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Sure, I can admire a character who never Romance Challenge Category: Historical Romance I buddy-read this one with some of my favourite witches over at Unapologetic Romances Readers! This weekend I yelled at The Beast for missing the laundry basket with his socks, in other words me and these sophisticated women are like apples and…. The Wild One has no such heroine. Juliet is American, outspoken and challenging. Dun dun dum.

Charles was serious, studious and determined. Gareth, as you may guess, is none of those things. The very definition of a rakehell, master of the Den of Debauchery, with loose morals and no ambition whatsoever. I love me a good, old fashioned rake and Lord Gareth has all that and then some. Quick with the laugh, easy on the eyes and flirtatious as all get out.

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How was I supposed to not fall half in love with that little shit? I really enjoyed this story, but more than that I simply enjoyed the Hero himself. Lord Gareth is everything I like to see in a well rounded male love interest. They seemed to be incapable of having an honest conversation without putting their backs up unnecessarily. However, I did really enjoy the way the characters bonded. And the sexy-times were pretty sexy.

The Wild One | Janet Gover

Overall, a solidly enjoyable read. I will be keeping my eye on the rest of the books in the series…. Especially if I get to visit with the boys of the Den of Debauchery some more. I have all the scientific interest in Perry. View all 10 comments. Just as good as I remembered, sigh.

Going for a re-read, this was one of my favorite historical romance series. I sure wish the author would come out of retirement too, but for now glad to have this series on ebook format. View all 30 comments. Buddy read with Nenia , Sarah , and luminescent monster Karly!

There are so many good points to this book—not to mention tropes it upended, which is always fun. Gareth was a hero not often seen. He was reckless, needlessly prideful, and a bit clueless, but also carefree, kindhearted, and sexy. Juliet was a loyal heroine who let him know when she wasn't going to put up with his shit.

She had a baby out of wedlock and none of the main characters batted an eye, only wanted to help her, which was anoth Buddy read with Nenia , Sarah , and luminescent monster Karly! She had a baby out of wedlock and none of the main characters batted an eye, only wanted to help her, which was another refreshing change. There was a bit of repetition in their relationship the arguments they had , so the middle of this novel felt a bit dull at times as Gareth tried to figure things out.

His behavior was often frustrating. However, the last quarter or so was really exciting. Like seriously. And overall, this was just a really fun read. The Den of Debauchery were endlessly amusing, providing most of the comic relief. I wasn't interested in the entire series, but after the prologue I may make an exception and read all the books. View all 19 comments. The One Series. I scarfed these down like candy. Harmon's de Montforte brothers are each delicious, and every book is better than the last. Unfortunately, most are out of print, but if you see them in the used bookstore, definitely grab a copy.

View all 4 comments. After I finished this I could feel the memories slipping away, but at the same time I just felt no motivation to write anything even knowing that my BR buddies, whose reviews are all way more detailed than mine and where you should go if you want a decent review, Heather , Karly , and Nenia were all waiting to see what my thoughts were on the book , so this is going to be a short review as I have two or is it three, I forget others to write.

I mostly enjoyed this, there were a few low points but mostly high. Good, positive 'mother with baby' scenes, but also some icky 'mother with baby is sexy' bits. A questionably anachronistic use of the word 'barf' that sent me to Google to work out when the first recorded use of that word was - not till the 60s, a long time after the date this was set.

Of course this is our first meeting with Lucien 'the master manipulator' and I'd forgotten how much I hated him from the third book. In fact I think he might even be worse than he was in The Defiant One , maybe after seeing two of his brothers happily married including one given up for dead he mellowed a bit. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series as I definitely did not see Charles' return coming. View all 14 comments. I have issues with the font in paperback books, especially those that are long out of print and yellowed. So every time I see a title pop up on Kindle, that I have had on my list for a long time, I am very happy.

This is the kind of book that reminds me why I love Historical Romance novels. The Hero is a spoiled, childish, irresponsible lout, causing mayhem in the town with is drinking buddies. But very early on it is clear he has a deep rooted sense of honor and is generally a good person. There was no rush here, he had to mature in his time and it was refreshing to read it happening slow, during the whole book. I look forward to reading the other 3 in the series.

View all 6 comments. Shelves: historical-romance , on-nook. This was the first book I read by Danelle Harmon and I liked it. Life with him will be fun, I know coz my dear hubby is like him. Always make me laugh when things got hard. When I started reading this book, I'm afraid Juliet will not fall in love with Gareth. But seeing Gareth take responsibility and make her laugh, I saw affection and love grow between them. The story is good and I want to know what happen to all DeMontforte brothers. At the epilogue, I'm quite shocked to learn that Charles is still alive.

Move to next book in few minutes :- I love how Danelle gives their nickname. View all 7 comments. Aug 20, Beanbag Love rated it really liked it. This is the first book I've read by this author. It was pretty good. Kept my attention and, best of all, I didn't know what was going to happen from scene to scene. There was only one thing that was ridiculously predictable and it was pretty annoying view spoiler [who didn't figure out that Charles was alive as soon as Juliet pondered that it was a good thing she never saw his body?

There were a few things that bugged me. I thought Gareth seemed whiney a This is the first book I've read by this author. I thought Gareth seemed whiney and immature throughout. Pretty much until the end. Everything he was trying to do seemed to come from childish impulses. I felt he really hadn't completed much of an arc. I get the lesson that one needs to have fun and live a little, but he really was irresponsible in so many ways. And then Juliet was a pill. Always hot and cold. And in the end sequence of scenes I came very close to giving up on her entirely. They prove themselves unreliable mates, IMO.

I'm not seeing a long term happy ending here. By the time he's 50 he's going to be shambling around not recognizing anyone. Anyway, ultimately I liked it.

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It was diverting and I was compelled to get back to it whenever I had other things I needed to take care of. I wasn't completely satisfied with the romance, but I'll be reading the next one in the series since it's intrinsically tied to this one. We'll see if I feel like the couple is settling in believably and then I'll know whether I want to continue or not. Manipulative older brother drives the rest of his family crazy. Only thing is that this older brother gets his results by being cruel while Rothgar in the Malloren series gets his results by being a velvet steamroller.

Not that Lucien isn't compelling, he is, he's just a monstrous asshole for much of the story -- even when it's clear from the beginning what his motives for being an asshole really are it's galling.

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Presumably his character will show growth over the course of the series. I hope so. Assholishness is tiresome. View 2 comments. Juliet Paige is on her way to England to meet the family of her deceased fiance, Charles de Monteforte. She's arrived from war-torn Boston with her 6-month old daughter, Charlotte, the product of her relationship with Charles, and it's been a year since his death. When her stage coach is attacked by highwaymen not far from the de Monteforte estate, as fate would have it, Gareth de Monteforte comes to the rescue of the travelers but is injured in the process.

It's not long before they realize eac Juliet Paige is on her way to England to meet the family of her deceased fiance, Charles de Monteforte. It's not long before they realize each other's identity. Gareth is also called The Wild One for his cavorting ways. It's a well-deserved title and he and his group of friends are called the Den of Debauchery. I'm not normally a fan of these type characters but Gareth is hard to dislike. He has a big heart and kind soul, even if he is a screw up.

Coming to Julie's rescue was a turning point for him after experiencing what it feels like to do something right. Even with his oldest brother, Lucien's manipulation, Gareth is determined to do the right thing by marrying Juliet and giving his niece a name and a father. While he has good intentions, he has no idea of how to carry this off. Juliet also tries to put her love for Charles behind her and accept Gareth as her husband, as is. Gareth has lived his whole life being compared to Charles and it's hard for Juliet to not do so as well. The journey they take to create a bond is directly linked with his efforts to grow up, become a responsible man who can take care of his new family and find self-respect.

When they reach that pivotal point, you've been to hell and back with them and it is so satisfying. I was so taken in by Gareth's charm and Juliet's grit and determination and loved the story, which is very well written, in keeping with the voice and style of the period circa It isn't predictable in the least and there are highs and lows I never anticipated.

I had a wonderful time with this book and didn't want to let go when I reached the last page. I'm definitely continuing this series, which seems to be a diamond in the rough. Harmon is my new favorite author in this genre. Ignore the cover! One third of the way in, I was cringing for Juliet and Gareth Then each began to give and negotiate their relationship thank heaven they both were forgiving of the other and suddenly I found myself engaged and rooting for them View 1 comment.

Jack Garfein, The Wild One

Average story. I wasn't going to continue with the series, but the ending Hmmmm, maybe I will check out the next one. This book is actually a rerelease of a book first published in I was not aware of this at the time, but as you read, it makes sense in a good way! A couple of decades ago historical romance was a little different.

A bit more history, a bit more adventure, a lot less in the way of Disney-style anachronisms. Interesting to read a book set in This book is actually a rerelease of a book first published in Interesting to read a book set in the Georgian era, in This is a couple of generations earlier than most historical romances these days. I do think that in some parts The Wild One was a little long, that it sometimes took longer than I liked to reach the point. However, I also enjoyed the action and the adventure aspects, and I thought that overall it was done well. I dislike it a lot when a widow or widower is not just immediately attracted to another person, but they immediately start thinking love interest 2 is better than their first.

Our heroine, who lost the father of her child only months earlier, thinks this from the first traumatic moment she meets his brother! However, there was plenty to like here, and I do think that there are some aspects of this book that current authors could pay attention to. Not everything has to be light and fluffy all the time! This is the beginning of a series, and the other characters seem like they will have interesting books.

Review copy provided by NetGalley. Very sweet love story; fairly light plot. But I enjoyed it a lot. Based on reviews, I'm skipping the next installment and moving on the 3. Hats off, BTW, to the author for making her backlist available on Kindle. This volume was only 99 cents although I note that the subsequent volumes go up in price; well why not?

The overcrowding, drinking and street stunting were given national attention in the July 21, , issue of Life , with a staged photograph of a wild drunken man on a motorcycle. A member of the gang, Pidgeon, steals the second-place trophy the first place one being too large to hide and presents it to Johnny. Stewards and policemen order them to leave. The bikers head to Wrightsville, which only has one elderly, conciliatory lawman, Chief Harry Bleeker, to maintain order.

The residents are uneasy, but mostly willing to put up with their visitors. When their antics cause Art Kleiner to swerve and crash his car, he demands that something be done, but Harry is reluctant to act, a weakness that is not lost on the interlopers. This accident results in the gang having to stay longer in town, as one member injured himself falling off his motorcycle.

Although the young men become more and more boisterous, their custom is enthusiastically welcomed by Harry's brother Frank who runs the local cafe-bar, employing Harry's daughter, Kathie, and the elderly Jimmy. At Frank's cafe, Johnny meets Kathie and asks her out to a dance being held that night. Kathie politely turns him down, but Johnny's dark, brooding personality visibly intrigues her. When Mildred, another local girl, asks him, "What are you rebelling against, Johnny?

However, when he learns that she is the policeman's daughter, he changes his mind. A rival biker gang, the Beetles, arrive and their leader, Chino, bears a grudge against Johnny. Chino reveals the two groups used to be one large gang before Johnny split it up. When Chino takes Johnny's trophy, the two start fighting and Johnny wins. Meanwhile, local Charlie Thomas stubbornly tries to drive through, he hits a parked motorcycle and injures Meatball, one of Chino's bikers.

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Chino pulls Charlie out and leads both gangs to overturn his car. Harry intervenes and starts arresting Chino and Charlie, but when other townspeople remind Harry that Charlie would cause problems for him in the future, he only takes Chino to the station. Later that night some Beetles members harass Dorothy, the telephone switchboard operator into leaving, thereby disrupting the townspeople's communication, while the BRMC abducts Charlie and puts him in the same jail cell as Chino, who is too drunk to leave with the gang.

Later, as both gangs wreck the town and intimidate the inhabitants, some bikers led by Gringo chase and surround Kathie, but Johnny rescues her and takes her on a long ride in the countryside. Frightened at first, Kathie comes to see that Johnny is genuinely attracted to her and means her no harm. When she opens up to him and asks to go with him, he rejects her. Crying, she runs away. Johnny drives off to search for her. Art sees and misinterprets this as an attack. The townspeople have had enough. Johnny's supposed assault on Kathie is the last straw.

Vigilantes led by Charlie chase and catch Johnny and beat him mercilessly, but he escapes on his motorcycle when Harry confronts the mob. The mob give chase, but Johnny is hit by a thrown tire iron and falls. Of course, the portrayal showed motorcycle riders as having good hearts in the end and always described them as people who would do the right thing and fight for the freedom of themselves and others. His style was imitated across the country, and the persona he created inspired many to adopt his attitude and demeanor.

It is even thought that Elvis Presley developed a lot of his style from the image that Marlon Brando created. While there are plenty of actors who can make good movies and become famous, there are not many who become a cultural icon for entire generations.

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  • Vanity Fair describes his acting as having a visceral intensity that influenced both his ability to act and the tough-guy image that he portrayed. He resented the job and could not accept the huge amounts of praise that people gave him. His autobiography detailed his disdain and many believe that this led to some lackluster performances.