cholesterol levels and fight ageing and inflammation. The tests showed that the extract has a long-term effect. Is the Commission aware of the study in question and does it plan to allow rose hip pills to be marketed in the European Union?

Applications for an authorisation for a medicine containing rosehip as active substance to relieve arthritic pain have to be submitted to the Competent Authority of a Member State. An authorisation is only granted if the benefit-risk balance is favourable. Applicants must demonstrate the quality, safety and efficacy of his product. Applications for a registration are also submitted to and evaluated by the Competent Authority of a Member State.

In addition to demonstrating the quality of the product, the applicant has to provide data on the traditional use of the product, in particular it proves not to be harmful and its efficacy is plausible on the basis of long-standing use and experience. However, the labelling, presentation and advertising must not attribute to food supplements the property of preventing, treating or curing a human disease, or refer to such properties. The classification of a product as food or medicine is the responsibility of the Member States, taking into account all the characteristics of the final product, not only of the ingredients it contains.

Ritiene che la riduzione dell'aliquota sul latte di soia possa incentivare un'economia a basso impatto ambientale? I prodotti alimentari, comprese le bevande e quindi il latte di soia, rientrano in tale opzione. In view of this, can the Commission clarify whether soya milk is also taxed as a luxury good in other Member States? Does it consider that a reduction in the rate on soya milk could incentivise an economy with low environmental impact?

Does it consider that Europe-wide coordination action is necessary in this matter? Foodstuffs, including beverages and therefore soya milk, are covered by such an option. VAT is not primarily designed to incentivise or favour a particular sector but rather to efficiently collect revenue in a simple and neutral way.

Therefore other more targeted policy measures will be more effective. Oggetto: Sperimentazione di un nuovo farmaco contro diverse malattie autoimmuni. Si tratta di globuli bianchi che esprimono il gene FOXA1, responsabile dello sviluppo delle cellule con funzioni soppressive nei confronti delle cellule T. Il team di ricercatori ha esaminato il sangue dei pazienti con sclerosi multipla prima e dopo due anni di trattamento con il farmaco interferone-beta.

I risultati dei test hanno mostrato che i pazienti trattati con questo farmaco avevano visto aumentare il numero di questo nuovo tipo di cellule del sangue che combattono la malattia. La fase attuale di ricerca prevede una serie di test con cui valutare se i nuovi linfociti FOXA1 possano impedire il deterioramento dello strato di mielina delle cellule nervose e la degenerazione cerebrale in un modello di sclerosi multipla progressiva. Inoltre, questa terapia potrebbe avere risvolti importanti anche nella cura di altre malattie autoimmuni come il diabete di tipo 1 o l'artrite reumatoide.

Non sono disponibili dati o registri ufficiali sull'incidenza delle malattie autoimmuni in Europa. Due terzi dei pazienti sono donne. Si riportano in allegato i dati relativi alle dimissioni ospedaliere per casi di sclerosi multipla registrate nel e ripartite per sesso. Some pathologies, such as multiple sclerosis, are marked by a chronic inflammation of the brain, which is believed to be caused by hyperactivity of the immune system involving the immune cells known as T cells.

A Danish research team has discovered some blood cells which are able to combat hyperactive T cells and, consequently, the cerebral inflammation they cause. These are white cells which emit the gene FOXA1, responsible for the development of cells which can suppress T cells. By stimulating the activity of these regulatory cells, the scientists have been able to reduce significantly the level of cerebral inflammation and illness.

The research team has examined the blood of multiple sclerosis patients before and after two years of treatment with the drug interferon beta. The test results showed that patients treated with this drug had experienced an increase in the number of this new type of blood cell which combats the disease. The current stage of the research provides for a series of tests to evaluate whether the new FOXA1 lymphocytes can prevent the deterioration of the myelin layer of the nerve cells and cerebral degeneration in a progressive multiple sclerosis model.

Also, this therapy could also have significant implications for the treatment of other autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. There are no official available data or registries on the incidence of auto immune diseases in Europe. The report includes best estimates on prevalence and incidence of Multiple Sclerosis by gender and age group in Europe. In annex, data is provided on hospital discharges for multiple sclerosis in by gender. Oggetto: Tre ragazzini intossicati in una piscina a Roma. I tre minori sono ricoverati in gravi condizioni e sottoposti a un trattamento in camera iperbarica.

Sono intervenuti i carabinieri della stazione Madonna del Riposo, che sono in attesa di una relazione dei vigili del fuoco che hanno ispezionato la struttura e per verificare con esattezza la causa del malore dei tre ragazzini. Chi deve essere considerato responsabile dell'incidente in casi simili a quello descritto? La regolamentazione delle strutture per il tempo libero, come le piscine, compresi anche gli aspetti legati all'enforcement, rientrano nelle competenze degli Stati membri.

Non esistono attualmente norme europee. The three children were taken to hospital in a serious condition and treated in a hyperbaric chamber. In view of this incident, can the Commission clarify whether any specific European standards exist in relation to safety in premises of this kind? Who should be held responsible for the incident in cases similar to the one described?

The regulation of safety of leisure services such as swimming pools, including the enforcement falls into the competence of Member States. There are currently no European standards in place. Liability is determined in accordance with the applicable national rules. Oggetto: Utilizzo dei semi di uva per ridurre gli effetti collaterali della chemioterapia. La ricerca effettuata ha anche mostrato che il vinacciolo assunto per via orale ha ridotto in modo significativo l'infiammazione e i danni ai tessuti causati dalla chemioterapia nel piccolo intestino, senza danneggiare le cellule non tumorali, agendo quindi selettivamente sulle cellule tumorali.

In linea di principio, la Commissione europea non valuta progetti di ricerca che non siano direttamente legati ai suoi finanziamenti. I finanziamenti unionali per la ricerca sono erogati in base a concorsi in forma di inviti a presentare proposte ed in seguito a una valutazione indipendente tra pari. L'azione dell'UE in materia di cancro si basa sulle migliori evidenze scientifiche disponibili.

La Commissione non intende tuttavia promuovere specificamente lo studio menzionato dall'Onorevole deputato. A medical study carried out by an Australian university has been looking at how to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy by analysing grape seeds, which contain active substances that are particularly useful in this case.

These are tannins and polyphenols, anti-inflammatory agents that can reduce side effects and increase the efficacy of chemotherapy used in the treatment of bowel cancer, one of the most common forms of cancer and one that is rather difficult to treat. Is it aware of similar studies carried out by European universities or research centres?

Does it intend to promote this study, given that the incidence of cancer is still rather high among Europeans? As a matter of policy, the European Commission does not assess research projects that do not directly relate to its funding activities. EU action on cancer is based on the best available scientific evidence. The Commission does not however intend to specifically promote the study referred to by the Honourable Member. Oggetto: Vitamina C e rischio di ictus emorragico. I ricercatori francesi alla guida dello studio hanno coinvolto 65 persone che avevano subito un ictus emorragico intracerebrale, ossia una rottura dei vasi sanguigni all'interno del cervello, per poi confrontare i dati relativi alla loro condizione con quelli di 65 persone sane.

Alla luce di quanto esposto, si chiede alla Commissione se intende promuovere campagne di sensibilizzazione a favore del consumo di cibi contenti vitamina C, al fine di garantire un apporto vitaminico sufficiente a ridurre il rischio di ictus e altre patologie legate alla carenza di tale vitamina.

Spetta agli Stati membri monitorare la situazione nutrizionale della popolazione e decidere se desiderano o meno introdurre misure per ovviare a un'assunzione insufficiente di nutrienti essenziali. Per quanto concerne le campagne di sensibilizzazione, l'educazione alla salute rientra nelle competenze degli Stati membri. La Commissione sostiene gli sforzi condotti a livello nazionale.

In cooperazione con gli Stati membri la Commissione si adopera per promuovere il consumo di frutta e verdura. A very recent study has shown that eating foods rich in vitamin C may help to reduce the risk of the most common type of haemorrhagic stroke, and that on the other hand a deficiency may increase the risk significantly. The French researchers leading the study recruited 65 people who had suffered an intercerebral haemorrhagic stroke, that is, a rupture of the blood vessels in the brain, and compared the data relating to their condition with those of 65 healthy people.

The study has also shown that vitamin C appears to offer other benefits such as the production of collagen, a protein found in bones, skin and tissues. In view of the above, does the Commission intend to promote awareness campaigns to encourage consumption of foods containing vitamin C, so as to ensure a vitamin intake sufficient to reduce the risk of stroke and other pathologies associated with a deficiency of this vitamin? The European Food Safety Authority acts as a risk assessor and provides independent scientific advice.

With regard to the recommended levels of vitamin C intake, the Commission has asked the European Food Safety Authority to advice on population reference intakes of micronutrients in the diet, which includes advice on vitamin C, in the context of a balanced diet which, when part of an overall healthy lifestyle, contributes to good health through optimal nutrition. It is the responsibility of Member States to monitor the nutritional situation of the population, and to decide whether or not they wish to introduce measures to address insufficient intake of essential nutrients.

Regarding awareness campaigns, health education is within the competence of Member States. The Commission is supporting national efforts. In cooperation with the Member States the Commission works on promoting the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Oggetto: Rivalutazione del capitale della Banca d'Italia. La legge italiana n. Il capitale di BI passa da milioni di lire definito nel a un valore attuale di 7,5 miliardi di Euro.

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La riforma ha anche provocato la modifica degli art. Se le riserve di BI sono da considerare risorse pubbliche o utili liberamente distribuibili ai soci di BI o destinabili ad aumenti di capitale di BI? Any unsold shares may be bought back by BI. An important step in this event is the privatisation of the public banks which in substantially allowed the transfer of Banca d'Italia shares from public sector bodies to bodies in the process of privatisation.

In the period leading up to privatisation no proper revaluation of BI shares took place. Since we are unaware of any voluntary notification by the Italian State, can the European Commission verify:. Whether the ability to sell shares in BI and for BI to buy back its own shares where shareholdings to be sold to third parties remain unsold may be considered state aid, incompatible with the rules of the Union?

The Commission has already sent a request for information to the Italian authorities in order to verify whether there might be elements of state aid in the revaluation of Italy's Central Bank, Banca d'Italia, and, if so, whether they would seem compatible with the internal market. On that basis, the Commission will decide whether or not to conduct a preliminary examination.

Secondo alcune fonti giornalistiche in Pakistan il ventiquattrenne cristiano, Sabir Masih, sarebbe stato torturato ed ucciso dalla polizia. Gli agenti avrebbero dichiarato la morte del ragazzo per suicidio, ma i referti medici rilasciati dopo l'autopsia indicherebbero che il decesso sarebbe sopraggiunto in seguito a gravi ferite interne, causate da torture e abusi. Secondo la famiglia, il ragazzo non poteva essere l'artefice del reato, in quanto avrebbe passato tutta la giornata al lavoro. Va ricordato che la tortura sarebbe una pratica usata spesso in questo paese e secondo alcune testimonianze, i cristiani arrestati sarebbero vittime di abusi particolarmente violenti.

Pare che la polizia, per non far emergere dettagli della violenza, avrebbe intimato alla famiglia di celebrare il funerale il giorno stesso della sua morte e che non sono stati ancora presi provvedimenti verso i presunti responsabili. Intende far luce sulla vicenda a seguito di questo ennesimo episodio nei confronti dei cristiani che in tutto il mondo vengono perseguitati?