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They know the basic doctrines but never move deeper into spiritual maturity. That defies the reason they were saved — to become more and more mature over time. Covers Hebrews Add to Favorites Favorited! Share This Link Share on Facebook. You might also be interested in:.

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Hebrews - Volume 2. CD Album. The author of the Book of Hebrews had a goal—to prove to His Jewish readers that everything about Jesus Christ was better than what they had experie Learn More.

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Hebrews - Volume 1. This we know: All Scripture is inspired by God and given for our edification Study Guide.

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Hebrews - Volume 4. In this fourth and final volume of the Turning Point study guide series on Hebrews, Pastor David Jeremiah goes verse by verse through the final two ch Hebrews - Volume 3. Through study of the Scriptures we see that the biblical story is the story of individuals and their faith in God or lack of faith This is a Sample Title.

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What does it mean to be lost?

Why is it that the non-Christian is under the wrath of God? John The essential reason that we all were once lost and guilty sinners under the wrath of God was our relationship to sin—any lack of conformity to the character and will of God.

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Are we sinners because we sin, or do we sin because we are sinners? Both are true. The Bible says that we are all guilty of personal acts and attitudes of sin Romans ; cf.

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It also indicates that we are guilty because we are born with a sinful nature Psalm , ultimately inherited from our ancestral father, Adam. The Bible even shows that all humankind is viewed by God as having sinned in Adam's initial sin Romans Physical death the separation of the soul from the body , which affects humankind as the result of Adam's sin charged to our account Romans Spiritual death the separation of the soul from God , a condition transmitted to us from Adam through our ancestors Ephesians ,5.

Eternal death the culmination and extension of spiritual death , the eternal separation of the soul from God in the lake of fire Revelation Scripture describes our condition before believing in Jesus Christ as being under the wrath of God:.

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  • It is both negative and positive Colossians , for we are saved from a lost condition our sins are forgiven , and we are brought into a saved condition that provides the believer with several dozen positive blessings the moment we trust Christ. These blessings are very comprehensive, for our "salvation includes every divine undertaking for the believer from his deliverance out of the lost estate to his final presentation in glory conformed to the image of Christ.

    Regeneration , which is an instantaneous work of the Holy Spirit in originating a new nature in the believing sinner so as to transform the believer from a state of spiritual death to spiritual life cf. John , ,28 ; 1 John Justification , by which God declares the believer righteous since clothed in the righteousness of Christ Romans Freed from the domain and dominion of sin Romans Given as a gift from the Father to the Son John Placed as a member in the spiritual body of Christ , the church 1 Corinthians Can a Christian lose his salvation?

    XIVa.2. Can a Saved Person Ever Be Lost?

    Can a person once saved, having received God's free gift of eternal life and having been born into the family of God, again return exactly and completely to the position of being a lost and guilty sinner in the eyes of God? Of course not! The very nature of the spiritual life that has been received—eternal—and the Divine Source and Agent of that life—God—forbid drawing the conclusion that a saved person can ever again be lost. This Biblical doctrine that a person who has received Jesus Christ, been born into the family of God, and justified by faith, can never again be lost is sometimes called eternal security.

    Others speak of it as the perseverance of the saints. The latter expression might better be termed the perseverance of God in behalf of the saints , because the security of our salvation does not rest on us but on God—it is based on the work of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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    The eternal security of believers rests on the Father's purpose in choosing us to salvation in eternity past and predestinating us to sonship in Jesus Christ Ephesians Further, God's power is promised to keep us secure in salvation Romans , for the ones that the Father foreknew, predestined, called effectually to salvation, cf.

    Further, Jesus Christ guaranteed that we are secure in His and the Father's hand, and so He will keep safe each one who has received the gift of eternal life John Our security further rests on the death and the prayers of Jesus Christ. He has redeemed us Ephesians and removed the wrath of God from us Romans so that we may be justified Romans , forgiven Colossians , and sanctified 1 Corinthians