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Vicky Leandros

It'll be one of the most unforgettable and memorable years of your life. My favorite part of the program was the Berlin meet-up at the end of the year. You get to tour the Bundestag and have a get-together with all recipients. I hope you have the best time of your life! It's a difficult program to get into, so be proud! I was on the S1 in Berlin about a year ago, about 6. He looked so happy singing it and throwing his hands into the air. I always have this mental picture of him whenever I hear this song.

Right now though the German song I find myself listening to most is 'Venus' by Kraftklub. I've been into der Mussolini by DAF this week. Get yourself some "Die Toten Hosen".

Immer auf dem neuesten Stand

Their early stuff is great and they sing in very clear, understandable for a foreigner like me German. Not very well I might add. The chorus still gets stuck in my head sometimes. Edit: Who's the asshole downvoting answers in this thread? We were asked for our favorites, not yours. I actually have a playlist of most of the songs that were used in my highschool German class to help us learn, if you're interested? I don't know about OP but I am! I'm trying to get back to German, so it would be very useful :. Something entirely different; Kraftklub.

Silent Night

I don't really know how to define their genre but their music has lots of humor in it. I'm a bot working hard to help Redditors find related videos to watch. I'll keep this updated as long as I can. Madsen and die fantastischen Vier have heaps of cool songs depending if you prefer Indie-Rock or HipHop. I made a spotify playlist with all the songs mentioned here available on spotify.

You are my new favorite person. Seriously, thank you so much! It was taking me forever to look them up on Spotify.

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Thank you!!! Schandmaul - Seemannsgrab. Thorsten - Lampe this video is actually pretty great for language learners. Rette mich vor mir selber - Element of Crime. Really liked your recommendations. I was able to find cool bands like Kante, die Sterne, element of crime, and tocotronic but that's about it. They're all kinda older than what you rec'd.

Do you have more recs for me? I'd love to listen to more of german indie or any foreign indie really. The albums Lemming and Saurus from Locas in Love are both really great - I have them on repeat constantly. Jason Bartsch has a great song - Weirder Moment - that you can find on Spotify. There are some other gems on that same album, but also some are very The album Erfolg on spotify is hilarious and ingenious.

Been waiting for this guy to tour again cause i would love to see him live. It's catchy, and reminds me of so many songs that I basically grew up with. I like MINE a lot. Das Ziel ist im weg was the first german album I really love and the song Hinterher of the same is so catchy and easy to listen to. I like Dota und die stadtpiraten. They play some folky jazzy pop. I like older stuff by bands from Die Hamburger schule great lyrics and and if the post-punk genre is up your alley give one of those bands' songs a listen.

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One band that I like is Kante. Thanks for the recommendation! Always great to know that MINE has a new fan. And I'd like to take a look at your playlist if you don't mind. It's not so much one playlist as it is several But I can definitely link you to some of them :.

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I'm gonna stop myself there cos I could go on forever xD But yeah, I find listening to German music very helpful for me, hopefully it's the same for you :. Saltatio Mortis - Wo sind die Clowns? Klaus Johann Grobe - Schlaufen der Zukunft. For TV shows, I usually just end up watching Netflix Originals with the German dubbing turned on it's not too bad, mostly. I really like some of the marching songs Germans have. Dont get me wrong though I just like how they sound.

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