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If you have any suggestions that deserve a place on this list of best sailing movies, please add them in the comments below. By Peter October 6, October 21, In , Heyerdahl and five others sailed from Peru on a balsa wood raft. This is the classic Academy Award winning documentary of their astonishing journey across 4, miles of the Pacific Ocean. A tale of money, power, love and ambition follows… oh, and some sailing.

2) While sailing

Maidentrip This riveting documentary chronicles the life and adventures of year-old Laura Dekker who set out on a two-year voyage in pursuit of her dream to be the youngest person ever to sail solo around the world. Deep Water Following on from the above, Deep Water is a British documentary about the remarkable story of the first Golden Globe round the world yacht race, focusing on the psychological toll it took on its competitors — particularly one Donald Crowhurst.

White Squall Based on a true incident from , White Squall is the story of the tragic sinking of the Albatross, a prep school educational two-masted schooner, during a Caribbean storm. Starring Jeff Bridges. Kon-Tiki A well-crafted retelling of the epic original and one of the best sailing movies ever made. When Ours acquired it, it had many inhabitants, all of very pleasing appearance, and tall and well-built. He goes on to say: "This island has a village called Hilingigay , which it is said was the source of all the Bisayan Indians who have peopled these shores, and whose language resembles that of Hilingigay.

Center for Strategic & International Studies

Consequently, tall stone walls and watchtowers were built in different parts of the archipelago, for refuge and protection from Moro aggression. Popular folklore says that these watchtowers were known locally as " Bantayan sa Hari ", meaning "Watchtowers of the King", and they served as lookout towers for incoming vintas Moro pirate vessels.

In the course of their vigil, it became common to say, "Bantayan! Keep watch! In all there were 18 watchtowers built on the Bantayan islands. Most have not survived, although relics can be seen to this day. That at Madridejos is in fair condition, that at Santa Fe less so. There is a particularly fine example on Doong island. During his period in office, he pioneered many projects for the encouragement of agriculture and industries. However many small industries in the islands were completely abandoned because the people were forced to work on building roads, public buildings and churches.

Those enforcing were called politas. The abundance of fish, favourable climate and virgin soil then greatly determined the occupation of the people. These geographical factors became strong stimuli for the people to be fishermen, farmers and sailors. Much later, the small clearings were expanded to fields. The old Spanish roads connecting Santa Fe, Bantayan, and Madridejos were constructed chiefly through the services of labour and partly supported by the tribute funds.

When the Spaniards came to Bantayan, the people already had some form of religious convictions and worship, such as animism , shamanism , evocation and magic.

Sailing to greater heights

They easily conceived the idea of evil spirits, good spirits, witches and ghosts. In order to please these imaginary creatures people often resorted to charms, vows, sacrifices and self-harm. It was a common belief among the illiterate people of the past that cholera and other fatal diseases were caused by poison which an evil spirit had put into the wells and that the people could be saved from the dreaded disease only by chanting prayer and holding processions. The cooperation between the church and the state did not last very long. Quarrels between the church and the state ensued.

There was struggle for political power, from the Governor-General down to the alcalde mayors on one hand and from the archbishop to the friars on the other. Because of this, projects for improvements were all paralysed. On 4 January , following the defeat of Spain in the Spanish—American War , a new government was born to the Philippines. This was the beginning of the American period.

This island-group did not taken any active part in the revolution against Spain or America. However, after the Filipino—American War, [31] a reactionary group was organized, headed by Patorete of Santa Fe, then still a barrio of Bantayan. Their announced purpose was to resist the invaders, but the armed goons carried a campaign of terror burning the northern part of Santa Fe, plundering and forcing Capitan Miroy and Aguido Batabalonos to join them.

This resulted in great fear and tension among the inhabitants. The condition of the barrios, after the overthrow and immediately preceding the arrival of the Americans, in general, was very far from satisfactory. Sanitation was entirely a stranger; barrio life was dreadful. There were few signs of improvement among the people since their primitive ancestors. The subdivision of the province of Cebu was developed utilizing the method introduced by Spain. A new provincial law had been enacted in and necessary appointments were then made.

At that time, Bantayan was already organized as pueblo. Santa Fe was organized as such in and Madridejos in These pueblos were given a new corporate form under the Municipal Council chosen by a limited native electorate. For the local head of the administration, the title Presidente took the place of the former Gobernadorcillo or Capitan [s].

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Committed to the task of administering the newly organized municipal governments were the first presidentes of the three towns comprising the island-group namely: Gregorio Escario for Bantayan, Vicente Bacolod for Madridejos and Casimiro Batiancila for Santa Fe. Political parties were formally organized since the early days of the American regime.

Partido Liberal came towards the end of Pascual Poblete founded the Partido Independista in During the administration of Governor-General Luke E. Wright — , the public road policy was inaugurated. Little by little the stage trails were changed to roads of more durable construction. Late in the construction of Santa Fe—Bantayan road began and in the Bantayan—Madridejos road followed; both were completed in Over the years demand for these products weakened and died out.

At about the same, hand embroidery termed as "spare time industry" came in. A good number of women adopted it and were actively engaged in it for some years. The local output was quite significant. In , because of weak and unsettled market conditions, particularly in Manila, the business gradually disappeared. Gregorio Zaide described the Philippine national characteristic as "pliant, like bamboo, bending in the wind without breaking".

Bantayan islands are considered Cebu's fishing ground from where boatloads of fish — guinamos salted fish and buwad dried fish — are transported daily to Cebu and Negros for consumption and further distribution to as far as Mindanao and Manila. Equally important is the thriving poultry industry with hundreds of thousands of chicken eggs produced daily.

Years ago, poultry raising was mainly a backyard affair. Today it has grown into a large scale and highly specialized industry. Big poultry farms are located near the national and feeder roads. In excess of one million chickens are kept in yards and specially constructed barns with more than half a million eggs gathered every day. These eggs are exported to Cebu, Manila, and Mindanao and other towns and cities in the Visayas. Goods are shipped through Bantayan municipal port.

There is also a small dock in Baigad capable of handling small pumpboats. However it is in a very poor state of repair, and hasn't handled any vessel since The first school in Bantayan, called the "Gabaldon School", opened in Public high schools on Bantayan are located in the municipalities of Bantayan, Santa Fe and Madridejos as well as on Doong island.

There are also private high schools and tertiary colleges such as Bantayan Southern Institute and Salazar College. As is common through the Philippines, 'sport' is synonymous with cockfighting. It is an unusual sport in that the winner dies as well as the loser. Large sums are bet on the outcome of a fight, which usually lasts little more than one minute. The birds themselves can look magnificent for their few brief moments of stardom, with purple-black plumage and a gold ruff. There are several sports centres cockpits on the island.

Smaller puroks just have an open-air arena. Yap Tico was a Chinese-owned trading company based in Manila. Although its nominal principal business was the import of rice, as an insurance company and general financial agency it featured in many civil law suits, most notably throughout the s and s, some of which set case law precedents, Lizarraga Hermanos vs. Yap Tico for example. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the island. For the municipality, see Bantayan, Cebu. Bantayan Island. Its dominant composition are shell, algae, and other carbonate materials, while macro and micro fossils are found abundant in its formation. Calcareous sand derived from the weathering of limestone mostly makes up the tidal flat.

This appears as fine to coarse-grained sand mixed with shell fragments. Rubio Arcenaz Alvarez Sevilleno. Rodriguez Ancaja Mansueto Villacrucis. Villacin Villaflor Ortega Carabio. Typhoon First local election in Bantayan. Gregorio Escario , who had been appointed as first "Presidente", now won the election by a small margin over his rival. A fire that started in San Pedro Bakery gutted 17 houses and claimed the life of one person. A storm washed away the historic watchtower in Baluarte, Suba.

Conservation status: Vulnerable. Conservation status: Near Threatened. MV Asia South Korea. Highlights of the Philippine Population Census of Population. Retrieved 20 June Retrieved 29 June Table 1. Population Enumerated in Various Censuses by Region: to Archived from the original on 5 May Retrieved 30 November Yap Tico, 24 Phil. Adelaide Advertiser 21 October Archived from the original on 31 December Aldana, Benigno V The Educational System of the Philippines.

Manila: University Publishing. A History of Education in the Philippines — Manila: UP Press. Spouses of Blue Card holders are allowed to work in Germany without any restrictions. For more information on the EU Blue Card see the separate article here. The professional title for an engineer is protected by law. However, there are only a few special cases where you really need the title for your work.

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You can survive without any German when you work as an experienced mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry; e.

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But you will need really good German language skills if you want to work in a medium-sized construction company in a non-industrial area. It is recommended to have finished the German Level B1 when first applying for jobs. The application period gives you time to reach B2, which is usually good enough to start working. Civil Engineers are a special case. It will be very important for you to know this technical language. It is highly recommended to take a close look at this regulation and to learn the vocabulary.