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And our next author knows how to make it right. Jane has wanted Rick since she first saw him in her college World History class, and at the frat party, she finally gets her chance. Things go great! She wants nothing more than to have red-hot hardcore sex with him, so when he invites her back to his place, she jumps on the chance. When they get started, though, something changes. Before she knows it, Rick is held by tentacles and made to watch as some kind of alien monster has its way with Jane! Of course, Jane discovers soon enough that tentacles are a lot more flexible than cocks.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during an alien monster sex encounter. It includes tentacle sex, tentacle bondage, deepthroat, anal sex, and double penetration. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

You may just not realize it until an innocent-looking houseplant rises up and takes you. Take the plunge with a little tentacle erotica—CJ Smalls has a collection of tentacle sex encounters , including Taken by the Tentacles , guaranteed to make you rethink your stance on the tentacle. Zack is 23 years old, and his greatest fear in the world is that he will die a virgin. This is a man that has tried everything he could to get laid, but his real problem is he was cursed with a small dick. On a long shot, Zack tries to get a date out of her. To his shock, she does think about it.

The results seem too good to be true at first, but there are unexpected side effects. Micro penises are real, by the way. Zack is so consumed by fear over dying a virgin that he invests in some penile-enhancing drugs. While it may work for some people, all it does for Zack is turn his penis into a monster that consumes him. She miraculously survives, but the young couple soon realizes she did not remain untouched as, a month later, she turns into a wolf.

Yes, they can. A lesbian couple on the cusp of consummating their relationship goes for a nighttime walk in the woods. But then one of them gets attacked by a werewolf. But then one of them turns into a werewolf. Because how else are you going to get a monster male appendage into the story? Our female-turned-male-werewolf boasts an incher. Get ready for an X-Rated Xmas!

Fly with him from place to place as he samples the wares of women from around the globe in the third book from Bytch Williams—a book filled with as much laughs as it has steamy action! When you need a little Santa erotica to boost your Christmas spirit, look no further than Slammed by Santa. When super-wealthy dinosaurs from the planet Gargachoy make their way to Earth, they seem to have one thing on their minds: getting it on.

With our automobiles. And while things are getting hot and heavy in the garage, a few of them may even find love. Dino erotica was all the rage a few years ago , but nothing quite tops it like A Trillionaire Triceratops Violated My Volvo. This is dino-car erotica at its finest. For me. Warning: This book contains a woman unafraid of wearing easy-access skirts and a giraffe shifter looking for his one true mate.

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Beware: his tongue might make you a believer, too. Why go the traditional shifter route when you can have a giraffe shifter? Forget werewolves. Built for second-story creeping, giraffes also excel at using their tongues in imaginative okay, not that imaginative ways. So where does it go wrong?

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After the fight, hottie knots him, making cutie his "bitch" but since the pack is a family and everything is shared, the cutie has the night of his life by being taken in every orifice by the entire pack. They all welcome him into their family, but cutie, beware, all of them are going to have their fun with him once in a while. Yes, hot, but far from romantic. Dec 09, Derreck rated it really liked it. Halloween, Smut, Irresistible men and this was written by Sadie Sins? Count me in!

Starting off with The Familiar, this is about Sebastian who may have reached a low point in his life, but that all changes when he comes across a injured cat. I'm not one for spoilers, so I'll never do that if it can be helped. Let's just say that I would have loved to see some more. Then again that's my general feelings towards most short stories.

Then comes A Monster Bash, and this is about a young sorcerer who has the hots for a very well known sorcerer. Its a Halloween party and Will gets far more than he bargained for. Overall, I thought this entry was ok, but still freaking hot! I believe this is where the title of this collection comes from: Taken By Beasts, comes into play. Crimson Moon is freaking adorable! Its about 2 best friends harboring a secret from the other. Although, one of them has more than one secret.

  1. Slaves of the Beast Men.
  2. Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Full Moon Gangbang.
  3. Werewolf Week: Character Interview with Pratan Pratihar from Rajasthani Moon by Lisabet Sarai!

I honestly loved how this played out before the truth came to light. Mitch is doing his civic duty as an older brother by taking his little sister out for trick or treating. They end up at a house Mitch had been avoiding for years. I will leave it at that :p Going Wild. Talk about saving the best for last! I adore this short story the most! I'd like an order of Silas please? Jul 31, Jaimed rated it really liked it. I want more "The Familiar" and "A Monster Bash" are, by far, my favorites and I really want to see a full novel or sequel or serial of them. I want to be able to read AMB again, like it was the first time.

I can see so much more going on with both of these stories. Can't you imagine the fun that could be had with a guy that has cat ears and tail? What about a sweet guy that gives himself to a sorcerer and three monsters. I wonder what kind of trouble they could get into with three huge monsters a I want more "The Familiar" and "A Monster Bash" are, by far, my favorites and I really want to see a full novel or sequel or serial of them. I wonder what kind of trouble they could get into with three huge monsters and a sorcerer.

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The other stories were fine, but these two just called to me. I want more! Jun 17, Barbara rated it it was amazing. This was a really sexually erotic series of stories that was full of the paranormal and very entertaining. Vampires, thralls, werewolves, magicians, shifters and mythical creatures.. Menage' is part of some of the stories and the sexual encounters are really hot. An excellent book. Would recommend it for anyone to read. Oct 29, Cindy rated it it was amazing.

Extra sexy heat Best read, Halloween inspired anthology. Heat factor is through the roof.


If you enjoy dirty sexy porn, man on man love. This book is for you! Feb 12, Lucrecia rated it it was amazing. Taken By Beasts Sadie Sins is my spirit animal. I'm pretty sure.

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Her stories are fast, intense and naughty in every way that counts. She writes exactly what I want to read. Oct 08, Olivia rated it really liked it Shelves: z-bingo-ssep-nov , mm , standalone. I picked this book as I was in the mood for some erotic stories, and oh, my! It was more than I expected, but hey, if it's a book about monsters, I could have anticipated the monster cocks, literarly. And I can't even complain that these were used in improbable ways, cuz the whole theme of this collection was fantasy and paranolmal, so realism was not the main focus of it.

Sex-Crazed Werewolves: Full Moon Gangbang by Fannie Tucker

Definately hot, but I haven't read a lot of MM fantasy with magical creatures, so I was a little overwhelmed I picked this book as I was in the mood for some erotic stories, and oh, my! Dec 30, Levi rated it really liked it Shelves: mm-romance , arc-s , mm-shifter-vamp-paranormal. When you take this book in your hand be ready for hotness! This collection contains five Halloween story. As sub genere we will meet bdsm,dub con, gay for you,MMMM and friends to lover.

The stories are short approx 50 pages each and there will be : vampires, werewolves, minotaur with a huge If you looking for some hot stories there you are! Oct 30, P Leslie rated it it was amazing. The stories were hot, sexy, steamy yet funny. If your looking for a quick read that's going to get you hot and bothered, then look no further! Oct 31, Nessa rated it really liked it. I voluntarily received and reviewed an advance readers copy of this book This was so much fun to read and totally, hot.