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See you next issue, Readers! The Independent School senior, Nadine Jaffal, is one of those individuals. For her seventeenth birthday she received a pet bird. After years of begging for a dog she was greeted instead by the sight of a beautiful blue parrotlet. Mozi, the name of this flying blue beauty, lives up to this comical description wings down. Nadine and Mozi have formed a rather unusual relationship.

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Luckily for Nadine and her family, they do not have to worry about Mozi flying away, especially since they allow him to fly freely around their home most of the time. This beloved pet was found by way of a breeder. Unfortunately, Mozi passed away suddenly on January He was a fun, energetic creature and this article was written in memory of this beloved pet. Those big brown eyes can get the best of you at times.

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This one is a HIDDEN one

However, that is a whole different article. She apparently never received the telegram Sarah Elizabeth at the time lived in Shawnee with her daughter, Bertie Knouse or did not respond to it. Charges were as follows:. O'Bryan and Rawson Undertakers burial As is the case with most genealogical efforts, this probably is not the end of the story.

We still would like to find out what happened to the property Urias owned in and around Kingston New Mexico and will endeavor to do so in subsequent visits to the area. We also would like to locate the mining property of which he wrote. Most of all we would now like to find a trail leading to Pleasant Cantwell who for so many years was assumed to be P Johnson and move his grave marker from Safford to the proper location, wherever that may be. Sarah Anna Johnson Cantwell - Picture taken at Ada Oklahoma shortly before her death at age William Bluford Cantwell - and his wife Jane Bailey.

Oldest brother of Urias Cantwell. Veteran of the Civil War. JH was a drover on the Chisholm Trail during the 's. Later, he had a farm near Walters. Abington Parsons and his wife Sarah Elizabeth Cantwell. Ab and Sarah were married in when she was barely 13 years old. James Riley Cantwell - A younger brother of Urias.

While serving warrants out of Ft Smith in Indian Territory, he was shot and left for dead. Two young Indian men carried him to Ft Smith where he died several months later from his wound. This picture was taken about the time of his marriage in No picture of his wife, Elizabeth Partain, exists. In his later years, he was a farmer near Elmore City Oklahoma. Stephen had some trouble with the law in the late s and early '90s.

He was tried and acquitted of Assault with Intent to Kill and later for Capital Murder, again was acquitted. See documents below. From the descriptions given of Urias by James McKenna and one of the newspaper writers, Urias probably resembled Stephen moreso than his other brothers. Thomas Francis Cantwell - , youngest brother of Urias and the recipient of the two letters mentioned in the essay. Tom was a Ft Smith Constable all of his working years. Buried Tulsa OK. First witness was Henry Stiff or Stith:. The first I saw of it, Wallace asked Jim Justice for some tobacco.

Justice replied that he did not use it. Wallace was drinking and he said by God you might have to use it. Justice asked him if he thought he could make him use it. Wallace said you goddamned son of a bitch I can whip you in a fair fight. He commenced taking the things out of his pocket getting read to fight. I stepped down to the blacksmith shop and when I came back, they were fighting.

Just as I came up Wallace kicked at Justice and fell down and as he got up Cantrell hit him and said Goddamn you fight a man. I do not know what he hit him with and I turned around and went away. When Cantwell hit Wallace he sort of squatted down and put his hands up to his head and commenced bleeding. When I turned away from there I went down to the blacksmiths house, in about 10 or 15 minutes Will Stalcup and Ingram came along with Wallace holding him up and helping him along.

Growing Fuchsias by K. Jennings

I went along with him a piece and then went back with him and held the lamp for him to dress the wound. I was called in to see Wallace the night of the fight. He had a cut on the front of the head. I examined him to satisfy myself that the skull was not fractured. It is possible that there might have been some indentification of the skull. There were other witnesses subpoenaed, but no testimony was recorded in the package we received. It is not clear what the disposition of the case was, on the back sheet is a note that the case was 'discharged'. From the testimony given, I would assume that perhaps the Justice involved was either a young man or boy and Steve considered it an unfair fight, weighing in with his iron bar.

In the trial transcript, it is noted the trial was started on October 3rd , which conflicts with the aforementioned date and time specified for JA Weaver above. Steve was represented by attorney JH Rogers, Esq. In a few minutes Cantwell came. Johnson was setting on a bale of hay. Cantwell called Johnson out. I did not hear the first talk. They got to talking loud. It seems that Cantwell had sold Johnson a machine word not clear and part of it is off the paper and Johnson had not paid him for it, that was the way I understood it.

Cantwell said that he ought to have paid him a month ago. Johnson did not deny owing the money, but claimed that he had been beaten out of some hay and would not pay it until that was straightened up. Cantwell said you go get Taylor and we will measure the hay over, Johnson refused to do this. They were cursing each other, Johnson was inside the wire stretched around the tent.

Cantwell told him to come out that he did not want any trouble with him inside there. Johnson had his knife open whittling on a stick and Cantwell had a stick in his hand. Cantwell's wife said to me take the wire down from between them and see who is the best man. Johnson spoke up and said Goddamn him I am not afraid of him and started out. As he started out Cantwell said shut up that knife and give it to this man. Johnson said Goddamn you I won't do it. He kept going out of the passageway and there was an axe lying there, he stooped over as if to pick it up and as he was stooped over Cantwell hit him with the stick.

It did not knock him down. Johnson raised with the axe in his hand and Cantwell ran and Johnson raised the axe in both hands and threw it over-handed at Cantwell. Cantwell looked back and Johnson was coming after him. Cantwell made a short turn to his wagon and told his wife to give him his gun. She did not hand him the gun, but Cantwell grabbed it and drew it up to his armpit and called to Johnson to stop. Johnson did not stop but kept going until he got to the axe and stooped down and picked up the ax and drew it up in both hands.

Reluctant Reads - Ages 5+

Steve told him to stop and throw down the axe. Johnson replied Goddamn you I won't do it, shoot me. Cantwell then fired and Johnson fell and died instantly. The shot took effect in his neck and face. Cantwell helped his wife into the wagon and he drove off. His wife said you have ruined me for life or something of that kind.

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Cantwell replied I can't help it. It had to be done. I went immediately to Gentry's and informed him about it and he went up there and I then went and informed others. Cantwell and his wife and two small children, Johnson and myself were all that were present at the killing. Nocturne for me was a nice book to sit back and relax with, and it's one I read in one sitting.

I liked the flow of the story, and surprisingly it's a wolf story that reads well even without any action. It has a nice pace to it and after reading a few books with a lot of action in them, I enjoyed being able to and read a book that was really all about the main character and her struggles. If you enjoyed Claire de Lune than I'd recommend picking Nocturne up. I read book 1 back in March and really liked it, I saw this one come in the library as a new book and I just had to grab it. Claire is hoping life will settle down now, she is more comfortable in her werewolf skin, her boyfriend knows all about her and is gardien to the pack as well as being totally in love with her and the pack is stronger than ever.

But things are never so simple. If anything life is harder than anything. There is a new girl at school, Amy, everyone loves her but Claire feels a I read book 1 back in March and really liked it, I saw this one come in the library as a new book and I just had to grab it. There is a new girl at school, Amy, everyone loves her but Claire feels a bit pushed out.

She's losing touch with her best friend and being replaced by Amy, she is expected to learn new powers as a werewolf and there are still people sniffing around the mystery of werewolves. Claire must work hard to appear normal whilst growing into her fur more each day. Claire seemed much more mature in this book and had a very good sense of right and wrong, she came across strong and confident, except when facing her mum.

I didn't get it, her mum practically ignored her or shouted at her, or told her she wasn't doing well enough, yet she never stood up to her. She just stayed quiet. I really wanted her to stand up for herself. I loved the wolf scenes. They are so well written, it feels like you're there in the moment, with the forest around you in the breeze with the smell of wolf fur and fire. So magical. I think Matthew is a rock, he puts up with so much rubbish and tension and never once gets cross or over-reacts, he does shut down a little bit and it may seem he is drifting from Claire a bit, but he is still willing to be there for her no matter what.

Gotta love him! I would say I didn't find this book as exciting as the first. In book 1 there was a real sense of danger and a mystery, this one seemed to be trying very hard to come up with a threat. Amy is sweet, kind and so open, I couldn't agree with the whole 'hidden agenda' idea. She didn't seem deep enough, so pinning the fate of the werewolves on whether or not Claire is friends with her just seemed silly and a bit irrational. It sort of seemed like the book was saying - 'be nice to someone and be accused of destroying secrets and ruining lives.

So overall I was torn with this book, the werewolf scenes were great and I liked the magic, but the human aspect seemed to fail a bit. It was still quite a quick read and I am slightly curious for more. I'll see where it goes. Now that she's a werewolf, life hasn't gotten any easier for Claire. Her mother is still hardly in her life, except as the alpha of their pack. Claire's amazing relationship with her boyfriend is starting to show signs of strain from her constant pack obligations, and Claire is losing her best friend because of the secrets keeping them apart.

Additionally, Claire needs to up her werewolf game and learn to do all of the things her kind are able to do in order to be accepted as a full member of th Now that she's a werewolf, life hasn't gotten any easier for Claire. Additionally, Claire needs to up her werewolf game and learn to do all of the things her kind are able to do in order to be accepted as a full member of the pack. Sadly, this sequel to Claire de Lune really fell flat for me. There were several times when I was tempted to simply put this book down and not continue, but I kept reading, hoping that the story would pick up.

It never did. My issue with this book was that it was just boring. Nothing much happened, and I didn't feel compelled by the plot. There are various conflicts present: Claire's inability to create werewolf fire, the threat of her friend finding out what she is, the impending werewolf baby. None of these did it for me, though. And at the end, Johnson gives us another, far more intense conflict, but I never felt a sense of urgency, or like the story would take a dark turn and that everything might not be okay. I had no doubt that things would resolve in a happy manner, and so I just didn't care.

I was shocked--a book that actually makes werewolves seem dull is a real shame. Additionally, this book was entirely too full of teen angst for my taste. Maybe I'm just too old, or never having been somebody who went to high school dances or the ability to take my mom's Mercedes or fancy credit card, just couldn't relate. The back and forth of misunderstandings and tension in Claire's friendships frustrated me, because I wanted her to learn to communicate with other people and stop letting life roll over her.

Take some responsibility for your relationships and grow. Instead, we got pages of pining over the upcoming school dance, and listening in on other people's phone conversations by using werewolf hearing. I think there may be an audience of people who could enjoy this book. If you loved the first in the series, you may as well give this book a try. I was somewhat indifferent to Claire de Lune , and after reading Nocturne , I'm going to cut my losses and move on. Jul 13, Julia rated it liked it Shelves: genre-fantasy , reason-atuf , not-reshelved , genre-urban-fantasy , personal-dropbox.

A satisfying novel in it's own right, I think readers new to the series should make sure to start with book one to make sure they understand the foundation of the relationships that will be tested in book two. The dramatic arc of NOCTURNE does have a fair bit of adult politics this time it's pack business rather than public scrutiny , but the majority of drama in this book takes place in the accessible arena of high school insecurities. Claire tends to bottle things up for two thirds of the book, which frustrates me, then come through with articulate and mature conversations that save the day and my patience in the end.

For the right audience most likely younger readers , the issues Claire struggles with are going to be more meaningful and compelling. NOCTURNE does contain more teenage drinking and references to sexual activity, but the series still gets high marks from me for portraying characters making good choices and not focusing the narrative on glorifying or vilifying certain behaviors. Well paced, an even better plot line than it's precursor, and characters that seem both believable and admirable for their age group.

While I don't particularly like focusing on the insecurities of being a teen, Claire always rallies to a strong finish that has me ending the book with a smile. I'm curious to see if book three changes the game at all, I'd love to read an installment for this series where Claire gets to play to her strengths and enjoy the ground she's gained maturity-wise in books one and two.

Full review at All Things Urban Fantasy. Sexual Content: Kissing, references to messing around and sex. Though NOCTURNE is a satisfying novel in it's own right, I think readers new to the series should make sure to start with book one to make sure they understand the foundation of the relationships that will be tested in book two. Claire tends to bottle things up for two thirds of the book, which frustrates me, then come through with articulate and mature conversations that save the day and my patience.

It was well paced, had an even better plot line than it's precursor, and the characters seemed both believable and admirable for their age group. Claire rallies to a strong finish that had me ending the book with a smile, and looking forward to continuing the series. Sexual Content : Kissing, references to sexual activity and sex. Dec 13, Tracy rated it really liked it Shelves: series , wolves.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book was really on edge. Claire was trying to battle two different versions of her and no one was really helping her. Not even her own mother because her mother wanted to be more of a "alpha" than a mother to Claire's human life.

Matthew is a guardian to Claire and her pack but lately he just have been feeling weird about it. Which to me was stupid because if he was really a boyfriend to her then he would love all of her no matter what. He never really looked up to her when she needed someo This book was really on edge. He never really looked up to her when she needed someone to talk to her about her situations and when she did talk to him it just felt like to her he wasn't paying attention or just didn't want to be a part of it anymore.

Her best friend Emily practically changed around Claire. She finally found a new best friend name Amy. At first Emily was a great friend to Claire no matter what Claire did to turn her down half the time. But with Amy, it's like "Sorry Claire, we can't do things just to two of us cause I always have to bring the little lost puppy along even though Amy and I are together all the time. Amy was practically a instigator. Always trying to assume things about Claire without actually getting to know her human side. Claire thought Amy thought who she truly was but it turned out that she thought Claire was pregnant.

I thought that was super funny. But, who I disliked the most in the story was her mom.

65 Book Videos to Build Excitement for Summer Reading

The "Alpha" Claire was nice enough to save her in the first book but she never actually told her thanks and meant it. She never wanted to be in Claire's human life when Claire wanted to go to the Autumn Ball with Matthew and be there to take photos with her like Lisbeth did. Her mom didn't care to actually sit down with her calmly when she was having trouble with Emily and Amy because Claire was scared her mother was going to snap at her.

You can't love Claire unconditionally? In the end, Claire is just Claire and people have to love her. I love her. She's brave, respectful and just is trying to figure out how to balance everything out. I really enjoyed reading this book. It is not a great story, but I still enjoyed it. And I love the originality of the story, it is about a teenager who is a werewolf.

Where book 1 mostly focusses on Claire becoming a werewolf and the man-eating werewolf, this book mostly focusses on Claire and how she tries to keep her wolf life a secret from her friends. I really liked seeing how Claire deals with her secret while also trying to be a normal teenage girl.

I think she not always deals good with I really enjoyed reading this book. I think she not always deals good with her secret, but she has a lot to deal with. The first half of the book mostly focusses on Claire and how she has to lit a fire. There are other topics woven in between so it didn't get boring, but I still think it got a little bit too much attention. Altough I did like it that Claire struggled with some things, like lighting the fire, this makes her so much more believeable.

Some new friendships form in this book and Claire has some obstancles to overcome with Mathew. One minpoint about this story is the fact that I think that it would be nice if there where more werewolf hunts etc. The book mostly focusses on pack troubles and Claire's troubles with lying against her friends. There are very little scenes where Claire is just a wolf and enjoys her wolf senses. I still enjoyed the book and I think it shows a very believeable story about how a teenager deals with being a werewolf. In this book we do get to learn a bit more about Claire and the pack.

We see Claire make some tough decisions and I think she is a very strong character. We also get to know a bit more about the other pack members and I really enjoyed getting to know them more, because they got a little too less attention in book 1. To conclude: a very enjoyable story about a teenage werewolf. There are some points in the story that could've been better, but overal it is a very enjoyable read and Claire reacts very believeable in this story.

Jun 17, Katie rated it liked it. While some things of the first book were left unexplained, I could understand this entire book without problems.

Johnson’s cause of death remains unknown

But it probably is better to read the first book, too. So, I liked that this book was about werewolves and the entire things Claire had to struggle with, being a human and a werewolf at the same time. She had problems like normal teenagers, but there was a lot more going on, because she had to go to the gatherings of her werewolf family as well and had to deal with problems concerning this matter, too.

I especially liked her boyfriend who was always there for her, no matter what happened. Furthermore, I found the French names really nice and I especially liked that they had a meaning for the story. I thought that it fitted very well and that Christine Johnson made a great choice by giving her that name. I also liked the writing style of this book, which was fitting. The chapters had a great length and the writing was easily comprehensible. Nevertheless it bothered me that her friend abandoned her so easily.

There were also a few funny parts in this story, but mostly it dealt with Claire juggling with her werewolf and human life. It was a bit to superficial in my opinion and I would have wished for a bit more tension. Nov 06, Katie rated it liked it Shelves: school-reading Ehh it was alright. I was a little bored but otherwise it was a fine book! Review: Nocturne was a enjoyable book. Yet, it wasn't awesome or extremely horrible. It was a nice read just not what I was expecting.

I was a huge fan of Claire de Lune and it was one of my favorite books at the time I read it. My reading tastes have taken a since that time so that's possibly why I didn't enjoy this one as much as I could have if I read it a year ago. One of my biggest complaints is that nothing happene Ehh it was alright. One of my biggest complaints is that nothing happened. My heart didn't race, there was no mystery.

In fact, some of the things and situations that Claire had to deal with just seemed a little silly. The book just seemed like one big filler, if you know what I mean. Some things just had no purpose and it seemed like an extension to the first book. But that doesn't mean that it wasn't enjoyable. It was very enjoyable and I had fun reading it. Clare is a very easy character to connect with. She has some insecurities and while I hope teenage girls don't have to deal with being a werewolf, Johnson knows how to make her characters somewhat relatable.

The Autumn Ball was a really cool aspect to the story and I enjoyed reading about all the dress shopping! Johnson's writing has a beautiful flow to it and sometimes I felt like I was "in the moment. With great writing and an interesting werewolf idea this series is definitely a good one! I wonder if there's going to be another book, though?!

Jul 11, Alex Bennett added it. When I read Claire de Lune, I was very pleased with it and could not wait to read more from this world. So, when I found out about Nocturne, I was immediately excited and started it as soon as I got my hands on it. Nocturne was just as good, no, better than Claire de Lune. Nocturne starts very shortly after the ending of Claire de Lune. I was thankful for this, because I was able to slide right into the story.

With some sequels, it is hard to transition back into the world, but I had no trouble a When I read Claire de Lune, I was very pleased with it and could not wait to read more from this world. With some sequels, it is hard to transition back into the world, but I had no trouble adjusting to Claire and the pack in Hanover Falls. Nocturne had everything there was to love about Claire de Lune, but added extra elements which made it that much better. Christine Johnson has a rich, elegant writing style that paints a clear picture of what is going on, just through her prose. I have never had trouble getting into her writing or books.

Something about her writing is just welcoming and easy to enjoy. I am excited to see more from her in the future. Claire is a likable character, and I never really get annoyed with her within these books. She does have very intense emotions, but she is easy to relate to. I love Claire's friends, along with the rest of the characters in the book. They are well-written and I find myself connecting and relating to most of them. The romance between Claire and Matthew, though strained in this book, is sweet and is pretty believable. If you haven't had the chance to read Claire de Lune, I suggest you do so soon.

If you have, then you will no doubt be pleased with this fantastic follow-up. Nocturne is a great sequel and I can only hope we get to see more of Claire and the pack in the future. Aug 15, Jessica rated it liked it Shelves: read-in Nocturne continues the story of Claire Benoit, a teenage werewolf trying to successfully live a human and a werewolf life. The original story in the series, Claire de Lune, was packed with action, so that is what I expected from Nocturne. The sophomore novel, however, focuses on Claire's struggle to stay friends with Emily and make her relationship with Matthew work amid the complications that become with having a secret double life.

Pack duties and a boyfriend keep Claire from spending as much Nocturne continues the story of Claire Benoit, a teenage werewolf trying to successfully live a human and a werewolf life. Pack duties and a boyfriend keep Claire from spending as much time with Emily and a new girl, Amy, begins to take Claire's place in Emily's life. Constantly lying to her friends begins to take its toll on Claire as do tension in her relationship with Matthew. Claire's life as a werewolf is far from perfect, too. She has trouble learning skills that are essential to a fully functional wolf, does not see eye-to-eye with her mother on certain subjects, and has tenuous connections with some of the pack who do not seem to approve of her.

Because most of the story's conflict is Claire's internal struggles, it has much less action than the debut novel. In fact, there is little to no action. Reading Claire complain about her boyfriend and how hard her life is got old after a while and finishing the story became a chore. Certain parts of the story gripped me, but overall, I felt that this plot was fairly lackluster. The ending was exciting and left the series off on an interesting note, but I hope the third book, if there is a third, has more happening and less complaining. I'm rounding up and giving Nocturne 3 stars, but I really feel that it was 2.

Nov 02, Giselle rated it liked it Shelves: from-publishers , genre-wolves , unsolicited , genre-paranormal , genre-supernatural , genre-romance , age-young-adult , from-work , , 3-star. Her friendship with Emily is tested once Amy the new girl comes into the picture. Clare barely struggles to teach herself the basics of becoming a wolf, although she has trouble lighting the ceremonial fire she does have the uncanny ability to hear great distances. I don't blame Matthew for freaking out a little about his girlfriend being a werewolf.

It's not exactly normal is it? I also thought that Amy had ulterior motives, even though in the end she had good intentions. Her character seemed like she wanted Clare to reveal the fact that she was a werewolf.