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How exciting!! Shoot us an email at cactusmoonmusic gmail. In short, Angela will go wherever the music takes her! She is passionate about sharing her music and loves to travel as well. Keep an eye out on my tour schedule for upcoming shows near you. YES, Angela will be getting back into the studio this August to record her sophomore album. That's all we know so far, but in the meantime we'll keep playing "Consequence" on repeat! Listen here "Consequence". Add to cart. Aldrif Odinsdottir was the firstborn of Odin and Freyja , and heir to the Asgardian throne.

When Heven waged war on Asgard , the Queen of Angels kidnapped Aldrif in an attempt to blackmail Odin into surrendering. He refused, and the Queen seemingly killed Aldrif before fleeing. After the Queen of Angels ordered the corpse of the baby to be disposed, the queen's handmaiden Loriel , who was tasked to do this, discovered it was still alive, and raised her as one of the Angels under the name of Angela. Angela was always mocked for being wingless and always sought her mother to comfort her, but at some point, Loriel mysteriously disappeared, leaving no trace behind.

Angela eventually became the Leader of the Hunt and went to live in her own manor. When a monster attacked the Temple of the Anchorites , Angela was tasked to kill the beast, and would have been killed by it if not for one of the Anchorites , Sera. As payment for Sera's aid, Angela got her out of the temple she lived in as she wanted, [9] and took her to live with her in her manor.

While hunting a fugitive in the Scintilant Sylvanias , Angela and Sera were confronted by a Hierophant of the Temple of the Anchorites. The Hierophant wanted to return Sera to her place as an Anchorite in the Temple, and even offered information about what became of Loriel, in exchange for Sera, but Angela refused the offer and attacked the deity instead. Defeated, the Hierophant vanished, vowing to take revenge on Angela for defying the Temple. Confused, Sera asked why Angela didn't take the deal and Angela swore she would never let her set foot in a Hell like that again.

Afterward, Angela kissed Sera, finally recognizing her love for her. After many adventures through the Endworlds , Angela saw Sera die at the hands of one of their enemies. Angela tried anything and everything to bring Sera back to life, but all was in vain. Sometime later, Angela was pulled out from Heven into the realm of Midgard as a result of the fracturing of space and time derived from Wolverine 's attempt to prevent Ultron 's rise to power by traveling back in time.

Angela and Gamora against the Badoon. An angry and confused Angela made her way towards Earth to take revenge on whoever had brought her there, unaware as to why she had been pulled out of her home dimension. She appeared on the Guardians of the Galaxy 's Earth signal. Gamora intercepted the call and attacked Angela. After an interrogation, during which Angela spoke of her home and people, Angela claimed that she was only heading to Earth because she wanted to see it for herself. The Guardians realized they actually incited the fight, freed Angela and accompanied her to explore Earth.

Angela sensed the reopening of Heven to the other Nine Realms by the hand of Thor and Loki , and returned to her home.

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While Loki led an Angel fleet to Asgard , under the false pretense to help them destroy it, Thor escaped captivity [13] and engaged once again Angela in combat. This time Thor gained the upper hand and prepared to kill her. Their fight was interrupted by the arrival of Odin, who had been liberated by Loki from his self-exile in Asgard. Odin recognized Angela as his daughter and offered her to join him and the rest of the Asgardians, Angela refused, as she was raised to think Asgardians were her enemies, but couldn't stay in Heven due to the Angels rejecting her for her lineage.

With no place to go, Angela set to explore the other realms. Confused, Angela tried to kill her thinking it was some kind of creature wanting to play with her mind, but she was convinced by her that it was indeed Sera who was thereby making Angela ask three questions only she was able to answer and answering them correctly.

When Angela asked Sera how she came back to life, she wasn't able to answer. After the birth of her younger sister , Angela went to Asgardia and kidnapped her, escaping through teleportation to Limbo. With it, Angela took Sera and her sister to the Moon , where the Guardians of the Galaxy were waiting for them. Angela vs. A fierce battle ensued between the Guardians and the former Valkyries of Bor. With the Guardians demanding answers, Angela explained that Odin and Freyja laid together in the realm between realms, where Odin imprisoned Surtur when he threatened to burn everything.

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The child had three parents, Surtur being the third. Angela needed to take the child to Heven so they would save all reality from burning again. The Guardians didn't believe her, until the baby transformed herself into a fire demon and burned Groot down. An enraged Odinson battled Angela over the fate of their sister and they battled. The battle only ended when a pillar almost fell on the baby and Angela protected her with her own body.

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Seeing she didn't want to hurt her own sister, Odinson helped Angela to get above the city's furnace, and then she threw her sister into it. Furious by what Angela had just done, Odinson punched her on the face, but she quickly recovered from it and, claiming she was paying the debt of her existence to Heven by reigniting its engine with Surtur's fire, leaped into the furnace to rescue her sister. With Surtur's power siphoned from her, Angela's sister was starting to get her skin burned when Angela came to save her.

She used the metal from her dress' wings to envelope and protect the girl, and, as she couldn't fly anymore, she walked through the furnace's fire to get through its door, located on its base, which was opened by her allies. Heavily burned, Angela, along with Sera, was taken prisoner by Freyja, who commanded the Asgardian army to retreat and took them back to Asgardia. Malekith reveals himself to Angela.

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After the All-Mother told her her sister's name Laussa and the All-Father released her, Angela, who had received a mark on the palm of her hand which means "traitor", prepared to leave Asgardia with Sera, but realized that Sera wasn't Sera at all and threatened her with her iron sword.

Angela demanded answers so Malekith suggested a deal: if she promised she wouldn't tell anyone about his involvements on this event, he would tell her how he knew everything about Sera; Angela accepted.

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Malekith then told her that he found Sera imprisoned in Hel after he discovered about the Tenth Realm and the curse Freyja cast upon the Angels, a curse that sent the Angels' souls to Hel after their death to suffer eternally. Sera told her history to him and he took advantage of it to impersonate her and make Angela aid him on his quest to conquer all the Ten Realms, which got threatened by the existence of Laussa.

With his problem solved, Malekith vanished with a grin, leaving Angela thinking about her next quest: rescue Sera from Hel. Angela fought her way through Hel to find her lover. Upon reaching the North Wing of Hel, Angela was attacked by an unknown individual who cast a spell on her that forced her to relive the memory of the day a Hierophant tried to take Sera back to the Temple of the Anchorites. Angela soon broke free of the spell and proceeded to search for Sera. Suddenly, Angela heard someone singing and followed the familiar voice until she found its owner: Sera.

Desperate to finally reunite with Sera, Angela broke her cell's lock and kissed her passionately, but to her surprise, Sera fiercely attacked her for breaking her vow. Angela apologized for it and said she would do anything to take Sera out of Hel, but her soul already belonged there, making it impossible for her to be alive again, no matter where she went to. The only way to save Sera would be changing the rules of Hel, but to change them, Angela had to overthrow Hela.

However, if Angela wanted to succeed, she had to pass through three trials to acquire enough power to beat Hela in her own domain.

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Angela was helped by Sera in defeating the hordes of the dead and get to the first trial, which was fear. With the assistance of the person who cast a spell on her earlier, Angela was able to overcome her fear and defeat the Fear Avatar , becoming a Corival, an official challenger for Hel's throne, and gaining control over fear. Afterward, Angela was introduced by Sera to the person who helped her on the first trial, Leah of Hel.