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Parson James - Only You (Lyric Video)

Ticket sales can only cover a portion of our costs. PNT has never been in debt in 17 seasons, thanks to you. We are one of the few theaters our size in Los Angeles that pays its artists, not what they deserve, to be sure, but above the Actors Equity minimum.

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  • DIARY of a young Jewish girl - World War II Hungary 1941-1946.
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Your donation allows us to pay artists and our overhead and still keep our programs available to all members of the community. Lance's Blogs. Another side of Venice April 13, Charles Dickens: Entrepreneur December 12, Recalled to Life! Hurry, Doctor! I need a subscription!

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November 6, Season September 11, Together, these complementary learning communities make Parsons a singular launchpad for a creative education and career. What Parsons brings together can set you apart—read how below. Today, as industries and fields of study merge and branch off into new realms, artists and designers work freely in a range of disciplines.

A growing array of minors in subjects including foreign languages, environmental studies, and psychology and study abroad options further enrich your interdisciplinary practice.

From your first day through your final critique, you sharpen your practice and your understanding of the social and environmental impact of your actions. From your first semester, you address the challenges of city life through art and design. You examine urban systems — transportation, energy, education — honing your skills and critical thinking. Field research takes you to tech startups, legendary museums and galleries, urban farms, and global media firms.

Each year, the roster of National Design Awards, given by Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, recognizes members of our community who teach, serve on crit panels, and lecture on campus. Alumni panels, symposia, and guest lectureships on campus invite industry leaders to share their experience, insights, and contacts.

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