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While Keats mentions that no one can heal this change , Buffoni speaks of the subjective process of knowing sapere that no one can sanarlo. The Italian is more final, more desolate. This alliteration ties together the whole discourse, signalling the painful inexorability of time. Songs of Spring , published in , consists of 38 poets and poems, ordered chronologically 54 , drawn from poetic traditions as diverse as Dutch, French, Icelandic, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Scottish, Spanish, and Swedish, though the vast majority are from English.

Other prominent poets represented are Wilde and Heaney with 8 poems, Coleridge and Spender with 7, and Byron and Kipling with 6 apiece. This is indeed rather an innovative practice for quaderni di traduzioni , which generally include complete poems, and not fragments. Within the volume itself, Buffoni creates certain intertextual echoes. Indeed, the image of eyes as mirrors in water reflects the very same intertextuality, where words mirror each other in books through time. Other examples of intertextual links within Songs of Spring are easily visible, as in the succession of Coleridge fragments about the moon, for example.

Songs of Spring contains two special examples of translation that I will focus on now. No other Italian poet in quaderni di traduzioni translates into dialect. Both renditions are more concise than the original, and if they both retain some of the original exuberant tone, are less markedly festive. Yet, proceeding onwards, the contrast between the two versions becomes great.

Moreover, if the Milanese speaks of narrating the dances of the past trascorso 72 year, the Italian speaks of the year that dies muore. So, if Buffoni in his Milanese translation concludes that there is nient de pussee bell 73 than the last days of the year an explicit statement absent from the original poem , this is completely removed from the Italian, as is the sensation of being together Insemma, inozent Rather, the Italian finishes the penultimate stanza with the premonitory come bambini che non si pensa a dopo 75 , much more threatening than the Milanese i fioeu [ Not having his own volume nearby, he retranslated them After an upbringing in Lombardy, where such a past tense is eschewed in oral speech, he has spent many years in Rome, where the passato remoto is often used.

The retranslation, then, is a more philologically cor rect translation, closer to the English, and more aesthetically pleasing besides. Perhaps this is owing to anxiety of influence, or simply to the English rhythm, which combined with its particular lightness of tone, is hard to get across into Italian. The English velocity is unmatchable. This is one of only two poems in the volume that directly deal with an Italian subject. Its special significance here, confirmed by Buffoni , placed at the end of the volume, resides in the classic Socratic metaphor of giving birth to works.

Una piccola tabaccheria , which was published in , includes 38 poets and 61 poems, but not ordered chronologically like the previous volume. By entitling his volume of translations in such a manner, Buffoni stresses the labor limae of writing. In his translation of Pound, Buffoni excises the two references to di vinities God and Venus other than Mercury. While keeping the important anaphora of O Mercury, patron of thieves, he eliminates repeated words like loose, little, bright , and profession , and adjectives like damned.

Buffoni renders more concise his Italian version. For instance, Pound uses 23 words in the final two verses of the first strophe, while Buffoni only In this quaderno , Larkin has the greatest amount of poems 6 , followed by Heaney, Shakespeare, and Eddy van Vliet with four. And once more, English poetry dom- inates the volume. One of them, the translation of Verlaine, will be examined here The subject is no longer a woman, but a man. The overall contrast between Songs of Spring and Una piccola tabaccheria is clear. The second, slimmed down from pages to , is a more cohesive quaderno di traduzioni.

Therefore, two particular criteria — poetics and friendship — determine the shift from the first to the second volume. In Una piccola tabaccheria , he describes links between his translations of 21 poets, sometimes with multiple connections, like Verlaine with Byron, Baudelaire, Pound, and Rimbaud , or Rimbaud himself with Verlaine and Wilde , or Heaney with Joyce and Neruda , or Spender with Verlaine and Juana de Ibarbourou Yet in the first quaderno , equivalent connections described by Buffoni are limited to only three out of the 38 poets Moreover, if 14 poets.

There are 7 poets in common between the first and the second quaderni di traduzioni : Auden, Byron, Heaney, Wilde, Feinstein, Shakespeare, and van Vliet. Shakespeare remains the outlier, who nevertheless remains a crucial poetic model, with his Sonnets , for the Italian poet-translator. Buffoni v. Here we will compare the translation practices of Buffoni with Mario Luzi. Luzi was an influential poet, as well as a translator of 11 works from French, English, and Spanish Translation and poetry were symbiotic for Luzi.

This is, of course, the same line of reasoning that Giovanni Giudici put forth for why he chose to translate from languages structurally different from Italian. So much so that at the end it is not clear who comes out the winner, or loser. Table 1. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner vv. Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Franco Buffoni. Mario Luzi. We listened and looked sideways up! Noi ascoltavamo e scrutavamo intorno! Noi ascoltavamo e guardavamo fisso! Fear at my heart, as at a cup,. La paura nel cuore, mi sembrava,.

Al cuore come al fondo di una coppa. My life-blood seemed to sip! Stesse a succhiarmi il sangue! La paura attingeva tutto il sangue!

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The stars were dim, and thick the night,. Densa la notte con le stelle opache. Le stelle cupe, densa era la notte,. E bianco il viso del timoniere alla lanterna:. Il volto del nocchiero raggia esangue presso la sua lanterna;. From the sails the dew did drip —. Dalle vele la guazza cola lenta. Till clomb above the eastern bar. Ad un tratto si leva sopra a oriente. The horned Moon, with one bright star.

Una falce di luna, ed una stella. Col corno della luna una splendente. Risplende sulla punta, in basso. Stella vicino alla sua punta inferna. Poeti romantici inglesi , tr. Buffoni, Milano , p. Coleridge, Poesie e prose , tr. Luzi, Milano , p. Table 2. Come schiavo dinanzi al suo padrone. The ocean hath no blast;. His great bright eye most silently. Up to the moon is cast —. Fissa la luna silenziosamente If he may know which way to go;.

For she guides him smooth or grim. See, brother, see! How graciously. Ma guarda, fratello, guarda con che grazia. Vedi, fratello, vedi con che grazia. Buffoni, vol. Luzi inserts Coleridge not into contempo rary 20 th century Italian poetry, but earlier. For example, Luzi utilizes an exclusive and aulic poetic register with the following words drawn from the first passage: volto , raggia , esangue , stillare , and inferna.

He personifies the ocean, non respira , in line with high Italian poetic tradition. His free verse is studded with alliteration and assonance. One last point to be made: while Luzi was a novice Anglista , whose command of the language was very shaky, Buf- foni spent his academic career as a professor of English literature. Possibly the archaic clomb caused problems for Luzi. Yet, I would argue, it is in danger of becoming a period piece, due to its reliance on aulic diction and syntax, which by now sounds somewhat outdated.

The Italian reader must decide for himself whether he prefers his poet aged or not. Translation techniques. For instance, in e. Here, due to the idioms and obscene language, Buffoni both finds euphemisms and equiv- alent vulgar Italian expressions. This can naturally be explained by the closeness of Romance languages, French and Italian, as opposed to the differences separating Italian from a Germanic language like English. As is clear, his recourse to rhyme occurs especially to emphasize a specific message.

Buffoni, like Montale, frequently shortens the poem. Dio dorme. Una scintilla. You are fled! So, the Italian poet-translator eliminated both adjectives, cool and stern , as well as cheek. E alte, lunghe This forefronting of adjectives — solitaria and alte, lunghe — effectively refers to their substantives, the solitary sand, the surges of the Pacific. Setting off single words like this is analogous to enjambment: in fact, Buffoni often highlights words by enjambing them at the end of the verse, just as he does by ending a poem with them.

Both forefronting and enjambment alter the previous rhythm of the text and particularly display a new rhythm. Franco Buffoni is assuredly the most important Italian translator of modern English poetry His majestic anthology of English romantics will be read for generations to come it has already been reprinted several times. He has also been a leader in advancing new theoretical approaches to translation in Italy, through his important critical essays, his editorship of Testo a Fronte and the mutiple series of poetry for Marcos y Marcos , and conference organizer. What brings together the different activities of his life — poet, critic, and translator — is the concentration on the written text and its diverse formulations in numerous languages.

This threefold aspect of his personality poet, critic, and translator , which Pier Vincenzo Mengaldo has elsewhere cited as the distinctive mark of modern Italian poets, indubitably enriches each of his individual vocations. Perhaps most vitally, he has insisted on claiming authorial status for poetic translations that are not free imitations or adaptations, but philologically accurate poetic representations. Brevini, Nota introduttiva , to F. Buffoni, Adidas , p. Buffoni, I tre desideri , v. Buffoni, Quaranta a Quindici , v.

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Poesie by Thomas Dylan

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Italian Academies and Their Networks, 1525–1700

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