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Another hugely solid bassist with firm hands and easy presence. The day itself was sunny, touristy near the site, and not particularly sombre. The church itself was not pretty for me, at least after visiting so many mediaeval European churches, but the sound was cathedral-like and the performers were most impressive.

The combined choirs started with Song for Athene by John Tavener. This was a single drone organ note with text from Shakespeare and used in the Orthodox funeral service. It started as male chant, rose to a mixed choir with volume and power, then finished with the chant again. Very powerful, and later repeated as an encore. PL wrote the piece in after the death of his own partner.

Read more about it at the link below. Program notes for the Paul Leavitt Requiem. I remember some pretty tame rock masses from my childhood, but this was far more interesting. The band was skilled, the conception was good and the music was varied and informed. This was seriously satisfying music and there was a surprise that followed. We had a dinner booked, the mass had run on a bit, and I was saving Megan from another of my chatter sessions with musos. Then I got an email the next day from Andrew Swift.

Another small world experience and one I can live off for some time. So now I have the names of the band. Apparently Andrew plays in her regular working band. A flugelhorn sat in for the harmony lines on the final funky number. And a great sermon on forgiveness by Dr John J Scibilla which impressed our godless souls. This comprises two beams that mimic the shape and orientation of the missing towers, and powered by 44 7Kwatt bulbs. A nice gesture. A cultural jumble.

I loved the Fat Cat as a venue, doubly so because I heard a lovely and talented string quartet playing to a noisy audience that was engaged in drinking and chatting and playing chess and table tennis and pool. We found a moderately comfy sofa near the musos, got some drinks and enjoyed Haydn Divertimento in C and Mozart Suite in D. But we imagined the musicians of centuries back would have played this dignified and courtly music to their own bars, or at least to their equivalent of cocktail parties.

There was a ton of noise, but there was also a very committed sound man who got an effective sound for the quartet that made it perfectly intelligible without being intrusive, and we could laugh and chat and listen to music of delightful beauty. I believe a smile goes a long way when travelling. This is like a parallel. Rather, this is getting on the wavelength of another cultural group and exposing great beauty.

This audience gets it like most others and the quartet enjoys it. After all, they had been playing this venue every Monday evening for several years. Fat Cat is not just a noisy venue for fine music. It mostly programs jazz and late night jam sessions with many of the artist who perform at Smalls. We loved it.

Thanks to the lovely string quartet comprising Choi Fairbanks cello, leader , Jia Xu a very expert violin 1 , Jesse Montgomery violin 2 and Nick Ravel viola. The venue was excellent: Le Poisson Rouge. Also interesting were the bands, of course. I can struggle with experimental music, but it can also be wonderfully involving and satisfying when you close your eyes and take it for the sound that it is. Dave Burrell played the first set. This was a standard piano trio in format and at the start of each tune, you may have thought they would play pretty standard-style.

The tunes started with a fairly simple and lyrical melodies, but they developed into atonal, often cacophonous, improvs by whoever took a solo. Then a sudden stop: there was no out head. These were capable musicians and you could clearly see the skills. Amiri Baraka prev.

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LeRoi Jones read a lengthy poem on jazz performance. I loved hearing the rhymes as they flittered through the piece and the images of jazz performers which I felt he got so right. Matana Roberts led her sextet Coin Coin in the final, and my favourite, performance of the night. Matana is a capable alto saxist but is perhaps better known for her composition and better known in Europe than in her home country. I presume the chance strategy is the compositional approach for this piece.

This was a performance of a recent CD but altered in approach, with videos and headphones at some times thus mixtape? This was not fully charted dots: my ears suggested there were lines that were written they sometimes played unison, or played themes that were obviously related but the performance was largely improvised. Matana played sax but also spoke and sang, often using words as sound as much as literature.

The video had frequent views of train tracks, and I wondered if this spoke of the famed Underground railroad escape route, as well as family photos and a picture of a young girl. Whatever, this was beautiful music played with skill and with a real message.

Many of the methods were experimental and the improvisation was atonal, but I delighted in the themes that would show through and hold the piece together and the very beautiful use of voice by Matana. A stunning presentation and intimately purposeful piece of music. Hello to Martin Longley who I met at this outing.

Very nice to have a chat and compare notes about matters of jazz writing, although mine is pastime rather than profession. There was joy and brilliance aplenty the other night. Geri Allen played the Village Vanguard. Trumpeter Marcus Belgrave was another addition just for this night. What a band, and how unexpected.

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But beyond that, this stage glowed with joy and was riddled with communication. From the arrival on stage, there was casual patter with audience and private smiles and chatter on the stage. Geri led - you could see that in the respectful glances - but this was a partnership, even a family, and her offsiders gave generously.

There was normal, human communication with eyes searching and often locked. Certainly Geri was all eyes on the band and almost nil to keyboard, and Jeff was gazing to follow her leads. Marcus and Christian a bit less so, although they looked often enough too. But the musical communication was paramount. Geri was a master of chordal colours that could ape a solo but also lead it with harmonic movements, modal or rhythmical. This is the complexity of the spoken word and these are Shakespearean skills. She was nothing less in solos, of course.

Blues with inflections and simplicity; modal with fourths and symmetrical movements that just floored me. However, arrivals and subsequent departures can be delayed even after the fog lifts, typically by about 10am. Not only serves Australia's capital city, but also many nearby towns across the border in New South Wales. Canberra Airport is developing international connections, with Singapore Airlines connecting the city with both Singapore and Qatar Airways flying to Doha via Sydney.

Otherwise Sydney Airport is the closest gateway airport with connections to most worldwide destinations, but also consider Melbourne as an alternative with easier terminal transfers. The current terminal building, completed in , is fitted with all the trimmings of a small modern airport, including aerobridges for jet flights and enclosed terminal areas.

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There are only a handful of food outlets and a single newsagent inside the terminal, with the meal options being expensive and low quality even by airport standards. ATMs and payphones are located on both sides of security. Additionally, Qantas and Virgin both have their own airport lounges within the terminal and the waiting area for international flights offers fairly basic lounge-style services for all passengers. To keep yourself entertained you could venture around the terminal and its grounds to try and locate six public art sculptures that are on display. As Canberra Airport is both fairly new and small, the process of passing through security at the start of a flight and collecting your luggage on arrival is usually very fast in comparison to the other capital city airports.

Completing immigration and customs checks for international departures and arrivals is also much faster than at major airports. Ridesharing service Uber operates in Canberra and is usually cheaper than taxis. Canberra Airport has a dedicated passenger waiting lounge located 20 metres from the ground floor exit of the arrivals hall. Canberra Airport is connected to Civic by public bus route R3. Services arrive and depart from outside the baggage claim area on the ground floor of the airport every 15 minutes or less during weekdays, and 30 minutes on weekends.

The route is serviced by standard ACTION buses, which do not include luggage racks for large suitcases, however most have space for medium-sized suitcases near the driver, and the buses are rarely crowded. Frequency is 30—60 minutes, the ride takes 20—30 minutes and it operates daily reduced frequency on weekends. Several car rental services have kiosks in the Arrival Hall. When returning car rentals, there is a Caltex petrol station adjacent to the terminal. It is possible to use Canberra's off-road cycleway network to reach the airport. Follow the cycleway along the north side of the lake.

A section of cycleway runs along the Molonglo River underneath the Monaro Highway Bridge; it veers left and passes underneath the Pialligo Avenue bridges. Turn right, cross the creek beware of the gravel surface at this point , cross over Fairbairn Avenue, use the airport service road through the airport precinct, and make your way to the terminal.

There are ample-sized covered and uncovered car parks within walking distance of the terminal. The uncovered car park is cheaper. For arriving passengers expecting a pick up, the pick up area is in the closest uncovered car park m from the terminal exit. Private cars have a minute grace period to enter and leave that area. Thanks to an expansive NSW TrainLink network and capped pricing, you can travel from Sydney to Canberra, via Goulburn a terminus of the Sydney suburban train system , on the cheap.

Unless you do want to spend time in Goulburn, refer to the timetables to minimise your layover.

Despite being slower than a bus or driving, the train journey takes a very scenic route through the Southern Highlands and the Molongolo Gorge, compared to an unexciting freeway journey by road. On some days it is possible to do a day trip by train from Sydney and get 5—6 hours to spend in Canberra. The train terminates at On weekdays, bus route R2 run every 15 minutes to Civic, with route R2 operating on weekends every 30 minutes. You can also get a taxi from the rank, or book an Uber.

You may even be able to walk from the station to your accommodation if you are staying on the southern side of Lake Burley Griffin, taking up to minutes depending when you stay. Coaches depart from the Jolimont Centre coach terminal across the road from the City Bus Interchange. Services run relatively directly via the Barton and Hume Highways and change for the train at Albury.

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This service is called Capital Link. Services run twice a week three times a week during Victorian school holidays. Located in Civic, the centre itself has limited amenities, including showers, internet access, a few eateries and phones to call the tourist centre and accommodation. They are the main operator on this route. The service is non-stop with some services via Sydney International Airport. Murrays also run a daily service from Canberra to Wollongong and Canberra to Narooma. The coaches are more cramped than the trains. Seats are unassigned, so it helps to be there early and not to have luggage to go under the bus, as that lets you get on first and secure your window seat.

Buses often fill to capacity, and can experience delays due to peak traffic into and out of Sydney, although the non-stop nature means that they have been known to arrive 10—15 minutes early on a good run. They also offer a direct service to Melbourne. Greyhound's coach services sometimes include video entertainment. The Greyhound services may stop at passenger request at Goulburn and at Sydney airport; if this happens, it can introduce significant additional travel time.

At busy times, Greyhound sometimes run two services between Canberra and Sydney, one which stops at Sydney airport and another which does not. The fastest option is a bus from Canberra to Albury with a connecting train to Melbourne. This takes around 8 hours. The more scenic option is to travel to Melbourne via Cooma , Sale and Bairnsdale. Likewise, this service connects with a train at Bairnsdale allowing you to continue your journey southwest towards Melbourne. There are three sets of on-road services located on the Hume Highway between Sydney and the turn-off to the Federal Highway to Canberra, as well as many well-maintained and often scenic rest stops with toilets and picnic tables ideal for a picnic.

Take drinks, as the rest areas have no water, or tank water which is not recommended for drinking. A third option which will enable you to see more of the countryside is to stop at one of the small towns in the Southern Highlands on the way, all of which boast many cafes and restaurants open for breakfast, lunch and dinner but not 24 hour. It is rare to make the entire trip between Canberra and Sydney without at least one police speed trap.

The city of Goulburn, on the way to Canberra, is the training centre for New South Wales police officers who often send new recruits to run speed checks on the freeway. There are also several fixed speed traps, all of which are signposted in advance. A great alternate driving route uses the Monaro Highway and travels through interesting terrain in the Snowy Mountains.

Canberra is a car-centric city with excellent roads, and tourists who want to travel away from Civic and the main tourist attractions are generally better off hiring a car than relying on the infrequent, though generally reliable, bus services. If you're staying in or near Civic and intend to only visit the main tourist sites, there's little need to rent a car. For international students, it's always good to have an ISIC Card because many drivers—although not strictly supposed to—will accept these. Value can be added onto the card [2] , but there are no refunds. It can take up to 48 hours for value added to a MyWay card to be usable on the card.

Apply for concession fares at a MyWay agent [3] e. The cross-city routes e. R4 are frequent, reliable, have fewer stops and travel quickly between interchanges. They also can be crowded during peak times. The R4 is sometimes referred to as the Blue Rapid or Intertown [4]. On weekends, these route run at a reduced frequency. These services are not of much use to tourists, however, as they do not pass many attractions except routes R2 and R6 which travel in the Parliamentary Triangle.

Other services are less frequent, even less-so during off-peak and weekends. Some meander slowly through suburbs. It's generally a good idea to arrive at suburban bus stops 5—10 minutes before the bus is due during the middle of the day and in the evening as they often run fast.

Most are white and green like that in the photograph in this section , but smaller numbers are either blue or orange. During weekends, there is easy parking at Woden, Belconnen and Tuggeranong car parks, which makes the Blue Rapid a good alternative to parking in Civic. During weekdays, a Park and Ride permit [6] is required. Bicycle cages along the cross-city routes can be used without additional charge. However, they are only available to registered MyWay card users, who have further applied for access to individual cages [7].

Bicycles are a practical way to get around Canberra while visiting, and will get you to most attractions using a well developed network of off-road cycle paths. Coffee has always been the focus, but the arrival of head chef Paul Hutt saw the addition of tasty paninis and pastries. Alongside pub favourites, locals will notice fresh modern dishes and a delicious breakfast menu.

Fancy yourself a foodie? Specialty retailers include. Looking for beautiful, handmade Australian gifts and trinkets? With a great range sourced from Australia and all around the world, expect to find fresh concepts and design. Local roasters Ona Coffee and Red Brick Espresso have pushed our city forward, meaning a great coffee even in the suburbs is a real thing. Spend an afternoon browsing the beautiful boutiques. The on-site Jindii Eco Spa is a perfect way to relax with a treatment that uses all-organic products. Covering There are picnic spots, outdoor sculptures, cycling trails and playgrounds.

Free tours run daily and at pm each day the Last Post Ceremony is held. The memorial jet is located in the Central Basin of Lake Burley Griffin and discharges litres of water per second. The impressive metretall musical instrument on Aspen Island was a 50th anniversary gift from the British Government to the people of Australia, and its unique location allows the sound to drift across Lake Burley Griffin. Visit the website for the latest performances or call to book. Currently located in East Space, Queen Elizabeth Terrace, due to redevelopment until Sep , this interactive exhibition tells the story of the national capital through its people, events and history.

Check the website for the move date back to its original headquarters. Nearly two million items span more than years of creative production. Exhibition continues until 4 Nov. Visit the website for more details. If you have young children, try the 1. Choose between the Jungle Bungalows, Giraffe Treehouse or Ushaka Lodge, each with its own wild experience and close animal encounters. It also includes exclusive tours of the zoo and aquarium. Dedicated to contemporary performance and the presentation of bold works, The Street Theatre is operated by The Street, a not-for-profit arts organisation.

Rental must be 2 days. No refunds for early returns. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion and is not available on contracted or corporate rates. Standard Terms and Conditions apply and are subject to change without notice. Michel Tuffery b. Right Ottoman Cuisine. Drop by for breakfast and try the housemade crumpets or the ham and potato croquettes with poached eggs or pulled pork eggs benedict.

Try the Portobello mushroom burger with a matcha soy latte. Sample its selection of delicious sweet treats and sandwiches, and check out the amazing photographs by Andrew Merry. Planted more than 35 years ago, the garden features 26 sculptures from local and international artists. You can also purchase mementos of past National Library exhibitions. The gardens have been restored to their former glory and enhanced with features such as seating pavilions, pergolas, rose arbors, gateways and the refurbished tennis courts and bowling green.

It was commenced in , following a national design competition run by the National Capital Authority, and the winning entry belonged to architect Simon Kringas. The public promenade features artwork displaying images and text on various themes of reconciliation and new artwork has been added and will continue to be so. The National Gallery of Australia also houses the largest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collection in the world, comprised of more than 7, pieces.

The landmark building features significant works of art throughout, and there are regular public lectures featuring prominent writers. Discover how vibrant and controversial the road to democracy has been. You can visit the reading room and view facsimiles of the Constitution. It will be back in East Block with an exciting new program of exhibitions and access programs in late The National Portrait Gallery displays more than portraits of people who have been instrumental in contributing to and shaping Australia as a nation.

This iconic building is known for its impressive architecture, gardens and art collection. All parliamentary proceedings are open to visitors, and Question Time,. See bills being debated and sit in on committee inquiries as current issues are explored in detail. Take a free guided tour to view historic documents and impressive Australian art, and be sure to visit the roof for one of the best views of Canberra.

These shows change. French-inspired, the kitchen takes a contemporary approach to classics and uses ingredients sourced from local farms. Breakfast, dinner and lunch is packed full of fresh ingredients. Try one of the classic flavours, or be adventurous and sample Espresso Croquant. In the mood for something a little different? Indulge in a Macadamia Dulce De Leche.

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This cafe and bakery has turned tradition on its head with a selection of baked goods, a lunch menu and a wine list. Stay for a meal or drop in for a takeaway bakery order. There are more than leading brands, plus a food court and indoor play centre for the kids. The store also stocks homewares and accessories. The menu includes an Asian reimagining of the classic Bolognese, with udon noodles, chicken ragu and a soft-yolk egg to top it all off. Wash down the meal with a tipple from the impressive drinks menu.

Check the website for updates. One hundred years ago on 11 November , four bloody years of brutal conflict came to an end. Almost 62, Australians died fighting for our freedom and in service of our nation. Visit the Australian War Memorial to honour their spirit on this historical anniversary of the end of the First World War. For a full program of activities and events visit our website awm. Observe the process of making glass and make your very own paperweight or tile. With a cave-like spa pool, steam rooms, infrared saunas and customised facials and body treatments on offer, Hale Spa promises its guests complete and utter indulgence in its urban oasis.

Having recently celebrated its 90th birthday, this genuine survivor is a treasure trove of domestic history. See the fashionable ideal of style and taste during the s as interpreted by a middleclass Australian family, the. Take a guided tour at 10am or 2pm on weekdays or 11am, 1pm or 2pm on weekends and public holidays. Try a cruise in the stylish comfort of MV Southern Cross.

Visit the multi-award-winning Royal Australian Mint for a range of great attractions the whole family will enjoy. Grab a coffee and indulge in a plate of the Truffled Eggs breakfast. From the creators of Hopscotch, this fun pub features a simple and classic menu of Frisky Fried Chicken, chicken schnitzels and playful bar snacks. Pub classics sit alongside charcuterie platters and a slow-cooked brisket burger on the menu.

Specialty stores include Food Lovers, which hand makes more than gourmet food products and Book Passion. Keen cooks can sign up for the cooking school. This historic area is home to art galleries, gift shops, restaurants, specialty stores, attractions such as the Canberra Walk-in Aviary and museums. Take a behind-the-scenes tour and hear amazing stories about how the athletes live and train. The park features undercover barbecues and shaded areas to keep you cool on a warm day, while kids can play all day on the giant Tarzan swing, tandem flying fox and Burmese bridge.

Danger in the Cretaceous reveals a mother dinosaur and her young watching an enormous snake approaching through weeds. Kids will love the steam train ride around the International Display, showcasing meticulously crafted replicas of famous buildings. Walk into.

Right Three Mills Bakery. Ringed by rolling hills, the familyowned winery features delightful shiraz, riesling and chardonnay. Time your visit with lunch at the Vineyard Cafe. Enjoy a complimentary tasting or indulge in a gourmet tasting plate paired with a premium tipple at Cafe Lerida.

Known for its riesling and shiraz, its first wines were made in