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One of the workers was walking toward it with a sheet in his hand.

Creation: The Annunaki Enigma, Book 1

Maybe this was the pilot. It was face down, motionless and dressed in a one-piece uniform made of a metallic gray fabric. She couldn't see its face but the shape of its head seemed odd to her, egg shaped to be more exact. She saw another body farther to her right that had already had been covered.

The enigma behind the Anunnaki, creator Gods of our civilization

All seemed routine until a worker with a sheet began to fan it out to cover the body. Then something terrible happened, something that made her whole body tremble. Just before the sheet came down, another worker turned the body over on its back.

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The face looked up with the blank stare of death, and those eyes. They were huge.

Diablo - Enigma (HalusaTwin in 2001)

It wasn't human. Memories emerged from deep in her subconscious. She had seen that face and those eyes before, many times before. She felt weak and she could taste the acid in her throat. A wave of nausea rippled through her chest and abdomen as she looked into those inky black eyes that seemed to be looking out into infinity.

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She became dizzy and perspiration beaded up on her face and streamed down her forehead. Now the heat was building even faster inside the suit and she was having difficulty breathing. She began to gasp for air.


The Annunaki, who were quite lazy, would not have tired themselves out to tame animals. Their talent for genetics rather encourages us to think they have melted the genes of aurochs and bison to make cows. The major problem of the Annunaki is that they were a whole band, a family clan similar to the Atrei from Greek legends, or the Atreides of Dune. Like in all clans, there are divergences.

Creation: The Annunaki Enigma, Book 1 by Symm Hawes McCord | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Their conflicts of interest often triggered passions they do not control. Enlil wanted to get rid of men, Enki protected them. One day, these people left. Their story was counted many times. Alas, they could come back, as they have promised us. First, they confirm the observation of scientists: agriculture and livestock appeared simultaneously in various parts of the globe, from 10, BP in Egypt , and after a hiatus of several centuries, from BP Central Europe and the Middle East.

These facts are now proven without no scientist can explain rationally.

See a Problem?

This track Anunnas from heaven brings an answer. However, as I said and repeated often, the fact that these large intelligent lizards are descended from the sky in flying machines do not prove they came from the stars. They may well move on this planet airplane without being aliens.