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Estudio de Viabilidad 4. Capital social 7. Aportaciones de los socios 8. Aportaciones de activos intangibles 9. Responsabilidad de las aportaciones Responsabilidad Incumplimiento de obligaciones Cuentas Auditores Pacto de no competencia Toma de decisiones Situaciones de bloqueo Cambio en el control de una Parte Reemplazo de una Parte Continuidad de la Joint Venture por una de las Partes Fuerza mayor Confidencialidad Luis Garrido espera su finiquito para firmar con Motagua. LEA: Delantero Anllel Documento revela monto exacto del finiquito de Sampaoli.

Finiquito [online]. Spanish words that begin with f. Spanish words that begin with fi. Spanish words that begin with fin. Load a random word. Discover all that is hidden in the words on. Deposing party. To absolve, acquit, clear, exclpate. Absorcin de empresas. Merger, acquisi-tion, takeover. Abstencin de sentencia. Arrest judgment. Abstenerse de. To abstain, refran from. Abstinence, continence, self restraint. Absurd, absurdity, nonsense.

Lethargy, apathy, disinterest, indo-lence, passivity. Abusive, disparaging. Abuse, misuse. Abuso de confianza. Abuse of trust. Abuso de derecho. Abuse of rights. Rights must be exercised in conformity with principies of good faith. The law does not protect the abusive or the antisocial use of a right. Abuse of a law is to rely on a legal provisin, on a law closing the eyes to the reality of the faets, to the course of the world, and to act as if only that provisin were a reality, even though trailing off the roads of justice and of equity. Berrios v.

International Gen. Electric, 88 PRR Person who stashes away. To stash, cache, hoard, monopo-lize, store. Paragraph, section in a page. Respect and obedience to a legal system, a contract, a court or any other institution. To obey, comply with, conform, fol-low an order. To express consent or agreement. To have access to.

The ownership of a thing by accession includes the ownership of everything that it produces or is united with it, either naturally or artificially. Louisiana Civ. Code art. Accesin, derechos. Accession, rights. In virtue of accession the following belong to the owner: I. Natural fruits; II. Industrial fruits; III. Legal gains. C, art. Accesin sobre y bajo la superficie. Accession above and below the surface.

Unless otherwise provided by law, the ownership of a tract of land carries with it the ownership of everything that is directly above or under it. Admission, admittance, entrance. Acceso carnal. Sexual intercourse, penetra-tion. Accessory, ancillary, appendage, supplement. Accidental, unintentional, coin-cidental, by chance. In the field of insurance, the term accident means an unforeseen, sudden, or unexpected happening from the point of view of the one sustaining the dam-age and not of the tort-feasor.

Barrietos v. Casualty, misfortune, mishap. Accin cambiara. An action filed for the col-lection of a check, a note or some other com-mercial paper. This type of lawsuit allows only limited defenses, such as that of forgery or payment. Accin civil por un delito. Civil action based on a crime. A criminal action arises from every crime or misdemeanor for the pun-ishment of the culprit, and a civil action may also arise for the restitution of the thing, the repair of the damage, and the indemnity of the losses caused by the punishable act. R, art.

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Accin contractual. Contractual remedy, action in contract. Accin de jactancia. Action in jactitation. Originally used in Spain when someone claimed to possess certain rights, e. Historically, this type of action is the origin of sentencias declarativas declaratory judgments. Accin de reduccin. Action for reduction of excessive donations.

Any disposal of prop-erty, whether Inter vivos or mortis causa, exceeding the quantum of which a person may legally dispose to the prejudice of the forced heirs, is not nuil, but only reducible to that quantum. Accin declarativa. Declaratory action. Accin diferida. Deferred stock. For the purposes of the Workmen's Accident Compensation Act, the accident suffered by a workman or employee is a compensable accident, if it is the result of an act or function inherent to his work or employment and occurs in the course thereof or as a consequence of same.

Superior Court, PRR Accidente de trabajo. Labor accident. Accidente inevitable. Unavoidable accident. Action, lawsuit, suit, case, proceed-ings. Share, stock certifcate. Motion, move-ment. Accin accesoria. An accessory action. The husband can dis-avow paternity of a child if he proves by a preponderance of the evidence any facts which reasonably indicate that he is not the father.

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Code art Accin oblicua. Oblique action. If an obligor causes or increases his insolvency by failing to exercise a right, the obligee may exercise it himself, unless the right is strictly personal to the obligor. Acciones nominativas Accin pauliana. See accin oblicua and accin revocatoria. Accin penal. Criminal action. A criminal action arises from every crime or misdemeanor for the punishment of the culprit, and a civil action may also arise for the resti-tutuion of the thing, the repair of the dam-age, and the indemnity of the losses caused by the punishable act.

R, sec , Accin penal, preclusin. Criminal action, preclusion. The following persons cannot bring criminal actions against each other: 1 spouses, except for a crime or misdemeanor committed by one against the person of the other or that of his or her children, and for the crimes of adultery, concubinage and bigamy; 2 the ascendants, descendants, the uterine brothers or sisters, or relatives by consanguinity or affinity, unless for a crime or misdemeanor by either against the persons of the other.

R, sec Accin popular. By the Colombian sys-te, created an institution known as the "popular action" accin popular , which permits any citizen to challenge the consti-tutionality of any law on its face. Any citizen defined loosely by the case law to include corporations and even aliens , irrespective of any personal stake in the outcome or the exhaustion of administrative remedies, may bring an action at any time directly before the Colombian Supreme Court by filing a simple written statement setting forth the asserted conflict between the law and the constitution.

The Court is not limited to the complainant's theory of the case; if it believes the law unconstitutional for reasons other than those set out in the complaint, the Court has the duty to invaldate the law. If the law is declared unconstitutional, the Court's decisin has an erga omnes effect. With slight modifi-cations, the popular action has spread to Panam, Venezuela, and El Salvador.

Action for enrich-Ment without cause or for unjust enrich-ment. Accin posesoria. Possessory action. One where only the right of possession is the issue, ownership being immaterial. Accin preferida. Preferred stock. Accin redhibitoria. Redhibitory action. A claim for the hidden defects of something that was purchased. Accin reivindicatora. Vindicatory action. The owner of a thing is entitled to recover it from anyone who possesses or detains it without right and to obtain judgment rec-ognizing his ownership and ordering deliv-ery of the thing to him.

In all civil law systems, the owner of a thing may bring a vindicatory action accin en reivindicacin for the recognition of his ownership and for the recovery of the thing from anyone who possesses or detains it without right. Accin revocatoria. Accin Pauliana. Revocatory action. Paulian action. An obli-gee has a right to annul an act of the obligor, or the result of a failure to act of the obligor, made or effected after the right of the obligee arse, that causes or increases the obligor's insolvency.

The revocatory or Paulian action, an institution derived from Romn law, is the civil-law analogue to the common law suit to set aside a fraudulent conveyance. Accin subrogatoria. Action for subroga-tion. Plaintiff, claimant, petitioner, relator. To file a lawsuit. Acts, shares, stock certificates.

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Acciones con derecho a voto. Voting stock. Acciones nominativas. Shares payable to order.

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  • The shares payable to bearer shall be. C, sec, Acciones, nuevas series. Shares, new series. No new series of stock can be issued before the total of the series previously issued has been fully paid. Acciones ordinarias. Common stock. Acciones parcialmente pagadas. Partly paid shares. Acciones preferidas. Acciones sin valor a la par. No-par valu stock. Acciones sin valor nominal. No-par stock. Aceptacin por intervencin. Acceptance for honor. Aceptacin slo por cumiimiento total. Shareholder, stockholder. Absence of a leader.

    Aceptacin dentro de un plazo fijo. Accep-tance within a fixed period of time. A period of time for acceptance fixed by the offeror in a telegram or a letter begins to run from the moment the telegram is handed in for dis-patch of from the date shown on the letter or, if no such date is shown, from the date shown on the envelope. A period of time for acceptance fixed by the offeror by means of instantaneous communication begins to run from the moment that the offer reaches the offeree.

    Aceptacin disconforme. Modified acceptance. A reply to an offer which purports to be an acceptance but contains additional or different terms which do not materially alter the terms of the offer constitutes an acceptance, unless the offeror, without undue delay, objects to the discrepancy.

    Aceptacin mediante silencio. Acceptance by silence. When, because of special cir-cumstances, the offeree's silence leads the offeror reasonably to believe that a contract has been formed, the offer is deemed accepted. Aceptacin no en acuerdo con la oferta. Acceptance only by completed performance. When, according to usage or the nature of the contract, or its own terms, an offer made to a particular offeree can be accepted only by rendering a completed performance, the offeror cannot revoke the offer, once the offeree has begun to perform, for the rea-sonable time necessary to complete the performance.

    Aceptacin tarda. Demora en la transmisor!. Late acceptance. Delay in transmis-sion. A late acceptance is nevertheless effective as an acceptance if without undue delay the offeror so informs the offeree or gives notice to that effect. Aceptacin, tiempo. Time of acceptance. An offer must be accepted within the time the offeror has fixed or, if no time is fixed, within a reasonable time having regard to the circumstances, including the rapidity of the means of communication employed by the offeror.

    Acceptance not in accordance with offer. An acceptance not in accordance with the terms of the offer is deemed to be a counteroffer. Aceptacin por cumplimiento. Acceptance by performance. When an offeror invites an offeree to accept by performance and, according to usage or the nature or the terms. To accept, admit, adopt, acquiesce, concede. Assets, belongings, capital, patrimony, possessions. Acervo hereditario. Estate of a deceased. The estate of a deceased means the property, rights, and obligations that a person leaves after his death, whether the property ex-ceeds the charges or the charges exceed the property, or whether he has only left charges without any property.

    Clarification, elucidation, expla-nation. Aclaracin y adicin de una sentencia. Attacker, aggressor. To assaUlt, attacK, assail. Assault, attack, assailment. Accommodation, adaptation, adjustment, arrangement. Employment, job, occupation, work. To counsel, advise, recommend, suggest. To happen, occur. Event, happening, incident, occasion, occurrence. Procedural rule, or set of rules, issued by the Supreme Court. To agree, accord, concur. Corresponding, in agreement, in harmony. Acosamiento sexual.

    Sexual harassement. Customary, accustomed, habitual, normal, routine, usual. Remark, comment, commentary, gloss, note, observation. Increase, augmentation, enlargement, growth, rise. To increase, augment, boost, enlarge, raise. Acrecer, derecho de. Right to increase one's share when other heirs or legatees fail to take their portion. To ascertain, determine, confirm, prove, verify. Creditor, obligee. Obligee or creditor is the person in favor of whom some obligation is contracted.

    Acreedor con gravamen. Lien creditor. Acreedor solidario. Joint creditor. Acreedores privilegiados. Preferred credi-tors. Acreedores singularmente privilegiados. Specially preferred credtors. Acta de defuncin. Death record, death certifcate. No interment or cremation will be done without authorization given by the judge of the Civil Registry, who will make. The death record shall con-tain: I. The name, last name, age, occupation, and address of the defunct; II. The civil status of the defunct, and if he or she was married or widowed, and the name and last name of the spouse; III.

    The names, last names, ages, occupations, and addresses of the witnesses, and if they were relatives, their relationship to the defunct; IV.

    Structure and procedure

    The name of the parents of the defunct, if known; V. The type of disease that caused the death, and specifically the place where the body was buried; VI. The time of death, if known, and all the information available in case of a violent death. Records, minutes, report. Actividades de alto riesgo. Abnormally dangerous activities. Assets, holdings, net worth. Activo fijo. Fixed assets. Activo lquido. Liquid assets. Act, action, judicial proceeding. Acto autntico. Authentic act. An authentic act is a writing executed before a notary pub-lic or other officer authorized to perform that function, in the presence of two witnesses, and signed by each party who executed it, by each witness, and by each notary public before whom it was executed.

    Acto bajo signo privado. Act under prvate signature. An act under prvate signature need not be written by the parties, but must be signed by them. An act under prvate signature is regarded prima facie as the true and genuine act of a party executing it when his signature has been acknowledged, and the act shall be admitted in evidence without further proof.

    Acto de comercio. Commercial transactions shall be considered those enumerated in this Code and any others of a similar character. Acto entre vivos. Transaction nter vivos. Acto jurdico. Legal act, juridical act. Acto voluntario. Wilful act. A wilful act is the act which is born of the will and not by force or necessity extraneous to the former. Sanchez Lugo, 96 PRR Actos de comercio. Commercial acts. The law considers the following to be commercial transactions: I. All purchases, sales, and rentais entered into for the purpose of commercial speculation, of maintenance, articles, chattels, or articles, be it in a natural state, after improvement or manufactured; II.

    The purchases and sales of real estate, when done with the purpose of commercial speculation; III. The purchases and sales of portions, shares, and obligations of mercantile asso-ciations; IV. The contracts relating to obligations from state bonds and other certificates of obligations which are in the flow of com-merce; V. Companies that deal with provisions and supply; VI. Companies that deal with transportation or people and goods, by land or by water; and tourist companies; IX.

    Bookstores, as well as printing shops, and publishing companies; X. Companies that deal with brokerage, agencies commercial enterprises and auc-tioneering outfits to the public; XI. Companies that deal with public entertainment; XII. Transactions by commercial agencies; XIII. Brokerage operations in mercantile dealings; XIV. Banking operations; 8. Insurance contracts of all types, as long as they are created by companies; XVII.

    FINIQUITO - Definition and synonyms of finiquito in the Spanish dictionary

    Deposits made in general stores and all operations with certificates of deposit and pledge documents issued by them; XIX. Checks, drafts or transfer of moneys from one place to another between all types of individuais; XX. Commercial paper and other instruments payable to order or bearer, unless proven unrelated to a commercial transac tion; XXI. Obligations between merchants and bankers, except if they are of a civil nature; XXII.

    The disposition and transfer of crops by the owner or grower, from his estate or parcel; XXIV. Any other activity similar to the ones expressed in this Code. In case of doubt, the commercial nature of the act will be determined by a judge. Actos de conciliacin. Proceedings to avoid litigation. Proceeding, lawsuit, suit, step in litigation. To act, appear, litigate.

    Court clerk, secretary, actuary. To apply, request. Acudir a la va judicial. File a suit, bring a lawsuit Acueducto. Accord, agreement, arrangement, contract, deal, pact. Acuerdo de rescisin. Agreement of rescis-sion. Acuerdo de voluntades. Meeting of the minds. Acuerdo en finiquito. Accord and satisfac-tion. Acuerdo pre-nupcial. Pre-nuptial agreement. A community property marriage will. Joinder, accumulation. The plaintiff may consolidate in his complaint as many causes of action as he may have against the defendant, even though they proceed from different titles, provided that said actions are not incompatible with each other.

    R, sec. Acumulacin de acusados. Joinder of defendants. Acumulacin de autos. Consolidation of records of proceedings. The consolidation may be ordered in the following cases: 1 When the judgment to be rendered in one of the actions, the consolidation of which is requested, would raise the exception of res judicata in the other. Acumulacin de delitos. Joinder of offenses. Accuser, prosecutor, prosecution, district attorney. To accuse, arraign, charge, impeach, indict, prosecute, blame. Ad effectum videndi L. Literally "to the effect of seeing.

    Adage, aphorism, maxim, proverb. Advance, forward, further, place in front. If a party is entitled to avoid the contract for mistake but the other party declares itself willing to perform or performs the contract as it was understood by the party entitled to avoidance, the contract is considered to have been concluded as the latter party understood it.

    The other party must make such a declaration or render such performance promptly after having been informed of the manner in which the party entitled to avoidance had understood the contract and before that party has acted in reliance on a notice of avoidance. To owe, be in debt. Adhesin, adherence. Addition, increase summation, total-ing. Additional, added, supplemental, supplementary.

    Training, apprenticeship, pupilage. Adjudication, award. To adjudicate, adjudge, arbtrate, award, rule, sentence. Adjunto Attached, enclosed, herewith. Administration, direction, management, supervisin. Manager, administrator, director, trustee. To administer, manage, direct, oversee, supervise. Administrative, executive, managerial, supervisory. Acumulacin de reclamaciones.

    Joinder of Acumulacin indebida o no acumulacin de partes. Misjoinder or non-joinder of parties. To join, accrue. Acusacin del fiscal. Accused, defendant. Admisibilidad limitada Admisibilidad limitada. Limited admissibility. Admissible, acceptable, permissible. An admission on the part of the defendant refers to some specific fact which tends to establish the guilt of the defendant or some element of the crime charged against him.

    Barreto, 85 PRR Acknowledgment, confession. Admisiones tcitas de un acusado.