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This is why VeggieTales stories generally focus on the Old Testament. By leaving Jesus out of the picture, they are nothing more than morality tales common to numerous cultures. We felt that would be stepping over the line. They are hit with arguments against Christianity that they never had to consider as teenagers since few churches actually teach on worldview issues and apologetic methodology. Christianity is perceived to be a religion for children.

Am I overreacting? You be the judge. How does the following story of David and Bathsheba, hardly recognizable as King George and the Ducky, measure up to the Bible? The kingdom of King George played by the always goofy and lisping Larry the Cucumber in a robe is off at war albeit a pie war , but all he wants to do is take baths with his rubber ducky. One day, while taking a bath, King George overhears a very familiar squeak. When he looks out over his balcony, he sees Thomas Jr. Asparagus taking a bath with his ducky, his favorite and only toy.

He who eats meat, eats to the Lord, for he gives thanks to God; and he who abstains, does so to the Lord and gives thanks to God. If a person wants to set aside a time of the year to remember the birth of the Lord and to give thanks to God for his coming, then they have the liberty in Christ to do that, and further, if they choose to do it in December when the world celebrates Christmas, then they have the freedom and right to do that. It is wrong for Christians to celebrate any holiday if it is done for the wrong purpose, that is, with the wrong motives of the heart.

We also know that many pagan religions had a major celebration on December 21, the winter solstice when the sun begins to grow longer in the sky. The Christian church seems to have chosen December 25 in an attempt to satisfy many pagan converts who were used to revelry and celebration at that time of year. Various scholars have only recently concluded that he was born in the early Fall we believe it is actually September 11, 3 BC. Similarly, Easter Sunday has significance for Christians as the day in which we honor the resurrection of Christ from the grave, and was a time of fertility celebration for pagans.

In light of Romans 14, many Christians set this day of the year aside, even referring to it as Resurrection Sunday. For them this is not about any pagan fertility rites, bunnies, eggs, or chocolate candies. God tells us that there is nothing inherently wrong with setting aside special days of worship. It was also called the Feast of Ingathering when they all celebrated the gathering of the crops from the fields.

It was a time set aside to thank God for His wonderful provision. There are many things in our society that are based in pagan religious practices. Even the names of the days of our week have come about because of pagan idol worship. Consider the following origins for the days of the week:. In spite of all the clear pagan meanings behind the names of the days of the week, Christians are not advocating that we change their names, or even stop referring to them as we do.

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Should a Christian not eat in a Chinese restaurant because they have pagan symbols as decorations? Or should we stop buying products produced by Buddhists? We recognize that the entire world has been influenced greatly because of paganism. It is mature Christians who realize that, in spite of the world, they can conduct themselves in such a way that they always bring glory and honor to God.

The celebration of holidays is very analogous to the problem that first-century Christians had concerning meat offered to idols. In the first century a portion of the meat sold in the markets had been slaughtered and sacrificed to idols.

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He said that food has no significance in bringing us closer to God and we were no worse off or better by eating it, because the idol is nothing. We do not endorse that Christians participate in any pagan rituals or practices that would dishonor God. We believe God is clear, that if they desire to, each Christian has the freedom in Christ to set aside as holy any day they like. Thanks for the info. The narrator responds with nonchalance, before leaving and attempting to meet up with this friends Maury and Carol. A woman, presumably Maury and Carol's landlady, chases the narrator away and threatens to call the cops when he becomes belligerent.

Later he winds up at another bar, and dances with a woman who he desperately wants to have sex with. It's revealed that the woman has been married for four days, but that doesn't stop them. The narrator attempts to find a seventeen-year-old belly dancer at various dive bars in Seattle. The story takes place in the span of a single day, but the narrator recounts seeing the belly dancer for the first time and staying in the same bed with her the previous night.

Benny Bunny

He eventually learns that the belly dancer, Angelique, has left town. Two men converse with each other while in Detox at Seattle General Hospital. The two men are the narrator and his roommate, Bill. Both characters mention different types of drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes, and most importantly Haldol. Haloperidol is an antipsychotic drug, therefore we understand that the character is struggling with addiction. Knowing this gives the story a different tone because we understand that the characters are probably not thinking clearly.

The narrator and Bill are in detox frequently, and they do not see it as a negative thing. They simply live one day at a time and being in detox is just part of their life. Bill reveals that this life of drugs and detox he lives cannot be sustained much longer. At the end of story, the narrator tells Bill he is going to be alright, but Bill disagrees with him by pointing to the bullet hole on his face.

This story begins with the narrator discussing his job at a home for disabled people called "Beverly Home.

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The narrator shares his thoughts of raping her, but would be ashamed to be seen by her. Eventually, the woman's husband comes home and the narrator decides to leave.

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He also details his romantic relationship with a woman whose arms and legs are disproportionately small. Despite the fact that the narrator claims to not want to get to know this woman very well, they often eat out at Mexican restaurants, where the narrator learns that this woman works at an airline ticket counter. During this relationship, he continues watching the woman shower, eventually becoming obsessed with the idea of watching her and her husband have sex.

He never sees them have sex, instead he sees them argue and make up. After this, he starts dating a woman who suffered from encephalitis as a child, and half of her body is paralyzed as a result.

What is the origin of the Easter bunny and Easter eggs?

Her paralysis is significantly worse in the morning, which the narrator calls "unwholesome, and very erotic. The story ends with the narrator, a recovering drug addict, noting that he is getting a little better every day in the midst of people who he calls "weirdos. It represents a rare attempt at turning a collection of short stories into a single, feature-length film. Johnson appears in the film briefly, playing the role of a man stabbed in the eye by his wife. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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