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If this material can't be found, fine aragonite gravel will be a good substitute. Feeding these four-eyed fish is a snap; they're not fussy.

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Frozen foods such as mysis shrimp are readily accepted, as are prepared foods such as pelleted and freeze-dried diets. Anableps also enjoy live wingless fruit flies and even pinhead crickets. Provide lots of plants both floating and anchored for the fish to hide in, as males can be aggressive towards each other.

And you'll want to keep the tank well-covered, as these fish are excellent jumpers and can and have jumped right out of many an astonished keeper's tank. Suitable tank mates for these fish include any number of brackish-water species, including fingerfish Monodactylus , Mollies, Mudskippers, Indian Anableps not a true Anableps, but rather a mullet that fills the same niche as Anableps , and the like.

Just remember, they can and will eat fish smaller than themselves.

Four-eyed Fish

There is one other thing that is unusual about these four-eyed fish other than the jumping out of the tank and growing up to a foot long. They are members of a family of fishes call Anablepidae, also known as one-sided livebearers. Oh, I didn't mention they produce live young, did I? Like other livebearers, the male possesses a gonopodium, the organ by which sperm is inserted into the female's genital opening foricula.

However, the gonopodium swings only one way, unlike other livebearers. This means that a 'right handed' male can mate only with a 'left-handed female. Why this is so is not known, but it does add to the 'unusuality' of this fish, as if split eyes weren't enough! After a gestation of about three-months, more if the female is large 1. They are able to fend for themselves, and will eat the same food as the parents.

Anableps (Four-Eyed Fish)

There are many wonderful unusual fish out there, but I think it's safe to say you'd be hard-pressed to find one more unusual than the four-eyed fish, Anableps. Frank M. Visit him on the web at www. While J. In contrast, lws opsins were found to have the opposite distribution in A. Cones expressing lws were limited to the dorsal region of the retina of two J.

Figure 3. Expression domains in dorsal and ventral retinas by opsin type and wavelength sensitivity. While no other studies look specifically at the difference in A. Swamynathan et al. The authors of this paper proposed this specialization protected the dorsal cornea against UV irradiation and desiccation.

In general, previous findings support the specialized adaptation of the dorsal and ventral sections of A. While the evidence is building for specialized adaptation in this species, there is still more to be explored. Owens et al. This experiment also had a relatively small sample size 2 adult and 2 juvenile A. If the authors can duplicate the study for another population of A. Furthermore, this experiment could be conducted with additional species that are closely related to Anableps and Jenynsia, allowing to more carefully trace evolutionary modifications in response to ecological transitions in this group of fishes.

Tropical Fish Families

One should also repeat this kind of analysis for other species of fish that live at the surface of water to see if this opsin expression pattern exists elsewhere. It would also be interesting to gain a better understanding of how information from both eye regions combine to send one message to the brain. In all, Owens et al. In particular this multi-region optical system seems to have evolved in response to physical constraints that result from living at the interface of water and air.

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Oliveira, F. Vis Neurosci 23 , DOI: Owens, G.

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