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Schools Project Concert 17 October , - Ashmolean Museum Beaumont Street, Oxford. John Webb.

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John Webb Animateur I am a freelance composer, animateur, educator, conductor and writer. So while most People Masters and Confident Individualists prefer concerts, these self-confident personalities are also generally more comfortable with the competition, risk, and pressure involved with sports. People Masters, as Extraverts, agreed at a slightly higher rate than Introverted Confident Individualists.

Compared to Introverted personalities, Extraverts are more likely to appreciate the fast-moving action, the unpredictable excitement, and the interpersonal dynamics involved with sports. Sporting events and concerts alike provide plenty of opportunities for the socialization and stimulation that Extraverts crave.

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Introverts, on the other hand, can be easily bothered by crowds and noise, so attending either a sports event or a concert might not be high on their list of things to do anyway. Compared to Assertive personality types, Turbulent Social Engagers and Constant Improvers tend to have stronger emotional reactions and to be more sensitive to pressure.

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The conflict and physical struggle of sports, the emotional investment in wanting to see one competitor win, and the uncertainty about who will prevail may all prove more stressful than enjoyable to many Turbulent individuals. Despite the clear popularity of music in this study, many of our readers did identify themselves as being bigger sports fans. Our research indicates that sporting events are most likely to draw Observant, Thinking, and Assertive personality types, largely due to the action, the strategy, the competition, and the sheer excitement of witnessing peak athletic performance.

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Music and sports both have the power to bring people together. But they can also divide. If you have strong opinions about music vs.

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  8. Rather than clashing with others, perhaps understanding how personality traits influence these preferences can help bring you closer together. Which would you vote for: concerts or sports events? Tell us what you like best in the comments below! Music Preferences by Personality Type. Effects of Music on Productivity by Personality Type. You can see the full set of data, including correlation coefficients, in the Academy.

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    If you have a minute to help us with our research, check out our Member Surveys. Enter your e-mail address to get a copy of your results and save them for access at a later date. EMBED for wordpress.

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    Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! After a brief introduction by Cal Performance Director Matias Tarnopolsky, Charles Amirkhanian, Artistic and Executive Director of Other Minds, gives a short talk reminiscing about his honeymoon trip to Mexico City to meet Nancarrow for the first time, and his role in reintroducing the music of Nancarrow to the world, beginning in the s and continuing up to the present day.

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    6. Amirkhanian then welcomes the panelists to the stage for a half hour discussion. Kyle Gann adds historically relevant information about the composer and his music. Meyer describes the work of preserving musical manuscripts of Nancarrow, Stravinsky and other experimental modern composers.