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What are we doing with the talent he has given us?

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Are we burying it as the unwise steward did, or are we causing it to be multiplied for the extension of his kingdom? When we have a gift, the temptation is to lie back and not work hard at it, because it comes naturally to us. But we see Paul, as he compares himself to the fake apostles, boasting that he worked harder than them all. Are you doing that today?


As you spend time with God today, ask him to quicken you to use your talents for the extension of his kingdom. Read Ephesians Tuesday Noon Hour of Prayer: This is a focused time of personal prayer. All are welcome. Begins at 12 noon and ends at around 1PM.

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The discussion ranges from the details of construction to how it should be furnished — from tables and room design, to ritual objects. It is often noted that the chapters that discuss the Mishkan give elaborate and significant detail, including measurements, colors, and specific materials to be used.

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The Mishkan is built as a place for God to dwell. In these trying economic times, obligatory giving is difficult for many of us.

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How can a voluntary gift above and beyond which we have obligated ourselves to be a consideration? Just as during the construction of the Mishkan, it is the gifts that we can give to our Jewish institutions that help continue to establish them as holy places. As the Torah text suggests, we are not meant to give anything specific or precise. There is no suggestion that the gifts we give will cause us to reach beyond our means — or even be material or monetary at all. The gifts God asked from our ancestors in the desert are the same gifts we might ask of ourselves today; gifts from the heart.

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Gifts with intention.