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The American way and the American gospel have taught us that. But 'smart' is often in conflict with the true wisdom of God. The wisdom from above is not self-seeking James , Let me simplify this for you. Paul was a very learned man but put no confidence in his own flesh. That is how you get saved and that is how you are to live. That is so easy to lose sight of. That is so easy to forget. What troubles and heavy burdens would be released from us if we would simply learn to keep our eyes on Jesus.

Much of this has to do with our projections and pretenses—projecting a positive image, pretending to be someone we're not, and always seeking to impress. Most people, even Christians, govern their fellowship with man based on what they can get from them, not what they can give. Here's a great truth: Eyes on man binds things up; eyes on the Lord looses things up in people's hearts and lives and in our times of assembling with other believers.

Yes, as the body of Christ we do receive from one another, but our faith and trust is in the head of the body, Jesus. You don't put pressure on people or manipulate them to meet your needs. You're not even supposed to do that with your spouse. When the Lord would let me see what I was doing, it was all so ugly to me.

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These things are all a manifestation of putting our trust in man. Through the years I've swung in the other direction of making it hard for man to help me or promote me, not mentioning or even subtly hinting of my personal needs to anyone unless asked, and just being content with a hidden life in God.

Oh, how I wish I had learned that lesson better, earlier! But God is gracious, patient, and long-suffering with each of us, isn't He? That's why I love Him so much. Something very simple as not placing your total trust in the Lord is the reason for so much of the strife, division, and competition in the body of Christ and among family members and friends. That's why in some cities there are churches on every street corner. It is also the reason your mind has no rest or peace.

Gospel of Judas

It is all because men seek their own and not the things which are Jesus Christ's Phil. They've got their eyes on man, and on themselves.

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Have you ever asked yourself this question: Why do most people desire to minister in their gifts above their personal relationship with God? Why do people esteem talent above character?

Blood curse

Jesus cursed the cities of Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum, Luke — The Lord shall curse those who commit whoredoms, Jacob — The Nephites to receive a greater curse than the Lamanites unless they repent, Jacob —5. Rebellious people bring curses upon themselves, Alma —19 Deut.

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  6. Korihor was cursed for leading people away from God, Alma — The Lord cursed the wicked Jaredites, Ether — To curse is also to use language that is profane, blasphemous, or contemptuous. People are not to curse their fathers or mothers, Ex. Though they had enjoyed every conceivable spiritual advantage, they had become, for the most part, an utterly renegade nation. In the symbolism of the Scriptures, a fruitless, withered tree was worthy of nothing more than being cut down cf.

    In the blasting of this fruitless fig tree, the Son of God was suggesting this:.

    Abandoning God’s gift of grace

    There was a very good reason why Jesus Christ acted as he did on this occasion. It was not an impulsive act, it was not a misguided, irresponsible gesture. It was a deliberate, highly instructive warning. Unfortunately, the lesson conveyed has been lost upon the minds of many.

    Notes and Commentary on Exodus 21–24; 31–35

    For further study, see our article, God and the Nation of Israel. Jackson, Wayne. Access date: July 6, Topical Index. About Contact. By Wayne Jackson.

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    There are several things about this that are hard to understand. Did Christ have a right to curse a tree? Since the tree was apparently destroyed, did he destroy property that did not belong to him? Some people say that this shows that Jesus made mistakes just like everyone else. The Value of Waiting on Jehovah.