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Some people can't stand the red color There are several fascinating similarities between the assassinations of American Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy - which ones can you name? Look at the puzzle and type in your answer. Interactive vocabulary and grammar quizzes for Advanced students have been updated.

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Do you do what others tell you, or try to change the system? Jack Nicholson is at his craziest and best in the famous movie version. While some movies are direct adaptations of classic books, other movies are just inspired by them.

Many movies are actually using the storyline and theme from a classic book! These last five classics on our list are examples of books that inspired movies. In both, a man falls in love with a woman, but must find a date for her sister before he can be with her. The movie even keeps the original names from the play! All of them deal with a man creating a beautiful and perfect woman out of something imperfect, and then falling in love with her. Sometimes movies like taking classics and continuing them. The movie is funny and silly, with many jokes.

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Can you understand them all? In the movie, an overweight man uses a strange potion to turn him into a thin man—which also completely changes his personality. This is a modern version of the story of Dr. Hyde, who also went through a complete personality change from a good person to an evil one thanks to a potion. Classic English books are such an important part of culture, that many movies are based on or inspired by them.

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But critical acclaim could be elusive.

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