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It depends on your relationship to the child and their family. A keepsake bearing a custom message makes an excellent gift for your godson or goddaughter. Feel free to get creative, and remember, personalization is always a sweet touch. When all else fails, a financial contribution, like a savings bond, is also an appropriate baptism gift, as is a simple card expressing your well-wishes. You can also send your present to baby postevent. Ready to start shopping?

Buying for your godson or goddaughter? These baptism gifts from godparents either honor the silver tradition or honor your unique bond with baby. Custom books are especially thoughtful baby baptism gifts from godparents. This keepsake will tell your godson or goddaughter just how much you love them, and that you promise to be there throughout their whole life.

When it comes to classic baptism gift ideas, jewelry is ever-popular. This silver and pearl baby bracelet is a beautiful, elegant choice. Add it to the list of traditional hello, silver but not overdone baptism gifts for goddaughters. A godfather is always there.

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This baptism gift for a godson or goddaughter can be placed in their room for them to cherish throughout their childhood. We like this chic, chalkboard-inspired sign.

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Choose from a few godchild-themed text options for boys and girls. A personalized keepsake box is another go-to baby baptism gift idea.

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Mommy and me or daddy and me designs work for godparents too! Faraway godparents, this baptism gift idea is for you. You hold onto the big stuffed animal and baby takes the little one. Plus, the lambs are religiously symbolic. In turn, these baby baptism gifts for boys and girls all feature special customization. It walks baby through all the wonderful things they have to be thankful for—including you! This baby boy baptism gift comes in their likeness! Plus, you can engrave the silver message plate with special words. This star-shaped keepsake for a baby boy or girl bears their name and their christening or baptism date.

We love the encouraging message and night sky backdrop. Baby blocks are timeless baptism gifts for girls and boys alike.

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Speaking of wooden toys , check out this cute personalized baptism gift: an engraved baby rattle shaped like a cross. Feel free to think outside the box when shopping for baptism gifts.

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You are already mine! You are the most beautiful of all women, the owner of my heart and my whole life, my biggest reason to fight for a better tomorrow.

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My beloved wife, you have no idea how much I love you. You have made me fall in love with you everyday till today; thank you for loving me, dear. I love you! Each time I look at your gorgeous face, I feel my heart melt in your love. I just cannot stop thinking about you. I love you. But the best ones are still in my heart, waiting to be made when the time is right. I never believed in love at first sight.

Loving you is so natural for me now.

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I want it to stay this way forever. I love you so much. If I could be any part of you I would be your tears.