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Forgot Password? It made made laugh, although it struck me as a little sexist sometimes, I forgave it because it helped me feel better.

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I am glad that even at sixteen I was able to separate the good and bad parts of this book and not accept it as the correct way to treat men. Neither sex should have power over the other, and unfortunately this book promotes the idea that women should and do have power over men. I do like the fact that book is not a "fluffy bunny" book, and that it includes some not so nice spells like the "drive by ritual". I picked the book up because when I flipped thorough it I noticed the "let it go" ritual, which I used and found to be effective.

I also like that the book encourages people to love themselves before expecting someone else to love them. The style of writing bugs me slightly, because it's so informal and comfortable feeling it is sometimes hard to notice the sexism that creeps into the book in parts. If you want a mostly light book that provides spells and encourages you to love yourself and be more confident, then you'll probably like this. I would however keep in mind that this book has its mildly sexist and generally snarky moments. I just started this book and was struck by a statement Fiona made regarding one way that women have been kept out of their power I will post further upon completion of this book.

In the meantime, women re-unite! I received this book as a Christmas gift, and am almost finished, but wished to share my thoughts. Fiona Horne is very important to me as her book "Witch: a personal journey" published in Australia actually set me on my Witchy path, so I will always have a soft spot for her. I enjoy the way that Fiona writes, as if it was a conversaton with your girlfriend, but I think maybe living in LA has changed Fiona into dropping famous people's names more often, which is a shame, but I guess that is LA.

Also, I am a bit disapointed in the underlining theme of the book that females have "power over" men, and that this book will help you increase that power.

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Yes males have had power over females for too long a time in history, but we should know be viewing the sexes as equal. That aside, I love the section on "Poetry in motion" on page and will use that myself, aswell as the "Let it go" ritual on page All rituals you can use in your everyday life. Also the story on Yhi in the introduction is a must-read for all Witches, and Fiona's explanation of how a spell works expresses her breadth of knowledge.

Even though the title suggests this is a "fluffy" book, Fiona Horne is not a "fluffy" witch. Gehen Sie zu Amazon. Entdecken Sie jetzt alle Amazon Prime-Vorteile.