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Its under parts are black. Macedoine, Macedonia, an area rich in ethnic variety]. Africa or his tomb. Martinet, 17th-cent. French drill-master]. It is used as a pigment. Now usu. Philip de Mornay d. French post-impressionists following the artistic theories of the French painter Paul Gauguin — The first e has an accent.

Persian blinds, outside shutters of thin movable slats. Probably from the fact that calling by a nickname affords one to cozy up to someone and tap under the chin. American monkeys.


As it falls, air comes through those holes, is sucked into the water and is thus entrained throughout the water. However, having trained as an architect, Vigers chose not not to pursue this as a profession but, instead, worked as an applied from this period onwards. He became a noted designer of wallpapers, textiles and furniture. He also executed several illuminations. Baker and Alexander Morton. His brother, Lesley Robert Vigers was also an architect. Vigers died in [or - sources differ]. Six sketches of toilet ware designed by Solon and Wadsworth and executed by Mintons Ltd. Solon also designed many of Minton's Art Nouveau tiles.

Solon left Mintons in and in emigrated to the USA where he established a successful career as a designer of tiles and architectural ceramist. He also wrote articles on the subject of architectural ceramics. He also worked as a painter, sculptor and illustrator.

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Solon died in George Percy Bankart [commonly known as George P. Bankart] was born in Leicester, England on 20 January During this period he met Ernest Gimson with whom he struck up a lifelong friendship. It was at Bankart's father's house that Gimson was first introduced to William Morris.

After leaving Barradale, Bankart worked for various architects in London and elsewhere, however, despite his training as an architect, he chose not to pursue a career is this field but, instead turned to the applied arts. From the s onwards Bankart became one of the most renowned exponents of the craft of decorative plasterwork.

Some forty examples of his work as a plasterer are illustrated in 'The Studio Year-Book of Decorative Art' between Bankart was commissioned by many of the leading architects of the day including E. Guy Dawber, H. Baillie Scott, E. May, etc.

In addition to his work as a plasterer, several examples of his ornamental leadwork are illustrated in 'The Studio Year-Book of Decorative Art', including rainwater heads and fountains. He was also co-author, with his son, G. He was also in charge of plasterwork at the Bromsgrove Guild of Handicraft in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, a post he held until c. Bankart became a member of the Art Workers Guild in , but resigned in He exhibited at the Royal Academy in London between Bankart died in Welwyn Garden City, England, in He left school at the age of twelve and worked initially with an uncle in the building trade in Lancaster.

When his father died, he moved with his mother to London in where he obtained employment with John Willis, a landscape gardener and nurseryman. In Mawson returned north and joined his two brothers in a nursery business they had started in Windermere. It was during this period that he began designing gardens. Most of the gardens he designed were in the Windermere area.

His first commission was Graythwaite Hall at Newby Bridge He also designed gardens elsewhere in Britain, Europe and North America. Batsford, which ran to several editions. In he was briefly in partnership with the architect Dan Gibson. In addition to his work as a designer of gardens, Mawson also designed garden furniture garden furniture and features for the garden, which were mainly made by Garden Crafts Ltd.. Oak doors, folding gates, a fences, furniture, seats, screens, a trellus, a rose arch and a footbridge designed by Mawson and made by Garden Crafts Ltd.

For 'The Studio Yearbook of Decorative Art' he wrote an article, 'The garden as a means of artistic expression' pp, , in which he examined the role of the garden both in art and as art in its own right. The article is also illustrated with several examples of his work. Photographs showing the garden house at the entrance to the pergola and panel garden at Woolley Hall, near Maidenhead, designed by Mawson are illustrated in 'The Studio Yearbook of Decorative Art' pp.

From onwards Mawson became increasingly interested in landscape architecture and town planning. He also served as a consultant for public park schemes in Bolton and Blackpool in Lancashire, England; Hanley and Burslem in Staffordshire, England, and elsewhere. Batsford, During World War One, Mawson became concerned about the plight of disabled servicesmen. The villages would be equipped with workshops and the necessary facilities to enable them to support themselves and maintain their independence after the war. He was awarded the Order of the Saviour of Greece, 1st Class. Mawson exhibited on several occasions at the Royal Academy in London.

His son was the architect and town planner Edward Prentice Mawson Harold Smith worked as a metalworker, woodworker and interior decorator in the UK during the early years of the twentieth century. He also decorated throughout and made certain structural alterations at 28 Cheyne Row in Chelsea, London. Photographs of fireplaces and fire grates designed by Smith and executed by the Teale Fireplace Co.

In addition to his work as an applied artist, Smith was also a painter and engraver, although he appears not to have excelled in these fields. He was living in Stirling Scotland in and in Glasgow in John W. Bennett was born in Glasgow , Scotland, in Between he ran a woodcarving business in Glasgow. He also studied at Glasgow School of Art during this period and in won first prize in a competition organised by 'Studio' magazine. Photographs of six wooden furniture panels designed and carved by Bennett are featured in 'The Studio Year-Book of Decorative Art' p.

In he moved to Thurso in Scotland where he taught at the Miller Institute for two years. He then moved to Buckhaven in Scotland and taught at the local High School. His address in is given as 2 East Church, Thurso. Wyburd, Leonard F. Wyburd [sometimes known as Leonard Wyburd] was active as an artist and designer in the UK between the late s and c.

He designed a wide range of furniture for the company including sideboards, tables, chairs, bookcases, clocks, firescreens, bedroom suites, etc. Although Wyburd is listed as an architect in 'Directory of British Architects volume 2 L-Z' by Antonia Brodie London: Continuum, , it is not known if he qualified as an architect. Photographs of the entrance hall, morning room and bedroom of a house designed by Wyburd are featured in 'The Studio Yearbook of Decorative Art' pp. Also illustrated in SYB is a fireplace he designed and executed p. In addition to his work as a designer and painter, Wyburd was also a painter.

Murphy A. Alcock, R. Aldin, C. Alons, Cor Als ik kan Altenloh, E. Aucoc, Louis Audsley, W. Baillie Scott, M. Scott Bakalowits, F. Battam Batty, Dora M. Begeer, Carel J. Begeer, Cornelis L J. Bell, A. Blow, D. Bodley, G. Bradley, William H. Brancusi, Constantin Brandner, Johann L. Brandstetter, A. Butler, Henry Butler, J. Campbell, Ernest W. Cazaux, Edouard Cazin, J. Charpentier, Alexandre Chase, William A. Carstens Georgenthal Chr. Carstens Grafenroda Chr. Chubb, G. Clutha Coalbrookdale Coalbrookdale Co.

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Colenbrander, Theodoor C. Colin, E. Cottier, Daniel Cottingham, L. Cottrell, John L. Guy Cowham, Hilda Cowie, R. Cundall, Charles E. Dixon, Harry St.

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Art Glass Co. Dunn, Constance E. Ednie, J. Ellgreave Pottery Co. Ellis, Harvey Ellwood, G. Fessler, E. Franck, A. Fumeron R. German Hygiene Museum Ghiatza D. Gibbings Gibbings T. Goffredo Reggiani Gorman R. Beinfield H. Hubschwerlin Edited By C. Barbini Bargillatti A. Barovier, Barovier Barovier E. Blashfield J. Blasingame Lou Blasingame Lou M. Cross Mark Cunningham W. Lemariey D. Derain Gilles Derapage Deross A. Fiske Iron Works Fitch J.

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Fortuny Forum Inc. Gardiner, E. George, T. Golfing Ceramics Goodall, E. Goodall, F. Gray, Eileen Greenaway, K. Hallin, F. Harbridge Crystal Glass Co. Hardenbergh, Elizabeth R. Harding, Deborah N. Hardman, J. Hartgring, Johannes Hendricus Hartgring, W. Hassall, J. Haviland, tableware co. Heaton, C. Heaton, J. Herold, John J. Herrick, F. Hislop, D. Hoffmann, P. Hollohaza Istvanyi Co. Holman Hunt, W. Hoogendijk, F.

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Quels instruments jouez-vous? Attente — 2. Douleur — 3. Juha T. Le chemin est tortueux et raide. Il est tout noir. Jukka-Pekka Saraste. The useless dawn finds me 2. What can I hold you with? Proposition I 2. River 3. Proposition II 4. Lullaby 5. Farewell 6. Alexander Liebreich. Olari Elts. Son enfant se plaint. Le mari la trouve inconsciente, son enfant dans les bras. Tout se produit au moment de minuit.

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