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But even as J. With the body of a temptress and the heart of a saint, Brandy was the only woman who could save J. And no matter what it took, she'd prove to him that the road to redemption could lead to rapturous bliss. Chase the lightning by Madeline Baker. The stallion emerged from the swirling mist, sunlight dancing on its white coat, glinting like liquid silver in its flowing mane and tail. It was a spirit horse, Trey had been told, one that would always carry him away from danger. And if ever he'd needed such an animal, now was the time.

With a With a bullet in his back and a posse on his tail, he wouldn't last long unless the words of his Apache grandfather came true. The Spirit Path by Madeline Baker. Dalton Crowkiller is the kind of man a woman would sin for and die for, if she could only keep him in her arms. But the dangerous half-breed belongs to the untamed West, and he'd been claimed by another woman long ago. Time itself would keep him and Kathy apart until he is given one last Time itself would keep him and Kathy apart until he is given one last chance to change the course of his life.

The Pleasure Master by Nina Bangs. A very special man is now available. The Pleasure Master. A man who knows the secrets of a woman's body, who can bring her sensual joy and fulfill her deepest sexual fantasies. Is there a woman alive who wouldn't want to meet him? Check New York hairdresser Kathy Bartlett off your list Check New York hairdresser Kathy Bartlett off your list.

She has enough problems with a rotten ex-husband and a car that's stranded her. Men and cars. Both overheat at the wrong time. She needs a vacation somewhere warm and peaceful, with only subservient males. Whoever is in charge of wish fulfillment doesn't listen well, because Kathy is suddenly flung back to Scotland. It's cold, definitely not peaceful, with nary a subservient male in sight. There's only Ian Ross, the Pleasure Master. Ian's brothers demand that he prove his sexual power by seducing a woman no other man can seduce. Who better than Kathy?

She has nothing but contempt for Ian Ross, and as Ian's brothers have discovered, any attempt to woo the lass could put a man's most precious body parts in grievous danger. Ian accepts the challenge, confident he can seduce any woman, then leave her with his emotions untouched.

Kathy remains determined to resist the explosive attraction she feels for Ian. Love won't be denied, but time is an impatient enemy. He is the MVP of the future's hottest sport. In the year , sex is a spectator sport, and Brian Byrne is its undisputed champion. He plays with a passion for the game, never for the woman. So why does he feel burned out, used up, and in need of a vacation? A few weeks in a simpler time where A few weeks in a simpler time where he doesn't have to think about sex sounds great.

She wants a perfect night of pleasure. Ally O'Neill is having a career crisis. She is the best-selling author of a series on how to be the perfect wife. She is also recently divorced, so her perfect wife theory obviously needs fine-tuning. Her publisher now wants Ally to write about a night of sexual pleasure from a single woman's perspective. What does she know about sex and today's single woman? Ally requires a consultant with sex-god credentials. Ally and Brian meet in beside the ruins of an Irish castle. Ally believes she needs Brian for only one night, but soon realizes she wants him to be her forever-man.

Brian thinks no woman can tempt him, but Ally quickly has him trying to renegotiate the no-sex clause in his contract. In a world where no one has ever heard of the Testosterone Titans, Brian is about to discover that scoring is a lot less fun than falling in love. A Taste of Heaven by Barbara Benedict. And as she walked up to the majestic, oak-lined drive -- a world away from the soaring skyscrapers and bustling And as she walked up to the majestic, oak-lined drive -- a world away from the soaring skyscrapers and bustling sidewalks of New York -- haunting memories stirred on the gently fragrant breeze.

But a treacherous fate awaited her within the vast halls of River's Edge, where cruel circumstance would blind her to a man she could never love Though his heart ached with the pain of her shattering betrayal, his soul burned with the fiery need to hold her again and possess her once more in passion's searing embrace. Yet little did he suspect that the woman he called wife was an impostor He only knew that they were destined to be together, to lie in each other's arms and reap the rapturous rewards that only their timeless love could begin!

Pam Binder captures a passion that defies the ages in this mesmerizing new novel of love in the glorious Highlands. Fighting back to reclaim his family home, Fighting back to reclaim his family home, Conor makes a promise to a dying friend: seek out the woman who a witch said could heal the land Eilan Dougan has taken leave from her Colorado river rafting business to help sell her parents' Seattle antique shop.

Her uncanny ability to sense others' thoughts has always set her apart -- and when a dark Highlander appears and begs her help, she can't refuse. But fourteenth-century Scotland is no place for a woman with Eilan's powers. Now instead of Eilan saving Conor, Conor must rescue Eilan from charges of witchcraft -- and decide whether love can withstand the ultimate test of time. A Highlander for Christmas by Sandy Blair.

Welcome To My World? Tis the season to be jolly? But company? Claire is fooling around with an old puzzle box and when it opens Thumbs down: Sir Cameron MacLeod is centuries old. Thumbs up: he doesn? And Cameron is tall, dark, and lusty? Come Away To Mine Who is this lovely lass? And where is he? Before awakening in the 21st century in Claire? Despite her strange clothes and odd ways, Claire is bonny and brave. She wanted a love that would last an eternity Emilie Crosse dreamed of a man who could inflame her senses and touch her soul.

A man of commitment and passion. Through the mysteries of time she finds a new nation struggling to Through the mysteries of time she finds a new nation struggling to be born and faces the adventure of a lifetime Modern Scotland. To Maggie Hobbs, Scotland was a dream vacation. Finally she could relax and get a new start on life. For Alex MacKendimen, Scotland was a way to free himself from work and explore his family history. Or so they thought Medieval Scotland. With the help of fate and an ancient archway through time, Alex and Maggie find themselves thrown into the distant past, and face-to-face with a band of MacKendimen warriors.

They claim Alex is the son of their laird -- and betrothed to another woman! But it is Maggie and Alex who are truly meant for each other. Now he must prove how far he is willing to go -- for true love Present Day, Scotland. A thoroughly modern man with a very busy schedule, Dr Douglas MacKendimen has no patience for his family's legacy of time travel. But during a vacation at his beloved ancestral home in Dunnedin, he steps into the past-and encounters the woman of his dreams Fourteenth Century, Scotland, Caitlin MacInnis heals the sick with her magic touch and attracts many suitors with her stunning beauty-but she knows that a stranger is her heart's destiny And after Douglas saves her from a terrible attack, even his skepticism of her special powers doesn't prevent them from falling deeply in love.

But it is only a matter of time before Douglas must choose between the solid practicality of his life in the future-and the magical power of love in the past Beware of the Dragon The medieval village of Markesew was besieged, its virgins demanded in tribute, so when St.

George the Dragonslayer arrived from modern times -- in his silver pants and lace-up boots -- his quest was clear. Being a professional wrestler didn't qualify him for the Being a professional wrestler didn't qualify him for the task, but a sword and imagination were all he needed Or the Maiden? Twelve years ago Alizon had been sent to die in the jaws of the serpent. Too tough for dragon teeth then, she'd never surrender to some foreigner in shiny hose now. She feared first for the secret world she'd built atop her mountain When a medicine man and birthday wish cast Courtney James back in time to Montana, the headstrong beauty found herself on the ranch of Matthew Ward, a confirmed bachelor.

There, in fixing corrals, chopping wood, and branding beeves, the taciturn cowboy and his brothers gleaned life's There, in fixing corrals, chopping wood, and branding beeves, the taciturn cowboy and his brothers gleaned life's simple pleasures, joys she soon shared. But Matt's happiness seemed incomplete His dark, brooding eyes and rough-and-ready smile hinted at an endless ecstasy that she was eager to taste. Across the Rainbow Timeswept by Victoria Chancellor. For seasoned pilot David Terrell, nothing seemed wore foolish than flying into a rainbow to wish for a wife.

But the down-to-earth widower would do anything for his little girl, Jamie, and she would settle for nothing less than a fairy tale princess as a mother. So to humor his six-year-old, So to humor his six-year-old, David flew into the next rainbow he saw--and emerged in Wyoming. Analisa Ludke couldn't believe it when the man emerged - like a storybook prince - from the strange flying contraption. She welcomed David into her home, and soon discovered that he was no mere fantasy. And as he struggled to return to his child, Analisa fought to understand the flood of emotions that engulfed her whenever he was around.

Until she realized that David's love could take her to a place where dreams really do come true. Reflections in Time Timeswept by Elizabeth Crane. When practical-minded, no-nonsense Renata O'Neal began to have trouble sleeping, she decided hypnotism was the obvious answer to her problem. But when the doctor put her under, and she found herself in another time and place, about to be married to a devastatingly handsome stranger, Renata But when the doctor put her under, and she found herself in another time and place, about to be married to a devastatingly handsome stranger, Renata decided that either her therapist was losing his mind, or she was!

Unable to return to her own era, Renata found life a tangled web back in 's Louisiana. Her unforeseen marriage to Nathan Blue was threatened by secrets she was only beginning to fathom, and her growing passion for her new husband was hampered by Victorian morals, which proclaimed a woman must perform her wifely duty, but never enjoy it. Despite the gulf between them, Renata vowed that nothing would keep her from loving the most deliciously alluring man she'd known in one hundred years!

While celebrating the reclaiming of a Edinburgh Castle, a Scottish warrior heads down a flight of stairs--and into another century Scottland, When a beautiful American traveller stumbles upon this handsome Highlander, she is intensely drawn to the mystery surrounding this man, a When a beautiful American traveller stumbles upon this handsome Highlander, she is intensely drawn to the mystery surrounding this man, a mystery that has the power to alter history--and her heart--forever In England, Viviane is imprisoned for practicing witchcraft. Confident that the Archbishop will believe her denial, she is stunned when she's led to the executioner without a hearing.

Deeply disturbed by the young woman's fate, Sir Niall of Mallory grants Viviane's wish to hold her father's Deeply disturbed by the young woman's fate, Sir Niall of Mallory grants Viviane's wish to hold her father's moonstone one last time. To his shock, the beautiful young woman disappears in a flash of bright light, leaving nothing but the moonstone behind. Viviane finds herself on an island in British Columbia in but she believes that she's been transported to the legendary Avalon. Meanwhile, back in , Niall swears to do his duty and recover Viviane.

While retracing her actions, he triggers the moonstone and follows her across time. Unfortunately for Niall, Viviane happens to be onboard a boat and he lands in the water, his chain mail weighting him like an anchor. Rescued in the nick of time, Niall soon finds himself falling in love with Viviane, who believes that he's her knight in shining armor. The two lovers have a difficult path to happiness, however, for the evil Archbishop has plans for them back in and they'll have to foil a dastardly plot and travel across time more than once in their struggle to live happily ever after.

Then, Summer suddenly found herself swept back in time to witch-burning Massachusetts Then, Summer suddenly found herself swept back in time to witch-burning Massachusetts and the darkened bedroom of a magnificent estate. She turned and walked straight into John Hawke's virile embrace. Trapped in another era, a prisoner of his endless desires, Summer knew his fevered kisses were her destiny, his ardent caresses her fate.

Even if she had to change the course of history, she would find a way to lie in his arms for always. A wanton enchantress, she tempted him with her sensuous smile and satiny flesh, enticed him with the promise of endless nights of rapture. Neither a world on the brink of war nor even history itself would ever come between him and the woman who had enflamed his passions and stolen his heart. She would be his, he vowed until the end of time! The Heart Remembers by Sandra Davidson. With her wild, red-haired beauty and even wilder imagination, bestselling writer Destiny Davidson has never had the perfect lover Trapped in an untamed land that is strangely familiar, Destiny is swept up in a passionate affair.

But the future threatens to reclaim her -- unless she uncovers the truth about her past and alters history itself for a love her heart can never forget An earring, a murder, a legend Katherine St. Claire has never forgotten the passionate night she shared with a stranger while staying at a castle hotel called Duncreag. He even haunts her dreams. Tired of loving "Fantasy Man", as her brother Jeff refers to him, she decides to go back to Tired of loving "Fantasy Man", as her brother Jeff refers to him, she decides to go back to Duncreag in search, literally, of the man of her dreams.

Iain Mackintosh wears the cairngorm earring of the only woman he will ever love. Eight long years ago she came to him in the night like a vision. News of his father's death brings Iain home to Duncreag where he finds himself questioning the circumstances surrounding his father's demise and wishing for the woman his cousin Ranald is convinced is a fairy.

Iain and Katherine arrive at Duncreag each longing to find the other. There is however a seemingly insurmountable problem. A five hundred and thirty-year barrier separates them. What follows is the story of a love so powerful it crosses the boundaries of time. Complicated by murder and abduction in the fifteenth century their love will be tested even after they finally reunite. Only Jeff's twentieth century discovery of events from the past can save them. Abandoned by a cruel fate, lovely, thoroughly modern Dougless Montgomery lay weeping upon a cold tombstone in an English church.

Suddenly, as if in answer to her prayers, the most extraordinary man appeared. He was Nicholas Stafford, Earl of Thornwyck Tall, broad of shoulder, attired in gleaming silver and gold, he was magnificent. Drawn to his side by a bond so sudden and compelling it overshadowed reason, Dougless knew that Nicholas was nothing less than a miracle: a man who would not seek to change her, who found her perfect, fascinating, just as she was. Yet she could not imagine how strong were the chains that tied them to the past But Dar was larger-than-life in every respect, and as her gaze traveled from his broad chest to his muscular arms, time stopped, literally.

Her new tenant unsheathed a knife and Her new tenant unsheathed a knife and shattered the face of her chiming grandfather clock. Then he diced up her beeping alarm clock, and Jennifer knew this hulking hunk with a magic mantle, crystal dagger, and pet dragon would never be the ideal housemate. Jennifer had little time to mobilize her defenses. But as the Norseman with the disarming smile turned her house into a battlefield, Jennifer felt a more fiery struggle begin. Gazing into his twinkling blue eyes, she knew she could surrender to whatever the powerful warrior wished, for she'd already won the greatest prize of all: his love Beyond Forever by Debra Dier.

He appeared to her out of the swirling fog on the cliff's edge, a ghostly figure who seemed somehow larger than life. Dark, handsome, blatantly male, he radiated the kind of confidence that led men into battle and women into reckless choices. But independent-minded Julia Fairfield wasn't But independent-minded Julia Fairfield wasn't about to be coerced into anything, especially not a jaunt across the centuries in search of a miracle. Abducted from her own time, Julia found herself face-to-face with this flesh and blood incarnation. Gavin MacKinnon was as confounded as Julia about her place in his life, but after a night of passion, they learned that their destinies were inextricably bound together, no matter what the time or place.

A favorite of the English Royal Court, Lady Rachel Elliot is a celestial vision in her blue ballgown crowned with silver lace That's what makes her untimely "death" from an unscheduled accident so difficult to face. Rachel isn't ready to enter the pearly gates; yet she can't be sent back to earth. With his rum, his dog, and his dark thoughts, he likes living hundreds of miles from civilization But this earth angel will soon turn Logan's world upside down as she shows him a love that's forgiving, enflaming When Tory Caswell attended her sister's wedding in a magical old Victorian resort, her mind was filled with images of bouquets and garters.

But when she awakened the next morning, she thought she was still dreaming. Because a gray-eyed hunk was sharing her pillow! Rand Trent had drunk Rand Trent had drunk some brandy the previous night, but not that much: He could never have forgotten sleeping in the arms of such a gorgeous woman. But was Tory Caswell sane? After all, the instant she got a second look at Rand, she started proclaiming that it was when he knew good and well that it was the s. Then dashing buccaneer Richard Neville came to her rescue, and the real adventure began.

A seventeenth-century A seventeenth-century pirate should be pillaging and philandering, yet Richard found himself saving Tess, allowing her to tend his wounded body and tortured soul. And though the rules of the high seas forbade him to give his heart to anyone, Tess was a siren he could not ignore. But would their newfound passion stop the tides of time that were bound to beckon Tess home?

Used to being in control, she's a real woman of the '90s. On his ranch in the rugged foothills of Colorado, his word is law. He's a man He's a man of the '90s. The s. Emily got more than she bargained for when she decided to start a new life in Seattle. When her train crashed, she woke up to find herself in the year , at the home of rancher Will Dutcher.

Trapped in time, Emily had discovered a way to return home. But how could she go back, when it meant abandoning the man she loved? A Blast to the Past by Virginia Farmer. Instead, he'd been blown to fourteenth-century Scotland--and into the arms of the most beautiful woman ever. But was she worth getting involved, trying to stop the historic cruelty of But was she worth getting involved, trying to stop the historic cruelty of the English? Could he give up his career and stay in another time? Was it wrong to introduce these people to explosives? Caira Mackenzie hadn't time for marriage; she'd been too busy protecting herself and her people at Castle Kilbeinn.

But when the dangerous stranger dropped into her life, he ignited something inside her. Brian was a type of warrior she'd never seen, and his strength was unquestioned--but could she trust him with the secrets of her clan and heart? One thing was sure: The whole adventure would end with a bang.

Pursued by a gang of hoods, forced to choose between a bullet and a watery death, she leapt over the rail of a Bahama-bound cruiser Carried to safety on the back of a dolphin, Tess awoke in the arms of a ravishingly handsome 18th-century pirate! His prisoner, his prize, she would said with him on his quest for vengeance -- and the treasure that was rightfully his.

Though his seaswept enchantress came from a place he could never know, he'd risk life itself to keep her with him always, defying the past, the future Dangerous Waters by Amy J. The dramatic story of a beautiful, modern-day bounty hunter in search of justice, and her destiny, in the arms of a lawman of the Old West.

Timeswept Rogue by Amy J. A passion and a love no force on heaven or earth can tear asunder In , sea captain Ramsey O'Keefe is a man among men, hardened in battle and fearless in feats of daring. But he will need all the courage he possesses when a capricious fate sweeps him over two hundred But he will need all the courage he possesses when a capricious fate sweeps him over two hundred years into the future.

Frantically searching for a friend lost at sea, modern-day movie star Penelope Hamilton rescues a handsome stranger from the treacherous waters of the Caribbean A man caught between two lifetimes. A woman harboring a treacherous secret. Worlds apart, they are irresistibly drawn together by a love that sets them both on a collision course with destiny Worlds Apart One wrong turn and twenty-fourth-century explorer Quinn had fallen through a crack in time -- three hundred years the past.

Now he was stranded in another time and entranced by Houston Malloy, the beauty who had taken him Now he was stranded in another time and entranced by Houston Malloy, the beauty who had taken him in. She had never experienced anything like the sexy stranger who had tumbled into her world. Common sense told Houston he must be lying about who he truly was, yet his eyes, his touch compelled her to believe in something so extraordinary, she could scarcely breathe.

Though Quinn had found a peace all his quantum leaps had never granted him, a clock had begun to tick. If Quinn could not find a way back to his own time, he would have no tomorrows to share with Houston. It began as a simple mystery weekend. Then the present and the past merged, and Amelia Langston was back in on the Aury Plantation with Jeffrey Craig, the prime suspect in a murder. There she discovered everything that had been missing from her life excitement, adventure, rapture with the There she discovered everything that had been missing from her life excitement, adventure, rapture with the man of her dreams Jeffrey.

Was this a fantasy or a frightening reality? They had to overcome the shadow of violence that threatened their future and their spellbinding love. The man in the fountain. Melisande St. Clair knew who she was and what she wanted, and when Flynn Patrick stepped out of the water and into her life, Melisande knew that his was the face of which she'd dreamt. But despite his mesmerizing blue eyess, the man was not an aristocrat - and therefore But despite his mesmerizing blue eyess, the man was not an aristocrat - and therefore not a fitting match.

Worse, when she was forced to travel with the hansome stranger, he claimed he was from another time and made suggestions that were hardly proper for a nineteenth-century lady. Then though she'd believe no one could mistake the handsome Yankee for an English gentleman, the Duke of Merestun swore that Flynn was his long-lost son. Suddenly, Flynn seemed a prince and 0-all that Melisande desired lay within reach. But what was the truth? All Melisande knew was that she sensed no atifice in his touch-and as she fought to remain aloof to the passion that burned in his firey kiss, she wondered which ofthem was truly The Imposter.

Journalist Blossom Ann Murdock, in Oklahoma to research her family's roots, thought the painting might spark a good article. Now, as shadowy images seem to flicker and move, she glimpses Now, as shadowy images seem to flicker and move, she glimpses the figure of a majestic Indian warrior within the frame, his eyes filled with torment, his powerful arms outstretched Surrounding her is a rugged frontier where two tribes are locked in deadly conflict Theirs was a love lost in the past, two hearts separated too soon.

Until they're given a chance to defy fate -- and to let their passions flame anew Thoroughly modern Bree Kealy was obsessed by a legend. Over a century ago, amid rumors of dark betrayal and bitter revenge, devilish seafarer Alexander Devane went down with his doomed clipper. Yet now his restless spirit plundered Bree's dreams Bree's heart cried out for her spectral, ancestral lover. And, as if spawned by the throbbing surf, Alex Devon appeared.

With his pirate-black hair, his glistening sinews, Alex was maleness incarnate. And Bree felt a shiver of recognition. Had Alexander Devane defied time and tide to come for her? And would their mortal embrace rewrite his cruel fate? Or erase Bree's future? Runaway Time by Deborah Gordon. A woman on a mission, one moment Sarah Maravich is a student of the American past, and the next moment she's in it! Mysteriously transported back to the teeming streets of post-Civil War Washington, she arrives too late to change history and too near to the brilliant, courageous, devastatingly Mysteriously transported back to the teeming streets of post-Civil War Washington, she arrives too late to change history and too near to the brilliant, courageous, devastatingly masculine journalist, Tyson Stone.

The cannon fire of Antietam and Fredericksburg didn't shake Stone as deeply and the extraordinary arrival of this beautiful, sensuous stranger. Surely she must be a spy, yet one so intoxicating and desirable, his soul cries out to possess her. But though she burns for his touch, Sarah knows she must flee Tyson's passion. For surrendering to ecstasy in the past will cost her everything she loves in the future. Once A Pirate by Susan Grant. Time Travel to Fighter pilot, Carly Callahan crashes into the ocean and is thrown back in time. Pirate Andrew Spencer rescues her to use her in his plot against his rival.

Will Carly accept her situation and will Andrew sacrifice Carly for his revenge? A modern woman A A modern woman A nineteenth-century rogue A love transcending time itself. The rogue gentleman had known stormy seas too long But on this particular voyage, he found his task harder than usual. As a brown-eyed beauty was hoisted from the waves, he found his pirate's soul plundered from without and a fiery need conjured up from within. Pulled from the freezing ocean, she found herself in the hot embrace of an Adonis. But his eyes were cold and hard, and the man's burning lips swore she was someone else before he claimed her as his own.

Carly knew she had one chance to go home, but there was so much to see and feel here -- and the best was yet to come. My Irish Enchantress by Julia Hanlon.

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Sweeping from the lush green hills of medieval Ireland to the majestic mountains of nineteenth-century Montana, a time-travel tale of magic, destiny, and two lovers determined to save their countries. Lady Sabrina of Desmond Muir, a princess in medieval Lady Sabrina of Desmond Muir, a princess in medieval Ireland, slipped an ancient necklace around her neck. The next thing she knew she was in the back of a buckwagon in the middle of a place called Montana -- in ! The necklace was supposed to bring her true love -- and a champion to save Ireland. But the lean, muscular frontiersman demanding to know where the Hades she had come from didn't look anything like a knight in shining armor He didn't need a complication like the beautiful woman he'd found in his wagon speaking some gibberish form of English he'd never heard before.

Yet he couldn't deny his enchantment with this fiery Irish beauty. Each passing day convinced him that a powerful force had brought them together -- a force that could overcome every obstacle standing in the way of their happiness When Lightning Strikes by Kristin Hannah. During a magical storm, romance writer Alaina Costanza is hurled back in time, into the Western world of her latest novel. There she is kidnapped by her own character, a ruthless outlaw known only as Killian. Thrown together by fate, Alaina and Killian will discover a love too magnificent to Thrown together by fate, Alaina and Killian will discover a love too magnificent to last a single lifetime.

But even magic has a price, and time is running out. For the sake of Alaina's child, they must risk it all and fight for a future than depends on lightning striking. She'd always had a secret fantasy about being swept away by a strapping sexy pirate. When Adam invited her When Adam invited her along to the masquerade party, she couldn't resist. It was a dark, stormy, anything-could-happen evening But her charming date was now acting like a barbarian! Adam claimed he was Captain Hawke, and she was his hostage! Dangerous to love, impossible to resist!

Women throughout time have lost their hearts to Rogues.? Five irresistible, sexy rogues.? Rogues who have carved out their place in history, but whose true destinies lie in the arms of contemporary women. Time travel to England, Gabriel Stratton:? Notorious highwayman. Robbed of his heritage by evil noblemen, he hungers for revenge.?

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But it takes a mysterious woman from the future to make him see that his quest for vengeance might be the death of him. When a quiet drive in the New York countryside turns into a time-travel trip from hell, Olivia Johnson knows her life will never be the same.?

First, she finds herself stuck in England!? But worst of all, Olivia can't help falling in love with the notorious Gabriel -- a highwayman who will hang before the year is out There was something haunting in the old man's eyes, something that mesmerized Sarah Rhinehart. Then, tragically, he died -- before she could ask why he'd been following her, before she even knew his name. Stunned and bewildered, Sarah became Stunned and bewildered, Sarah became desperate to discover the stranger's secrets His name had been Marcus Stephens, and forty years ago he'd lived in Sarah's house -- and had loved a woman who looked exactly like her.

An unthinkable, terrifying possibility took hold in Sarah's mind, but she forced it away -- until the truth shattered reality. Somehow, Sarah hurtled over an invisible threshold into a dangerous world where nothing was familiar South Carolina, Kathryn Monroe was dreading her visit to the family's ancestral mansion. She needed time to sort out her life -- not to get involved with her mother's silly costume ball. But as she passed the grandfather clock on the landing, she was mysteriously transported to But as she passed the grandfather clock on the landing, she was mysteriously transported to the year Before long, she was preaching women's lib, freeing the slaves and falling hopelessly in love with her ancestor's beau, Ryan James.

South Carolina, Catherine Prescott longed for freedom. Her parents had not only sold her favorite horse, but they were forcing her into a marriage she despised. It wasn't fair! However, as she passed by the grandfather clock on the landing, she suddenly found herself in a whole new world a world with airplanes, race cars. But the glamorous model always found herself starving -- for both nourishment and affection. Weary of the petty world of high fashion, she headed to New Orleans for one last job before she began a new Weary of the petty world of high fashion, she headed to New Orleans for one last job before she began a new life.

Then a voodoo spell sent her back to the days of opulent balls and vixenish belles like Scarlett O'Hara. Charmed by the Old South, Selene couldn't get her fill of gumbo, crayfish, beignets -- or an alarmingly handsome planter. Dark and brooding, James Baptiste did not share Rhett Butler's cavalier spirit, and his bayou plantation was no Tara. But fiddle-dee-dee, Selene didn't need her mammy to tell her the virile Creole was the only lover she gave a damn about. And with God as her witness, she vowed never to go hungry or without the man she desired again.

Sweeter Savage Love by Sandra Hill. Sandra Hill knew that the rape scene had to go if she reworked Steve and Ginny's classic romance for Leisure's Legendary Lover's line. What to do? She made this "Ginny," also known as Dr. Harriet Ginoza, a psychiatrist who specializes in women's fantasies, particularly "forceful seduction. Ginoza makes sense, but when she finds she has gone back in time to the s and runs into Etienne, a chauvinistic, gun-slinging secret agent, she has a hard time making him see reason.

You will laugh your way through this incredibly humorous and sexy tribute to Rosemary Roger's classic. A Time Passages romance for the new millennium Her life seems to be falling apart--until she wakes up on New Years Eve, years later with a second chance to regain all that was lost. Time travel to present from He wants revenge on the infamous buccaneer Blackbeard, for killing his father.?

And nothing -- not even a bewitching woman named Meredith -- is going to stop him. When Meredith Abbott finds rugged Griffin Rourke washed up on shore, she can't believe her eyes.? The gorgeous pirate is the epitome of all her fantasies, come to life.? But Meredith hasn't counted on her lover's 18th century need for vengeance.? Griffin's honor is demanding he leave her and return to his own time -- to kill a man who'd died three hundred years ago!

But before she even had a chance to try, midnight struck -- and so did an earthquake. When Eve awoke from When Eve awoke from a bump on the head, she found she'd been thrown three days in the past -- and sexy Sam Davidson was kissing her! Either it was too much New Year's celebration But more importantly, how could she be sure it wouldn't change again at the stroke of midnight? A riverboat card man, Jake Gannon is about as no-good as they come— -- despite that good-looking hotness that can make a gal's skirts twirl in most unladylike ways.

Suspected to be traveling under an assumed name, Jake has a mighty troublesome past, and was last seen in the company of Suspected to be traveling under an assumed name, Jake has a mighty troublesome past, and was last seen in the company of one fiery filly who goes by the name of Ellie Winslow…. But Ellie ain't no ordinary looker. No sir, she landed here in by accident and is looking for her sister -- …and some answers.

But first she needs to find a way off this here steamer with a man who fascinates her more every minute -- —a man who's about to teach her just how wild the West can be! A Fated Future. The most exciting thing to happen to twenty-sixth-century scholar Sameh Smith was being teleported to the earth of the past. But her journey was not supposed to lead her to Adam Hawkins, a man who seared her soul while striving to uncover her every secret.

Though she looked Though she looked like an angel, hard-bitten investigator Adam would not be swayed in his mission to find out who Sameh truly was. Hired to check into her past, he found Sameh didn't seem to have one! Yet he felt compelled to be part of her future. With her time in this world running short, they soon found a passion beyond limits. Would fate grant them more than mere moments together and allow them to decide their own destiny? The Curse by Maddie James. Maddie James writes pulse- pounding suspense and riveting romance!

Not an easy feat considering it is and the Not an easy feat considering it is and the kidnapper is the notorious pirate, Edward Teach aka. Jack sneaks aboard the pirate's ship but is too late to save his beloved Hannah. Nearly years later, Claire Winslow vacations on a secluded east coast island, where the image of a man walking the misty shore, a man who calls her Hannah, haunts her.

Jack and Claire will embark on a wild search through time for a powerful historical artifact: the silver-plated chalice made from Blackbeard's skull. Only with the chalice will they be able to reverse Blackbeard's Curse. Will they find it in time? Or are they destined to be parted by fate once more? She could outsmart any outlaw, so she wasn't afraid when a bunch of no-good cowboys surrounded her. But when a rough and rugged stranger But when a rough and rugged stranger suddenly pushed her into a hilly cave and pulled her out into the twentieth century, Angela was plenty scared The Present: Texas Ranger Dallas Masterson had a heart full of bitterness, and there was no room in it to care about a smart-mouthed, sassy woman claiming she was from another century!

But Angela soon had Dallas discovering that though the past was history, the future was theirs to make -- together.

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Larryn Maeller follows a ghostly apparition into the London mist, only to emerge in the era of the Plague--where a handsome duke's heart harbors a tragedy only her love can heal. The Scottish Rose by Jill Jones. It began with a letter I fear that all in the castle may die for hiding it, but it is our duty to protect this sacred emblem of Scotland. So when she finds herself on the Scottish coast-- to claim an out-of-the-blue inheritance and ancient letters telling of royal gold-- she's prepared to explode the local legend: an archway made of stone through which young women disappear.

Until a stormy sea sweeps her through the Ladysgate-- and with her, handsome, rugged sea captain Duncan Fraser. Beyond it lies the Scotland of Together Taylor and Duncan must search for it amid the passions and perils of history Hurled into the Caribbean and swept back in time, Sabrina Steele finds herself abruptly aroused in the arms of pirate captain Antonio Rafael de Zamora. There, on his tropical island, Rafael teaches her to rest the waves of passion and sail the seas of ecstasy.

But the handsome rogue has a But the handsome rogue has a tortured past, and in order to consummate a love that has called her through time, the headstrong beauty seeks to uncover the pirate's true buried treasure--his heart. Time's Healing Heart by Marti Jones. Timeswept passion No Time For Love No man has ever swept Madeline St. Thomas off her feet, and after she buried herself in her career, she lost hope of finding one. But when a freak accident propelled her to the Old South, Maddie was recued by a stranger with the face of But when a freak accident propelled her to the Old South, Maddie was recued by a stranger with the face of an angel and the body of an Adonis--a stranger whose burning touch and smoldering kisses awakened forgotten longings in her heart.

A Time To Love Again Devon crow had had enough of women. His dead wife had betrayed him, his fiancee despised him, and Maddie drove him to distraction with her claims of coming from another era. But the more Devon tried to convince himself that Maddie was aptly named, the more he believed her preposterous story. And when she made him a proposal no lady would make, he didn't know whether he should wrap her in a straightjacket--or lose himself in desires that promised to last forever.

Desperado's Gold by Linda Jones. Jilted at the altar and stranded in the Arizona desert by a blown gasket in her Mustang convertible, Catalina Lane hoped for a tow truck and a lift to the nearest gas station. She certainly didn't expect a real, live desperado, swathed in black, to appear and carry her off into the She certainly didn't expect a real, live desperado, swathed in black, to appear and carry her off into the sunset.

But suddenly, catapulted back in time to the days of the Old West, Catalina was transported into the world of blazing six-guns and ladies of the evening. What could she do but go along for the ride? When Jackson Cady, the infamous gunslinger known as "Kid Creede," returned to Baxter, it was to kill a man and earn a reward, not to use his gold to rescue a naive librarian from the clutches of a greedy madam. He never would have dreamed that the beauty who babbled so incoherently about the twentieth century would have such an impact on him.

But the longer he spent with her, the more he found himself captivated by her tender touch and luscious body -- and when he looked deep into her amber eyes, he knew that the passion that smoldered between them was a treasure more precious than any Desperado's Gold. If a time travel agency appeared in your neighborhood, when would you go to? When Arden St.

Among other Among other things, she saves a kidnapped duke, meets one of her ancestors, and untames a tamed rake. England, When Richard Lambert's beloved wife dies, he thinks he will never find love again. Until, while exploring a medieval tower, he falls from the steps--and into another time When he wakes, he's in the body of his ancestor, who is near death from battle. As his wife As his wife nurses him back to health, she finds he is not the cruel man she knew.

And he discovers a second chance--with his one and only love A highland Chieftain After a long captivity in England, dashing tartan-clad Rae MacKinnon returns to Dunraven Castle expecting to find a land torn by war, and a family divided by rivalries-not a mysterious woman who claims to be from a far-off time A Victorian A Victorian Lady An orphaned gentlewoman of marriageable age, Julia Hargrove has accompanied her aunts to a gala house party in Scotland. But her bedchamber in a castle reputed to be haunted becomes a place of disturbing dreams and wanton imaginings as a rugged Highland warrior suddenly materializes out of the shadows.

A passion that would seal their destiny Irresistibly drawn into the centuries-old secrets of Dunraven, Julia believes she has slipped through a portal to the long-ago past. Now she searchesfor the key to this strange destiny, determined to embrace a man and a love stronger than ancient rivalries, treachery, and all the rules of time The pressure from her company's upcoming show was driving Leeanne Sullivan completely insane. But the talented choreographer refused to believe she could be rehearsing a Scottish dance in her studio one minute -- and in the seventeenth-century Highlands the But the talented choreographer refused to believe she could be rehearsing a Scottish dance in her studio one minute -- and in the seventeenth-century Highlands the next.

Whatever delusion she was suffering, the feisty beauty began enjoying herself when a clansman tried to bend her will to his own. A liberated woman like Leeanne would have no problem teaching virile Iain MacBride a new step or two and soon she'd have him begging for lessons in love. A professional stuntwoman, Caycee Hammond was used to working in a world of illusions. Pistol blanks firing around her and fake battles breaking over her head were tricks of the trade. But she couldn't believe her eyes when a routine stunt sent her back to an honest-to-goodness Old West bank But she couldn't believe her eyes when a routine stunt sent her back to an honest-to-goodness Old West bank robbery.

And bandit Zachary Butler was far too handsome to be anything but a dream. Before Caycee knew it, she was dodging real bullets, outrunning the law, saving Zachary's life, and longing to share the desperado's bedroll. James MacLeod was the most respected -- and feared -- laird in all of Scotland. He loved his men like brothers and his land with a passion.

And he allowed no women to cross the threshold of his keep With an indifferent Until a Scottish hero began calling to her Elizabeth longed for the man of her dreams. But she knew she was overworked when she began hearing his voice -- when she was awake. To clear her mind, she took a walk in Gramercy Park. She dozed off on a bench -- and woke up in a lush forest in fourteenth-century Scotland. A forest surrounding the castle of James MacLeod, an arrogant and handsome lord with a very familiar voice.

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  • Former corporate take-over shark Alexander Smith is bored. With his sister Elizabeth and her time-traveling husband, Jamie MacLeod, away from their Scottish estate, Alex is searching for some form of entertainment. Stumbling across one of Jamie's cryptic maps, Alex finds what he thinks is a time Stumbling across one of Jamie's cryptic maps, Alex finds what he thinks is a time portal to Barbados; unfortunately, he finds himself dumped in a cold, damp, medieval England. For ten long years, Margaret of Falconberg has fooled everyone into thinking her father is still alive and running the estate.

    The news of her father's demise has brought out persistent suitors, the worst being the evil Ralf of Brackwald. In order to protect what is hers, Margaret has become adept at fighting with both sword and lance, but she knows that time is running out. Embarking on a new plan to save her estate, Margaret decides to kidnap Ralf's younger brother Edward for ransom; what she gets is a very surprised Alex. Convincing Margaret that disposing of him is not a good plan takes considerable effort. Despite his attempts to return to the present, Alex is soon captivated by Margaret. His attempts to assist her, however, are hindered by his vow never to fight again.

    Choices, vows and promises are put to the test as Margaret and Alex struggle to save Falconberg. Is there a place for their all-consuming love to flourish? Zachary Smith is finished with high-maintenance women, impossible clients, and paranormal adventures.

    He wants an ordinary life and a happily-ever-after with a fresh-faced girl next door. But when she finds herself facing marriage to the most perfect knight in England, she fears for more than her freedom, because only she can see the malice behind the perfection. And then a chance encounter with a strangely dressed traveler kindles her hope for a different fate. Yet how can either of them face the alternative Capturing the stark beauty and fierce passions of the Middle Ages, comes a novel of timeless devotion The relationship was a passionate one and Victoria often lost her temper with her new husband.

    Albert took on the role of 'moral tutor' to Victoria, which irritated her but meant she relied more heavily on him. He was so kind, so affectionate; oh! The Queen — who often rode in an open carriage — was the target of eight attempts to kill or assault her during her lifetime.

    In the first attempt a teenager called Edward Oxford fired at her as she was out driving with Albert near Buckingham Palace. The gunman was seized by onlookers. The Queen was shaken but managed to smile at crowds on her return trip through Hyde Park.

    The Best and Worst Time Travel Movies

    He was released in and deported to Australia. I saw him aim at me with another pistol. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert depicted in with five of their children. Victoria fell pregnant soon after her wedding and gave birth to her daughter Victoria nine months later. The Queen hated childbirth and suffered postnatal depression.

    Despite this she had nine children with Albert over 16 years. An astute diplomat, she helped them marry into the royal families of Europe. Victoria carried the haemophilia gene, which affected 10 of her male descendants including the son and heir of Russian Tsar Nicholas II. After a good many hours suffering, a perfect little child was born… but alas!

    Victoria and Albert visited Scotland for the first time. They thought it romantic and wild. The Highlands reminded Albert of his home in Germany. The couple bought Balmoral in Scotland and from to Albert supervised the building of a new neo-Gothic castle for the family. It remains a private residence for the Royal Family today. Victoria promoted the monarchy in Scotland through frequent visits.

    She attended several Highland Games and wrote a bestselling book, Highland Leaves, about her experiences, which boosted tourism to the country. The view is truly magnificent, such endless ranges of hills. The Queen began new royal traditions when she attended the first State Opening of Parliament in the new Palace of Westminster.

    The original building had been demolished by fire in The Queen arrived in the Irish State Coach, which had been built the year before and processed through Parliament before making her speech. The protocols and traditions established then have been followed by every British monarch since. Got through the reading of my speech well. The royal procession on its way to open the new town hall in Leeds.

    The Illustrated London News. Victoria, with the assistance of Albert, created a newly visible constitutional monarchy to stem a growing republican movement in Britain. Victoria became patron of institutions, including dozens of charities, while Albert supported the development of educational museums. The couple went on civic visits to industrial towns such as Leeds, and attended military reviews to support the armed forces. Together they helped stem criticism that the Royal Family didn't earn its keep. Nothing could have been more enthusiastic than the reception we met with, or better than the way the people behaved.

    It was awarded on merit instead of rank. The Crimean War was fought by an alliance of countries including Britain against Russia. The Queen was suspected of secretly supporting the Russian Tsar. However, she allayed suspicions by taking an interest in the nursing of wounded soldiers. She also awarded the first Victoria Crosses personally to 62 men at a ceremony at Hyde Park in It was the first time officers and men had been decorated together. After riding down the Line the ceremony of giving medals, began How Victoria and Albert became celebrities.

    A set of 14 photos, known as Carte de Visites, was created of the Royal Family. More than 60, copies were sold, despite having a hefty price tag of four pounds and four shillings. It marked the beginning of photographic celebrity culture. Women tried to replicate Victoria's fashions while some men copied Albert's hairstyle and moustache. Exploring the close relationship of Queen Victoria and John Brown. Prince Albert died at the age of The Queen was inconsolable with grief and wore mourning for the rest of her life. Victoria withdrew from public life after Albert's death, but kept up with her correspondence and continued to give audiences to ministers and official visitors.

    She decreed that monuments to honour Albert should be built across the country and Empire — including the Albert Memorial. She became very close to John Brown, a servant at Balmoral Castle, even though her children resented him. The Queen rides with her son to a thanksgiving service after he recovers from typhoid. The Queen was frantic with worry after her son and heir Edward fell ill with typhoid. It came a year after the founding of the French Third Republic, which had provoked anti-monarchist feeling in Britain. When Edward recovered, the Queen used a carefully orchestrated event to boost royal support.

    She gave a public thanksgiving service and appeared to crowds on the Buckingham Palace balcony. It marked the queen's gradual return to public life. Prime Minister Disraeli offers the queen an imperial crown in a satirical cartoon. Victoria became the Empress of India to tie the monarchy and Empire closer together. She accepted the title on the advice of her seventh prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, whose political advice she relied on. She approved of his imperialist policies, which established Britain as the most powerful nation in the world. Her popularity in Britain soared as she became a symbol of empire towards the end of her reign.

    Victoria and her 'munshi'. The Queen received Indian servants to mark her Golden Jubilee year. Karim instructed Victoria in Urdu and Indian affairs and introduced her to curry. He was just 24 but Victoria was fascinated by India, the country she ruled but would never visit.

    Politicians and members of the royal household resented his position but despite this, Victoria gave him honours and lands in India and took him with her on visits to the French Riviera. Victoria's Jubilee bolstered her reputation. Her face was emblazoned on products from mugs to jars of mustard to mark the occasion. The Jubilee celebrations focussed on the Queen but also affirmed Britain's place as a global power.

    Soldiers from the British Empire marched in processions through London.