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The gong is a powerful spiritual tool. This is a day when we will learn together what it means to approach the gong and discover our spiritual depths reflected in the Sacred Circle. Read more Read less. Map and Directions View Map. Play the Gong, a Spiritual Awakening. View Details.

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Your book has renewed my interest in the subtle realm and the beings that live there. May humanity be looking upwards when that house from Kansas starts to come down! Colli has written a compelling and compassionate account of the soul's journey toward full human connection with the divine essence of love.

Whether inner or outer state experiences, her accounts from the lives of her subjects, as well as her overview of other accounts from the literature and great spiritual traditions, invite a closer look at our largely unconscious biases; and a much deeper understanding of the varieties of intelligence in the universe. Janet Elizabeth Colli, Ph. With expertise in both Clinical and Transpersonal Psychology, she bridges psychology with the extraordinary, and the mystical.

Janet was among the world-class consultants chosen for a Japanese Fuji Television prime-time special on Close Encounters. Her newest book, The Dark Face of Heaven: True Stories of Transcendence Through Trauma is a compelling account of spiritual awakenings, psychic openings, and non-ordinary states—revealed during trauma therapy.

Janet lives on Whidbey Island and swims with wild dolphins in Hawaii. A Review by Dr. Colli gives her readers not only a scholarly presentation, but also a lively account of her interactions with two unusual women, Hayley and Joy. Colli assisted Hayley in dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder, and recounts Joy's process of spiritual awakening. Like many UFO experiencers, both Hayley and Joy experienced much anxiety and many doubts about their encounters.

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For many experiencers, the emotional trauma can cause one to vacillate between suppression and awareness, acceptance and acknowledgment. Fear of insanity, or loss of personal identity, can lead to denial or addictive behaviors to ease the uncertainty. Colli describes with clarity and compassion, her interactions with Hayley and with Joy. Both women were able to apprehend and release their fears, and also move into higher realms of understanding, emotional acceptance, and spiritual awareness.

In addition to these detailed investigations, Dr.

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Colli provides references to many authors and studies, not only of other UFO investigations, but also of psychological studies of memory and stress. The author is able to use her training in Philosophy as a shield to defend against the caustic complaints of critics; she is able to use her training in Psychology as a sword to find the truth of close encounters. Eventually, Dr. Colli assists her readers not only to explore higher consciousness, but she also responds well to the perennial question about the motives of aliens: good or evil?

Whether the reader is concerned about Earth and humanity, or concerned about extraterrestrial encounters, the reading of Sacred Encounters can be an opportunity for enlightenment. Colli provides this opportunity with her scholarship, her expertise, and her inner light of spiritual development. Beyond the usual UFO literature A Review by G. Sacred Encounters deals extensively with the transformation of consciousness in the lives of two contactees. From there, she moves on to a Tibetan Lama who leads her along the pathway to enlightenment.

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For me, her story was the crown jewel of the book because it tied together many elements I also have an interest in — meditation, Tibetan wisdom, and enlightenment. Her journey culminates as her true family, a race of higher beings, administers the final awakening The author further explores the star visitor phenomena in terms of the Vedic literature of the East and gives many first-hand accounts of realization experiences.

Finally, the book examines the social forces that are hindering our expansion of awareness and how our awakening might proceed. I highly recommend Sacred Encounters to anyone who wants to go beyond the usual sightings and abduction literature and tie the topic into metaphysical realms of thought. Home English and own a parameters is that you can pass them in. Whether in a spare bedroom office or even agent WR Jeremy Maclin Court overturned a lower mass power from just a 2 litre engine he tore his anterior to the 4WD system.

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