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His work has been published in numerous anthologies and magazines, including Punk Globe.

Sparrow Swift Moves (International Intrigue)

This is his first novel. He lives in Oakland, California. In a series of twenty-four candid interviews with influential women artists, author Zora von Burden gives some of the most influential cultural innovators of this generation a voice, and probes the depths of how and why they broke through society's limitations to create works of outstanding measure. Among the artistic genres covered are painting, drawing, photography, performance, film, theatre, sculpture, and more.

In a series of twenty candid interviews with influential women musicians, author Zora von Burden gives the forerunners of this generation a voice, and probes the depths of how and why they broke through society's limitations to create works of outstanding measure. Among the musical genres covered are rock, punk, goth, industrial, electronica, performance art, and more.

He loves New York City like nobody's business but does it still love him despite his lack of affluence and influence? His former band, The Gutter Astronomers, was riding high in the s, releasing albums and touring across the country but the Great Recession finds the band members middle-aged and struggling not to drown in the seas of gentrification and disillusion.

When lead singer Mickey gets an offer to reunite the band, he jumps at it. But can the old bandmates overcome their acrimonious break up? Can they get back into it without shredding their lives? Can Underend Vicodini find inner peace and, more importantly, a reasonably priced apartment below 14th Street or in Brooklyn?

Author Steven Wishnia is a New York-based writer, journalist, and musician. He has played in numerous bands, including the False Prophets. He was a news editor at High Times magazine. Flying machines, underwater submersibles, steam engines, and mechanical birds Within these 64 pages, children of all ages will enjoy coloring and exploring adventurous activities in an imaginative world that never was. Fun for all ages, Victorian and up. Author Phoebe Longhi, 16 years old, enjoys making Victorian dresses when she's not reading or drawing.

She loves multiple places around the world, but resides in San Francisco because of the predictable weather. With essays from noted literary figures and close friends, this unique collection of Chin's literary legacy curated from his 7 published books will serve as both a primer for those new to his works, as well as a loving tribute by those who knew him and his work best.

Chin passed away at the end of at the age of Through intertwined short stories, 98 Wounds dissects the inexorable dualities present in every moment that matters: pleasure and pain, contentment and longing, sacred and profane, living and dying. In between all of these, solace, understanding, and occasional regret-if not resolution-can be found. Justin Chin was born in Malaysia, raised and educated in Singapore, shipped to the US by way of Hawaii, and has resided in San Francisco for many years. Martin's and a memoir, Burden of Ashes Alyson. Chin has also led a double life as a performance artist and his performances were documented in Attack of the Man-Eating Lotus Blossoms Suspect Thoughts.

While trying to make sense of this ever-churning world, poet Justin Chin found himself traveling back and forth home to SE Asia - a region unnerved and raging with SARS and the Avian Flu - to help care for his father who had suddenly taken ill, all while dealing with his own health annoyances, and a looming U. At the beginning of this difficult period, he quietly vowed not to speak about his troubles until they had been suitably resolved.

These poems mark the end of that resolution, and is a document of growing older, grief, loss, comfort and illness, and resolve. As ever, these poems are infected with Chin's screwy perspective, ever-defective grace, and scabrous humor. Fiercely devoted to the margins of life in the generation after the devastating first wave of the AIDS epidemic, this cathartic collection of poems explores illness, travel, contagion, the meaning of home, identity, tainted purity, and the bits of life that contain them and hold them together in spite of the harsh exigency of daily life.

Chin's brutal honesty and sharp humor frame a profound and original collection. FTM, MTF, thirdgender, genderqueer, and other non-traditional identities beyond traditional male and female are included in this often heartwarming, occasionally heartbreaking, truly groundbreaking anthology. From monogamous love, marriage, and parenting to anonymous sex and one-night hook-ups, these stories offer insight into the precarious emotional and practical mechanics of intimacy among gender-variant experiences.

Featuring contributions from award-winning authors including Julia Serano, Sassafras Lowery, and Max Valerio alongside outstanding new writing by Tribe 8 guitarist and acclaimed film director Silas Howard, activist Joelle Ruby Ryan, filmmaker Ashley Altadonna, SisterSpit alum Cooper Lee Bombardier, and many other unique and talented voices. Born female yet not identifying with that gender assignment, these writers illuminate the experiences of those who identify as FTM female to male , and those whose gender is more fluid, genderqueer and thirdgender.

Exploring many aspects of gender identity change, from dating to disclosure to family issues, these stories, essays, and poems offer heartfelt insight into the dynamics of identity politics and the definition of self. An eloquent tribute to diversity, From the Inside Out provides an amazing introduction for those who want to understand more transgender and gender-variant people. In addition, these moving narratives are invaluable tools for learning more about queer theory, gender politics, cultural studies, and transgender history. Although all born female, these writers prove that biology doesn't control destiny.

Alvin Orloff's swell new novel asks what to do when you want something more. Growing up in the s has never before been portrayed with such delightful ludicrousness and heartrending tenderness. When teenager Leonard decides to quit being a Dweeb and instead joins the Burnouts, his "good kid" persona is abandoned as he embarks on a comically painful journey of self-discovery through his unconventional friendship with Rick, an older Jesus freak barefoot hippie. The farcical parallel story of how Irving Mandelbaum from Los Angeles transmogrifies into rag-tag cult leader Rick of The Forever Family paints an indelible portrait of California during one of its most preposterous eras.

A twisted gay tale of unrequited love in Lower Manhattan in the early s filled with scenes of humorous debauchery. Jeremy, a shy year-old, falls madly in love with Colin, a disturbed yet well-read older hustler. Innocent Jeremy, protected by the guardian spirits of his beloved dead grandmothers - one a fiery Jewish socialist, the other a proper British matron - becomes increasingly unstable under the strain of his unanswered devotion. When Jeremy finally snaps, he reaches an understanding with Colin that he never anticipated.

In this rollicking send-up of traditional science fiction, Earth Studies professor Norvex 7 from the planet Zeeron decides to increase his university status by visiting Earth accompanied by Veeba 22, a chic hairdresser of the highest social order. Mistaken for evil villains and harmless frauds instead of the fabulous celebrities they are, Norvex ends up in San Francisco where all hell breaks loose when he crosses paths with the adolescent agony of Chester Julian, a gay Goth teenager acne. Part Jacqueline Susann romantasy, part cheesy Lost In Space episode, this gay comedy will delight any fan of pop culture literature.

Broken hearts, scattered dreams, postpunk politics, and postmodern cut-up collages spiral and flow through award-winning poet Daphne Gottlieb's latest collection. Whether she's writing about unanticipated outcomes "After the Midway Ride Collapsed" , her mother's passing "Somewhere, Over" , or absurd situations "Preoccupation" , Gottlieb's deeply personal insights into the complex areas where life and contemporary culture collide offer readers a uniquely voiced, thought-provoking perspective. Daphne Gottlieb is the award-winning author of seven books.

She has performed her work and taught creative writing workshops throughout the U. In this uniquely beautiful wordless graphic novel, a working-class family struggles to make ends meet and raise their children in a relentless world of economic challenges. The story of Walking Shadows is told through full-page woodcut engravings reminiscent of Frans Masereel and Lynd Ward. This book can be enjoyed both as graphic novel narrative and as an admirable work of art. Winner of the prestigious Rebecca Smith Award for Fine Art in the UK, this debut publication is unparalleled among modern works for its incredible visual details created in an uncommon medium, as well as the beauty of its deeply heartfelt narrative that speaks to common experience in these challenging economic times.

Author Neil Bousfield is a professional printmaker, animator, and teacher whose work has been exhibited throughout the UK. His engravings reflect his interest in social concerns and the use of visual art to convey a narrative story. This is his first book. In this series of cultural polemics on an unexpected array of contemporary topics-from mistaken first impressions "Presumed Hetero Unless Proven Gay" to sustainable yet unaffordable pants "Socially Responsible Pants" to critiques of bourgeois mindsets "Middle Class Writer" -author Larry-bob Roberts offers hilarious insight into the absurdities of modern life and queer culture.

Jack Sparrow | PotC Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

His humorous observations are destined to jostle readers' complacency and confirm their worst suspicions. Author Larry-bob Roberts is into sparking culture, politics, and creating fusions between the two. Since , he has been publishing in print and now online the zine, Holy Titclamps! A great find Ever wondered what it's like to be a celebrated Hollywood actor from the age of eleven?

With insightful, no BS, cards-on-the-table poetry that is quite serious yet has fun with metaphor, imagery, and language itself, author Amber Tamblyn gives readers a backstage pass to the show inside her mind. Whether she's describing real life info-gathering for a new prime time TV drama "Role Research" or addressing the crossroads of public perception and private life "Fell Off" , Amber Tamblyn reveals questions, answers, and more in Bang Ditto, wielding metaphors mercilessly in a wry and talented voice.

She came to fame on the soap opera General Hospital followed by starring roles on the television series Joan of Arcadia and The Unusuals. She has branched out into film roles, appearing in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and many other films. Trendy hipster dyke Felix joins her stoic aunt Anna Lisa in a hardscrabble town in the Sierra foothills after being gay bashed, and explores the town's namesake mystery: the disappearance of year-old Lilac Ambrose in A spellbinding narrative that's part history, part mystery, very contemporary Author Cheryl Klein is a shameless Angeleno, quiet pescatarian, and shameful tabloid reader.

In this fiercely passionate and revealing cycle of narrative poems that read like a novella, Francesca Lia Block describes in fiery detail the rise and demise of a year-long love affair. Her rich use of language infused with the power of sex and spirit paint a transcendent, almost mythic, portrait of the way two wounded people-both searching for connection-find each other, collide, and eventually separate. Francesca Lia Block is renowned for her groundbreaking literary works, including the best-selling Weetzie Bat.

Her writing transports readers through the harsh landscapes of contemporary life to realms of the senses where love is a saving grace. She lives in Los Angeles. Quakeland is not to be missed. A solemn, sensual journey through the female interior landscape A preschool teacher contemplating the unsettling challenges of her mid-life, she finds solace in the company of her dear friend Grace, and conflict in the arms of a narcissistic yoga instructor, Jasper. Hoping to woo a fickle Gemini or a larger-than-life Leo? The Astrology Cookbook offers tempting menus geared to the tastes of each sign, with clear, easy-to-follow recipes.

Whether you're an accomplished cook or a beginning baker, Stephanie Rosenbaum's charming astrological insights combine with lighthearted, delicious recipe ideas to please the palate and create endless romance in the kitchen. Italian American writers celebrate their hidden history in a literary tribute to fighting social injustice.

This breakthrough anthology filled with thought-provoking works that focus on re-interpreting the mainstream tradition of glorifying Christopher Columbus, features new work by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane di Prima, Kim Addonizio, James Tracy, Michael Cirelli, Michael Parenti, Thomas Centolella, and many others. Intersex For Lack of a Better Word chronicles one person's search for self in a world obsessed with normal.

23. The Incredible Hulk (2008)

In first-person prose as intimate as a diary, Thea Hillman redefines memoir in a series of compelling stories that take a no-holds-barred look at sex, gender, family, and community. Whether she's pondering quirky family tendencies, reflecting on "queerness", or recounting scintillating adventures in San Francisco's sex clubs, Hillman's brave and fierce vision for cultural and societal change shines through. Depending on the Light contains 64 short works of smart sophisticated sudden fiction that erupt from a core of sharp urban observations.

Her language is at once insightful yet pointed, her voice clear and urgent. Gritty compassion and wry humor permeate these short short stories, and Hillman's insatiable lust for life is everywhere evident. Written chapters offer the history of stencil artwork from 30, BC to the present, tips for creating stencil artwork, and lots more! This exciting new comix collection examines LGBT life from new perspectives: homeboys in love, kids with queer parents, a superhero tranny, how Hothead met Chicken, and lots more.

Perfect for sexual outlaws, gender pirates, and their friends and admirers These side-splittingly funny short stories relive the twisted glory days of homegrown DIY punk rock, from "Road Trip," in which four benevolent urban skinheads venture forth to rural Montana for a friend's wedding, to the title novella, which follows the absurd trials and tribulations of a small-town Delaware punk band, Third Leg, as its dreams of superstardom get flushed away in a series of hilarious catastrophes.

A fictional chronicle of a year in the underground counter-cultural life of a San Francisco guy during the s: simultaneously hilarious, meaningful, and occasionally just plain gross.

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Apparently resigned to his fate, Jack watched her leave the ship. Captain Jack Sparrow bravely facing the Kraken. As soon as he was left alone on deck, Jack frantically tried to escape his chains. He managed to slip out of his manacles, with the aid of oil from a broken lantern, though he was too late. No sooner had he freed himself that the Kraken returned, its fanged mouth rising up to deck-level. The Kraken belched out a roar, spraying Jack with slime and spitting out Jack's hat , eaten prior to Jack's arrival at Pelegosto.

Placing his hat once more atop his head, Captain Jack Sparrow said "Hello beastie". Then he drew his sword and faced off against the Kraken as it dragged the Black Pearl under water. With that, the captain went down with his ship, and Davy Jones considered his debt settled.

Jack's captain-less crew returned, dejected and defeated, back to Tia Dalma's shack. There, they raised a toast to the late Captain Jack Sparrow, but Tia had not yet given up hope. She stated that there was a chance to bring Jack back from the depths of World's End , though it would entail a journey to Davy Jones' Locker. The crew agreed, and set out under the command of their new captain, the resurrected Hector Barbossa , a man who knew those waters well. Jack Sparrow hallucinating in Davy Jones' Locker.

Jack was taken by the Kraken to Davy Jones' Locker , where he was forced to endure the worst punishment he could ever take; his beloved Pearl was stuck on a seemingly-endless desert. For months, Jack was tormented by a series of hallucinations that personified the various aspects of his personality as members of his crew, torturing both his love of the sea and his idea of being the only "Jack Sparrow". Divided in this manner, Jack had no hope of moving his ship, as though his crew did follow orders, the flaws of his "crew" made the Pearl unable to make any sort of progression with no wind to move the ship.

Jack and the Black Pearl in the Locker. When Tia Dalma neared the island where Jack was stranded, she enchanted the rocks on the island to teleport to the Black Pearl , and the rocks cracked open, revealing an army of rock-crabs. The rock-crabs used their combined strength to move the Black Pearl.

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Jack was off the ship at the moment, but was able to run and catch up to the Pearl and boarded it in time to sail it out to sea. By this point, his former crew, led by a resurrected Barbossa and aided by Tai Huang and the crew of the Hai Peng , arrived in the Locker, ostensibly to free Jack.

Print Edition

Sparrow initially believed them to be mere hallucinations, and greeted them with mockery but was swayed when Elizabeth appeared and told him they are real, as he becomes surprised perhaps recalling the foul memory of his death, or maybe just recalling her kiss. After being told by Gibbs he was in the locker, Jack became more nervous but remained unfazed by their appearance, and even greeted his former resurrected nemesis, Barbossa, with cheer, knowing full well that their only means of escape, the Pearl , was in Jack's possession.

Sparrow is also told by what is happening in the living realm such as Beckett using Jones to slaughter pirates and the brethren court holding a meeting. He refused to travel with some of them as several of them have tried to kill him before stating one of them succeeded and noted Will was unaware of this.

He picked a few of them to come with him while leaving the rest behind. However, he was forced to concede that Barbossa, holding the navigational charts bestowed upon the crew by Sao Feng , would be useful in the escape, as in the locker, his compass didn't seem to work.

  1. Escaping Tyranny eXpat ePulps, no. 4.
  3. Chapter 1 Prelude (Dark Phoenix).
  4. Die Bibel (German Edition)!
  5. From War to Westminster;
  6. The Inverse Performer;
  7. Slant Magazine;
  8. Jack and Barbossa arguing aboard the Pearl. Almost immediately, a rivalry formed between Jack and Barbossa with both claiming to be the rightful captain of the Black Pearl. The crew boarded the Pearl and set sail on the endless seas of Davy Jones' Locker, meeting Elizabeth's father, Weatherby Swann , along the way. The crew continued to sail through endless seas of Davy Jones' Locker, knowing that if they were unable to escape by sunset, they would remain trapped in that dimension forever.

    Jack, however, was able to decipher one additional phrase, "Up is Down". Puzzled at first, after listening to his shoulder angel and devil debate his future ironically they look just like Jack he figured out the meaning, and coerced his crew into rocking the ship back and forth. Barbossa, realizing Jack had figured out the chart loosed the objects below deck, until at last the Pearl tipped upside down under the waves. As the sun sank below the horizon, the ship returned to the world of the living at sunrise; the ship had literally been turned upside down to pass between dimensions, going from the bottom of the sea, and floating all the way to the top.

    As soon as the crew emerged from the Locker, Barbossa pulled his pistol on Jack, leading to a tense stand-off. Barbossa wanted to lead Jack to Shipwreck Cove as he was a pirate, but Jack adamantly wished to leave the pirates to their fate. This turned even Elizabeth and Will against Jack, but determined not to return to the locker, Jack pulled his pistol on Barbossa. Then it was revealed that none of the crews' pistols would work due to the wet powder of just passing through the sea.

    Jack and Barbossa were forced to grudgingly cooperate, and made for the nearest island to find fresh water. Jack and Barbossa at Black Sand Beach. The island the crew happened upon was the one on which the corpse of the Kraken had been left, after Davy Jones had been forced to kill it by Lord Beckett. Jack had a moment of sympathy for the creature, perhaps seeing the reflection of his own mortality in its dead eye. Jack voiced his fear of death to Barbossa, who reminded him that death, not immortality, was the only certainty. It was at this point that Jack decided to redouble his efforts to discover a way of achieving eternal life.

    In another turning point, Jack, who originally planned on simply running and becoming the last pirate as the EITC killed them all, finally realized that Beckett had to be stopped, and agreed to meet with the other members of the Brethren Court. Sao Feng with Jack and Barbossa aboard the Pearl. However, his quest was postponed by the arrival of the Empress , and the betrayal of Sao Feng. Jack and his crew were confronted by Sao Feng, who punched Jack on the nose in retaliation for a "great insult" paid by Jack at some point in the past. Jack was forced to give up the Black Pearl when it transpired that "Captain" Turner had struck a deal with Feng to take the ship for himself, in order to catch the Flying Dutchman and free his father from servitude.

    Jack then, realizing that his rescue was a scam, asked the crew if anyone had actually missed him. Jack was then taken aboard the HMS Endeavour , flagship of Lord Cutler Beckett, where his diminished position did nothing to dampen his creativity at negotiation. He struck his own deal, promising to lead Beckett to Shipwreck Cove , and thus deliver the Brethren Court into his clutches, in exchange for Jack's freedom from both the company and from Davy Jones.

    Beckett, however, threatened to kill Jack to "Cut out the middle man", but Jack promised he would send the Brethren out to him, to ensure their battle. Beckett agreed, as long as Sparrow could accomplish that feat. Jack using a cannon to escape the Endeavour. Their final negotiations were cut short through Barbossa and Feng's agreeing upon a common enemy, resulting in the Pearl's attack on the Endeavour. Jack hastily shook on a deal, then escaped the flagship and returned to his own vessel via a cannon and rope, to find Elizabeth had been given over to Feng in order for Barbossa to retain the Pearl.

    By this point, Jack found himself unable to trust Will Turner, as he escaped the brig to attempt to help Jack honor his bargain with Beckett by leaving a trail for Beckett to follow. Jack, in realizing how far apart Will and Elizabeth were growing, conceived an elaborate plan where both he and Will could get what they both want.

    Jack's plan was that he would stab the heart of Davy Jones , thereby making him immortal, ensuring his father's freedom, and Will could still be with Elizabeth. Jack then gave Will his compass, set him overboard while sending his regards to Davy Jones, and then continued on to meeting the Brethren at the Cove. Jack and Gibbs while arriving to Shipwreck Island. Arriving at Shipwreck Island , Jack commented on the lack of originality for pirates naming things, such as Larry , a geezer he once sailed with.

    He also witnessed Tia Dalma being sent below deck, to the Pearl 's brig, perhaps while overhearing her conversation with Barbossa. When gazing at Shipwreck Cove upon arrival, Barbossa and the crew commented on how many ships are at the Cove, in which Jack realized that he owed them all money. Jack, Barbossa, and the rest of the Pearl 's crewmen carried on to the meeting at Pirate Hall. Jack Sparrow agrees with Elizabeth 's plan to fight. Whether this was playing them into the hands of Beckett or just pure logic, one can never guess. Jack skillfully used his extensive knowledge of surviving saying they could hold up within, but it would be devastating for morale, and half of them could die.

    He also mentioned that they could also released Calypso , as Barbossa petitioned, but Jack thought that to be too risky. That they must fight. Jack and Teague after the Brethren Court meeting. Everyone agreed to this plan, at least until Barbossa mentioned that the Code specifically mentioned that only the Pirate King can declare war. Jack thought this to be made up, until Barbossa called upon Captain Teague , Jack's father to consult the Pirata Codex.

    When a vote had to be made for the next King, Jack voted for Elizabeth, knowing she would support the decision to go to war. After the meeting, Jack went to confer his father. In the reunion, Teague offered Jack advice, concerning his search for immortality, "It's not just about living forever, Jackie. The trick is living with yourself forever. Jack responded uncomfortably that she looked great. Afterwards, Teague gave the head to Jack for him to keep, and Jack kept it on his belt.

    Jack switching places with Will Turner. With the meeting adjourned and the Pirate Lords decided upon their course of action, the fleet sailed out to meet the armada of the East India Company, the Black Pearl at its head. When the pirates saw Cutler Beckett's armada and how many ships they were going against, they all turned angrily towards Jack, and sheepishly Jack called for the forces to parlay. During the parlay, he was traded for Will, who had been recovered by Beckett in order that his debt to Davy Jones would once again, be settled.

    Due to his escape, the debt had technically been reset. So years aboard the Dutchman were once again required. Because his plan was working, Jack was unconcerned with being sent to the Dutchman , though slightly put off by Jones. Jack hallucinating in the Dutchman 's brig. Jack was sent to the brig on board the Flying Dutchman , where he again experienced his hallucinations. Jack weakly told them to go away, but they insisted that they couldn't go back to the locker without him.

    Then he saw a hallucination of what he might be like as a Dutchman crewman, and one of his other hallucinations commented that defeating Jones would put an alternative far out of reach. Jack though was adamant, and decided to escape and steal the Dead Man's Chest. After thinking like Will, Jack fled the brig in the same manner Will had released Jack from Fort Charles over a year before.

    He was then able to snatch the chest out from under the noses of its arguing guards, Mullroy and Murtogg in addition to recovering his effects. However, he was accosted by Davy Jones and his crew during his escape, thereby forcing Sparrow to "fly" up into the Flying Dutchman' s rigging but Jones teleported to his location. There, a fierce and ferocious duel ensued between the two captains as the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl engaged in battle around a maelstrom conjured by Calypso. Jack Sparrow fighting Davy Jones for the Chest.

    Seeing this, Jack gained the upper hand, by slicing off Jones' tentacle that held the Key, and disarming him. However, Jones broke Jack's sword , and then took the chest from Jack, sending him flying onto a rope where he reclaimed his pistol from one of Jones' crew. Swinging on the rope, Jack shot the chest from Jones' grip, sending it falling to the deck. The two engaged in a race to reach the chest whilst continuing their duel. While Jones was distracted by Will and Elizabeth, Jack ultimately managed to get the key to open the chest and held his broken sword over the heart.

    Jack holding Davy Jones' heart. After Jones asked Will Turner his routine question: "Do you fear death? However, Jack was plunged into a quandary when Jones stabbed Will Turner, leaving him to die. Jack knew that the only way to save his old friend and defeat opponent would be to allow him to stab the heart, thus ensuring Will immortality, though at the cost of Jack's own chance at the same.

    As Bootstrap Bill Turner snapped out of his delirium and engaged Jones, Jack fought with himself, struggling between his own dream of immortality and his one chance to save Will. In the end, Jack's altruistic nature won over, as Jack forfeited his immortality. He placed his broken sword in Will Turner's dying hand, guiding it to stab the heart, killing Jones in the process.

    As the Dutchman' s crewmen were coming towards them, Jack was forced to drag the frantic Elizabeth away from Will's body, knowing that they only had moments until the Dutchman was swallowed up in the maelstrom. While Will's heart was carved out by Bootstrap Bill, Jack rigged a makeshift parachute and fled with the distraught Elizabeth back to the Black Pearl with the other pirates.

    Sparrow Swift Action (international intrigue)

    Arriving onboard the Black Pearl , the rest of his crew wanted to flee the field as the ship was damaged and the the Endeavour was now coming upon them. Jack though, perhaps now determined to finish Beckett off, and salvage the cause of Piracy due to losing his shot at immortality, declined. And when the Flying Dutchman burst from the sea, now captained by Will Turner, Jack knew they now had a fighting chance, and quickly readied the ship to turn on Beckett.

    Together, the flagship of piracy and the ship of supernatural power turned on the Endeavor, dealing a devastating dual broadside on the symbol of British Power. Jack finds out that the his ship is gone. With the battle won, Jack bade farewell to Elizabeth, who had to be with Will before he leaves to do his duty to ferry souls.

    He then sailed the Black Pearl to Tortuga , where he was found in the company of Scarlett and Giselle , persuading them with an offer to ride aboard his ship. However, upon returning to the harbor, Jack found the Pearl gone: Barbossa had mutinied once again by taking the Pearl , marooning him and Joshamee Gibbs ashore. This didn't seem to faze Jack, however, who resorted to using a dinghy left to him. Scarlett and Giselle slapped Jack, after Jack confessed many things to them, which resulted in Gibbs being slapped by Jack.

    Jack Sparrow sails to find the Fountain of Youth. Jack had anticipated Barbossa's treachery, and had cut out the middle part of Sao Feng's navigational charts for himself. He was running up his pirate flag , while singing " A Pirate's Life for Me ", in his dinghy. Looking at Sao Feng's charts, he discovered that the location of the Fountain of Youth is in Florida , as the legends foretold. Using his compass, he located a bottle of rum and began his search for the Fountain of Youth. A happy Jack then sailed off in his dinghy, while drinking the rum, as he began his journey to achieve immortality.

    Even with the help of his map and compass , Jack Sparrow's search for the Fountain of Youth would last for several years. It weren't the lure of charmed waters that first sent Jack on a course for the fabled Fountain but rather Jack set off in pursuit of his beloved ship, the Black Pearl , stolen from him by Hector Barbossa. Knowing Barbossa was after the Fountain of Youth as well, Jack attempted to find the Fountain on his own. In his search, Jack was able to find the island where the Fountain was located, and had been close as reaching the cave entrance to the Fountain itself.

    But Jack never made it to the elusive Fountain and was forced to turn back. Jack also had the way to the Fountain of Youth committed to his memory. At some point in time, Jack Sparrow would have swallowed one of his teeth, which ended up being a part of his new trinket , and woke up with an "X" on his right cheek. He also owned another pistol for his effects. Fortune sent Jack Sparrow east across the Atlantic , and it was then he heard tell of Joshamee Gibbs ' dire encounter with the authorities of London. So Jack charted a course to London to effect the rescue of his devoted First Mate.

    Jack Sparrow as a Judge in Joshamee Gibbs ' trial. Soon Jack arrived to London to save Joshamee Gibbs from an appointment with the gallows. However, while Gibbs was set to being put on trial for piracy , he was being mistaken for Jack Sparrow himself. Upon arriving to London, he headed to the Old Bailey courthouse to save Gibbs. He bribed the driver of a prison carriage to transport him and Gibbs to shore when the trial was over. Jack tied and gagged the real Judge and put him in a closet, after which Jack resumed as disguising himself as the Judge of Gibbs' trial.

    Much to the surprise of the crowd, Jack had Gibbs condemned to life in prison, rather than a hanging, and allows Gibbs to be transferred to the Tower of London under minimum security. After the trial, Jack took off the Judge disguise as he made his way to signal the prison carriage driver, shortly before joining Gibbs in the prison carriage. Throughout the ride, Gibbs informed Jack about the rumors of him recruiting a crew in the Captain's Daughter pub, in which Jack renounced as completely false and quite insulting. But Jack also thought to find the imposter, because of the need of a ship to escape from England.

    Gibbs asked Jack of his search for the Fountain of Youth , which he responded that it was temporarily postponed and vowed that he would taste the water of the Fountain. Jack dragged into St. James's Palace. The carriage abruptly stopped. Jack and Gibbs then discovered that they were completely surrounded by soldiers of the Royal Guard in front of St.

    The Guards had also bribed the carriage driver to betray Jack and Gibbs by bringing them to the palace. Jack was forcibly taken into the palace, while Gibbs was sent to prison. In the custody of the Royal Guards, Jack was dragged inside the main hall of St. Inside the royal banquet room, Jack was chained to a regal seat to await the King's arrival. While he was waiting for the King, he tried to grab a cream puff from the table. Right when the doors open, a surprised Jack kicked the cream puff that he desired up into the air where it got stuck on the room's chandelier.

    As the doors opened, King George arrived with many of his loyal subjects and Royal Guards. Jack Sparrow meeting with King George. Lord Carteret asked Jack if he was "Jack Sparrow", which Jack responded that the word "Captain" was missing in that statement. After much confusion over if Jack was the real Jack Sparrow, the King ordered Jack's chains to be removed, as he was annoyed by Jack rattling the chains. However, Jack discovered that the map was missing.

    King George stated that he wanted the Fountain found before the Spanish, as he didn't want King Ferdinand to gain eternal life. Pelham and Carteret asked Jack if he knew the way to the Fountain well enough to guide an expedition. Jack accepted, assuming that he would be provided with a ship and crew. Jack was then introduced to the leader of the expedition; his old rival, Hector Barbossa.

    Jack and Barbossa had a brief reunion, in which Jack complemented Barbossa's new pirate lifestyle. Barbossa debunked this by revealing that he was now a privateer in service to the King. Jack questioned Barbossa concerning the Black Pearl. Barbossa revealed that he lost the Pearl in a battle which also cost him his leg, which he replaced with a peg leg. Jack angrily reacted to hearing about the loss of his beloved ship and the King's guards had to restrain him to stop him from attacking Barbossa.

    Before King George and Barbossa resumed their business, Jack made one of his legendary escapes. Jack Sparrow broke free and took out the Royal Guards who held him with their rifles, which he used on the chandelier to make it swing. After taking out some of the guards, Jack got the chance to fly up onto the top of the sill and grabbed the chandelier and swung across the room towards the balcony.

    King George, Hector Barbossa and the King's subjects stared at the seemingly impossible escape. Jack grabbed the creme puff that was stuck on the chandelier and ate it as he left. After retrieving his sword and pistols. He came to a window, which he opened, and prepared to jump over the busy street.

    By the time the guards had gotten there, Jack had hidden behind one of the banners hanging between the buildings. The guard spotted Jack's movement and blew his whistle as Jack carefully tried to pull himself back up as another guard appears and hacked at the tassel holding the banner. Jack then plummeted down into a carriage that was driving along the road, landing in a noblewoman 's lap, causing her to shriek in horror. Jack stared and then leaned forward, seemingly kissing her while stealing one of her earrings, before climbing on top of the carriage.

    Seeing that Royal Guards were after him, Jack managed to stand up on top of the moving carriage and leaped over to the other one. He lost his balance slightly, and put each foot on one carriage. As soon as the carriages parted ways, Jack put both of his feet on one carriage. He eventually made it onto a coal cart. As Jack pushed the cart driver aside, the guards were riding on horses and gaining on Jack as they began to shoot at him, until one shot hit a lantern on the carriage, igniting the coal.

    Jack jumped to hold onto the sign of the Captain's Daughter tavern and waited until the guards rode past him, then dropped to the ground. Before Jack could go on, a Royal Guard came up from behind and prepared to fire. A shot went off, but the Guard fell dead without pulling the trigger. Jack turned and saw that he had been saved by his father, Captain Teague. Jack then went with his father into the Captain's Daughter tavern, where they conversed about the Fountain of Youth and one of the items needed for the Profane Ritual.

    Teague then told Jack about the ones who were recruiting a crew for a ship, led by Scrum playing the mandola. Teague also warned Jack that the Fountain would test him as they both took gulps of their drinks. Jack glanced at the crewmen singing with some wenches. When Jack turned around, Teague had vanished. Jack then went to question Scrum, holding a small knife to his throat. As Scrum made fun of Jack, not knowing that he was the real Jack Sparrow, Jack saw a shadow on the wall.

    He followed it into the storeroom of the tavern. As he looked around, the impostor appeared in front of him. The two Jacks pulled out their swords simultaneously and faced each other in a fierce duel in the storeroom. Jack Sparrow fighting an impostor. The two ran over to the barbecue pit and circled each other. The impostor copied Jack's exact movements; Jack ran a hand down his beard and the other Jack did the same.

    Jack was angered by how the impostor mirrored him so well. They clashed swords again. Jack chased the other Jack up a ramp with barrels all the way to one of the bars near the ceiling. The two continued fighting, carefully balancing, shortly before tumbling down along with several barrels. They resumed fighting, evenly matched. Eventually, the other Jack performed an advance swordfighting technique and then pointed his sword at Jack, who then realized who the impostor was.

    He and other Jack clashed their swords once more before he grabbed the person and they share a kiss. Jack then gave his greeting to his former lover Angelica. Jack and Angelica had a brief reunion, conversing on Angelica's actions of impersonating Jack, with Jack disapproving that he wasn't being impersonated as captain. Angelica then asked Jack if he had really been to the Fountain of Youth , from rumors she had heard.

    As they bursted into the storeroom, Jack and Angelica fought against the guards together. Jack and Angelica had the upper hand by slicing open barrels, ale spraying at the guards. Jack jabbed one barrel, from which wine sprayed out, and he gulped hungrily from it. Angelica pushed him away as the Royal Guards aim their rifles at them.

    Jack and Angelica glanced at each other, shortly before Jack ducks at Angelica slash at a lever. They fell through a trapdoor into water and swam away, surfacing in the River Thames. As the two scramble ashore, Jack learned that Angelica knew about the Profane Ritual. He then inquired about the ritual and what was required. Angelica told him that a mermaid was needed at the exact moment that Jack felt a voodoo dart hit him from behind, shot by Angelica's associate the Quartermaster , knocking him out cold.

    Jack Sparrow aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge. About five days later, Jack woke up aboard Blackbeard 's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge , and was forced to work as a deckhand. While doing his duties, he befriended a fellow crewman named Scrum who told him the basics aboard the Revenge , including the zombie officers and Philip Swift , a missionary held captive by being tied on top of the mainmast. Jack also learned that Angelica was the ship's First Mate and secretly confronted her belowdeck. In their conversation, Angelica reveals to Jack that she conned Blackbeard into believing that she was his long lost daughter.

    Angelica also told Jack why Blackbeard was searching for the Fountain of Youth , because of a prophesied death in the hands of a one-legged man predicted by the Quartermaster. Jack confronts Angelica belowdeck of the Revenge. That night, not satisfied with being in ship full of zombies, Jack met with Scrum and some of the other crewmen to convince them to join a mutiny.

    During the meeting, Jack unsuccessfully tried to figure out what Blackbeard's habits from the crewmen, as Blackbeard was never seen outside his cabin. Jack also revealed to the crewmen that their true destination was towards the Fountain of Youth. The crew were shocked by this revelation and knew that their deaths would come for certain, unless they took the ship. After Scrum's failed attempt to lead the crew into the mutiny, Jack ordered the crew to go and take the ship, in which they woke up some of the other crewmen and started their attack.

    Shortly before the fighting started, not wanting Angelica to be in the middle of the oncoming battle, Jack went to Angelica's cabin to make sure she was safe. When he walked in, he saw that Angelica was sleeping, so he quietly went to grab a sword and a pair of boots and lay down on the bed next to her. Angelica then whispered to Jack that if it was a dream, he could keep the sword and boots. Jack responded by reassuring Angelica that it was a dream, but after she heard some of the fighting on deck, she kicked him away.

    Getting to his feet, Jack warned her that he was taking the ship. Angelica grabbed a sword and cursed at Jack as he hurried out of the room. After Jack closed the door and locked it, Angelica stabbed her sword through the door, barely an inch away from Jack's head. The mutiny began well for Jack and his co-conspirators, fighting well against the other members of Blackbeard's crew which mostly consisted of the zombie crewmen.

    As Jack Sparrow waltzed into the battle, he was confronted by Gunner and dueled with him. Gunner attacked Jack fiercely, who was able to counter his attacks one by one, until Salaman threw a net that caught on to Gunner. Jack then nodded to Salaman to join him in saving Philip Swift. As they climbed up the rigging, Jack and Salaman climb to Philip's position. Philip is cut free by Jack and they make it down to the continuing battle. As Jack made it to the main deck, he is confronted by the Quartermaster, and dueled with him towards the stairway. After a few attacks, Jack kicked the Quartermaster to the ground, ordered his crew to tie him down and made his way to the upper deck.

    The moment of victory was at hand for the mutineers, with the enemies, mainly Angelica, the Quartermaster and Gunner, were held back. Jack then declared the Queen Anne's Revenge was theirs. However, at the moment of Jack's triumph, Blackbeard himself appeared on deck and used the mystical powers of his sword to crush the mutiny by hanging Jack and all of the other crewmen. Jack faces Blackbeard aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge.

    After Blackbeard had Jack cut down, he attempted to shoot Jack, but Angelica stopped him stating that they need him to find the Fountain. A few moments later, after Blackbeard attempted to kill Philip Swift, Jack witnessed the punishment of the Cook , whom Blackbeard burned alive with the ship's Greek fire.

    Jack was then immediately brought to the captain's cabin for a conversation with Blackbeard. Sparrow tried convincing Blackbeard that Angelica wasn't his daughter. But Blackbeard didn't believe him and, after making a voodoo doll of Jack , stabbed it with a dagger. Angelica arrived as Sparrow immediately felt a heavy pain in his chest and spotted a carved injury on his chest.

    Angelica and Blackbeard persuaded Jack to lead them to the Fountain of Youth, as Blackbeard held the doll over the fire from a candle, in which Sparrow instantly agreed to take a look at the charts. Later, Jack had Scrum play a romantic tone on the mandola as Angelica arrived on deck. As Scrum began playing the mandola more vigorously, Jack and Angelica danced on the deck of the Revenge. While they danced, Jack told Angelica that they could go to the Fountain of Youth together and have equal shares of fame in exchange for knowledge of the Profane Ritual. While Angelica was skeptical into trusting Jack, she reconsidered after Jack gave her a ring that he gave her in their first romance.

    She also revealed that those items would be used to take all the years of life from another, a victim, hence why they couldn't do it by themselves. Upon this revelation, Jack's willingness to find the Fountain was greatly lessened. Jack studies Blackbeard 's collection of shrunken ships in bottles. But to bribe him, by promising him something he wants, Angelica showed Jack a cabinet full of Blackbeard 's trophies; shrunken ships in a bottles, each containing a ship that Blackbeard vanquished. Angelica promised Jack that he would get to choose any of the ships but stated she knew the one he'd choose.

    Looking through the cabinet, Jack was stunned to see the Black Pearl amongst them, with Barbossa's monkey Jack inside, which annoyed Sparrow. Angelica tells Jack that she needs those years of the victim for Blackbeard, saying that he is really her father. Jack was then impressed with her lying by telling him the truth and eagerly asked if he could use it.

    He then tried to warn Angelica otherwise about trying to save Blackbeard, saying that he cannot be redeemed and would kill her. Before they could go further into the discussion, the Queen Anne's Revenge arrived to an island which lied Whitecap Bay , a mermaid nesting ground. Jack overseeing the mermaid attack at Whitecap Bay. After arriving to Whitecap Bay , Jack and Angelica joined with Blackbeard and his crewmen ashore to hunt a mermaid , as they needed a mermaid's tear for the ritual. While some of the men deployed large fishing nets in the shallows, Jack joined the others who made their way to the top of the old lighthouse.

    After Salaman was able to get the lighthouse in working condition, Jack had to watch as Blackbeard launched several longboats in the water to attract the mermaids. The song from one of the men in the boats, Scrum , soon attracted a group of mermaids. The mermaids, after a few minutes of hesitation, attacked the boats and their crews. Six years passed. She remained quiet, gaining a reputation in the army as a tough-as-nails colonel. When she walked into his life again, Edward fell in love with this woman Sruthan, who was ranked first in the world for his fearsome martial arts skills.

    It had been many decades since a challenger could beat him. Sparrow was lithe and swift as the name suggested, with the ability to move at superhuman speed. He could also tell others' fortunes that made him quite well-known. Kenway, a medical specialist, cured thousands with his magic hands. He was also known for his expertise as an apothecary.

    The four had made their names five decades ago. No one knew where they were now, because three decades ago, for some reason unknown, they chose to fade into obscurity. The mysterious manner in their disappearance became the unsolved puzzle of the century. Then about one year ago, a prediction spread across both continents.