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This is such an important topic for us entrepreneurs. We devour information about how to build our businesses, but not many people talk about what to do with our personal and business finances. And in our journey to be successful what to do with our money. This was such an inspiring interview. Half way through I logged into my library and put the book on hold. I think I will buy a copy for my financial planner so we can be on the same page. His energy is infectious and his heart shows through on the screen. What a touching way to start this holiday season with a reminder of the power of caring and giving.

Both of you guys are a blessing to the world. I love Mr Robbins. I found you Marie out of sheer need to push myself to do better. I think the most important thing for me to do is get my mitts on this book. Also I really want to take his approach to the day to heart. Even if I keep my own routines just putting more mindfulness and awareness into my practice! Like Tony I love to jump up and get straight to doing things, so I want to be able to keep that energy going as I age.

Other than that there was just so much that I have to go back and re-watch it because I know I heard it but still missed some things. I feel just as passionate as you regarding this book. I am feeling so compelled to share it with everyone I know! In fact, the pest-management gentleman just left my house left with a post it note with this book written on it. What a feeling! Thank you so much for this amazing interview…. LOVE hearing from tony, and even better to get to see him too! Such an incredible episode Marie. And Tony is such an inspiration. This is why I follow you! I need to keep my hunger and fit my emotions everyday and you are my 1 activity.

This is one of my favorite interviews ever ok this year. So of course I will buy his new book Money Matters as a Holiday gift for myself. I got so many ideas running through my mind. Thank you, Marie for this interview. He is amazing for all that he does. The thing that resonates with me the most is caring.

I have that the same outlook.

Bible Verses About Money: 9 Practical Principles You Need to Know

I will be buying his book and strategically planning for my future! I love watching Tony. Something fun to take on, no matter how little I may earn. Wow, I was so inspired by this interview. Thank both so much for your open hearts and brilliant minds. Your message comes today at a time for our family when we are on the cusp of greatness while experiencing financial hardship at the same time. Thank you Tony and Thank you Marie for the push this Queen of procrastination needed! Much love and Light to you both.

Loved this! Already ordered 3 copies of the book:- The minute morning routine including Pranayama breathing! Thank you Marie!! My oh my. What a beautiful and inspiring interview. Can anyone comment? Hi Danielle. Thanks Marie — I am sure you are right. Thank you for sharing this interview and for the sparkle and energy you put into your work and service to the world.

Thank you for being you and for pushing yourself every single day. You are a role model for so many — including me! Tony is amazing! He inspires, he motivates, he attracts, he radiates. He is relentless with his energy and his generosity. I will not only implement his philosophies, I will share them. My take away is to be aware of my physiology. Fitness is a state of readiness. Thank you Tony for continuing this journey, and for you Marie for giving us this up close and personal Tony. Something clearly clicked.

I know within that this is a game changer. A linchpin. An answered prayer. The shift that occurred for me while watching was that viscerally, I know this is real. His generous gift of this book really can and will lead me and many to freedom. And the most amazing insight — for the first time in my life, I started thinking — What am I going to do with all the money?

What change can I affect? What need can I give to, solve, eradicate? I am a young entrepreneur and coach myself and i want to make a difference in this world because i feel connected and not because my ego wants praise! Marie and Tony, you guys are a dynamic duo! Thank you for the rich, in-depth discussion.

I bought the book immediately after Marie sent out the link. The biggest aha! Thank You Tony well i have been reading his previous material and found the fact…most of the author has just copied his material in a different way…but more or less the same.. Thank You Tony for such a wonderful book hope to see you people in Person in the years to come. Wow, Marie. This was incredible. It was my first time hearing Tony Robbins. I was so moved by how moved he still is by the people who appeared with the food. I wonder where he grew up.

My parents were big into delivering food and clothes when I was little, first in Pittsburgh and then in Burlington, Vt. He was a doctor and surgeon. Love, Kate. It was such an inspiring and touching interview. So many lessons on mission and passion, and giving back. Life Changing Interview!!! Thank You Marie.

What a wonderful gift girl. I just bought the book! The thing I love about Tony Robbins is how long he has been around. Early Christmas present to myself I love everything this book stands for. Thank you both for sharing your gifts! Thank you with all of my heart Marie and Tony!!!! I almost cried! Thank you thank you!!! Heather Fisher. Tony for president! Can you imagine the change in the world?! Holy shit! If Germany is eligible to take part in US president election, Tony would have my voice!

Jokes aside, it would be a real blessing for the US, world and the planet Earth having Tony as president of the United States. Great question, Marie, about what he does to keep his stamina up. Action step: meditate. Hey Marie, this is one my favourite interviews — not only for its content, but because it contains two of my favorite teachers!

He is such a beautiful human being. And there is something special about your style of interviewing that brings out so much more from your guests. I feel all fired up! Thank you so much.

The Ultimate List of Best Personal Finance Books, Career, Business & Personal Development Books

What a gift. This was such an amazing interview. What I gained from the interview alone is priceless. Thank you so much Marie and Tony for continuing to share knowledge and wisdom with your audience. Yep, need to watch that interview a couple more times. So much goodness! This will be my biggest takeaway being a coach myself. Thanks for an awesome interview, he talks soooo fast! Thank you so much for this timely and timeless video. I am heading to Amazon now to purchase this book. Thank you so much for this beautifully charged interview!!

I was listening while driving, rather sitting, in LA traffic. So inspiring! Ask for support. Or, as Tony said, be hungry!! What action am I taking after this video? Share the wealth! Wow…what an interview and his heart and soul are amazing and contagious! Thanks for the great interview as always Marie! I probably would not have without your enthusiastic endorsement! Exxon and others like it are not the end-all-be-all to playing and succeeding in this money game. We vote with our dollars every day!

This is my intention for today, tomorrow and my lifetime. Thanks for the boost. I love that so much. Thanks to Marie and Tony! Awesome mentors.

You have really knocked it out of the park with this interview Marie. Thank You so much for the share. I love all that you do with your content and teachings. Have been a fan and supporter of Mr. Robbins for years, bought the book which is so valuable in so many different ways. MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this.

You are Luv. The SC. Loved the energie you both were sending out! Saw sparks flying every where! Amazing and so powerful! Gonna buy the book… Thank you! Awesome man! I just HAVE to do his way! Every morning and every day! I got your email about this book a little while ago at the absolute perfect time in my life and within a few days had soaked up every morsel of it.

It opened up my eyes to my unconscious belief about money being hopeless and unleashed my mind to see real numbers proving that my deep rooted belief is not true and that there is hope and a way to truly provide and take care of those I love. I particularly love the first part of your interview and the shift it is helping me make from expecting my fuel to come from my body only, and finding the ways that it can come from my soul as well.

What a relief! Thank you Marie and Tony for both your amazing contributions to this world and to each and every one of our lives. Your willingness to share your knowledge with the world is making differences that will echo through eternity. I purchased copies of this book for myself as well as another for my daughter and her fiancee. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that you recommended it. Incredible interview. One thing I learned, I am going back and checking out my financial fee structure. Two, buying 2 books and giving one to my son.

Three, one of the most important takeaways, is being caring to others and paying it forward. Thank you again! So impressed, energized and motivated. Thank you both for creating this video. My biggest insight is the discipline you put into your emotional well being, Tony. What an amazing and inspiring episode. I am reading his book now and it is awesome. What I like about you both, is that you are harding working and driven people, but you truly care and serve to your highest potential. Thank you Marie and Tony for your work.

The thing I need to change is saving for emergencies, not just retirement. I love Toni Robbins. So naturally he would be a big influence in my life. Love you both! Buying the book definitely! I am in tears, that interview was deeply moving, electrically charged, inspiring, informative. I am in love with living this way.

Thank you both.

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I was so looking forward to this episode. I was on the edge of my seat, taking notes. The single biggest takeaway, was his absolute commitment to being the best HE can be. So excited for the families to get their food! Be Blessed! I am crying at the end of this video. I am starting a business so money comes up for me all the time.

Today I was just staring how am I going to get clients..

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  • Carer's Allowance.

I am a gluten intolerance and food allergy coach so I guide people who are newly diagnosed with gluten intolerance and food allergies. I know that is why I am here and went through my journey and still doing that. I cant imagine not helping someone. I do have fear and scared come up and I love you and tony. I know this book is valuable and the money goes to feed someone. It inspires to look at my outcomes and not worry about the hows. I can create those and just get out there as much as I can and in front of people.

Others are doing this but I know so many people need help and I know I can have a business around this. I bought the book the day I received your email Marie, and proceeded to read it in 4 days at night, during breaks, woke up at 5am — I was hooked and I ate it up! Biggest take-a-way from the interview is that I need to re-connect with my hunger, what drives me, moves me….

Thank you Marie and Tony! What an inspiration you both are! A near-term decision I made is to donate the money I earned today, on GivingTuesday, to an organization that is near to my heart. Marie, This was fantastic! You really brought out the best in Tony. You accomplished it in 37 minutes. I have been struggling with maintaining focus, energy, motivation, whatever you want to call it. I spent this morning meditating and journalling about it. I have such energy and passion when I talk to someone but its the inner oomph that I really seem to have a hard time maintaining.

I know I am, I feel it and know its right but as the days go by and nothing happens, I lose hope and lose focus and fear and doubt creep in. That being said, Tony said a few things that really got me. The big one though is focusing on activities instead of outcomes.

I have been doing nothing but focusing on activities and not the outcome. That is one I will change today. On a personal note, I will be taking to heart what he said about food. Not just that food is fuel but that life gives him so much juice that food is simply fuel and I realized that if I shift that food energy into life energy…wow. That is one for the record books for me. Bought the book and cant wait to read it.

How to Plan and Achieve Financial Freedom in 5 Years

Awesome interview…. I feel so energized. The bottom line is we have to plan for success this is automation and not rely on our self discipline to do the right thing in every moment. I LOVE this video! I adore you, and always feel like I just touched a power line after I hear Tony speak.

Thank you for this incredible gift. The timing could not be better! He is such a good guy. Thank You so much for this video. I am energized. There were so many takeaways for me — RPM, hunger is the fundamental drive, and money intelligence. Action: I am getting this book as Christmas gifts for my family! The one thing that resonated with me most was when Tony mentioned about his experience with hunger while he was young and how that un-easiness of uncertainty stayed with him since. And that brought back memory from when getting my PhD collided with the market crash.

I thought my bioengineering degree from UC Berkeley would help put me in a good position in finding decent job. What an idiot I was! Once I graduated, I could not find a job for 9 months due to the economy crash, having to live off my credit cards and accumulated a bunch of debts.

Even when I got my first pay check, it was from an very uncertain internship which lasted for 1 year. I had worked very hard to pay off my debt after 5 years. I also shelved my true passion for having my own clothing line because I could make more money in biotech than designs. But the amount of stress and unhappiness from fighting about money with my husband still haunts me to date. Now that I am finally starting my own small online clothing business to fulfill my passion, finance is ever more important.

And this video reminded me to stay hungry and be smart with money. I admire that Tony is paying it forward with his book and I hope to do the same with my business. I quit corporate American to pursue my dreams and during these past few years have gone through my retirement savings to pay for classes and to help pay the bills. I am also teaching this to my 9 year old son he does art shows with me selling his own work and puts most of his earnings into savings.

Thank you so much both Marie and Tony, you are both angels to so many of us, I am so grateful that I came across both of you!!! I to went through my retirement paying bills and giving to my parents. I have a great business that I am excited about I am going to get started this book was great to make me feel that it is possible. I worked directly for him in San Diego for a few years at a young age and he is a huge reason that catapulted my mindset and success today. I am teary and also completely inspired. I live paycheck-to-paycheck and want to shift my life and my relationship with money.

Marie, thank you so much for this interview and everything you put out into the world with so much heart! An example of this could be making content to advertise my squeeze page. Well, yes, love Tony so much!! Biggest insight…He has always talked about compounding, but it still even seemed scary for me to begin with investments, but getting some real insight into that is something I will take action on next paycheck! And helping, giving, serving.

Always been big in my heart, but life circumstances have kept me from being able to do as much as I intended for my life. Helping to feed other people is huge and that is the other action I will begin taking right away. My biggest takeaway is lose the fear to learn the about how money works and take ownership of my financial future by learning all the tools on how to invest well and wisely independently. Hi Marie, I was really excited when I saw you and Tony in the same video!

As always, you were brilliant, fabulous and professional. Amazing job and well done with having Tony with you! Now to the topic. I would say that financial logic is simple. If you want to live debt free life spend less then you are earning. If you want to be rich, educate yourself, learn from successful people, learn how to manage your money and learn how to invest. I am still a junior in college and scared about how I am going to handle my debts and frankly how I am going to make money since I decided to lead a non conventional career path, so I feel really happy that this book is going to give me advice from the best financial people.

Also if Tony Robbins is reading this, thank you so much for your advice and for your passion. Big fan! Your amazing! I know the value of this book but what you really gave us was a look inside the mind of Tony Robbins. I planned to go to one of his live events. But having taken some of his other programs- he gave up the juice.

So much wisdom. I have my book already. Reading it one day at at time. I love love love Tony Robbins. His passion, insights, and strategies absolutely sparked something inside of me that began my journey to living the life of my dreams. When I got your email Marie, I bought his book immediately and have been devouring it since it arrived last week. What Tony shares, beyond anything else, is his heart.

He truly cares and has made it his mandate to live his life with his heart. I have aspired to live the same way and get better and better at it each and every year. I changed my career from computers to acupuncture and I share my desire to care for others by seeing patients and informing people on how to live a healthy joyous life, no matter where you are.

What stood out for me in his book is his spirit of giving. You need to give no matter how much or little you have. Another thing is to save for money no matter where you are right now. I keep thinking once debt is paid then I can take the extra to invest, but the reality is doing anything now will have a greater return than trying to wait for one day.

I am sharing this with my followers and hope that everyone buys this book, if only to contribute to help feed and care for those in need. Love you Tony! The Almighty bless you for all you do Marie. I ordered for the book the very day you sent an email about it. My biggest take away is the fact that Tony is still getting choked up when thinking about the person that brought food to he and his family!

The simplest act of kindness can change someone forever. Hi Marie, Wow! Loved the interview and I so admire Tony for all his accomplishments and how he so effortlessly shares with everyone. I can tell you right now, I am going to purchase this book right after I finish writing this. My biggest take away from this is to take responsibility for my financial future by learning everything I can and to have the power to stay the course. What an amazing interview! I am filled with hope and love and incredible energy — Tony brings the energy — even over a computer screen.

And then pass it forward. Excellent interview! I was excited about this interview since you said you were doing it Marie. And I absolutely loved it! You and Tony are two perfect examples of how you can build an amazing life and give back to the world as a result. Truly inspiring. Tony is such an amazing soul! Just listening to the two of you made me get up and go-go-go! Thanks Marie as always i really enjoy all your programs. While I am too late old to see the gains of this book, I have a daughter graduating high school who is seeking so much for her future.

Thank you for sharing and reminding us people like Tony are still around!

Does the book discuss the possibility and opportunity to invest wisely with socially- and environmentally-conscious companies? Thank you! Hi Carla! And the last chapter about giving was one of my favorites.

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The principles, ideas and recommendations can be used to help you make wise financial investments in whatever kind of companies you choose. Thank you Marie for your reply. I think it is crucial now to choose socially- and environmentally-conscious companies in which to invest and no longer the Walmarts, Boeings, Verizons, and GEs of the capitalistic world who have paid no federal income taxes, stash their money overseas, and outsource their jobs.

There are legal loopholes that benefit large corporations and their shareholders. Feeling inspired! My take-away? Definitely reading the book and try to find my way again, a new path. And most importantly, to stay inspired and energetic. Thank you for sharing this video!!!

Bible Verses About Money: 9 Practical Principles You Need to Know

I am 27 years old, currently in school, and I have used all of my savings. I am so close to graduating but I had to put school off until I can save some money. I have been struggling to find a job until recently. Thank god!! Thank you for this interview, Marie. The one that stuck to me is to keep the mindset of being hungry to do better and better. What an amazing guy, I got the book yesterday and I am ploughing through it.

I have committed to a savings plan and I feel amazing from taking that decision. Thank you so much Marie for this interview and for letting us know about his book. Thank you so much for interviewing the master of motivation and inspiration. My take away from this video: 1- Read the book in a week 2- I changed my belief around finance is so complex. I can only hope this will work for me since I am older and some things do take time, but I will definitely share this beautiful wisdom with others. I have the book in front of me and am excited to devour every last word.

As someone with a business degree, an MBA, and multiple books about finance in my library, I am still confused and so grateful to Tony for simplifying things, offering true advice, and making a difference in the world. Love Gigi. While Smith has previously shared the story in the media, his social media post revealed just how much the woman he called "Jesus' girl" impacted him with her words. Adweek previously reported that Smith spoke more about his perspective on his grandmother's note that was left in his profanity-laced book of rhymes.

The things I created were going to have an effect on her and were going to have an effect on everyone who came into contact with my artistry. It was such a blessing," the actor said. Smith described his grandmother as "my connection to God" in a previous interview with The Christian Post.