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But more importantly watch them and spread the word. What does he think of "Zendall? Thorsten Kaye: Yeah, he had gotten bit by one vampire and everything changed. Thorsten Kaye: I think that soap was a little bit before its time. You turn on anything now and you see vampires and superheroes. You watch soaps because you want what you want. In our defense, our show was dying and they had to do something.

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So somebody was watching and somebody got it. The people are great. Categories: General Hospital , Soap of the Week. Kennedy was assassinated. Below is the latest list of stars who will be making guest stints on primetime shows in the coming weeks and months. Sue Ellen's sister was the culprit but she never went to jail. She was pregnant with J. It was the highest rated television episode in US history at the time with a Nielsen rating of It was estimated that 83 million people watched. Relive the big real below in this classic clip. Categories: Classic Clip , Dallas.

Categories: Most Popular Posts. IMDB Starmeter. Updated weekly, these rankings also graph the popularity of people over time and determine which events affect public awareness. Do you agree with the list? Is Lisa Rinna really more popular than President Obama?

Weigh in below. Jill Clayburgh ex-SFT. Jacobs 2 comments: Email This BlogThis! Check back on Tuesday morning for the results voting ends Tuesday at 9 a. In Part One of our interview with Thorsten Kaye, the beloved and funny actor discussed his role in the new thriller Occupant , working with ATWT's Van Hansis , and the incidents and accidents that shaped his acting career. But with that possible success comes possible failure.

That is just as disappointing as it is rewarding when it does work. ET on Monday. Compiled from a list of several Nielsen reports, here are the Nielsen ratings for the week of November , for all the daytime and primetime television soap operas. Categories: Ratings. But soap viewers will be thrilled to know that he had teamed up with another fan favorite, Van Hansis, to star in the new feature film Occupant. Join me for this new interview in which we discuss his new role, how he felt about working with Van Hansis, and the life-altering accident that changed the course of his career.

We are so excited to see your new film after talking with Van Hansis last week. Tell me about your role in the film Occupant. Thorsten Kaye: Tell me what Van said. Lee Harrington, the academic book, from University Press of Mississippi, is officially out on December 1.

The soap opera, one of U. Declining ratings have been attributed to an increasing number of women working outside the home and to an intensifying competition for viewers' attention from cable and the Internet. Yet, soaps' influence has expanded, with serial narratives becoming commonplace on most prime time TV programs. Categories: Book Reviews. Negotiations are happening now for the special which would gauge the audiences interest in the show.

Also, Calista Flockhart will miss Episode as part of a three episode break. On Episode 2. Amongst many subjects covered, Deidrick discussed his thoughts on the possibility of "Chill. Fulton will add her signature flair to such classic standards as River, Blue Moon, and Stormy Weather, among others. She will also perform a special rendition of Santa Man a song in which she wrote music and lyrics. Categories: As The World Turns.

The Give a Damn Campaign, a project of Cyndi Lauper's True Colors Fund, has released its latest video during National Runaway Prevention Month to raise awareness about homeless gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth. Watch the clip below:. On one hand you have the pride and burden of carrying a family legacy for over two decades. This is an illuminating and powerful must-read for anyone who has ever watched DAYS, or for that matter, anyone who has ever put a family business in front of their own aspirations. Say what you will about Ken Corday as dozens of critics have.

But after reading this book one cannot deny the integrity, determination, and strength demanded of him to keep DAYS on the air, and keep network interference to a minimum. Jacobs , Days of our Lives. And a lot has changed since we last visited with the Ewings in CBS's and reunion movies.

But J. GLEE hasn't decided if Darren Criss will become Kurt's boyfriend Ryan Murphy confirms Criss will be on the show "through the year and longer," but he hasn't determined his character's Blaine's role on the show. Addison Powell, 89, has passed away at his home in Vermont on November 8. July 4, , Israel executed a dramatic rescue of the Israeli hostages and Air France crew.

Israeli Lt. Yonatan Netanyahu was the only Israeli loss. Levy was greatly involved in the operation. A side note Rani shared with us. His father and their family had lived in Uganda for several years for the Israeli Defense Forces. I know discovering this footage today was so special for Rani, and I am glad he shared it with us, his friends. Shreya Goshal live performance in a Kolkata a year ago.

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The Parkdale Pigeon a year ago. Meant to Live Live at Sandals Church 4 years ago. Parents, Let's face the issues. Address the act and not the child. Don't tag those negative acts on the destiny of your child. Kahani Activities based on stories from Hindu mythology To place an order for a quiet book, please write to us at cubsandcalves gmail. Our answer may surprise you because it's not in line with the super strict sleep police guidelines that parents often refer to.

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This tells me that his stomach is feeling better.

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The only time he's not happy is if he's in pain. First, he has the best laugh in the world. Second, he's in love with Baby Bop's sneeze. He thinks it's hilarious. Third, you can see his attempt to mimic the sneeze in this video. Mimicking is HUGE people! Fourth, my cake worked. Hispanic Girls telling their Father they have a Boyfriend. Watching TV with brown parents.. Gender Reveal Party 2 years ago. My day at Clay County Fair. Had a blast and learned a lot.

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Order your Potters Resort Brochure Today! One-Day-In-Pokhara 2 years ago. HeatedPool a year ago. A Prayer for Palawan News 12 weeks ago. Do you still believe believe that culture has a place in the 21st century? Having being born and raised to appreciate their Samburu traditions, Mejooli and Alice desired nothing but to go back to their roots as they tie the knot.

Mejooli 2 years ago. Fire Show a year ago. Animal Fails 13 weeks ago. What begins as an innocent attempt to comfort a nurse with marriage troubles becomes something more serious, and B. An outbreak of infectious hepatitis, which fells Father Mulcahy, threatens the entire medical staff of the th. Mulligan , Edward Binns Gen.

Korshack , Leonard Stone Col. Bidwell , Susie Elene Mae Ping. In the midst of Hawkeye being considered, much to his distaste, for the position of a general's personal physician, Radar becomes a surrogate father to a Korean woman and her baby, until the baby's GI father returns. With Frank Burns cracking the whip over a GI work party and the mail service having broken down, morale is at a low ebb until Col.

Potter announces that his all-time favorite movie, a classic western, will be shown that evening. Connors , Scott Mulhern Andy Cooper. The American penchant for collecting war souvenirs is exploited by a helicopter pilot, who makes it a business that often leads to injury for the youthful natives gathering his battlefield bric-a-brac, and Hawkeye and B. Moody , Andy Romano Sgt. Justiss , Sal Viscuso Sgt.

McGill , Richard Beauchamp Cpl. Robello , Alan McRae Cpl. Nessen , Gary Springer Pvt. Garvin , Andrew Bloch Pvt. Gordon , Jack Baker Pvt. Whitney , Daniel Zippi Pvt. Corey , Zito Kazzan Sgt. Attias , Judy Farrell Nurse Able. With the th short of blood, the surgical teams handle a wide range of cases in a grueling, hour operating session, then continue treatment in the post-op ward. It's Hot Lips' wedding day! Her fiancee, Lt. Donald Penobscott, arrives at the th on leave from Tokyo and shocks her by deciding to get married right away. Schaeffer , Robert Symonds Col. Baldwin , William Flatley M.

Season premiere. Charles Emerson Winchester, an aristocratic Bostonian, becomes a reluctant member of the th when his predecessor, Maj. Burns, goes AWOL. Radar's desire to fulfill his manhood and go on leave to Seoul is encouraged by Hawkeye, but leads to unexpected consequences that very nearly break up their friendship. A prankster from B. Potter, worried about the nervous tension apparent in the th, asks psychiatrist Sidney Freedman, who shows up at the hospital as one of the wounded, to take an informal look at some of the more uptight cases.

Major Winchester, conveying the dreariness and frustration of his new situation at the th hospital in a tape recording to his parents, also offers his candid assessment of some of its principal personalities. Dobson , Philip Baker Hall Sgt. An acute shortage of light bulbs causes a crisis in the operating room when the usually meticulous Charles Winchester makes a mistake that almost costs the life of a patient.

Hawkeye and a well-to-do Korean woman who seeks medical aid for her mother from the th, have a brief bittersweet romance. Boone , Philip Ahn Mr. Kim , Glen Ash Sgt. Major Winchester devises a greedy scheme to cash in on the Army's exchange of old military money. Meanwhile, Klinger's inventive new ploy to escape the service surprises even Col. While a nurse bears the brunt of Hot Lips' wrath for showing her emotions under the stress of surgery, Radar falls in love with tattoos.

A notable tendency toward midriff flab prompts an angry Col. Potter to demand daily calisthenics and leads to a th Olympics. Bloodworth , Jerry Houser Danker. An officer with a cold-blooded knack for predicting casualties prompts a violent reaction from Hawkeye, while Charles suffers embarrassing results from consuming a gourmet feast. Hawkeye and Hot Lips see each other in a different light when they find themselves lost in enemy territory.

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With Hawkeye and Hot Lips considered battle casualties, B. Charles demonstrates an uncharacteristic streak of generosity when he lends B. The dissonant notes of Charles' french horn drive Hawkeye and B. The unit's surgeons invent a vascular clamp to stop arterial bleeding, and recover Hot Lips' wedding ring. Members of the th wrestle with two major problems, the offbeat customs of Britain's Gloucester Regiment and a sudden shortage of penicillin. Radar's impersonation of a disc jockey, with old record favorites and accompanying patter piped over the loudspeaker system, boosts morale at a time when an all-out Chinese offensive sends a glut of patients pouring in.

January 30, What's Up, Doc? Whitkow , Phyllis Katz Nurse. Radar doesn't want to give up his pet rabbit for Hot Lips' pregnancy test. Dubin With Oliver Clark Capt. Long-awaited mail from home brings with it varying problems for B. Hawkeye's absence on temporary duty with another MASH unit sounds like a happy repreive to Charles, until he sees his replacement. Benson , Peter Hobbs Gen. Waldo Kent , Kenneth White Cpl. Denning , Johnny Haymer Sgt. Potter is stunned to learn that the unit has received unfavorable performance reports -- from someone within the unit.

February 27, Dr. Winchester And Mr. Charles discovers a cure for his rundown routine, and Radar matches his mouse in a race with a rodent from the Marine corps. Dubin With Hamilton Camp Cpl. When Charles manages to top Col. Potter's ingenious remedy for a morphine shortage, Hawkeye and B. Meanwhile, Klinger discovers a corporal whose bizarre behavior threatens to outdo his own.

Hawkeye undergoes a drastic change when he becomes the temporary commander of the th and learns the bureaucracy and accompanying headaches that Colonel Potter deals with daily. Dean Goss , Hugh Gillin Gen. Tomlin , Rollin Moriyama Korean Delegate. Hawkeye becomes so disgusted with the stalled Panmunjom peace talks that he impulsively takes matters into his own hands. Lillian Rayburn. Radar believes Col. Potter's friendship with an Army nurse to be more than just platonic. Newscaster Clete Roberts, reprising an earlier interview appearance, returns to update Korean War conditions by conducting a series of television talks with members of the th.

Charles becomes so irate over a turndown for a future medical position at home that he refuses to talk to anyone in the unit, providing Hawkeye and B. The oppressive Korean heat gets to everyone, especially Klinger, who responds to the conditions with one of his most ingenious schemes to effect a discharge.

Dubin With Paul Cavonis Sgt. The threat of a strong windstorm causes chaos in the th unit. Greenleigh , David Dean Pvt. Charles becomes even more insufferable after a reporter arrives at the th to publicize his medical prowess. In the middle of a record cold snap, Charles receives an expensive polar suit from his parents. Rich , Paul Tuerpe Medic. In this unique episode, the camera becomes the eyes of a young wounded soldier.

It records his responses to being wounded, flown to the th, examined, operated on, and treated in post-op. The real reason for the employment of a servant by Charles is discovered by Hawkeye and B. Potter discovers that the th's supply of a vital anesthetic has fallen victim to Sgt. Zale's barter system. Dubin With Peter Palmer Capt.

Father Mulcahy takes being passed over for promotion philosophically until he hears of the rapid advancement of a helicopter pilot. While Klinger has his heart set on a Hungarian hot dog straight from Toledo, Father Mulcahy feels depressed about his vocation. January 1, B.

Hawkeye is attracted to a Swedish doctor until she upstages him in the operating room. Officer , Leich Kim R. Soldier , Johnny Haymer Sgt. The colonel's mare disappears, and Hawkeye and B. Potter reacts in a strange way to the th doctors' fear that they are out of touch with new medical practices. Dubin With Walter Brooke Gen.

Weiskopf , Peggy Lee Brennan Lt. Radar falls madly in love with a new nurse at the hospital, and Hot Lips celebrates her divorce. Bartruff , Charles Jenkins Pvt. Lovett , Mark L. The th evacuates to a nearby cave to avoid U. Flagg , Neil Thompson Cpl. Basgall , Bob Okazaki Doo Pak. The sinister Colonel Flagg and Charles try to prove that Hawkeye is a communist sympathizer. Lacy , Larry Jenkins Pvt. Hawkeye decides to do something about the unusually high battallion casualties of a gung-ho officer.

Scully , Joe Di Reda Maj. A typical day in the life of Rosie's bar, complete with AWOL problem drinkers, a bound and gagged Winchester, and a gambling scheme. Debbie Clarke , Sylvia Cjang Sooni.

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Charles and Klinger share an emotional experience while drowning their sorrows at Rosie's bar. Dubin With John Randolph Gen. Haggerty , Ed Begley Jr. A clumsy foot soldier brings an unexpected boost of morale to the war-weary staff of the th. September 24, Are You Now, Margaret? Theodore Williamson. The staff of the th are outraged when they discover the real reason behind a congressional aide's fact-finding visit. Park , Joshua Bryant Sgt.

Hawkeye clashes with a determined foreign officer over the medical treatment of a wounded Korean woman whom the officer is anxious to interrogate. Dubin With Marilyn Jones Lt. Elwood Pvt. Reuss , Richard Lee-Sung Driver. Radar's return from leave to the crisis-stricken th is cut short by outside events, and he is ordered stateside because of a more personal problem. Van Kirk , Whitney Rydbeck Sgt. McKee , David Dozer Dispatcher. Radar reluctantly prepares to leave the th as the operating room continues to fill with wounded soldiers during a power outage. Radar's departure brings on pangs of homesickness to B.

Dubin With Alexandra Stoddart Lt. Gail Harris. A career-minded young nurse with plans to become a full-fledged doctor has a major misunderstanding with Father Mulcahy. A South Korean woman misinterprets Klinger's offer of financial aid to her daughter and declares war on him.

November 12, Mr. And Mrs. Charles returns from a wild binge in Tokyo, positive that he had a great time but unsure of what he did. Bailey Sgt. While rushing urgently needed antibiotics to the th, Hawkeye and B. The doctors learn they have 20 minutes to perform major surgery on a severely wounded soldier who is facing permanent paralysis or death.

Fleming , Kelly Ward Dave. Klinger discovers, to his dismay, that his duties include catering to the whims of the th's eccentric officers. Bailey G. Muldoon , Momo Yashima Suni. When a brawl at Rosie's bar puts Rosie in the hospital, the th's doctors are pressed into temporary service as saloon keepers. Jack Scully. The members of the th try to find a suitable home for an abandoned baby born to a Korean woman and American soldier. Mendenhall , David Hirokane Chinese Soldier.