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This trail goes on a wide cross-country skiing track so it is easy to walk and go with strollers as well. The trail is a bit uphill all the way.

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There are interesting questions along the way Lampivaara Info Trail which are fun for the whole family. This trail is little more challenging and there are duckboards along the way. You can order transportation from Amethyst Shop in the center of Luosto.

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Taxis and charter coaches may bring visitors to Mine by agreement. Amethyst Mine is located in the National Park and private motoring is not allowed. Tickets can be bought on the spot or from our online shop. Despite some initial doubts she becomes drawn further and further into the world of the Community and when she meets Johnny, another misfit, she introduces him to Dowdie. Ultimately, these are cathartic for all three teenage protagonists, but at a cost.

Here is an author who does not so much imagine as reinhabit the extraordinary country of heightened consciousness that is adolescence. This is a book which fosters emotional confidence and courage — highly recommended. The Amethyst Child View Rearrange.

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The amethyst mine offers to tourist from all ages, the opportunity to dig their own germstones and learn more about the sustainable mining. The mine is owned by the Mining Company Arctic Amethyst Ltd who has been focusing on the concept of sustainability for long. Sustainable development is well reflected in the company culture, choices and operations. One of the most impressive things I found out about the mine is the process of mining that they use.

The Amethyst Child: No. 2

There are no machines involved in the excavation process and amethysts are not exploded for massive production of jewelry. Instead, the amethyst is sustainably mined by hand and with the solely purpose of offering a good gentle experience for the visitors and the environment. Through this process is guaranteed the existence of the mine for many more hundred years. Arctic Amethyst Ltd.

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All designs are done by Lappish goldsmiths who work directly for the company. So after your mine visit, you could head to the shop and be enchanted by the pretty accessories and useful utensils sold as sourvenirs.

Are you ready to dig for your own lucky amethyst, that has waited million years to be found? I book the winter tour directly with the mine company.

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The personal was nice and friendly as much as a Finn can be! I cannot describe the beauty of the landscape!

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Not even pictures could describe how it felt to climb higher and discover more and more Lapland natural treasures with the height. N ow can you imagine the view on top of the Lampivaara hill? Simply mind-blowing! Upon the arrival to the top of the hill, a warm berry juice is served and the group is moved inside the huts to learn more about the mine and amethysts. During the storytelling moment, we learnt more about the origins of the stone and its types. We could even see and touch different types of amethyst to learn to differentiate between them and their value. For example the more translucid the structure of the amethyst is, the more it is its monetary value.

The same happens with the intensity of the purple colour in the stone. After learning about the gem and how to identify one during the excavation, the fun began.