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I remember the headphones and the soggy toast and Dr Malkin on his touring pedestal and the sanctuary of physiotherapy, where Miss Butters and Miss White were human beings who helped make your psyche whole. Was Ireland any different to Leicestershire ? Not much. The ordeal, strangeness and fear were the same.

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But the second strand of Cockburn's book is harder-edged and more insistent. Fifty years on, his illness still rankles. The lordly consultants may be on more celestial duty, but he still wants answers. What exactly did so many suffer from, and why?

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  4. The broad job of explanation has been done before but never in such sharp, fierce focus. Patrick Cockburn has been back to Cork to talk to the physiotherapists and doctors and patients who were there and remember. He wants to understand why the simple precautions of separation and sanitisation that could have slowed polio's spread weren't taken, why the sports crowds from Dublin were still allowed in, why one suburb was blighted and another escaped, why the local newspapers sounded no alarms and named no names; why, in short, as many as 50, children and adults had polio that summer, yet nobody knew the full toll.

    It is a brilliant reporting job, full of lessons and echoes. You can watch the febrile platitudes of chief medics and ministers turning to dust on their lips.

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    Welcome to the modern world of Aids or Sars. Welcome to chaos, confusion and a tourist trade which needs visitors to survive. Welcome to the grisly hinterland where politics and medicine meet. But for all its eloquent analysis, Cockburn's real edge is still personal and raw. He can't forgive his parents for putting him in peril.

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    He can't forget his suffering or the fear of debilitating post-polio syndrome to come. He can't agree with well-meaning people who think that adversity builds character. He wants us to feel his pain. We do, but, again, in personal ways. Did I blame my father? He died of polio three days before my fever struck though I may have given it to him. Did months and years in hospital build character?

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    Mostly, they bred forgetfulness, a blanking out of my life before I was ill. Cockburn's gift lies not in generalising his experience but keeping it passionately particular, a tragedy to compare and contrast. I understand now more clearly than ever what struck me down. I can relate that to other epidemics in other times. I can accept a place in the malign scheme of things.

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    Patrick Cockburn has pulled off something remarkable. And, please, does he ever pause and ponder and ask himself: without all that, could I have done all this? Fist In The Air by Cherubs. Explore music. Broken Boy Soldiers by The Raconteurs. Gaz Watson. Adam Selby.

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